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on September 11, 2010
I was am able to run my core i7-930 at 4.2ghz with air cooling using this thing, however it was a bit noisy. Here are my current settings.

intel core i7-930
CPU speed 3.8 ghz
Core clock: 190mhz
CPU multiplier: 20
turbo: enabled
ht: enabled
vCore 1.15v (a pretty normal value, can go as high as 1.4 pretty safely). I'll probably lower this overtime.
CPU PPL 1.84v (norm is 1.800 and the safe max is 1.880)

QPI/uncore: 1.35v (1.35 is the safe max)
DRAM: 1.65v (1.65 is the safe max)

IOH core 1.16v (norm is 1.1 safe max is 1.3)
IOC core 1.16v (norm is 1.1 safe max is 1.3)

Note in overclocking the core i7 the QPI voltage is pretty much the most important value to raise.

With these settings my CPU never gets over 70C (the set point for my motherboard fan control) and the fan is still not too loud. At idle it stays at 54C, but is completely silent (I have the heat-sink fans being controlled by the motherboard). Note anything up to 85 is probably perfectly fine for a core i7, though 70 is a good target.

Another review wished it was possible to have the motherboard dynamically control the fan speed. This is possible (I did it). You just need it to have the motherboard control the fan through "voltage" regulation (it's a 3pin fan not 4 so the standard control won't work). You can plug both fans into the CPU fan controller with a 3-pin fan "Y" cable. However you need to cut off the yellow wire on one of the connectors so that the motherboard controller does not get confused about the fan speed (the yellow wire carries the fan's RPM information and if two signals were being sent over the same wire things might not work). You can set the max speed you want using the included fan control knobs (I just turned mine to "max").
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on November 25, 2013
Usually sits on top of first stick of ram if you use thicker fans.
The 48 watt deltas worked and fit just the same, though 250CFM seemed to not make a difference compared to the stock fans after 80 degrees.

Would easily cool below 65 degrees @4.8GHZ (no voltage increase) to the 2600k
4.4 on the haswell yields about 84 degrees

Ended up just using it on my 2nd machine and goin watercooled for the Haswell 4770k. It really does need it if you're overclocking. The miniscule increases seen with Sandy Bridge and earlier just don't happen with the Haswell....
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on July 20, 2014
Silent as the wind, with variable settings. I recommend this for any computer builders out there (the very few). Buy your own good thermal paste (but you should already know this). My temperatures are stable when OC my i5-4670K, and only raises a few degrees.

Watch out though, it is very large. Make sure your Mobo and case can fit it. I run the MSI z87-G45, and it fits perfectly.
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on April 30, 2013
Dropped temperatures from mid 60s to low 50s under the heaviest of loads and probably a 40% drop in noise compared to OEM Intel coolers. Comes with everything you need to install and detailed instructions. As long as you have room for the height it is unlikely this will not fit although you might find it tight or unable to use both fans. My only issue is it is a 3pin system so you have to use dials to control the speed.
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on February 1, 2011
I'd been hitting 90C with the stock Intel cooler that came with my i7-920, and running into occasional BSODs due to heat. After installing the Frio, the CPU core temps have never exceeded 50C. That's a FORTY degree Celsius decrease in operating temperature and the box is much more stable.

The fans are quite a bit louder than the stock cooler, but being able to overclock the CPU and FSB speeds makes up for it. Just crank the speakers up a little bit and you don't even notice.

Installation was easy, but you do need access to the back of the motherboard, so I'd recommend installing this at build time instead of retrofitting later like I did.
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on September 15, 2010
I was building a new computer and decided I wanted a different fan than the one that comes with the Intel i7. I came across this while looking online and the reviews were good.

One thing you dont realize when shopping online, when products get delivered, they may be larger than your perceived image based on online research. But for a processor heatsink, this is not a bad thing!

Quality is very good. I didn't see anything missing, no nicks in the plastic or metal. Everything fitted together perfectly. There are more parts than you will need. Thermaltake has included all the parts you'll need for just about any processor from either manufacturer in this class.
There are 2 fans, one of which is already attached. 2nd may or may not be needed based on your particulars, I wanted both. The additional fan does overhang the first memory slot on my Gigabyte motherboard, but thats not a big deal. Both fans have their own speed selector. Its split off of the motherboard header cable, so you will need to find a place to tuck it away.

I did have a thought that it wasn't going to fit inside my case (Cooler Master). Once I had it installed, I still had a small amount of gap space between the top of the cooler and the side panel. Since the side panel has a plexi window, the Frio does stand out, but I like being able to see it in there.

I am definitely pleased with this product!
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on May 1, 2013
As the title says, I had a stock cooler on my Athlon II x6 1055t and my idle temps went from 57 (idle) and 61 (heavy load) to 42 (idle) 45 (heavy load). The fans on the unit are only turned up halfway. I haven't over clocked it yet. will update review when I do.

All of the reviews say this thing is super big and I'll say it too... the thing is massive, it's about twice as big as my stock heatsink. Make sure you have the room. I have heard about it covering ram slots but mine are ok.

The only bad thing I have to say about it is that the instructions that are provided are extremely weak and the instructions online for and AM3 motherboard are also weak and leave out alot. Total install with me dropping little screws on the carpet and such took about 45 mins.
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on February 18, 2011
Nforce 750a sli mb
Amd BE 6400 x2 3.0 only oced to 3.4 (stable at 3.7 with max fan speed,reduced to reduce noise level) :)
Xfx nvidia 450 gpu
Full HAF 932 tower
Thermaltake 850 psu
Windows7 64b ulti
8gb corsair 1066 ram
24in Hanspree 1080p monitor
and a couple of Green 12in light bars...nice green glow in the dark

I had doubt about the performance reported by some of the review I read before buying this item, but after careful installation. I WAS BLOWN AWAAAAYYYYY! The cpu temp dropped from 42c idle to 28c idle and never goes over 37c +-2c at full load for hours of game play. Installed in a Full HAF 932 tower. PSU on top with only the preinstalled front, side, and rear fan( removed top fan). I actually looked up to see if the ceiling fan was on(it was not)cause of the cool air around the case.

Makes me want to build another pc :) not a con but hey
Other Thoughts:
By the way...I have the cpu cooler fans set at lowest speed which in my case is around 1100rpm. Glad I bought this before I went watercooling.
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on June 20, 2011
Large cooler, will probably block tall ram, make sure the width will no go over them before buying. My G.Skill Ripjaws just barely fit. Fans are both 3 pin? I read up on this first and was not mentioned in either of the pro reviews I read. ALL CPU fans should be 4 pin - allows much more control over them. I already had a fan controller so not a big deal to me. This is very loud when maxxed out - I can hear it from 30 feet away in another room - BUT it does cool extremely well. 4ghz AMD 1100t idles at under 25C, maxes out at 55C. This requires that you change the backplate on your motherboard to use it but it is very solidly held in place afterward. Recommended only for the overclocker club.
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on July 2, 2011
Now THIS is what a cooler should be like. This is an in your face massive cooler. I got my AMD Phenom II 955 BE from 3.2 GHz (stock cooler) to a rock steady 4.2 GHz, 45 degrees absolute max after 6 hours of Prime 95. Just amazing, on the stock cooler I was able to overclock the FSB like 5 Hz and on prime 95 processor was hitting 62+ degrees, I actually have more headroom left in this processor as the VCORE is not terribly high, I could probably hit 4.3 GHz, but the additional heat is not worth the shortened life. My motherboard has an experimental AM+ BIOS out, so I'll probably buy a Bulldozer when they are released.
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