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on December 16, 2014
I can't say enough how much I love this thing but I acknowledge it might not be perfect for everyone. I own two and have had them for a few years now. Performance is excellent and it will keep your drinks hot for hours if you don't open it. I've tested this out over a 5-hour drive when I knew I would want a drink around hour 4. My coffee was still close to scalding hot and stayed pleasantly hot for about 30 minutes after but drinkably warm for the full hour. Clean-up is wonderful. I've own several mugs before that have a button to press or a switch or something. These devices often end up getting coated in gunk and I often worry about how sanitary they are after a few months. I'm an espresso/latte drinker and this is of particular concern because of milk gunk. This tumbler lacks those extra, hard to clean parts and instead has a depression in the lid with holes in it. If you're driving or walking, this means that the part you drink from stays covered until you open the top lid and also means that it's difficult to spill liquid on yourself. Think the difference between drinking from an open mug or drinking from a sippy cup. This also reduces the contact your drink has with the air which helps keep your drink hotter for longer. Once fully closed, the drink is also COMPLETELY leak proof, so long as you DON'T fill past the interior line. These instructions come with the tumbler and should be adhered to for proper leak proofing. I've tossed this thermos in a messenger bag before and had no problems with low volumes of liquid. As soon as I fill past that line however, there's drink everywhere, but that is, admittedly, my fault.

I mentioned this might not be a perfect tumbler for everyone. This is for the following reasons:

-Volume. The title says it's a 12 ounce tumbler. It's more like a 10 ounce. There's an interior mark that you shouldn't fill the mug above or else it may no longer be spill proof-especially for hot drinks. I typically don't go for a high volume of coffee or espresso so this generally isn't a problem for me.

-The tea thing is awkward. If you drink true loose leaf teas (black, green, white, oolong) then no worries about the mesh size. If you're a big rooibois/herbal fan then the size of the mesh might be a little too large to prevent bits from getting in the drink. Again, I use this for lattes most often and so the tea part was just a bonus. Also note that the tea strainer lid is different from the drinking lid and switching between these two adds an extra step and could be messy if you say, want to steep your tea during class or a meeting.

-Cleaning rubber parts. there are a few rubber seals that keep the tumbler water-tight. I like to clean these every so often but I lost a rubber seal once and that was so long water-tightness. Without these seals, your drink will leak EVERYWHERE. This will also happen if you put them back on the lid incorrectly. The lack of seal just eliminates the spill-proofing however. I use the "broken" one in my car now since it works just fine upright and still keeps drinks hot.

Overall, highly recommended if insulation and leak-proofing are your primary goals and if you don't care too much about the tea steeping or drinking large volumes of liquid at a time.
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on January 22, 2011
This is a really cool product. After 10 years (and still going!) of using the Thermos Nissan 16-Ounce Stainless-Steel Insulated Bottle for my tea, I decided I'd like to try something new. With a built-in infuser, I thought this product stood out among so many others obviously made for coffee drinkers.

I was not disappointed with the build quality - same bombproof construction as my other Nissan. What I didn't anticipate was missing the cup. The bullet thermos has an outer lid which doubles as a cup. This, I discovered, is nice, because the Nissan thermos is SOOOO efficient, it is impossible to drink the tea straight from the thermos itself. Without an extra cup, this is exactly what you have to do with this 12 oz model.

I can't say I didn't know what I was getting - I'm just saying that I would recommend the 16 oz (or any other Nissan thermos with a cup) over this one. With this thermos you must: 1. Wait for your beverage to cool to a proper drinking temperature and then 2. Consume it relatively quickly before it cools too much. With an external cup, the advantage is that you can drink your beverage at the perfect temperature for HOURS and only wait for a small amount (1-2 oz) to cool at a time.

If you're a tea snob like me, you know that the temperature makes not only a big difference in the brewing process but also in the amount of flavor your tastebuds can detect. But I digress....

Don't get me wrong. Again, this product is made extremely well. I admire how the built-in infuser combines so compactly with the thermos body, and for this I'll probably keep using the thermos occasionally. One note, which I believe others have commented on: the infuser and the sipping lid cannot both be on the thermos at the same time. This means that you'll either have to bring the sipping lid with you if you take the thermos on the road while brewing or you'll just have to wait for the brew to finish and exchange the infuser and sipping lid. Note also that the sipping lid is different than a separate drinking cup.

Hope this helps.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 18, 2013
The first time I used this, I was all set to be disappointed, because hours after putting my coffee in, the outside was room temperature. But I got a great surprise: Inside, it was still piping hot!

Everything about this product is engineered thoughtfully and elegantly. I haven't used it yet for tea, I confess. I've just been leaving the infuser out and using it as a coffee thermos. I love how it keeps heat inside, stays cool outside, and doesn't leak at all. And I love the deep "sippy" insert that makes it really hard to spill the coffee, even if you're a bit of a klutz (like me).

One small warning: Be vigilant about keeping the gaskets in their proper place, or the tumbler will leak. But if you keep them where they belong, this thing is an airtight, liquid-tight, and heat-tight delight.
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on August 7, 2013
After about a year of owning it, just quick review.

I rarely write these so please consider that.

This Tumbler is a great, for both Tea AND Coffee. I wanted something aesthetically pleasing and just enough to carry my morning coffee. FIrst looking at this it's labeled as a Tea infuser but it's also a great travel bottle. I just take the filter out and it's just as secure. I get compliments on it whenever I carry it. No leaks that weren't my fault for checking that it wasn't at a weird angle or something. I wish they made a slightly bigger one - 16oz or 20oz so it could be used for water once in awhile!

It also keeps my brew nice and hot! I once made coffee in the tumbler itself, came back 4 hours later and it was still hot! Same with hot drinks in the fridge, if stealed tightly, it was still warm!

Only negative is it's a little small to clean, but kind of knew that buying it. Would recommend.
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on July 27, 2016
This is my second one in a number of years.(The first fell out a broken truck window, when I was hit by a car, & truck rolled over onto the freeway. The firemen broke the windshield and pulled me out,not baddly hurt, but bleeding a bit. I insisted on picking up my old Thermos tumble from the freeway before getting into the ambulance, as I couldn't bear to lose it! It was useable, but a bit battered, so I found this one, just like my old one. It really keeps coffee or tea hot for a long time. I've tipped it over a few times , luckily with the top on, and never had a drop spill. It's the best thermal tumbler I've ever had.
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on April 24, 2014
During the winter I am a huge tea drinker and when I saw this I just had to buy it.

The good: Good size. Keeps your tea HOT! Outside doesn't get hot so you can hold onto it without burning your hands.

The ok: The strainer/infuser. It's in between good and ok. It could be slightly smaller because I did notice residue from my loose-leaf tea, but nothing I couldn't handle. However, if you drink fine teas like black teas or earl grays where the leaves are small you are bound to have a lot of residual.

The bad: For a lot of teas you can only brew for a certain amount of time before needing to remove the tea from your water or else you risk ruining the taste. I have had problems with how tight the strainer is on the canister. So it becomes a problem when I am desperately trying to get the leaves out when I can't even turn the dang thing to get it out to empty it.

Next, I hate that you have to either have the strainer or the sipping lid on. If you are using this most likely you are using it for the convenience aspect. Why else would you be buying this and not a regular thermos? I understand that I have to take off the infuser anyway to empty my loose leaf, but then you have this wet strainer that if you are at work, where are you supposed to put it? You can't have the strainer and the sipping lid on at the same time. How hard would it possibly be to design the product so you can have both?? You also then risk losing one piece because you can't have them together.

Other than that I love it and it's great for tea drinkers. Just think they can redesign the next one a little better.
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on January 28, 2014
I've finally had to write a review for this product.

I prefer to drink tea in the office, but a few years ago some mates who usually shared the pot with me left. I realized how much tea was going down the drain each day and decided on March 11, 2011 to buy one of these infusing tumblers for myself on a lark.

Wow, I have been rarely so pleased with a purchase. Since then, I have sent them as gifts, referred them to people online where tea drinkers gather, and every report so far has been how well loved they are.

It's the perfect size to get me through a half day of work and still keep the tea piping hot. It cleans like a breeze and I've never had the infuser screen break (so far!). If you drink tea on the go, this is what you are looking for.
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on May 18, 2016
Other than my wife, this is one of the things in my life that I simply cannot live without. I can no longer enjoy coffee unless I have it in my "sippy cup". Removing the lid, taking a sip and replacing it carefully is part of the ritual of coffee that lasts from morning until about 3 in the afternoon - one cup of coffee...still warm and waiting for you all day. The vessels last for, well decades. The plastic bases eventually chip and break away. The lids are also stable for years and can be ordered from the manufacturer for $2.50 each - new inner and outer lids with new sealing rings. (800-831-9242 item No. JML 350W). We have several; dented, covered in decals and stickers. They ride in the side cases of our motorcycle, in a briefcase, on the train, a backpack when we hike, in the cockpit when we sail. Always leak free. Always there for you when you need it.
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on March 5, 2013
I've owned this same tumbler for a while, using it for coffee and tea. It keeps liquids HOT! for a while. The Tumbler is great. The only complaint is that it is small (12oz is a stretch).

The tea infusing system, however, isn't great.

1. Too many pieces
The tea infuser cap is separate from the drinking cap, both separate from the lid. If you want to take it on the go, you'll have the tumbler and then an extra piece to carry around (the tea infuser likely). This makes it very impractical for use throughout the day. If you make tea at home, then go and never make tea again, great! If you are like me and reuse the leaves, or want to make more tea later on, this tumbler fails to do it effectively. Too many pieces to lug around. The quality is nice however; it's not cheap. That's a positive. But it defeats the purpose of a travel mug system.
Teas Etc 60111 12.85-Ounce 3-Piece Travel Mug Set This Tea Etc. mug is better for me on the go (it is a poor insulator though).

2. Mesh size is way too coarse
If you drink large leaf tea, this will work well. If you drink Yerba Mate, smaller green/jasmine tea (non full leaf), skip this mug. The mesh size is coarse in comparison with the Tea Etc. mug. This for me was the most disappointing part. My morning tea is Yerba Mate, and there's no way I can use this mug with it...unless I want to chew my tea. Similarly, I have a cheap jasmine I drink in the afternoons. Same result.

The tumbler is amazing. 5 Stars.
Tea Infuser is 2 stars at best.

I wish they'd make the Teas Etc. system with this tumbler.
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on February 25, 2015
As a THERMOS this is great. It keeps stuff super hot, great design, leak proof travel lid...all good stuff. I got this because of the tea infuser though. As it turns out the only way to use the tea infuser is to infuse, remove tea basket and put on drinking lid. If you are a loose tea drinker on the go (as you likely are since you bought a travel mug...) this mug sucks. In order to drink your tea you have to find a place to store your wet basket of tea leaves... I don't know about you but I don't have a wet tea storage area in my car... nor do I have the dexterity to make the switch from brewing to drinking while also driving. So fail. I returned it and got the 16 Oz thermos with a clear ability to infuser abs drink on the go. I should have didn't the extra $8 to begin with.
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