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on February 15, 2013
I bought three of these, and tested them all at once.

First I put hot tap water into them for a minute or so. The water was 115 degrees as indicated by a Taylor Digital Instant-Read Pocket Thermometer. I opted not to use boiling water for the pre-heat because that seemed too much of a burden to make a routine.

I then put in boiling-hot water, which was verified as 212 degrees F, again using the Taylor Digital Instant-Read Pocket Thermometer.

I sealed all three jars. The room temp in the kitchen was 65 degrees F - just a bit colder than "room temperature."

After exactly three hours, I opened one of them, and the water was 152 degrees F.

After exactly four hours, I opened the second one, and the water was 147 degrees F.

After exactly five hours, I opened the third one, and the water was 138 degrees F.

I also did a real food test - using Progresso Light Beef Soup. First I filled the Foogo with 116 degree tap water and let the cover sit on it while I microwaved the soup for 4 minutes. The soup pretty much refused to get over 180 F, so I did not have high hopes for it staying hot for a full 5 hours.

After 5 hours, the soup was 126 degrees. Eating it was not what I would call hot, but it was as warm as our dinner often is by the time the kids settle down and we actually start eating. My wife tried it, and thought it was fine. So 5 hours is doable, but is a practical limit.

Conclusion - the product works as claimed and the food will stay hot for five hours if it starts out boiling hot, the jar is at least minimally pre-warmed with hot water from a tap, and the jar is stored at room temp.

If boiling hot food is cold after an hour as a few have said, you should exchange it for another one - probably didn't have the vacuum seal.
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on January 16, 2011
I dont know what I could be doing wrong. I tried this 5 times in 2 days and was very dissapointed. I am really stressing trying to find a good thermos that works for my daughter at day care. I dont microwave any of her food so I want to give her warm options at daycare. I read all the great reviews and thought this would be perfect. I boiled water put it in the cup for 12 minutes. Heated the pasta to very hot and after dumping the water out of the thermos immediately put the pasta in so I would not let any heat escape. I screwed the lid on tight and made sure it was on properly. 3 hours later the pasta is cold. What am I doing wrong?? It must be me since so many people have had good experiences. There are 4 hours between when I make lunch and my daughter eats there is no way this would stay warm for that long. I think maybe liquids would stay warm in this but not regular foods. Did I just get a faulty thermos? I really wanted to keep this its really cute to. My sister said stainless steel thermos's never worked for her either, maybe I will try the plastic insulated kind.

Instead of returning this item I had amazon replace it. I figured since so many people on so many websites gave this a good review that there must have been an issue with my food jar. I am not entirely convinced that every reviewers food jar worked I really doubt some tested it before they sent there child out with it. But like a said I ordered a replacement tested it last night 1/20/10 and it 4 hours later the food was still quite warm, perfect temperature for my 1 year old. So I think that maybe my original food jar had a faulty vacuum which if it fails will not keep food warm. I plan on testing it a few more times over the weekend before sending her out with it but it was warm at 2 hours and warm at 4 hours. My first food jar didnt even keep the food warm for an hour.
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on September 15, 2016
Great quality. This little thermos is perfect for my 6 year old daughters lunch box. I used it this week for Mac n cheese it was the perfect size and my daughter said it was still warm 4 hours after it was packed. Easy enough for her to open and close by herself too.
review image review image
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on May 1, 2017
I have been sending warm food with my kids since they started taking lunches in first grade, I now have a high school junior and freshman twins. I had always used the Thermos Funtainers to send warm foods like mac n cheese, pasta, pizza bites etc. I would always ask how the food was and they would say 'luke warm" but edible. They did say that some foods tended to change consistency and weren't as good as fresh. Well, the seal in a couple of the older containers were failing and decided to buy a couple new ones for them and decided on the Foogo style versus the Thermos Funtainer. I sent Mac N Cheese the way I normally do by putting in 8 oz of hot water from the keurig and let that sit while I prepare the food. Well, I asked the girls how the food was and the two with the new Foogo said "it was great, just like off the stove it was really good and hotter than usual". I prepare their food by 630 and the have lunch around 11am. Also, the size is not what it is listed... its probably 5 inches tall. The lid and bottom are much thicker than the Funtainers.
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on August 10, 2016
The first one I got wasn't good. It didn't keep the food warm when my daughter took it to school.

Because I've read so many good reviews about this, I decided to give it another try and got an exchanged. The second one is awesome. This time, I made sure I tested it first before sending it off to my daughter's school. It worked well. My kid didn't complain about cold pasta anymore.
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on December 28, 2016
Great thermos for packing lunch for my boy in kindergarten! Just make sure to take out the gray gasket in the top when washing or else it can grow mold. It's a great shape and size for little hands- but if it's for little ones, just be sure not to tighten the lid as tight as it can go (as long as you're not packing liquid like soup)...several days this year my son has returned with his lunch untouched because he couldn't open the tightly closed lid. :( I find that if the lid is screwed on just enough that it won't fall off, it is perfect for little hands.
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Durable construction. Keeps things hot for hours. Perfect for my child to take freshly made mac n cheese to preschool. Pasta and sauce is still nice and toasty by lunch.

This keeps food hot way longer than the smaller 7 ounce Foodgo container I got when my child was a baby. That one cools down significantly warm after just 1- 2 hours which I found out after sending her to school with cold food and not knowing it. And my child is only 3 and never communicated it to me. But one day, after getting my child ready for school, I get a call that school was closed due to fire in the neighborhood. At noon, I opened the mac n cheese I made at 7 :30 that morning and it was completely cold. So I did some research online and based on reviews, the larger 10 ounce Thermos Foodgo does a better job insulating than the 7 ounce one. So I got one and was happy with it. So much so, that I got another yesterday.

I should have known the 7 ounce thermos wasn't doing a good job keeping things hot. While making lunch I would fill it with boiling hot water. When lunch is ready, I poured the water into a mug to make a cup of tea for myself. And I put the lunch in to the pre-heated container. When I sip on my tea, it is comfortably warm. Cool enough for me to take large sips. When I received the 10 ounce thermos. I did the same thing. Pour in boiling water. Make lunch. Then empty the water to make my tea and fill the Thermos with hot mac n cheese. But I didn't think about how hot the water would be and took a big gulp. Yikes! It was still boiling hot and I burned my tongue!!!

So yes, this works. Really well, actually.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 16, 2017
This is my second FOOGO. The first was for my then-five-year-old. We used that for years before the seal cracked on the lid. This one is for me. It's the perfect size to take non-hospital food to the hospital on days that I have infusions for lupus. It's easy to clean, and it keeps whatever you put in it at the right temp, hot or cold, for several hours.

For kids, it seals tightly and travels well. My kid needed help opening it at school for the first few years, but he was able to close it tightly by himself, so no leaks from putting it away.

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on May 2, 2016
Boil water in a microwave safe container and pour it into the thermos. Place the lid on it and set a timer for 10 minutes. When the 10 minutes is up, make sure that whatever food you are going to put in it is super hot, then empty the water out and put the food in. It lasts for a LONG time! I do this at 6:30am and my youngest eats lunch at noon, and her food in the thermos is still hot. Best part is that it doesn't make everything else in her lunchbox warm and gross. Her yogurt stays cold from her cold pack and her soup stays hot in her thermos. I couldn't not be happier!
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on June 14, 2017
Bought two of these to keep my kids' meals warm from morning until lunchtime on school days. It does take a little extra time to prep, but we use an electric water kettle to boil water to fill the thermos first to heat it up for at least 5-10 minutes before adding our hot food. Both kids have said as long as we do this, their food is consistently still warm by the time they eat it at lunchtime several hours later. We are very happy with these!
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