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on November 30, 2014
Finally! a clean and unabridged edition. I had to purchase two other editions before finding this one. It is clean, good size font, and true to the original 1937 wording. Published by Dauphin Publications ISBN 978-1939438256. Nice job!
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on May 29, 2014
Most of the negative reviews I saw on my skim-through said that content had been removed from this version of the book. Even if that content had been restored, though, I doubt it would have improved the issues throughout.

Some of it IS good - the leadership section is fantastic and I really liked the job seeking advice, some of which is parroted by reputable sources today. His predictions on industry behavior in everything other than journalism is sound in its argument even 80 years later. (Facebook would have blown Napoleon Hill's mind!) It seems like every time I hit one of those sections, though, I'd go into something else that would negate it. Hill suggests personal desire can be transmuted into its physical equivalent throughout the book, but that personal desire must be unfaltering and from within, adhering to his 13 steps. I wouldn't have cast doubt on any of that, but all his instructions are imperative (do it his way, exactly, or it's completely your fault) and backed up with vague authority and "common sense." He also backs it up with real-life examples, but some of these are questionable at best.

For example, Hill illustrates decisiveness through Samuel Adams making a decision not to accept a bribe, thus ensuring his vision of a country free of tyranny. I could have accepted that story as an example of other traits, but decisiveness? This could be contorted to fit even if the opposite happened: by remaining loyal to King George's demands, Adams transmuted his personal desires into wealth and upheld his vision of a British empire. Obviously, this is not true, and subject to historical supposition, but it's a poor example and is just one instance of Hill's hero worship that pervades the book.

There was a personal example of Hill's son, born deaf, who overcame his disability to become a productive member of society. This would have been an inspiring story, but Hill reveals that he socially manipulates his son's teachers to give him advantages, and even incepts the desire to hear into his son (through a form of tactile speech). So, the desires you wish to apply to Hill's methodology need to be innate, but if your parents want it instead, that's apparently good enough. (There was another example where a parent "helped along" their child, so this isn't purely against Hill's family relationships.)

Most of his lessons feel shoe-horned into the book just like that. When the book takes a turn to the spiritual near the end chapters, he focuses on how fears manifest themselves into reality. According to Hill, illness and baldness can be avoided entirely because doctors and hatless men do not succumb to fear. It has nothing to do with sanitation or genetics - it's bravery!

The pseudoscience, formality of language, and horrible organization of the book (requiring back-and-forth throughout chapters to recall referenced lessons) would have made this book daunting to read in any form, but the Kindle version has a few scan errors to further complicate matters. Of course, not having my brain vibrate at a frequency to accept this book's message is my fault for reading it too fast; Hill suggests taking in the whole book over the course of a year, internalizing each chapter as it comes up. I paced myself as best I could, wanting to absorb its themes in a way that could improve my standing, but I still managed to complete the book a couple of months after I started reading. I wanted this thing over and done with.

There are probably better versions of this book out there, and I may give a free version a read-through to pick up on the reputedly omitted material. Bottom line, though, it's not worth purchasing this book for anything other than the job-hunting advice. At least the best way to earn money hasn't changed after all these years: be happy with wages, and keep dreaming of windfalls.
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on November 1, 2015
I have never written a review, but I just had too. Do not buy this version. The book itself is an absolute must, but please avoid this version. Buy the original. This version is not only a shortened version, it is FILLED with grammatical errors, and typos. Use your money on the original.
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on February 5, 2016
By far this is a great book, that I will say. It is new and updated but falls short of the original version which I thought this was. There are sections that have been edited out in this particular book, if you want the exact you will need to find the older version. I have it on my shelf and will consider gifting it to someone in the future. :)
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on March 8, 2017
This is probably one of the best books I've read on the subject, however this version is horribly formatted. The sentences extend to the binder, and there are no indentations for paragraphs, almost as if the publishers were trying to save money by cramming in as many words as possible into the page.

The copyright says 2014, and I can't imagine why they chose to make this version so difficult to read. I requested a refund and am ordering a different version on Amazon. I suggest you do the same.
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on March 6, 2017
This gigantic book with HUGE print on the cover makes it look like a "Large Print" edition, but actually it has teeny tiny print on the inside on low-quality, gray-tinted paper. This is so horribly difficult to read without super-bright lighting and magnifying glasses. I don't need reading glasses normally, but sure do for this micro-print. Such a disappointment.
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on June 16, 2017
I chose to read this book because I have met several people who have read it and they say, it's a game changer . This book is filled with confirmation , spiritual truth , and wisdom beyond your imagination. Reading this book could change your life if you adhere to the philosophies of many great men; including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and the great Dale Carnegie. These brilliant business minds all used the philosophies put together in one book written by Napoleon Hill...This book is brilliant!
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on July 9, 2017
The biggest issue with this purchase is that it does not have page numbers for quick reference like the original version! And when I contacted their customer service, some auto responder tells me that I must keep this book that is of no use.

Think and Grow Rich was originally designed by Napoleon Hill to be a reference book, to instill the principles of prosperity and wealth into our lives. Without the proper index and format, this book would be more of a hastle, than a virtue over the long run.

Very rude customer servive, which will come back and bite them in the future! (They would know this if they actually read the book) But the universe works perfectly, wishing you all the best :).

Lesson: Be wise with your purchases! Some people are willing to take in a greedy fashion, without looking out for the people that they disservice. The universe works perfectly :).
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on April 18, 2014
I just finished reading Think and Grow Rich a couple days ago. I was looking for a book that would lift me out of my funk and inject me with some motivation, and this did that and more. If this lackluster economy has sucked the life right out of you and left you feeling worthless, OR, if you feel you are not living up to your potential, THIS is the book to read! This version suited my needs perfectly--- the original text that deals with the Great Depression has been added back in, and the only parts that have been deleted are small parts here and there that are totally obsolete or unnecessary. However, these "deleted scenes" can easily be found in the back of the book, in the endnotes, which also has additional commentary which is helpful. The only thing that is changed regarding the text is the numbers--- they are updated to today's monetary values, so the text feels fresh and new rather than something from your grandfather's old closet. Hill's language, however, does not appear to be changed at all--- the editor appears to stay as true to the original as possible. The best thing about this version is the size of the book--- it's a "paperback" size, where the font is nice and big and easy to read, unlike the tiny and cheap "mass market paperback" version. I had absolutely no complaints, and I'm really happy I chose this high quality version of this timeless classic. Hill will restore your love of America--- truly a genius who understood the modern idea of "conscious capitalism." This book is 100 years ahead of its time; even people of today can not compare with his intelligence.
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on February 23, 2017
First, i was thinking that this book will only help me in the performance part of my life, by giving tips, habits and principles of the most succesfull people on the planet. But my image of the book changed when i read all of it. It helps also on how to become an incredible person, how to treat people and how to see all that happens to you in a different way.
Second, it talks about BELIEVING, it says that in order to reach whatever you seek you first have to believe and have faith in your abilities, in the plan that God has for you and to BELIEVE IN YOU!! Also it teaches you that you need to have faith, persistance and very BIG BIG dreams. For all of you that are reading this review i want to tell you THAT YOU CAN DO IT!! YOU WERE BORN TO BE GREAT!! But people dont believe it because of what other people says about them but ignore the negative people and STAY LOCKED WITH YOUR DREAM, DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT TO DO OR HOW TO THINK. IGNORE THEM AND STAY FOCUS ON YOUR PURPOSE. I WANT TO TELL YOU THAT I BELIEVE IN YOU AND I LOVE YOU. YOU CAN MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!
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