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Size: Petite 4" x 17" - Auto Switch|Change
Price:$42.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on January 2, 2015
Quality of Thermophore is sadly declining. My second thermophore, which I loved, stopped working after 13 years or so. That was a good investment. i loved it. I had the style where you have to hold down the lever to keep the heat on. Not a problem. I ordered the MaxHEAT model, with the temp settings and the auto turn off. Thought it would be more convenient than the lever style. I don't know if the company is making all of their pads more cheaply, or its this MaxHeat model...BUT, there was barely any moistness to the heat which of course is necessary. And the pad did not have the weight of my last two pads. I liked the weight of the old pad to help give a deeper heat experience and mold to body shape. This pad basically floated stiffly on top of my body. Just overall cheap. Felt like someone trying to make a cheap knock-off of what was once a great heating pad - but unfortunately it was THE Thermophore company! I returned it. I hope to find something out there that is as good as these moist-heat pads used to be.
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on November 20, 2015
I had purchased a Thermophore about 12 years ago and was thoroughly pleased with the unit. The switch quit working recently, so I replaced the switch. Then it quit working altogether, so I bought a new one from Amazon.

I noticed that the new one didn't heat up as quickly as the old one used to, and, since I still had the old one, I found that the old one used 200 watts of electricity, while the new one uses 150 watts, which I find odd, since both old and new models are the same model number, 055.

I called the manufacturer and they said that the model number is the same because there is no difference between the one that I had purchased 12 years ago and the one that you can purchase today, even though the old one used 1/3 more watts, and therefore heated up much quicker. I am disappointed in their reply.

The Thermophore that I bought from Amazon is a good product, just not as good as it used to be.
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on February 3, 2011
I bought my thermophore eight months ago. I always took care of it, and thought of it as a valuable investment --in terms of money, but also because it is very useful in my medical care.

It worked very well... at first. Then it started to warm less and less. Till one day, it warmed no more.

I did not worry. The manual stated that the manufacturer stood behind their products and that they had a shop in US soil full of workers willing to fix their products for free if under warranty, or repair them for $30 if past warranty.

My thermophore was well within its warranty period. I sent it well packed with a copy of my original receipt.

I was then, in shock, when I received a form letter that informed that my warranty did not apply because my thermophore had been manufactured over three years ago. Yet at least as far as a consumer can tell, the date of manufacture is not written anywhere in the original box, its manual, or the device itself. And, if the device spent over three years in an Amazon warehouse, is that reason to declare a product ineligible for warranty coverage?

Why was this requirement never documented anywhere in the manual, in the warranty text, or the website of the manufacturer? And what about that $30 offer to fix the thermophore? I was instead, offered to be charged $40 instead.

Needless to say a disappointment! This company and its product might have at some point manufactured excellent products, but seems that the pernicious temptation to destroy customer loyalty by saving a few bucks has seeped in...

This is a manufacturer in decline. Look elsewhere for a good heating pad.
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on November 11, 2012
I carefully read many, many reviews of moist heat pads for the neck. I settled on this one, knowing from reading the amazon description of the product that it would have a manual switch that I would have to hold down or put a rubber band around if I wanted to avoid constantly holding it down while reading, etc. To my surprise it arrived with a new advanced four-stage therapy switch which cycles through a 20-minute moist heat therapy session. You can turn the switch off at any time or press it again for another 20 minute round. The switch makes no sound, so you do not wake or annoy a sleeping partner. There is only one heat setting and it is as Goldilock's discovered "just right", not too hot and not too cold. I can't say enough good things about this neck pad. Also it arrived in just a couple of days - very prompt delivery and earlier than I even anticipated. I've read the directions and am handling it with care. Now I just hope it holds up. I'll write an update after a period of time concerning endurance. The box depiction on is red, but my box was black and is labeled "Thermophore Arthritis Pad" In looking at the instruction book, I see that it is only the "arthritis" pads that come in the black box while the red boxes have the automatic switch which means they have to be held down to provide heat. If you want this 4-stage hands-free switch, you may want to indicate that on your order or call amazon to make that request.
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on June 22, 2015
These are OUTSTANDING. I have very sever back issues and have had many spinal fusion. When we travel (we do have a conversion van) my wonderful husband purchased and had installed an inverter so that I can go into the back of the van, which converts to a queen bed, and I can use this to help when my back goes into spasms. THIS IS THE ONLY HEATING PAD THAT WILL WORK WITH AN INVERTER as it is a CONSTANT HEAT. Regular heating pads fluctuate and when they change temps, they shut off. The only downside is that you have to hold the lever down for it to work. My husband has used packing tape on the switch so that I don’t have to lay there with the switch in my hand constantly. WORD OF WARNING … THIS THING GETS VERY HOT! I just unwrap the tape when I have enough heat to relieve my pain and re-wrap when I need it back on. If you suffer with frequent spasms as I do, this is a very small inconvenience. Just knowing you can get some relief makes this heating pad worth every penny. Just make sure to get the 14 x 27 inch size pad as it is the only one that has the toggle switch and has a constant temperature which enables you to use it in a vehicle.
This has been a life safer for me and I have bought several in case they discontinue this product.
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on March 8, 2016
I have spinal cord injuries and use a heating pad on a daily basis. Since finding these, many yrs ago now, I
won't use any other kind. I love the size; it covers my entire back. It draws moisture out of the air so you're getting
moist heat which works better. When I was first injured, I used heating pads with the push button to turn them on.
Inevitably, I'd fall asleep on the heat and burn my back, sometimes to the point of blistering it. The dead-man
switch on this heating pad prevents that from ever happening. If you're holding the switch down as you fall asleep,
your muscles will relax and even if you only release the switch a little, it's enough to turn the heat off. It comes with
a washable, soft flannel cover. I've found that they last for a few years with daily use if you're careful not to bend
the cord a lot and thus break the wires insid-- but that goes with all things electrical. It's heavy and thus conforms
to your body and stays put pretty well. It heats up quickly and you can feel the muscles begin to relax within a minute
or two. It can get the heat deep into your muscles and stays hot for quite a while. If you keep the switch depressed,
it can get very hot. I heat it up to the temp. I want, then release the switch. A little later if it's coled down and I want
more heat, I simply depress the switch again. I get the remedy I seek without the danger of getting burned. I've never
tested the warranty so I can't speak to the person who complained about their customer service. I've always felt I'd
gotten my money's worth out of one of these before it died. These are, in my opinion, the best heating pads on the market.
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on October 28, 2016
It doesn't get hot even on the highest setting (so no moist heat either). It gets tepid at best and is just a dry, bulky, wide, stiff neck wrap that fits awkwardly and chokes you. I don't think it is possible for heat to penetrate your skin and muscles when this thing just floats around your neck, barely making any contact with it.

Super disappointed and off to find something else that will work. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
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on March 26, 2016
I am a little disappointed in this product. It does not get very warm. This morning, I placed it over my hips for thirty minutes. I held down the little trigger switch the whole time without releasing it. It did get a little warm, but nothing like I had expected after reading the reviews. Had I not already destroyed the box and the paperwork, I would have returned it. Also, I could not detect the moist heat that was advertised. Perhaps the pad did not get warm enough to produce the moist heat.
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on May 15, 2017
I use this brand at my weekly physical therapy sessions. I like it because you have a trigger on/off that allows the pad to heat up extremely hot. To cool, you release the trigger. I gave this 3 stars because even with the "trigger" the new models don't heat up like the older ones do. The new ones cut out, just as the heat starts to get nice and warm. It's a government safety issue I suppose or perhaps a legal one. Anyway you might as well trapse down to Walmart and buy a Sunbeam and save some enchiladas.

The point is I sent mine back to the vendor for refund because it just didn't get warm enough. Thank you FDA, or OSHA, DMV, or NAFTA, OR whomever!
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on January 13, 2017
While the unit works well so far, there are some significant drawbacks to the size and comfort of using.

The unit itself is four inches wide and only the center two inches warm up. I was hoping for a more overall distribution of heat.

The unit itself does not have any closure to secure in place. In order to secure, the unit must be put in the cover.

I find the unit too wide to fit comfortably around my neck, I feel like I have a neck brace on. When the cover is added to secure it in place that only adds more width and makes it even more uncomfortable.

The cover is secured with hook and loop. The long end is too short and the attached side is attached too low on the cover, making it difficult to secure, especially around the top of the head. Since the unit only warms in the middle, this way of using puts most of the heat on my chin, not where I wanted it. I have to hold it in place to get the heat where I need it and be uncomfortable to boot. I am not a small woman and do not have a small neck, nor do I carry extra weight in my neck area both of which may make my experience unusual.

Unit needs to be less wide, edges of cover more finished as to not rub and chafe skin and a better way of securing unit. I find in a challenge to use and uncomfortable.
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