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on August 24, 2013
I'am most certainly glad that there is so much information available where it concerns This particular place and time in history.The referred to "this particular place and time in history" is as it pertains to both The Rising of Germanys Third Reich and equally as difficult The Fall of Germanys Third Reich.To be certain this is not many upon many DVD's,there are but 2 DVD's.One section of the presentation called the "Rise of The Third Reich" with the other DVD titled The Fall of The Third Reich.This is an interesting presentation that at no time during the viewing did I wish not to be viewing this particular product.I watched with interest and indeed this particular mention is mentioned as this is an interesting 2 DVD presentation.There is presented a very sober quality that attempts to place the entire time period in a very sober light. While some where not perhaps aware a show piece of performance took center stage when the Nazi German Government came to power.It was something that it would pay to be sober and not stand up and say "Bravo" or perhaps "Heil Hitler".This section had a quality of almost impressing the viewer beyond merely explanation.The Propaganda film "Triumph of The Will" is mentioned and many such references are equally as interesting.This is not to be pooh poohed, this is excellent film making and as interesting as would be "Triumph of the Will".It is only mentioned that as was stated above keep the lid on it because that too can happen.The Liner notes to this particular offer states "histories most dangerously successful totalitarian government".The first DVD will impress you.Disc one:The Rise.Disc Two:The Fall is not unlike the first however The Rise is as stated kept in check and would not look much different than the Fall(Disc Two).This is useful and sober.There is employed many items that are both different and worth watching.One such item involves the controversy that the Sudentenland caused.In this particular instance Adolf Hitler over loudspeakers in a paticular community speaks in a virtual shout to inform the German people that war with Chekoslovakia is imminent.There are Homemade motion pictures,personal stories of unmistakable suffering and loss so great that when The Red Army approaches Berlin they are told by Joseph Stalin(?) "do not count the hours,do not count the days,count the number of germans you will kill,kill the German,Kill the German". This is why we need to know this, I can not forget because this is why we are here.There are gaps most certainly in the telling of this history however it is the story telling ability that is worth the viewing pleasure of you the reader of this opinion.The Rise of Nazi Germany restored Germanys pride with The Fall providing such defeat that "Eternal Shame" was an expressed opinion.A capable presentation worth 180 minutes.There is a Russian Soldier's film and then there is American forces rolling up on a yet to be discovered concentration camp.A story is told of the many German Women who were raped by the approaching Red Army.Then there were the untold stories of the extreme fear that gripped the very psyche of the German Women with the approach of the Red Army.That fear was so great that there were high percentages of German women who in the grip of such fear decided to commit suicide,and commit suicide they did.Entire communities are on record of having jumped to there death as the Red Army approached. There are speeches up to the very last speech made by Adolf Hitler in April,1945.Sober,this presentation may be however this still is such a story that it will grip you.This is a story that I'am glad there is so much attention being paid to this particular time in history.
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on November 20, 2016
I have been an amateur historian in Nazi Germany & WW II for thirty years. This program is great in its use of ordinary Germans and their rare film footage. Never before have I seen such private home and public newsreel footage so expertly edited together to such devastating effect. The narration is subtle yet just as devastating. The stories of ordinary Germans in such extraordinary times is compelling and serves humanity as a warning of a possibility of repeating in our future. Let this be seen by all who wonder about humanities past mistakes and how to avoid them from occuring again.
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on December 10, 2016
A different slant. I have read a lot of books about Nazi Germany going all the way back to "The Riddle of the Reich" that was first published in 1937. I read it in the 1950s when I was more than 4 years old. "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich," "Berlin Diary," "The First and the Last," "The German Raider Atlantis," etc. There were many approaches in the books, but nothing like this DVD. The old home films presented in the DVD gave a new view of how upscale Germans not raised on socialism but were, nevertheless, patriotic Germans were sometimes treated by the Nazi system. This was an informative 3 hour series that presented a new view of " it was back then if you did not toe the party line." I commend this product as new and informative even to me after all of my years (I'm 83).
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on May 22, 2017
Third Reich: The Rise And Fall I ordered this for my Dad to go along with some other gifts because he loves history. The DVD would load, play a little, then freeze. I exchanged it and the second order of the DVD did the exact same thing. Load, play a little, freeze and then it plays no more. Do not order this.
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on March 24, 2017
One of the most haunting documentaries I have ever seen. I honestly have never thought about this war through a German perspective, and I love WWII!

I've watched hundreds of WWII documentaries, read millions of articles on the subject, and I was STILL shocked by how much I learned.

Amazing work!
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on March 12, 2016
An excellent DVD. Mainly for the fact that a majority of the DVD is from the ordinary every day German people of the WWII era. Using their own movie cameras to record the happenings of the Third Reich. Thus providing much never before seen footage. There isn't much if any at all of the political trappings of Hitler's regime. It's worth the price of the DVD to just see something that hasn't been constantly repeated over and over again.
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on July 8, 2015
Seeing Nazi Germany through it's own eyes is amazing. We've all studied about the time period and seen documentaries, a few of us have been lucky enough to hear stories from people who were actually there. But to have the story told through the German people's home movies paints a whole new picture. It is so easy to demonize Germans of the time, but this DVD actually HUMANIZES them and shows the dangers of people blindly buying into a government. It shows how willing most people in a society are to trade in freedoms and even betray others for the promise of prosperity. "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it" and this is a great reminder that the people we've all so conveniently labeled as monsters weren't so different than us.
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on February 27, 2014
This 2 part documentary on the rise and fall of the Third Reich captures the essence of Hitler's reign of terror better than any documentary I've ever seen. And I've seen most of them. The narration, music, never before seen home movies and the atmosphere the film creates is why it is so successful. Quote, "This is not a film about how HItler seized power, its a film about how the German people gave it to him". The success of this film is the understanding the viewer takes away at the end on how all the cards fell into place that allowed a mad man like this took Germany to total destruction. For me, and to stress one more time, the narration is 2nd to none, a masterpiece as a teaching tool. This film should be required in every history class.
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on July 27, 2017
This is an informative series. The price was right and it's nice to not have to watch all of the liberal commercials that history broadcasts.
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on March 31, 2016
Learn how a manipulative, sociopath can fool a society and take over a society.
There is really no "battles".
This is an instruction of how tyranny takes over a people and then destroys societies
including its own.
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