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on May 10, 2015
As I told Rodney via Twitter, his book tried to kill me. I laughed so hard (especially the part about leaving a note for his dad) that I developed a migraine which distorted my vision. I went back for more because I'm glutton for punishment.
The thing is, Rodney thinks funny; I mean like a comedian funny, not like touched-in-the-head funny. He writes as though he is directly relating the story to the reader. He paints vivid pictures with his stories. Well, he draws interesting pictures too.
About the vasectomy part, I don't have nads (as I shall refer to them) because I'm a woman. But, I felt for them or him or both (or all three of them). Thanks to Rodney, my thinking about palm trees and Three Musketeers will now be post-his vasectomy. I'm not suppoded to eat chocolate given my migraines. So, maybe I should thank him and his ex-wife for ruining my favorite chocolate bar.
I bought his second book when I bought the first. I might quickly scan the book before reading to know whether or not I'll get another close up of his undercarriage. I'm good with nads in general but, maybe not when I'm eating. Remember that hair removal product created by the Australian woman for her very hairy daughters? Why didn't anyone tell her to change the product's name before selling it in the US.
Anyway, the book is funny, blunt, sarcastic and a bit off (in a good way). You might be offended if your sense of humor doesn't match that description. But, aren't you curious about the book? I say buy it. I'm sure his kids want to go to college. They might need some help too if/when they read the book. So, if you buy the book, you'll laugh and you'll be doing a good deed. College is expensive, therapy is too.
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on February 17, 2014
The only bad part of this book is the end... I was thinking, "wait, what, it's over? Nooo!" I want more. I love this book. I laughed, I cried, I got a sudden craving for a 3 musketeers bar. I also learned some stuff... for example, I was under the impression that men could not ejaculate after having a vasectomy. How wrong was I? Also, as a single mom to a preschooler, I love the ideas for lying to your kids (I can't wait to tell my daughter that raisins are people). I read this book in one sitting and was laughing pretty much the entire time (which confused my daughter who kept looking over at my iPad to see what was so funny and seeing only a screen full of words she can't read). I am left wondering if shaving your balls is harder than shaving lady parts. Because, man, that is not easy. I guess we'll never know. Unless we ask a person who has both parts or someone who had a sex change, maybe? I really want to know.

Back to the point, this book is great. Really great. I could relate to being a fat kid. It sucks. So glad I grew into a sexy, thin adult. The stuff is hilarious and the drawings are awesome. Who doesn't love a man with multiple talents - if you can call them talents. But seriously, I hope to find more books by Mr. Lacroix. As a writer and someone who has read more books than she can count, I am not one to hand out compliments so easily. I honestly would not have even read this if it had not been free to download and if I had not just spent hours reading a quantitative statistics book. This was exactly the break my brain needed before going back to studying. I will be on the lookout for more of this. Because sometimes a girl just needs a good, no-thinking-required laugh. :) <~ Smiley faces make everything better.

Edit: I see the book is no longer free to download so I wanted to add that it is totally worth paying for. Buy it. You won't regret it.
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on February 14, 2014
Parts of this book were funny although a bit too crude for me, although by the reviews I see it does appeal to alot of people. For me I did like some, but felt some in bad taste, so I have to go in the middle and give it a three. If you like crude humor by this book , if you aren't to thrilled by it then this is not one for you! To each his or her own in this purchase.
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on July 31, 2017
The great comedians, Bob Hope, Jack Benny etc. refered to crude humor as "the easy laugh". So much easier to drop an f bomb or a crude remark to get a startled laugh than to be genuinely funny. The author thinks hes hilarious because hes crude. Shocking, maybe but not funny.
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on January 22, 2013

Ive known Rodney now for about a year. When I say "known" I mean stalked on twitter because we live in the same area, he has the same last name as me, my dad was never there when I was a kid and his age matched. After realizing I could fit him in my pocket I accepted the fact that he is NOT my long lost father and I moved on to seeing how much of a genius the man is. His comedy style is fantastic, his writing comes from real life interactions and every single page of the book is a literal LOL. I loved the amazing artwork and how well each picture reflected the story being told. Rodney is a man (a short one but still a man) who says what he feels and thats it, this book is an amzing collection of stories that not only made me laugh but made me feel amazing about myself.

Now all kidding aside the book is fantastic and I will continue to support Rodney in all he does (as long as its cheap, were not all famous authors ya know)
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VINE VOICEon December 25, 2012
Sometimes you just need a good laugh-out-loud book to read. While cruising around the blog-o-sphere, I came across the blog Mental Poo. Yes, you read that correctly. A blog that is described as "Jerking off your funny bone, one post at a time." While laughing and trying not to pee my pants at the blog posts, I came across a link in the right hand sidebar to purchase the book. I laughed so hard with this book.

Author Rodney Lacroix touches on some subjects that shouldn't be funny and turns them into a work of comedy art. I am talking about things like Chocolate Ex-Lax episodes, Sex Game Dice, and Vasectomy. Yes, he even laughs at himself while undergoing the knife in the sensitive area. While some men would cringe at a puff of smoke coming from below, Mr. Lacroix finds the humor in it. Plus, I will never look at a raisin the same way again. To understand why, well, you have to read the book.

Included in the series of topics, we also get illustrations that the author created as well. A diagram becomes a tool of laughter. I loved the chapter and pictures about the popular app "Draw Something".

They say that laughter is the best medicine and I can honestly say that I am feeling like a million bucks after reading this. Tears ran down my face and I might have received funny looks from my family while reading it. This is one book that I will be reading again when I need a pick-me-up laugh and a blog that I have bookmarked so I can continue on in his journey of parenthood and life.
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on March 7, 2013
When I purchased this book I was hesitant to review it, since the "Video review" offered by Amazon, might be a bit too much for my usual book review scrutiny. For reasons you will soon demise, you are all lucky that I finally settled for a written review.

Full Frontal Disclosure Time: I have a book club on my website- "The LA Juice Mothra Faulker Book Club- for people who can read." Where we thoroughly scrutinize every book we read.

BUT I want to assure you that I am not writing this review to angle for an author interview or shill my blog- I learned that lesson the hard way. I don't do author interviews anymore. Let's just say, its never a good idea to try to make an author more interesting and/or fun than the real thing. Plus author interview questions and answers are inherently dull as dirt.

I am only telling you all this to explain my review "test". In order for a book to get a good review in my MFBC, the book has to pass a strict, scientifically valid, bifurcated test:

1. "The I Know it When I See it Test", which amounts to the book's ability to attract me like a crow to a shiny piece of plastic in the road or a tweeker to pornography; and

2. "The Skip to my Loo Test". Wherein through elaborate and relevant protocols I determine if the book is worth reading on the pot and thereafter assign a Roll Rating, ranging from None to 5 Rolls.

In other words, the MFBC is not Oprah's book club.

I am incredibly proud to report that "Things Go Wrong For Me" passed my tests like some people might pass a stone or a bad burrito. Rodney's book was TOTALLY worth reading on the toilet- worth taking a "kindle" into the loo (despite my abject fear of getting bodily waste on electronic equipment). Things Go Wrong For Me is fun enough to read before, during and after a cleanse.

I laughed, I cried, I tried to read passages to family members through the bathroom door. You should buy this book right away- your bathroom reading will NEVER be the same.

Five Rolls of Charmin, good people.
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on January 16, 2013
I started following @Moooooog35 on Twitter a few months ago because someone re-tweeted something he said and he seemed funny. I like to follow random funny people. I hope some of their wit will rub off on me. Because I only pretend to be funny.

So Rodney (That's his real name. I didn't know he had a real name.) wrote a book called Things Go Wrong For Me and I decided to give it a read. It was on sale for $2.99, so what did I have to lose? Besides almost $3. And the time it took me to read it.

I let it sit on my digital shelf for a while because I had more important things to do. I don't know what they were, but I'm sure they were very important.

I finally read it. And I read it in two days. I would have read it in one day, but I got busy doing other important things.

I'm sorry Rodney. Feeding my kid and going work are slightly more important than reading your book. Please forgive me.

Turns out, the book was totally worth the almost $3 and the time it took me to read it. Dude is hilarious. Way funnier than he is on Twitter. I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks.

This memoir-of-sorts is filled with little vignettes from his life, from his childhood as a fat kid, his vasectomy, and his life post-divorce. The childhood story about the toboggan is probably the funniest. There are pictures and diagrams and really crappy drawings that add to the ridiculous humor of each story.

I really don't want to say a lot, because if it's unexpected, it's totally funnier.

I didn't know Rodney has a blog. I just knew his humor from Twitter. There is so much more hilarity to ensue.

Want to laugh until you pee your pants? Read this book with a full bladder.

What laugh a lot but still be able to control your bladder? Read this book right after you pee. Or, better yet, while you're on the toilet. Totally makes sense.

Offended by vulgar language or pictures of male genitalia with smiley faces? Don't read this book.
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on December 16, 2012
Have you ever known someone was "A funny guy" but then realize that you were seriously underestimating them? Well, that's what happened here. I had no idea he was so HYSTERICAL, and also way more disturbed-- in a good "Ahh makes me feel better about my crazy ass" kind of way.

I purchased this book because I knew the author... but the hours of joy I got from laughter... pointing pictures and jokes out to others made this WELL worth the purchase. I bought this for my Kindle then after reading decided I needed it in print too. That is how funny this book is.

I can not wait to use the fact that I now know who Andy Moog is in a conversation now. I am not sympathetic to men for what they go through when they have themselves sterilized. More than anything, I am waiting for Rodney's kids to write books in the future about things their dad messed them up in the head about. It's better than waiting for any stupid movie sequel.

I had no idea my short friend (I say "fun sized") had all of this in him. You will read this book and laugh out loud and look very silly if you read it in a public place. Embrace it.
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on February 16, 2013
I've had this one on my Kindle app on my Nexus now for about a month and to be honest, I don't know why I was waiting. Rodney, whose blog I have followed on and off for years (off at times because I have a conscience and then on because I say, "Screw it, he's funny."), is hilarious and yes, laugh-out loud hilarious at times. Already I have LOLed at least 300 times (no, I didn't count, but it's called hyperbole, folks, it was a heckuva lot). Thankfully, he doesn't use as many parenthetical asides (as I do), but he does have his asides, but they always are on target with his own sense of humor (yep, crude at times, but still funny).

Only caveat: I would purchase this one in paperback because the graphics on the Kindle so far are a bit hard to read (can't be enlarged that much). Other than that, this book (so far) is as near to perfect as Jenny McCarthy's breasts are perfect (except that the actual print book is a perfect rectangle and not perfectly round).

This review was censored, but this book is not.
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