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on May 18, 2016
I've had these IEMs for close to 2 years now but never posted a review. I'm giving a 5 star review for two reasons: 1) I really liked the sound and the design, and 2) ThinkSound provided awesome customer service when I had a problem.

Used these headphones very regularly, mostly for commuting/travel. From the beginning I used with Comply foam tips, which provided MUCH better noise isolation.

- Very engaging sound. Good bass but not too heavy, nice clarity and definition. Not the most precise/accurate 'phones that I've heard, but very musical and made whatever I was listening to sound good.
- Nice design. Liked the look and feel of the wood.

- Cord tangled a bit easily.
- Mic could have really used volume buttons, which other 'phones have.

- Had the problem that others have reported with the wood and plastic separating (glue seemed to fail). This happened after almost 2 years, and despite good care on my part (e.g. used carefully, always stored in the included pouch).

Based on others' reviews I contacted ThinkSound. Within a few hours their director of operations responded, offering to exchange for a new pair. He also said that they've improved the design, adding threading to the joint that fails to help keep it from separating. I chose to exchange these for their MS02's and pay the difference, which I think will be more to my liking in terms of sound. To be clear, I liked these a great deal, but think I'll like the other model's sound even more.

With this experience I will definitely buy the company's products again if I have the opportunity.
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on August 10, 2017
I'd like to add my vote to the others: Good sound. Very poor craftsmanship.

Had I posted a review when I first received these, it would have been five stars just for the sound! I am always willing to invest in pricey things that last, and I'm sure others are, too....hence my posting of this review to spread the info. As mentioned by others, the wax buildup happened fast, despite following their cleaning instructions with peroxide and alcohol. But that's something that can happen with any earbud, so not a huge deal. My main issue has to do with the extremely cheap casing on the cord, though there's been a few problems along the way:

1. Very delicate connection construction. Who doesn't get the wire caught on something once in a while? Sometimes, despite careful wrapping and storage and clip usage and inside-shirt wearing, things get tugged on, because earbuds go through life's activities with you. These don't seem able to withstand anything at all. The wire loosened and separated from the earbuds very early after just a couple of months. The company was kind enough to replace them, but warned me that is was likely my incorrect storage causing this issue--definitely not the case, since I follow directions carefully. Also, when I received them back (or maybe a refurbished replacement pair, not sure), the mic button never worked well again. Either sticks or does not connect when I press it. Very hard to make calls and skip tracks.

2. The cord. This is a major problem. When I pay $85 for a pair of earbuds, I expect them to last a little while. These lasted under a year before falling to pieces. I mean, actual pieces falling off. The housing on the cord is very, very cheap and thin, and the rubber itself started cracking. Then, when I wrapped them for storage, the cracks opened and the wires came out. Obviously, this had all sorts of horrible effects on the sound quality, plus I constantly received little pokes and zaps on my neck at the gym. I've included some photos of this from before I stopped using these months back....I'd highly recommend NOT purchasing these unless you plan to get a new pair for $85 every six months. A few rounds of that, and you could get a pair of Bose that will last for years and years.
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on August 31, 2017
The sound of these is awesome, and the four included sizes of ear bud fittings make it easy to find the right one for comfort.
I did get a defective pair - within a few months of purchase, the casing on the right ear bud started to split in half. It was pretty easy to put back together, and I lived with the fault for at least 8 months before finally losing sound in the right ear bud. I was still within the warranty year, though just barely (by a couple of days), and support from thinksound was nothing short of awesome. The person to whom I spoke was super responsive over email, clearly knew what he was talking about, and sent me a replacement shortly after I mailed in my broken headphones. The replacement I received (promptly) was actually a newer model (ts03+mic), which also sound excellent. I would recommend the company on the quality of service alone.
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on January 18, 2014
As a former Iphone user, I've been pretty disappointed finding headphones for my Galaxy S4. None of my myriad of Iphone compatible headsets would work with all of the features they had with the Iphone such as skip forward, skip back, and most importantly volume control.

After a lot of trial and error, I learned there is a difference in the pin that Apple uses which isn't compatible with non Apple units. And due to the popularity of the Iphone, most headsets were designed for the Iphones.

I tried the Klipsch S4 II , Sennheiser MM 70 S, among others supposedly designed for the Galaxy, but to no avail on the control front.

I figured if I was going to do without the controls I'd been accustomed to, I might was well go for a set more focused on audio quality. The Thinksound has received high praise in both sound quality and just as importantly, customer service. I've seen Thinksound folks respond to comments on Amazon with offers to correct problems. This is usually a sign of faith in a company's quality, and just as importantly, a commitment to their customers, and in maintaining a solid reputation.

So I went ahead and ordered them.

One nice feature of the Galaxy S4 is the "Adapt Sound". As someone with old age and too many live concert hearing loss, this is great. With a quality set of headphones, I've found there is less adjustment necessary. The Thinksound falls into that category.

The separation is distinct, clear, and although I'm not normally a bass man, as too much bass muddies sound for me, the Thinksound does put out a lot of bass for earbuds, and does so without overpowering the mid and high range. Nice surprise for me. They sound rich, warm, and full.

Now, the button issue.

Different headphone companies have their own apps which they tout as adding great functionality. But, the Android system was recently upgraded so that holding down the center button for long time now brings you directly to Google's voice. So most of these apps are useless. Thinksound hasn't bothered with an app, so you get the most basic button functions. Pause, forward, and the phone functions of answering, muting, and ending the call.

However, for a mere three dollars, there's an app called HeadsetButton Controller that allows you to map out additional button functions. I now have pause, skip forward, skip back, and hooray, Volume control. The app comes with a trial period so give it a whirl. And no, I'm not connected in any way with the app.
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on June 12, 2014
I purchased a pair of these headphones from amazon in April of 2013.

I don't consider myself to be an expert on sound quality, but I did a considerable amount of research before I bought these, and those who DO consider themselves to be experts raved about these headphones. After owning these headphones I agree with them. They sound amazing and provide a fair and balanced representation of the music.

I used them almost as much as a headset as a pair of headphones. The mic performed admirably (excpet for when I was trying to talk in high wind, but that's expected) and the voice quality was crisp and clear.

I did have a little bit of trouble achieving a comfortable fit with the provided fittings, but this was easily solved with a pair of comply foam tips. This solved my fit problem and also enhanced the level of noise isolation. They also have wax guards, which is good for me.

In addition to the excellent sound and quality, these headphones are gorgeous. Probably the classiest looking earbuds I've even seen.

So, all of this to say that these are amazing headphones and I loved them....

... and then they broke.

I was wearing them as I was putting away laundry, and the cord got caught on the side of my dresser and yanked the left earbud out of my year, causing enough torque to separate the housing.

And this is where Thinksound really set themselves apart from the rest. I sent them a quick email describing what happened. They responded immediately and ended up replacing my headphones even though they were outside of the warranty timeframe. After sending me a new pair, I received a follow-up email from the President generously accepting fault for the fact that I broke my headphones and gently reminding me to clean them more regularly (I had them for 8 or 9 months before I bought the new tips with wax guards).

This kind of customer service is unheard of. Even if these headphones weren't widely respected for their sound quality and stunning good looks, it would be worth choosing them simply for the comfort that comes with knowing a company will stand behind their product and give you better customer service than you could reasonably hope to expect.

If you're on the fence about which set of earbuds to buy, I hope this sways you. Every once in a while you come across a company that treats you so well that you feel good about giving them your money. Thinksound is that kind of company. Their products are fantastic, but their customer service is what has earned my loyalty.

Now if they would only make an over-ear version of the On1.....
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on April 19, 2016
After my shure's gave up on me I decided to give the Thinksounds TS02 a try. Well don't look back. These sounds very nice and probably the best sound you can get sub $100. I tried the Bose, Klipsch and Sennheiser, but Thinksound are outperforming them hands down. Give them some time to break in. I never messed with the standard earfits it ships with, do yourself a favor and get the complyfoam tips (wished they would ship with that). The only downside on the ts02+mic is that during workouts sweat can get into the mike part and shortcircuits the volume. So if you using for running\exercise get the ones without the mike.
For sound\price\looks definite a 5 star.
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on September 13, 2014
I use a lot of ear buds, ( probably in the 100's ) and these are one of the best i've ever had the pleasure to jam into my ear holes. I waited a year before writing this review to make sure to factor durability (which has been an issue with many brands i've owned in the past).

These pass everything with flying colors. My initial pair cable became loose, but the company replaced them right away at no cost. In fact customer service has been nothing short of impeccable. I bought these in addition to 2 other brands top rated on amazon, and these are a clear winner for me.

big sound from very light phones that you forget you're wearing. Sometimes i'll wear them while working all day and my ears do not get sensitive. I think this may be due to light weight, but not exactly sure.

1 year update.

After having owned 4 pairs over past few years, I can confirm that these are good for 6-12 months unless maybe you're using them at home plugged to a stationary computer. All of my pairs suffered from the following issues:

* the casing separates from wooden part, this is fixable with krazy glue
* either earphones or the jack start cutting out after 6-12 months and you have to jiggle it to get the sound back

I emailed cust support with detailed description of these issues but got the blanket: "1 year warranty after that you can recycle them" so not sure i'll be continuing to buy this product.
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on July 11, 2012
10/06/13 REVIEW (15 Months of use later)________________________________________

I absolutely love these headphones. I previously judge these rather harsh without realizing that the source was the culprit. I have had these for over a year, and I use them daily. I really hate having to use an alternate pair when I leave them at home.

I did run into an issue on my 13th month (1 mo past warranty) with the metal piece (black portion) separating from the wood portion. Thinking I was outside of warranty, I contacted Thinksound for possible solution, and Immediately I received an RMA form from the CEO (Arron Fournier) to send the phones in for inspection and repair. About a week later I received a brand new pair.

5+ Star more for customer service. These guys believe in their product, and more importantly stand behind it.

I truly enjoy using these headphones. The range and clarity are great with any type of music.

I highly recommend these headphones, and surely will look to them in the future for another pair.

ORIGINAL REVIEW______________________________________________________________
I received today (No burn-in period) and after a few hrs of listening to music I think I made a good purchase. Based on the review here and elsewhere I thought it would be a wider range coming through, but found a punchy bass and clean mids...the cymbals and high pitched electric guitars sounded a bit harsh..but it could have been high volume.

No adjustment necessary, right out of the box I had great fit. So far the best music is acoustic and jazz... 6 or 12 string acoustic guitar just downright feel you are standing right in front of it. So far I have listed to:
Eric Clapton
Norah Jones
Miles Davis
Black Eyed Peas
Yerba Buena

Like stated, it is not weak in bass, a little too bassy for me, but it may be my source not reproducing a better quality sound.

I believe they will only get better with time once they have gone through the "burn in" period. I will update in a few days/weeks on my impressions, but I wanted to share right out of the box.

UPDATE 07/19 (2)_____________________________________________________________

I had to bump these to 5 Stars....I tried a sampling of music and a few headphones Shure e4c (I think), Bose IE2, and the TS02+Mic....and wow!!!!! The range is certainly warmer and fuller compared to the other 2. I was really disappointed in the Bose as they really were rather flat. They might have a bit of a spark at the high end of the curve, but overall very flat. I do realize these are not noise isolating buds, and thus some of the flat sound, but even while pushing them into my ear making for a better seal, I did not hear the response that I was expecting out of Bose. My old Shure, while not a fair comparison as they are dying, sounds somewhat similar to the TS02's, with a little less bass, but I don't think that was the original sound.

After a comparison with to other in-ear headphones realized just how good these really are!!!!!!

UPDATE 07/19 (1)_____________________________________________________________

So I have not put these down in the past week or so. I think my original review was pretty accurate still. The bass is punchy (deep but does not rumble).

I hear the mids very clear, somewhat on the bassier side of music, but nothing bad. I find the curve to be a bit pronounced in the low-mids...closer to the center of the spectrum but still in the bass side of the eq if this makes sense. The highs are just right...high seem to shine just right without becoming uncomfortable.

I have dealt with most of the issues I have had by installing an EQ app to my Phone (Samsung Galaxy S3).

As far as comfort, you can forget these in-ear headphones are in. They are very light and fit very well with the supplied plugs, and sound isolation is pretty impressive as well. I really cannot hear anything going on around me even at low volume.

There is a bit of microphonics coming through from the the thin cables, but can be addressed by wearing the cable over(or around) ear as opposed to leaving it to hang straight down. While this eliminates the microphonics, it does make using the supplied mic a bit more challenging as the mic is now resting on your cheek as opposed hanging by your mouth.

Overall I am happy with my purchase but did not fill the rage I was expecting, so it stays at 4 stars.
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on March 14, 2013
I was upset with the headset because i can not use it with an iphone4, looks like it was my mistake.

1. Sound : after 50 hours or so the sound changes, at the beginning it was too much bass but not anymore. Still solid bass....tight. I did listen some black keys some classical some beatles all loseless... it was all good.
2. Micrpohne : be carefull about compatibility, i can not use microphone with iphone4s my headset i think it was an old model or something.
3.looks : small not too much wood :)
4. customer service : they reply to my review twice, i have not chanege mine or they did not do anything yet but even this much aftersales interest with their product wins my heart. Best ever.

They make me feel like good company with a good product with a very best intentions, not a big corporation who does not give a damn.... so my money will go to them.
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on April 24, 2015
I've had my pair of thinksound ts02+mic for about 16 months now and use them daily. I ride the nyc subway every day for an 1 hour and these babies are perfect. They isolate the noisy subway without creating that weird hissing sound you would hear in noise-cancelling headphones, and doesn't require batteries! The bass is clear and deep enough, with the highs being crystal. I usually listen to hip-hop, house, and some rock all of which require a balance of beat and voice and this pair does the job perfectly.

I have used a dozen different Sony pairs, V-Moda, and Klipsch....all fell short in one way or another of this. I would compare these to those $300-400 pairs of Shure headphones, but you literally cannot tell the difference, so then why pay more?

THE BEST PART IS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE! One of the two pairs I have had a slight issue where the housing had come apart after using them for over a year. THE PRESIDENT of the company handled my inquiry personally and replaced the pair even though it was beyond the warranty period and he had no obligation to do so. Such a great company!

It's a shame people blindly buy beats, if only people had a blind sound test would they know you can have better for less!
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