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on December 3, 2013
Whatever you do, do NOT buy this particular sauna - what I mean is: this particular model number PS2002, with this exact image, colour and size unless you can ascertain that it IS certainly a Therasage PS2002. I made the huge blunder of trusting a seller (Mega Distribution International) claiming to be selling the Therasage PS2002 (dimensions, weight and Model number all stating PS2002) and then receiving a generic knockoff that has nothing to do with the Therasage technology. No tourmaline panels! In fact, I have found that the same seller has another listing for the exact sauna, only a blonde lady in the picture, selling at $229.
Upon being contacted, they continue to argue that they have sold what was on the picture and do not acknowledge or respond to the fact that it is listed as a Therasage!!!!
The case is now with Amazon but do not trust the claim it is a Therasage until it has been confirmed. Too many people scamming others, unfortunately. I would not be surprised if I was told it is the same group under different names. I will buy Therasage only from them, directly. Sadly this does not do much for Amazon when people blatantly cheat others.... So, buyer beware! It is not an insignificant amount of money to be shelling out.

Dec 4 - Update is that Amazon has refused to acknowledge that the item promoted is NOT the item that is, in fact, sold. They keep repeating that one is eligible for refund if the item is different from that is on the listing and this is precisely the case with the one I got from Mega Distribution International but they will not acknowledge it. The fact that the item I received weighs 15lbs vs the advertized 31.8lbs, is considerably smaller, is not a LARGE, BLACK Sauna but is brown and is certainly not manufactured by Therasage does not seem to matter.

So certainly do NOT buy these saunas unless you want to pay for a very odorous and flimsly item that is NOT the solid Therasage.

It's like ordering an egg and getting a lemon!! No pun intended!

I am surprised by the inability to escalate an issue at Amazon - you will get the same copy and pasted response from a call center. This is the first I have encountered this issue in many years but when one is spending this amount of money, there is no excuse for dismissive attitudes.

Therasage has been informed, however, that their name is allowed to be abused by Amazon even though they have been informed that these advertised saunas are generic models not anywhere close to the original.

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on January 27, 2012
I've been using this sauna everyday for about a month now. It works great and haven't had any problems. Setup was easy. I get a great sweat, exactly what I wanted. I do about an hr on level 5 and start sweating at about 25 mins. I have made some adjustments, I don't use the chair, but enclose my entire body and cover opening with a blanket. I sit on a large towel. I have also fitted a piece of cardboard in the top to keep the top from sagging down on me. Works for me. Either way, it's a great sauna with different options for use. My skin is much softer, noticed immediately, and though the scales haven't registered much difference, but some(so it's not all water weight), my pants fit much better than a month ago. I do turn it on about 10 mins before I'm ready so it will be nice and toasty when I get in. Bottom line, a great little portable, convenient sauna that I'm so happy I tried. You will sweat. Very pleased. Ps- I'm 5'4, if you're tall, you'll be a bit more cramped, but still very usable.
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on March 25, 2012
I have been searching for a while to find a sauna that not only looks good, but IS good. I finally found one that fits the bill. I am always worried about fly-by-night companies that exist somewhere else in Asia and beyond. Therasage actually has an office in the USA that you can call and speak to an actual person. The sauna is very well made--I could tell as soon as I took it out of the box. It was shipped very well, and didn't smell of toxins upon removing it from the box.

I set it up in seconds and turned it on. No crazy off-gassing, no terrible smells--manual is easy to read and understand--obviously written by people with a grasp of the English language! After the 5 minute heat up I got in the sauna. Not uncomfortable in the least. At about minute 17 I was sweating profusely. It continued this way until my time was up and it beeped.

I LOVE this thing! I can fold it up out of the way if I need, it doesn't use too much electricity, doesn't smell, AND I know from watching someone online with an EMF meter that the emf's are very low for this sauna.

All in all, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this to everyone. While it is not made in America, it has the qualities of a stateside product, and with a company I can actually call, it makes all the difference in the world.

I have had expensive saunas in the past, and this stacks up to them completely, but with low emf's.

The chair is comfortable, the build quality is great. I will use this thing for a long time. Highly recommended.

Jordan White
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on January 13, 2012
Love this Sauna. I never could break a really good sweat in a dry Sauna, once I would start to sweat the heat would overwhelm me. With this Sauna I turn it up all the way watch TV or a movie for a hour and when I'm finished I'm wet from Sweat. Storage is easy, setup is easy. One thing to note, the instructions are not great. There is a black piece of insulation that when you unpack the unit seems to fit on the back wall of the Sauna, you need put this on the bottom, also there are plastic tubes in the front that fold down to lock the frame in place. Once these 2 items are in place the Sauna is very stable.
Grab a towel and start sweating, it's great on cold days.
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on April 6, 2013
Bought this a few weeks ago . I'm almost 6' and 180 lbs plenty of room for me . Use it on level 4 (has 5 levels ) and start sweating after about 10 minutes . After a 1/2 hr I'm drenched. 30 minutes is about all I can take. Some advice for those who take longer to work up a sweat. I drink two 8 oz glasses of water about 15 minutes before i go in then add another after about 15 minutes in. Before doing that it took maybe 20 minutes to work up a sweat and not as much.

It's a well made good product I believe has 4 carbon heaters. Closes up well. Chair is simple cloth with metal frame with small cloth back that you don't wanna lean into but gets the job done . The metal hasn't gotten to hot at level 4 in 30 minutes. Some one said they used cardboard to keep the top up ...Not necessary it has a coupla plastic struts on the front to keep the top rigid . They are folded down some what out of sight.
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on December 8, 2011
I originally purchased a different sauna from amazon for $189, but the emfs were a concern. I returned it after it set off my emf meter big time. I dont have that problem with this one. Dont get me wrong, there are emfs, but they are minimal.

I let my sauna heat up for a few minutes before using it, although I have read where you can warm up with the sauna. Its a wonderful sauna, no emf issues. I did have a few questions so I called Therasage and the person that answered the phone was very helpful, very knowledgeable, actually uses the sauna and even invited me to try out the one there in Boca Raton if I was close by. The customer service is very helpful!

Oh yes, the chair is very sturdy. I am so glad I purchased this sauna!
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on July 4, 2014
I was really in the market for a low emf infrared portable unit. I've been battling cancer naturally, and knew that these units literally kill and dramatically weaken cancer cells (among other wonderful things) and are used for cancer treatment purposes in Japan and Germany. Upon reading all of the reviews here and the dubious units being sold, of course I was more than cautious. I knew that Living Essentials had a pretty good reputation and wrote them and confirmed with them, that they are an authorized dealer and they even told me I could contact the manufacturer if I wanted. I didn't, and felt ok about purchasing the product and I'm so glad I did. I got the unit and the only paperwork inside was a packing slip that showed shipping from Thersage to Amazon. Good sign. It is a black unit with the Thersage emblem. Of course I set it up immediately upon receipt and used it. How awesome it is. The main thing that stood out to me was about 20-25 minutes in, I felt a LOT of tingling/popping under the my left arm pit. That to me was a good sign because I felt that the infrared waves were killing cancer and my lymph system, being stimulated by the oxygen flow, was flushing the debris and dead cells out. It has gotten less and less each day and I've known that the tumor was dying because I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the tumor was shrinking because I can do self-exams to confirm this. I did of course radically change my diet and do great supplementation.....but this unit is amazing. What I got was the real deal, without a doubt. I have used the unit on level 4 for 30 minutes, then done an additional 15-30 minutes on level 5. Yes, that's a lot but I'm pretty detoxed and my body can handle it with no problem. Cancer treatment centers in Japan do the treatments twice a day if the patient can handle it, and they use a lot less chemo as a result as an adjunct therapy. Words cannot express how satisfied and happy I am with this unit. I will continue to use it everyday for a while. I am a "non-sweater" as well. To be honest, I don't start sweating until 30-35 minutes in either, and to me, this is important, but not as important as killing cancer, candida, a biofilm leftover from a bad root canal (which is also getting better and better with each passing day), viruses, etc......Even when I worked out a lot, I wasn't much of a sweater, and 9 days in to using this unit, I'm still really not. This will get better with time is what everyone says, that's fine with me. I'm still getting great benefit from using this unit. Be sure to look on the vendors on the right hand side and click onto Living Essentials in order to ensure you are getting a legitimate unit. And you'll save almost $200 by not having to purchase elsewhere. This by far, is one of my top purchases I've ever made!
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on January 15, 2014
Sadly, you cannot be certain that buying a Therasage sauna off of Amazon is in fact, a Therasage Sauna. I purchased what I thought was a Therasage sauna about one month ago from a company that was called something like "I Shop Happy" and it was fulfilled by Amazon. When I received the sauna and began setting it up, I noticed an overwhelming chemical odor coming from it that could best be described as a combo of burning tires and plastic. Within 30 minutes of being around it, I had a horrible headache. I thought perhaps it required a few days of off-gassing for the odor to disappear. I left it open in a separate room and ran it for 30 minutes over a five day period. At the end of five days, the odor had not dissipated in the least. I had heard wonderful things about Therasage as a company and found it hard to believe that this sauna had come from them. I contacted the company directly and they informed me that there should be no off-gassing required from their saunas. They said that the company selling it on Amazon was not an authorized distributor and that they had been trying to contact Amazon (to know avail) to get to the the bottom of the problem. They instructed me to send the sauna back and that they would gladly honor the price I paid as well as free shipping. They also said that they would open up the sauna they were planning to send me and run it in their warehouse for a few days to make certain there would be no odor. I did indeed send the one I had purchased on Amazon back and true to Therasage's word, they sent me a wonderful sauna that is virtually odorless. In order to have your sauna guaranteed, I would be directly from Therasage as opposed to Amazon.
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on June 21, 2012
Arrived undamaged. EASY to assemble. Tested it this AM for 15 minutes at a medium heat setting. Didn't help arthritis in hands maybe did not use it long enough. Enjoyed a comfortable mild sweat. I did sweat lodge on an Indian reservation for over 12 years and found the sauna extremely comfortable. I would prefer a wood chair with arms. I'm 5'2" - 130 lbs. The chair was ok for someone my size don't think it would be comfortable for a larger person. The unit could accommodate a much larger person. Noticed a slight odor. May have been from the chair. Don't really understand the difference between this and the less expensive devices. I think the price is a little high. There was no warranty registration card included. I never thought about using a personal sauna until a friend mentioned it. I'm actually very satisfied with this sauna and believe that I will make this part of my health and wellness routine. It doesn't take up too much room assembled. I plan to just leave it assembled in my meditation room. It takes up about 3x3 foot of floor space. I live in AZ, sweating in 110+degress and this device is very different. The sauna is a very comfortable heat. I would suggest this to anyone interested in holistic health and wellness. So far so good and I'm happy with it.
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on July 9, 2013
I have Lyme Disease as does one of the family members of the maker of this sauna. My treatment goals include detoxing my system from "everyday" toxins one encounters outside the home as well as the spirochetes as they are killed off and toxins caused by multiple antibiotics.

Previous to using this unit it has been hard for me to sweat and I had to train my body TO sweat but now in 1/2 an hour I get a good 20 minutes of having sweat run right off my fingers.

It's everything I was looking for and more.
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