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on April 16, 2012
This is the correct wooden railway train; however, it doesnt' stay on the track much at all. I purchased this for my son who loves Thomas and friends and he has battery-powered Thomas and James. Percy is another likable character so I purchased this for him for easter.

However Percy runs off the track frequently especially around curves. You have to be sure the tracks are flush to one another and keep it that way which is not likely with a 2.5 year old. I believe this is because Percy only has 4 wheels as compared to the other trains, like Thomas, which have 6 wheels. I believe that center non-motorized wheel on the other trains work as guidance and keep it on the track. So this is annoying to keep putting the train back on the track continuously.

All of these trains burn through batteries quickly so i recommend the lithium batteries. they have a little more power and last a little big longer.
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on January 30, 2013
I read all the reviews about this product before purchasing and am so glad I purchased this anyway for my daughter's Xmas present. She loves trains and has a wooden railway set by Imaginarium which she got back in August 2012. The train does perfectly on this set. It does chew through batteries, but she also never shuts Percy off. He has been found running under the couch, into walls and all over her play room...and on the tracks too. She loves him, and she hasn't loved him to death yet! In a months time I've replaced the battery twice, but with "normal" play I'm guessing the battery would last longer, my daughter is only two and doesn't quite grasp the concept of turning Percy off when shes not playing with him. Percy does have a hard time with really tight turns while hauling six other cars on the track, but on his own or with only three or four other trains attached he does fine as long as the track is not coming apart or the connections loose. Overall, a great purchase and my daughter loves him. Don't be scared of other reviews, just be prepared with extra batteries!

UPDATE: Its now March and Percy has been rolling for 3+ months. He has been lost and found, thrown down the stairs, fallen off the train table countless times and even rolled through some water when Mommy wasn't looking (he was "dirty" according to my two year old and thus needed a bath). Percy is not a train, he's a Tank! He's gone through all this without a scratch, or a blimp in his durability or performance (just a lot of new batteries). I'm going to get her another one of these trains just because they were such a great value for the hours of entertainment.
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on February 14, 2012
The standard six-wheel design, with the steel plate on the middle wheel, is the design to stick by.

The four-wheel design that is missing the middle wheel/plate, is missing the "guide" which urges the train to stay in the track ruts. Without that plate, the 4-wheel Percy train simply climbs over the track edge on just about any curve or junction, and ends up on it's side. This happens so frequently my 3 year old boy cried over his Valentines day gift.

I got it early on Jan 6th, to be sure I had a Valentines gift for him, so I cannot now return it, as well.

The design basically makes this a seventeen dollar hotwheel train, that doesn't roll very well by hand.

4 DEC 2012:
Almost a year later, among the 7 powered Thomas trains we have in our set, this is still the one train that the kids simply never use... on train tracks. A lot of times they build a 'train yard' in the middle of the tracks, where the different train-cars and engines sit while they are not out moving. Then the moving engines come in and drop off cars and pick up other ones. This is the engine that the kids never leaves the train yard. It remains a year later, a real waste of money.
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on March 13, 2017
My great grandson loves it.
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on November 27, 2011
My 2 year old son loves trains and his absolute favorite is PERCY!!!!! However of the battery powered trains THOMAS is the only one worth buying..... Percy has a lot of troubles navigating any turns at all on the wooden track, especially if you have any cars attached to him....And that is when he was working... Like many fellow reviewers on here, the Percy I purchased my son died after about 4 hours of my son playing with it, I replaced the battery with no luck.... Then magically 2 days later it was working again for about a week and now has been dead for about 3 weeks..... My son still plays with it because Percy is his favorite and the one nice thing is that you can use it as you would the wooden trains just pushing it around. Only recommend if Percy is your childs favorite but DO NOT Expect much..... Epic Fail on this one... :(
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on March 6, 2011
This is a great fun toy. I added this piece to the learning curve water tower figure 8 set that my kid already had. The Thomas that came with the figure 8 set was not battery powered and the set being fairly large was difficult for my kid to handle without a battery powered engine. So I planned to give her Percy. The battery powered Percy had no problem in pulling the Thomas and the cargo car along with it over the stone bridge as well! It moves a bit slowly but is very steady and even with Thomas and the cargo car tagged to it, did not derail. It needs one AA 1.5V battery to run but even my 1.2V camera battery did a good job. It was fun watching and my kid was thrilled.Great buy. Only con is, battery is not included and you would also need a screw driver to open the bottom to place the battery.Thats definitely something you can live with.
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on January 15, 2011
These trains are extremely sturdy and well designed (they'll take a lickin' and keep on tickin'), but they're not very fast if that's what you're looking for. I think the speed they're designed for is more a function of track design (If they were much faster, they'd probably come off the curved tracks more frequently). The one thing I'd probably suggest to the designers apart from a little more speed is a sound element. The age of the children this is made for, well they want to interact and play with the trains, and they would love to hear the trains go "Choo-choo" or say "Hi, I'm Percy, here I goooooo..." or some such simple thing. I'd like to think that such a design element is not technologically beyond these companies that make so much money off of us parents because these shows and characters are so well marketed.
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on February 21, 2016
I loved this train! I have a whole train set in my child room and this runs around the tracks all by itself towing train cars. And so far it has taken all the abuse my son gave it! Works great in the dark as it has a light on the front (not an led thou, strange choice, perhaps this is an older product??)
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on June 15, 2013
My son adores Thomas and his friends. He is now at the age where moving on it's own is REALLY cool (he's 4.5 Y/O) He goes through batteries at a decent rate... almost daily use lasts about a month. One warning though... my brother put his 2.5 y/o son to bed for nap with the same train in the Thomas character, and within 15 minutes he was screaming because his long hair got wound around Thomas's moving wheel. Double warning careful around children younger than 3 or so, and don't give your kids toys in bed!!
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on July 19, 2011
My girlfriend and I bought this toy for our 18 month old son. He enjoys pushing it around on his Thomas the train tracks, but presses too hard on it when he plays with it. This causes the wheels to stop turning, and you can hear the gears grinding. After about 3 months of abuse, the back 2 wheels no longer turn, and the front two are starting to go as well. I feel if we'd waited until he was older to give him the toy, it would have lasted longer. All in all, it's a great toy. It does derail quite a bit, but I blame the knock-off thomas tracks for that.
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