Customer Reviews: This Same Earth: Elemental Mysteries Book Two
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on February 19, 2012
The fact that I loved the first book in Hunter's Hidden Mysteries, A Hidden Fire: Elemental Mysteries Book 1, was actually the reason that I was hesitant to start This Same Earth. I liked the slowly building relationship between book scholar vampire Giovanni Vecchio and library science intern Beatrice De Novo in the first book and was actually just fine with the hopeful ending, but the the teaser for This Same Earth at the end of that book had the effect of putting me off this one a bit. That said, I ended up really liking the way that This Same Earth actually starts with a prolog of B's journal entries, so that when we finally get to the first chapter (from the teaser) it is not as difficult for us diehard romantics to read.

As This Hidden Earth begins, Gio has left B to allow her to have a chance to live her life, and left a big gaping hole in her heart. But despite what he thinks are noble intentions, he really hasn't allowed to her to heal since he's snuck in and left her tickets back to their special place each year and since B's sensed other evidence that Gio has been watching her even though he has kept silent and invisible. In the five years since they were together, B's done her best to move on and carve a life for herself. She's gotten her graduate degree, a dream job, and acquired both a true best friend and a boyfriend who she loves. But having B actually move on really wasn't in Gio's plans - and when he finally turns up to reinsert himself into B's life and resume his pursuit, he's a bit surprised to find a less than warm welcome - and I really wanted to slap him too, so there is a big 'you go girl' from me when B does.

I really enjoyed This Same Earth, and I enjoyed it almost as much as I did the first book. A good part of the 'almost as much' is that while there was a great deal of discovery in the first book there is more pain in this one. Gio has miscalculated the hurt that he inflicted on B and something sad happens to two of Carwyn's children too. As a result, there is less humor this time around because there is less playful banter between B and Gio, and Carwyn is in a much more serious place in his life as well.

Initially, one thing that dimmed my enjoyment of This Same Earth just a tad was another non-consentual visit for B with Gio's son - I don't really want to see this being a recurring event in the series - but continuing on with the story, I saw the purpose for it and for B getting to see what was going on with Carwyn's family as well. Both gave B, and the reader, some crucial information about vampire mates and also offered a view of the liability that B presents as a human who is privy to information about Gio's life and his search for her father.

Things that I really liked about the book: I liked the characters both old and new and I still really love B, I liked that she is trying to make herself as strong as possible so that she can fight back - and I liked her training sessions with one of Carwyn's daughters. I also really liked the puzzle that B gets to solve and the fact that she is the only one who can solve it, and I liked the journal entries at the start and end of the story. But most of all, I liked the feeling that there isn't going to be one step forward two steps back in her relationship with Gio.

So Hunter's This Same Earth is another strong entry to her series and I feel lucky that I had forum friends who turned me on to these self published hidden gems and I am also really glad that I've found Hunter's series at just the right time to be able to read the first two books almost back to back and that I only have two weeks to wait for the next book, The Force of the Wind.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 12, 2012
The sequel to A Hidden Fire (Elemental Mysteries) which is This Same Earth (Elemental Mysteries) and I find it one of the more interesting reading experiences in quite sometime. First the fact that are 2 books is almost a misnomer since it really is a continuing story and second I find it amazing that the author manages to take what is basically a love story and inject just enough action and mystery into it to keep you from getting bored with a very slowly evolving love story. Normally a tale such as this would affect me much as Serpent's Kiss (A Novel of the Elder Races) which was a decent love story but much too long and boring to really capture the reader (and was a poor effort by an excellent author). The author; Elizabeth Hunter has crafted a fine story and has all the elements most readers could ask for murder, mayhem, romance, action, mystery .... you name it, it's most likely in here and done excellently, the fact I write all this before I even finish the book should be worth noting :) I fear that I may get to the end and find myself wanting more and having to wait for yet another book but let us hope not . I will update this review BUT I cannot let you know about the HEA because THAT would ruin the story for you since it is a huge part of the storyline. sorry :) I should mention that so far the love/sex scenes are almost non-existent for those who thrive on such things, the very best writers (IMHO) do not need that as a filler and use it only to move the story along or make a point. Even though I have never heard of her, Ms Hunter seems to have a real talent.

UPDATE: Finally finished This Same Earth (Elemental Mysteries) and it WAS an exceptional reading experience as the initial book A Hidden Fire (Elemental Mysteries) and as all these evil authors do, she included chapter one of the next book The Force of Wind and of course it just fed my addiction to this story enough to make me crave the 6th of March (release date) to arrive quickly. This series has been a really enjoyable reading experience and the endings have left you wanting more without making me mad with horrible cliffhanger endings and distant release dates for the next installment. Reading this series I should mention (warn) that this is a commitment to at least 3 books it would seem since the story keeps moving on the central overarching story of finding and destroying the ultimate bad guy while feeding you smaller puzzles, sub plots, sub stories (is that a word?) and romantic interludes to keep you involved and not bored BUT it is also a mystery so you are taken off on literary trips that while entertaining are many times dropping clues for future reflection by the characters. All in all a very enjoyable experience so far .
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on June 27, 2014
Man I am glad I am done with this book. This Same Earth was not for me. I didn't really like A Hidden Fire, but when it ended I thought it was alright so I started This Same Earth. I then proceeded to read the same basic story, but it was so much worse. B turns into this incredibly whiny, stupid teenager, even though she supposedly has grown into a woman. Not good. Not good at all.

This Same Earth picks up five years after A Hidden Fire. B has not seen Gio in this time even though she desperately wants to. She is still in love with him even though she is trying to love someone else. Just when she decides she needs to really give up on him and move on he shows up.

Gio has been leaving B alone so that she can grow into a woman so he knows that she really loves him. He worried that younger B was just infatuated with him, not in love. So now he is back to try and win her back, win the love of the woman instead of the girl as he says. Well....B has regressed so much it is like she is now 12. I hated her. She was now so whiny and complaining poor me whatever shall I do. Gio loves me, keeps telling me he is back and is not going to leave me again. I understand why B was all I understand why Gio thought he had to leave me, and I do love him but poor me what should I do. I mean I love him so much, I don't want to be without him, but I am just going to complain the entire book about poor poor me. She annoyed me so so much. I just wanted her to either accept Gio or move on. I didn't care which, but please stop complaining so much. I really hated her.

Then B is also pretty stupid in this book. *some spoilers ahead* She has been taking martial arts classes and practicing with the one vampire so she won't be taken again by Lorenzo (or anyone evil). Well what happens? She is incredibly stupid and goes off by herself and gets kidnapped by Lorenzo. Again. I was just like wait, I read this in the first book, only not as intense. This really is just like the first story retold in a more annoying way. It is Gio and B falling in love, or trying to make their way back to each other, and then you have the bad guy kidnap B again so Gio has to save her. Why am I reading this? Could you not think of anything else to do besides what you already did? I mean yes, there were some new story lines, like the death of a vampire, but for the most part I felt like this was A Hidden Fire take 2. Not good. Needless to say I will not be reading any more of these books. I don't think I can handle any more B, and I am not sure the story will be different than what I have now read twice. I don't understand the love for these books.

This review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland
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on September 6, 2012
The second book in Elizabeth Hunters's elemental mystery series is very entertaining with some fine new characters and good development of old ones. I enjoy the banter between Gio and Beatrice, BUT the constant use of "smirking, smirked, smirks?..." is driving me mad! Stephanie Meyer of Twilight fame seemed to have the same proclivity! Please, please find an alternative word! It doesn't suit the personality of Gio so detracts from his charm and the story itself.
Enough said about that. It's a fun and romantic read and I will look forward to Book 3.
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on January 25, 2013
Great continuation to the series, I love how the timeline of the story gave the female lead Beatrice time to grow as a person, instead of depending on the male lead Giovanni to be her entire world.
This is something that annoys me in books - not just vampire themed ones - where a female lead throws away her entire life and loses herself in the male character. Yes, she wasn't given a choice being parted from Giovanni - but she took it in stride and used the time to heal from all the drama that happened in book one.

Now, my pet peeve - I spent the whole of book one waiting for these two to do the nasty, and I feel like when they finally did - I was robbed of all the juicy details. Wtf, Elizabeth Hunter? Not to sound like a pervert, but you simply cannot string me along for a whole book wondering "will they? wont they?" and then skimp on the details!
Granted there was a lot, fun time thrown in, but I would have preferred all those details to focus on the first time, than all of the others. Weird, I know, but you have to understand the tension and the build up book one created.

Otherwise, Lorenzo, I hate you, you smug bastard, and I cannot wait for someone in this series to kill your evil wanna-be-villain ass.
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VINE VOICEon August 11, 2015
I don't get it. I've been hearing for years how great Elizabeth Hunter's Elemental Mysteries series is, and I've tried to read it several times, but just not been able to get into it. So yesterday I knuckled down and read books 1 & 2. I'm an enormous fan of urban fantasy; I like romance novels; I prefer characters who are experienced and adult rather than rabidly hormonal teens. Check. Check. Check.

But these books are just so damn dull. 90% of each book is talk. We don't actually get into characters' heads a lot, so we only understand them at a superficial level, and they don't accomplish much in the way of action, so what we get is conversation. And not witty or stimulating conversation. Oh no. Just mundane stuff about who did what when and what are we going to eat and what arrangements do we need to make. Ugh. There's not a lick of humor in either book, there's no world building (vampires are pretty much just like us: except when they're not), there isn't even much discussion of books from these 2 "book lovers." Jeez, wouldn't you think if you met a vampire born in Renaissance Florence you might ask him about it? But no, let's just talk about dreary personal relationships again and again. Argh.
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on January 13, 2012
I finished A Hidden Fire earlier today and I loved it. But it appears that I was proven wrong after reading This Same Earth. I ABSOLUTELY loved this story.

In this book we see more of Giovanni's humanity and understand the depth of love he feels for Beatrice.

Giovanni returns to Beatrice's life after a five year absence trying to make room into her neatly ordered and comfortable life. Beatrice has finished her master's degree and is now a 26-year old accomplished and respected librarian in California. She has a job that she loves, friends, and a boyfriend who she loves. But her carefully crafted life is blown out of the water when Giovanni begins reinserting himself and his young companion into her life.

The emotions in this story were raw, real, and compelling. You felt Beatrice's emotions and she struggled with her feelings for Giovanni. You felt Giovanni's rage when Beatrice was once again captured by Lorenzo's men. You felt their passion as they let go of past hurts and disappointments to embrace their love for one another.

Once again they embark upon a journey that leads them across the globe in one simple mission: defeating the "bad guy" and finding her father. This was an absolutely brilliant read. An enthralling and witty tale filled with suspense, action, and passion. A MUST READ!

5 Stars Ms. Hunter!
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I just finished reading This Same Earth #2 In the Elemental Mysteries. I was really intrigued by the characters of B. (Beatrice) & Gio (Giovanni) in A Hidden Fire book #1. So I couldn't wait to start reading and finding out what was going.on with well as the mysteries they were trying to solve.

I have never been a real fan before when a author attempts to do any sort of leap in time , from book one to book.two. However, I thought Elizabeth Hunter' s approach was an interesting one. That really kept my interests building. I found myself so caught up in B and Gio' s adventures that when I got to the final page I was like already? I just got started! I am anticipating the twists and turns book #3 will take me on next. I already have it downloaded. I would highly recommend books 1& 2!
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on August 21, 2015
I had to jump right in! This story following Gio and B offers such an addictive story that I didn't even want a moments breathe between books. Five years have passed! Immediately we learn that five years have passed, and all of it with an absence of Gio. I can't believe that he did this! As I slowly discovered throughout the story his reasoning was understandable, but that doesn't change the deep seeded hurt that I felt at his seemingly act of betrayal. Although, young little B has turned into quite the woman, and it is accompanied by the development of quite the bad ass I had definitely not expected. Rest assured it is welcomed, and amazingly thrilling to say the least adding an extra bit of spice to the stories. It is so sweet to the comrade that has built between all of the characters, and I do mean all of them as they are in some form present in this second book. As their were a few note worthy additions to the story that I can guarantee will continue to the next story as well. I must add that I was beside myself with young Ben, and the humor light and dark that accompany the presence of his character. Everyone in this series fits together so perfectly, and the adventure is just so perfectly crafted that I think it impossible to ever get any better. As I have said before Elizabeth Hunter is a fabulous storyteller, and this adventure is one for the record books. I am just overcome by the desire to continue this series book after book. The story is so strong and independent that each book is a shining star alone, but part of a breath taking and enthralling universe as a whole.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~
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on January 28, 2014
Basic Plot Points - What Happens
1) Gio courts B after a five year separation.
2) Someone close to Carwyn is kidnapped. Gio and B assist.
3) The search for B's father continues with fascinating resuls.

The courtship took up the majority of the book as Gio tries to win Beatrice back. His reason for staying out of her life are admirable, but the way he did it wounds B, who has moved on with her life. There are a couple of emotional moments, especially with B's boyfriend Mano. The story really takes off when Gio and B fly to England. The mystery, the motivations, and search all tie well together in the end.

Points #2 and 3 are the best part of the book. Seeping with tension and revelations the series has me eager for The Force of Wind (book 3) despite the slow start. I had thought about skim reading this book due to the disappointed reaction from some GR friend and I'm glad I didn't!
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