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on August 30, 2014
***Spoilers. Read Review at Your own Risk***

Simone is the main character. She's troubled and against love. She has been to the depths of hell and she's now dealing with those things that triggered her pain. Deon is the love interest for part of the book. Anything that can happen happens in this book to Simone, which is truly useless drama to me. Deon dumps Simone and she starts dating a married man, Carlton. She falls for him. In the mean time one of her best friends believes Carlton isn't who he claims to be. He's right. Simone is devastated that the 'married man' isn't who he claims to be. Duh! He's married and sleeping with you and you want him to be honest with you? Makes no sense. Anyway, tragedy strikes Simone's life once again and she tries to end her life because of the drama.

As I stated this book is filled with drama. It has if that's you're thing, people dying, a couple of accidents, down low brothers, a 'LOT' of name dropping of brand names as if that's important, STD's, domestic violence, an alcoholic, a long lost mother, and lots of cheating. I'm no Moral Molly but this book just went in every direction possible with the drama.

Multiple stories being told from multiple characters.

And it abruptly ends. There's a part 2.

With that, the book isn't badly written it's just too much going on for my liking.

The author is a pretty damn good story teller to me.
Written pretty well.
Easy to understand.
Talise is normal.
Deon is a bright spot.

Way too much going on with the drama.
I didn't feel the least but sorry for Simone. I was happy when she found out the man she's been raw dogging with was on the down low.
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on August 24, 2016
Oh my gosh this book had me hooked from the very beginning. The three best friends are the kind of friendships most dream about, they shared each mothers pain.
I am not too much into the man on man scene but I love how she didn't make it overly graphic. I am starting book 2 now. I can't wait to get into it!!!
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on June 21, 2011
This is a story of 3 dear friends that loved and cared for each other no matter what. Each of them Stacey, Simone and Talise where from different walks of life, but they had a bond like no other. When one was in need or in trouble they all came running to see about that person never leaving their side. These friends were indeed living the lifestyle of the of elite, fancy cars, late night clubbing, eating at the finest places in town,of course now that had to go shopping too, nothing like a new pair of shoes, for a hard day on the job.

For reason or another plagued by the events that was unfolding in their lives, no one could be prepared to what was coming in an out of their world. Just when you think you have life all figured out or under control or even when you think you really know a person, just then it happens, everyones' life is going in many different directions. Each one having to face their on dilemmas , demon, guilt, nightmares that tormented them, from not knowing their very reason they had the life that had.

Simone was really at the top of her game taking care of herself not needing a man to do that for her, but had a great deal of skepticism toward any man always with her guards always up fearing of always getting hurt, until she crosses paths with the NBA super star athlete Deon Bradford not baffled by his status she could careless. Just when she begins to feel something for him, somethings from her past will not allow her heart feel love, but then come along the mystery man comes in a breaks the chains from heart, but little does she know could he be real or is he a wolf in sheep clothing. Or will Deon be the prince to break the dark magic off her heart.

Now Stacey is a riot and straight nut to his heart, but he's a dear friend with his big heart, he is on a quest to fall in love, but did he bite off more than he could swallow or did he just meet his match in all is fair love and war. Know Stacey his is just a man on mission to not hide his feeling praying that the one he loves feels the same too.

Then you have Talise the one that just believe that love is going conquer all even if it means if she would just have to accept thing as they are in order to be happy. Or will she comprise what she knows is right maybe even question what she knows is real as to the one she knows was heaven sent or is he? One can never really tell when you're dealing the heart.

This is a must read from start to finish.
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on October 3, 2011
THIS CANT BE LIFE is the debut novel from Shakara Cannon and tells the tale of three good friends Talise, Stacie and Simone and the very good character development by the author leaves you feeling like you are watching a soap opera or better yet reminding you of some people that you know in your own personal life because the characters are very true to life.

The trio is indeed the best of friends and as you read you see they are all striving for the better things in life but more so self-discovery and unconditional love of their own. There are other secondary characters that also keep you entertained and engrossed.

THIS CANT BE LIFE was a good read because of the storyline. There were times I laughed so hard then in other instances I felt teary eyed and other times when I was looking at my Kindle giving it the side eye but nonetheless it kept me wanting to see what was going to happen next in the tale.

For a debut I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the author's writing skills and careful plot execution that definitely has me wanting to read more from her. I could easily see this story being a movie or play because it was just riddled with drama throughout the pages.
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on September 4, 2016
O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!! It took me a while to get into this book, but wow! Simone Talise and poor Stacy! This book is such a good read!!! What these three are going through, I would have given up. I feel so sorry for Simone, but I'm hoping Deon will remember what Nichelle told him in his dream and get his head on straight and do right by Simone. Shakara Cannon, GREAT STORY!!! I don't usually buy many books, I will be buying the 2nd one!
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on December 20, 2011
Friends, Simone, Talise and Stacey, are practically siblings and disclose everything to each other. Although from diverse backgrounds, all three unfortunately share the same disappointment -unsuccessful relationships. Simone believes she has finally found a compatible mate, but questions if the risk will be worth her while. Talise battles for a hint of joy amid personal calamities. Stacey replicates patterns that only cause heart wrenching pain. None of them realize how intertwined their personal lives actually are until Stacey stumbles upon damaging information that was never intended for him - or anyone else. He tucks this incriminating evidence away to be revealed in due time. What is exposed ultimately shatters life as they know it.

There were twists in this book that added another level of intensity to the story. I love to read a book that gives me more than I expected. From the beginning with the car accident, I was completely caught off guard. I asked myself `How could this happen now?' I was emotionally led down one street, but as the story unfolded I was actually taken down a totally different path. Once I recovered from the shock, I knew I would fully appreciate this book. After reading this title, I completely understand why it has maintained a high rating. This was my first read from this author and I am anticipating reading more of her work. Hopefully, there will be a part two that continues the story and we get to find out if Stacey is avenged.
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on October 31, 2012
I downloaded this book late Sunday and finished it by late Tuesday, which is something that never happens on a weekday for me - with me and my family's busy schedule I normally don't have time to read more than an hour all together during the week, and that's as I fall asleep- I couldn't put it down! I was actually reading it on my phone during lunch! It seemed like the characters could be real because they did in fact had drama, major drama, and it didn't just magically go away in one page.
I really hope she is working on the next, there HAS to be a next, with one character attempting suicide, one dead, and one that just didn't get mentioned again once the major development hit(reason for my 4 star rating, I wish I could give it another half). I just really would have liked to see more with Deon near the end, it just seemed a little too incomplete with him, but she will probably fill him in more later, because he was the other person that had their own sections.
Overall still a great read, especially for a first novel, you have got to see what happens next, and she doesn't disappoint. I kept finding myself guessing what may happen, and it actually did happen! This wasn't a fairytale, and the characters weren't just stereotypes that would have it happen to them. BUT at the same time, there were maybe a few too many issues that were addressed, but then again, it wouldn't have been cause for a suicide if it wasn't.
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on July 12, 2013
I sure hope there's more to this book....another sequence but this was a great book but of course it ended without being completely finished. I downloaded this book several months ago but never read it because I wasn't so sure it would be good. To my knowledge, I would have been missing out if I hadn't read this book! It was one of the best romantic and juicy stories that I've encountered. Loved it!!
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on July 14, 2011
This is an entertaining, can't put down, I got tears in my eyes, page turning, can't stop laughing, heartbreaking, suspense-filled novel. Shakara introduces you to three best friends: Simone, Talise, and Stacy, all from different backgrounds, but all willing to go to hell and back for one another.

Is This Life?

Simone is a beautiful woman who is handling her business, at the top of her game and not letting her mother or anyone else break her down. Simone's mother cares more about herself than her and is not ashamed of it or trying to hide it, but when a gathering takes place and secrets are exposed, will Simone be able to hold it together or will the secrets succeed in doing what her mother has been doing the whole time? Not only does Simone have issues with her mother but she also has trust issues with men due to a previous relationship that went bad and keeps her guards up on high. A lot of men would love the opportunity to take Simone out but she shuts them down until she crosses path with Deon, an NBA super star. Not caring about who he is or how much money he has, she slowly starts to open up to him. Everything seems to be going well; however, the past can never really stay in the past. Can Simone overcome the events that are threatening to bring her down or will Deon actually be the man to put the sparkle back in her eyes?

Is This Life?

Talise believes that love can triumph over headaches and heartbreaks, even if she has to accept things just the way they are. A successful man has captured Talise's heart and will do anything for her; but when Talise can no longer settle for excuses or compromise her beliefs, love is not so grand. Realizing changes won't come unless she steps up, will Talise continue to believe that love trumps all or will she accept that some things just can't be changed?

Is This Life?

Stacy is hilarious. He is the shoulder to cry on, a very dear friend and will go to war over Simone and Talise. Stacy is looking for love from someone who also shares the same feelings in every aspect. When he is with you he is with you, no questions asked. Falling hard over someone is often detrimental to your health and Stacy is learning more about this constantly but when an eye opening act catches his attention, Stacy may have lost all hope. Will Stacy come out on top or will this be his final bow?

This is an excellent read. Shakara captures your attention from beginning to end. The storyline flows and you can feel the characters emotions and become one with them. Each character has their own issue in life and many will be able to relate to them. You will cry, you laugh, you will curse, you will be ready to fight, and you will feel the love that is displayed as well. I cannot wait for the 2nd part because .... J Cop the book and then finish that sentence. Is this Life?

This Can't Be Life! 5 Stars!
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on September 11, 2011
This book was without a doubt a great read, i couldnt put it down. at first i wasnt gonna buy it cause i have been reading books that has a part 2 and didnt want to wait, but i read a sample and just had to buy. Once i started reading it i just couldnt put it down. When stacey was killed i cried, when Talise got married i was happy for her, and when simone found out about carlton i felt her pain. I am most definitely looking forward to part 2. Great job and keep up the great work.
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