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on February 23, 2016
I have bought this item in July 2015 and started to observe rusting inside it after few months of usage. Not sure if anyone is having the same issue. Attaching the pics which can show the details. Can someone from Thermos look into this and confirm why this would have happened?
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Color: Cranberry|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Summary - fantastic performance as would be expected of a vacuum bottle - even a major upgrade from older quart vacuum bottles....

If you're not familiar with vacuum bottle" please read the section at the end for an explanation...

So I have an old school "Aladdin-Stanley" quart size vacuum bottle. When this arrived, my wife asked if it was better than the old one. I said "of course not, vacuum insulation has been around a long time....

I was wrong.

The insulation performance is similar, but the real difference is that they are now able to roll stainless much thinner and form it within much better tolerances. Manufacturing technology! The result? The old Quart capacity Vacuum bottle weighs 2-1/2 lbs while this one weighs 1-1/2 lbs, fully a pound less!!

It's also shorter by a good inch or more (see picture) The new one also holds a liter, about 1.2 quarts so it's smaller, lighter and holds more - can't complain.

The only issue I see is while the handle of the older Stanley thermos clips snugly against the body while this one does not. Bummer.

VACUUM BOTTLES are double walled containers where the air between has been removed. The vacuum that is created does not conduct heat so it insulates REALLY well. Thermos is a brand name, though, like Kleenex, many people use it as a generic term.

When I was a kid, everyone had vacuum bottles in our lunch boxes - these were silvered glass and nary a month would go by without a classmate dropping one and hearing the telltale sound of broken glass. Bummer. For that reason, stainless steel vacuum bottles have become more popular. (Glass vacuum bottles are still more popular in laboratories, etc. since they still provide superior insulation.)

On the other hand, we also had Thermos brand (non vacuum) food containers which were plastic on the inside and outside - insulated with styrofoam, not with a vacuum. As a result, food was lukewarm at best when you ate it at lunch. "Thermal" or "Insulated" does not necessarily mean "Vacuum"

Although pretty near indestructible, stainless is a reasonable heat conductor so you will probably notice that the neck (where the two vessels are connected) does get warm.

Also, since the lid is not vacuum sealed, the large lid is going to let heat through. Therefore, while you can use this for coffee, it is going to cool off faster than if you used a narrow neck bottle

TIPS - how can you make sure your drink stays hot (or cold) longer?

1) Pre-treat the container. I rinse out my Thermos with boiling water before pouring in my coffee.

2) Insulate the container with a small towel or other item. If I'm going hiking, I will put the Thermos in the innermost pocket, preferably with a scarf or spare sweater around the top. The body of the container is fine, but as mentioned above, heat can escape through the lid and at the neck.

If you have any questions or comments, or found this review helpful, please let me know!
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on June 23, 2017
First I had bought a 16 oz compact bottles. But it was damaged. Amazon solved my problem.
Than I bought this item. But I faced with another problem again. The stopper can not closed completely. Amazon solved it again.
If I will buy a vacuum bottle again. I will prefer Stanley. But this bottle has got a very good heat retention. I compared it with my Stanley vacuum bottle 32 oz.
Water in 100 Celsius degrees. Both bottle waited in home temperature (19 Celsius degrees)
1. Hour Stanley = 97.5 . Thermos= 99
3. Hour . Stanley = 92, Thermos = 95
13. Hour . Stanley =77 Thermos = 83

So thermos is better. But what about other problems like: Stopper, damaged items etc.

Thermos have got a better heat retention than Stanley. But Stanley gives lifetime warranty. So I will not prefer Thermos again.
That is the reason of four stars.
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on September 23, 2016
I picked this one up after my old thermos became so dented and rusty I just couldn't take it anywhere without my friends giving me grief. I was amazed when I left a half full thermos on the counter overnight, and the coffee was still steaming when I went to dump it out the next morning. That is a full 24 hours after being filled. Now that is a product that lives up to it's reputation.

It is also incredibly light, not sure how well it will stand up in a rough inviroment but since I don't have to drag it through the wilderness anymore so I'm sure it will last me a good long time.
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on March 16, 2017
I loved it when I first got it, but I have had it just over a week, and I am not rough on it, and the inner screw lid is leaking. It came slightly crooked, but help so I assumed it was just aesthetically off, but very disappointed with it. The size, design and feel are awesome, just the inner leak-proof twist cap doesn't seal correctly. If the company sends a new inner lid and it corrects the issue, this would be a 5 star.
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on August 20, 2016
This is not a true STAINLESS bottle. I have just found a rusty spot on the surface of the inner tube but have no idea how long it had existed for. This bottle has been used to store boiled water exclusively since day 1. This is a real health threat.
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on April 26, 2016
Poor quality . The handle is weak and dangerous. Besides my unit have many dent.
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on June 5, 2016
This is a great deal in my opinion. I ordered this to bring coffee to work. I roast my own coffee and drink quite a bit of it. In the past I was drinking 1-2 cups a day from the cafeteria, so that was $2-$4 a day. I bought this from amazon and it will pay for itself in a couple weeks, plus I drink much better coffee at work.

I was surprised when the thermos arrived, it is really nice. The metal is so perfectly smooth and polished it almost feels soft. The color is black with a slight blue tinge. The handle feels solidly attached. The threads for the cap and the cup turn smoothly. The volume is perfect to hold a full pot from an 8-cup chemex.

I work 12 hour shifts and this hold the coffee hot the whole time. I almost never pre-warm because I have found it unnecessary. The length of time that beverages can stay hot is proportional to the amount of fluid in the container. If the thermos is full it will still be steaming hot after 24 hours. If you have only a cup of fluid in the bottom of the thermos it will cool down in a few hours.

Overall, I give it 5 stars and love it. I tried the ikea thermos but it was slightly small and did not keep beverages hot as long and did not have a handle. The price is not crazy, the quality is exceptional, and the functionality is wonderful.
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on December 30, 2017
Stays very hot for a long time. Tested thermos by pouring very hot water in without preheating it. Poured water out of thermos about 24 hours later and water was still piping hot. Would definitely keep your hot coffee or tea warm throughout the day. Outside of thermos stays cool with no loss of heat. After 8 hours or so the top of the thermos gets slightly warm around the cap area. Since the stopper is plastic, this is where some heat escapes. I like using stainless steel since it's easy to clean, doesn't usually rust, or is not fragile like glass. My only criticism would be the plastic stopper and inside of top cap. I would have preferred a stainless steel one. The only rubber or nylon piece would be the gasket.
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on August 5, 2015
Bought this to replace a smaller version Thermost that failed within a year. Thankfully Amazon has suspended sales of the other one as a design flaw in the seal promotes premature failure and parts are not available. Switching to this on I was acutely aware that now look like my Dad did in the 70's carrying this to work at McDonald Douglas. His bottle was just like this and after years as a machinist it got beat to HECK! The design of this bottle is perfect and it is still well made today, though I work in a white collar job. Every morning I make my almond flavored coffee and top it off with chocolate soy milk (my Dad would die) and bring it to work. My co-workers are all too happy to hold out their cups for a taste of my good smelling java, even over their expensive Starbucks. After a long day at the office, walking out to the parking lot after dark, I take comfort that if someone is waiting in the nearly empty garage, I have a suitable weapon to defend myself.
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