Customer Reviews: Thermos FOOGO Phases Stainless Steel Straw Bottle, Blue Circles, 10 Ounce
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on July 7, 2016
A number of the reviews on here are not based on long-term use and don't have any comparison to other stainless steel leak proof bottles, so I decided to contribute. My family used Foogo bottles for approximately four years. I've owned approximately ten--$200 in kids' bottles, sort of depressing, but I digress. We recently switched to Contigo. Contigo AUTOSPOUT® Striker Chill Stainless Steel Kids Water Bottle, 10 oz., Sapphire, which is also a ten ounce stainless steel kids' bottle. Here's how they compare:

1) Leak-Proof
The Foogo has decent leak-protection. I'd say 90%. I find one leaking only about twice a month, often because my three year old couldn't close it correctly or I didn't seal it up with the mouth piece well enough. Occasionally, it is the bottle itself and then it can't be fixed and you have to buy a replacement. But Contigo never leaks.
Winner: Contigo

2) Ease of Handling for a Small Child
My children are used to Foogo. However, the Contigo has a handle that can be attached to straps or grabbed easily and the button to open and close is much easier to use.
Winner: Contigo

3) Size in Lunchbox
The Contigo's handle makes it harder to fit in a lunchbox, although not a huge deal for most people.
Winner: Foogo

4) Ease of Cleaning
The Contigo has a much more complicated system inside, as you can see from the photos. That is what makes it so leak-proof, but harder to take apart. With the Foogo, I just took apart the component pieces and ran them through the dishwasher. With the Contigo, I occasionally boil it for good measure, which is an extra step, though I have never actually found mold in either.
Winner: Foogo

5) Replacement Parts
This is what drove me away from Foogo. I was always losing those inner straws and you cannot buy them. You have to independently call the company and order them five at a time. 1-800-831-9242 during business hours. That worked a couple times, but then I encountered long wait times. I tried emailing (, but wasn't comfortable sending my credit card information on unsecured email, so I was told to call back and wait again, or gather all the model numbers and mail order with check or money order to Thermos LLC, 355 Thermos Rd, Batesville, MS 38606. Ain't nobody got time for that. With Contigo, you just order on Amazon. Contigo Autospout Water Bottle Replacement Straws 4-Pack
Winner: Contigo
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on May 30, 2015
My 19 month old toddler has been using the Thermos FOOGO stainless steel straw cup since Oct 2014 intermittently for milk. Over the past week, the cup has been leaking terribly and ruined a lunch bag. The cup has only been used sporadically (sometimes several weeks without using), properly (eg, not thrown around). I have tried filling the cup halfway, tightening, and loosening the lid and other suggestions from Amazon reviews but it is a huge disappointing mess. My daughter has been using the non-stainless steel version far more frequently since Aug 2014 and we do not have significant problems with this cup (both will have always through the straw if turned upside down). I have contacted Thermos with my concerns and will update my review with their response.

My daughter has been comfortable using a straw since age 7 months but each cup we've experience has it's own unique problems. She also has the lollacup straw cups which has it's own problems (leaks out the rim, straw stains easily, very difficult to get rid of pedialyte smell), oxo tot straw cup (significant mold growth in lid), and Green Sprouts glass straw cup (straw has a weak spot at valve which my daughter bit through)...we are still on the hunt for the perfect cup!!!
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on November 15, 2010
We used to own the old Foogo style Thermos cup. My four year old had the cup about 2 years when the top was broken off by baby sis. This was no fault of the thermos, just the reason we had to get a new one.

The old thermos foogo was great. WHY did they have to go and mess it up?? My biggest gripe is that the straw leaks. I have seen comments stating that you should expect liquid to come out of a straw. Well, guess what? The old foogo did not leak. Your child would have to suck liquid out of the straw for it to come out. I thought this was great. This is marketed for toddlers so you should expect cups to get knocked over. Why they felt the need to take away such a great feature is beyond me. In fact, my son knocked his new cup over at his lunch table in preschool. Apparently it made quite the mess. This would not have happened with the old cups. They redesigned it with the same straws in the funtainers, clearly intended for older children. In fact, that pretty much shot any point in getting this instead of the funtainer unless you just need to have a smaller cup.

The other new feature was not a big deal to me, but it may be to others. They changed the size of the cup. Instead of being narrow all the way down, it is now shorter with a wider base. I guess this was done to help fit the cup into lunchboxes better. However, it may not fit well into all cupholders. For instance, it does fit fine in my son's carseat cupholder (graco) but does not fit in my daughter's stroller tray (sit n stand).

The Thermos claim-to-fame, of course, is that it keeps everything super-cold for a super-long time. If there were any other cup out there that did this, I'd give them a shot.
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on November 7, 2013
The built-in silicon straw is impossible to clean. After 6 months, I noticed mold growing inside. Please see the custom uploaded image for details. This is a common problem to all water bottle with built-in straw. Avoid all of the straw bottles
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on November 17, 2014
Loved this, until I was washing the straw as usual and realized there is MOLD in it. Boiled it for over 20 minutes and I cannot clean it. We have the special straw cleaners and no matter how much I scrub it I cannot get it out. We only use these with water, and it is growing in 2 of our 3 cups, so I'm assuming the 3rd one doesn't have it yet simply because it is the newest one. Gross.

UPDATE: Contacted customer service to report this issue to request new straws, and was informed the only solution they have is for me to PURCHASE more straws. Pretty bummed about this whole experience. Considering I have invested over $40 for 3 water bottles it seems my only option is to purchase more mold-prone straws. So a product I would have rated 5 stars 4 months ago is now getting a 1 star rating.

BTW, it most definitely leaks when the cap is open and a toddler shakes it upside down, and very frequently would leak it if was open and was left on its side. So I was never too thrilled about those issues but settled because a stainless as opposed to plastic straw cup is hard to come by.... but compounded with the mold issue i regret this purchase.
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on August 20, 2015
We got this the other day, I immediately cleaned it, waited for it to air dry completely, then filled it with water, put it in the fridge overnight, then gave it to my son for the day.

When I opened it up to clean it, I noticed brown ‘spots’ around the inside rim! Sure enough it's rust! I scrubbed it for a while, and was unable to remove all of it. The picture is of after I scrubbed it.

I have owned a lot of thermos and other vacuum steel containers, and I honestly cannot remember this happening before.

I will be contacting Amazon to sort this out.
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on January 7, 2011
At first, I was so happy with this product. It's great to have a way to keep milk cold so that you don't have to rush to the fridge all the time.

BUT . . . the straw disintegrated under my son's teeth, and Thermos has terrible customer service. The rep said that they don't warrant the straw and that I should throw it away and buy a new one. When I asked for her name, she refused to give it but instead transferred me into a voicemail.
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on September 29, 2010
Purchased this when my daughter was about 1 year old, liked that it was stainless steel and insulated. It is my preferred cup for milk, in case it gets left out for a little while or we want to take it anyplace, it stays nice and cold for hours. Considering it is sold as a baby item in the sippy cup category, too bad it is just a straw cup, there is no valve to prevent the liquid from dripping out of the straw pretty quickly if it is tipped over. Fine if you pick it up right away, but if my daughter abandons it on its side and I don't notice it right away, it makes a really big puddle within a few minutes. I actually found that the valve that belonged to a Munchkin straw cup I had that I didn't like anyway fit this straw (search for "Munchkin replacement straws" and you can pick up a pack of valves for just a couple of dollars--they are the valves that fit the "Munchkin Stainless Steel Straw Cup" or "Munchkin Mighty Grip Flip Straw Cups"). I cut off the longer, narrower end of the valve that turns into a flexible straw, leaving just about a 1/2" of it, and that end sticks inside the top of the lid; the other slightly wider end fits over the straw. I had to trim the straw from this cup to compensate for the added length of including the valve. With this added valve, now usually only a couple of drops escape if the cup gets left on its side, just whatever was in the top of the straw above the valve. My daughter probably has to suck with a little more force, but it doesn't seem any harder for her to use than regular straws.

The cup has held up well to 8 months of daily use and top-rack dishwashings. All pieces come apart to wash well. The cup has dropped from a height onto our laminate floors and the flip-top lid popped off, but easily snapped back on--nothing cracked. Liked it enough that we purchased the similar "Funtainer" kids cup (and again did my modification of adding the valve)--really no difference between the cups, the Funtainer is just slightly taller for a larger, 12-oz. capacity. If this baby cup version came with a spill-proof valve, I'd give it 5 stars.
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on August 11, 2013
I bought two of these cups for my 3 year old. We do not let him run around with a cup. when it is time to drink, we open it and give it to him to drink. He will snap the top closed when done. I like the idea of the lid because it is leak proof and keeps the straw clean. But after a month of use, the lid broke where it snaps to the base behind the yellow button. There is a small plastic loop on the lid that catches a little hook behind the yellow button. Taht small plastic loop is not very durable and broke on BOTH cups we bought. These cups are for kids and need to be a bit stronger than that. Plus, this makes the cup useless entirely because now the big lid is flapping open so you cannot put it into any bag or carry it easily. Plus the straw leaks a lot without the lid pinched down on it. So the whole use of the cup is based on a small plastic loop. I looked for replacement tops so I could at least get more use out of it, but I cannot find replacement tops for sale.
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on July 14, 2013
I have bought 2 such bottles, one in pink about half a year ago, and another one in blue about 2 weeks ago.

Unfortunately, I only started to drink water from this bottle about one week ago (by then my daughter had been using it for over half a year!). WATER INSIDE HAS EXTREMELY STRONG, UNBEARABLE PLASTIC SMELL, AND THE TASTES IS BITTER AND TERRIBLE.

In the only about a few minutes after fresh water is put inside the bottle, the water will have this awful taste. This problem is present in both old and new bottles!!

Tried to soak the plastic parts in boiling water for 15 mins, wash the bottle extensively with soap... no help

I suspect the plastic parts are discharging particles extensively. I do not understand how such a low quality product can be made, and marketed as baby products. Do they have souls?

What makes my nightmare is my daughter has been using the bottle everyday for over half a year!!!


I would rate this product 0 out 5, would recommend everyone to stay far away from the product.
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