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I was truly amazed at how well the producers were able to bring to life this comic book series as well as bring a pretty decent cast that played their roles in the movie extremely well. Anthony Hopkins no surprise played his role as the regal but wise and powerful All Father Odin extremely well, Chris Hemsworth played the young brave arrogant Thor who later learns the true wisdom of his fathers ideals perfectly, and Tom Hiddleston played the conniving jealous step brother Loki unbelievably well. While you'll get the rest of the cast from the comic book series they seem to mostly play as background characters as the story focuses mostly on the relationship between father and sons and brothers as you get to see Loki's fall as his jealously over his brother grows especially over the relationship Thor and Odin have and the greater admiration Odin seems to have for Thor. The movies action scenes and effects are incredible especially for us who longed to see a live action version of the realm of Asgard come to life. While we do get Natalie Portman in the movie as a growing love interest for Thor her character just doesn't really seem needed though which I felt was a little sad as they could have done that story plot in the movie better. Still for all us Marvel fans out there let's cheer as we have another movie to add to the marvel universe line up until the Avengers/Iron Man 3/ Spider-man 2012 movies come out for us..
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on September 23, 2017
Okay movie to pass the time if you are into this genre. Chris Hemsworth's fake Norse god accent is pretty lame. I bet the actors had a good time making this movie though. The special effects and and acting overall are okay. The story is entertaining enough to watch through to the end. I bought the follow up "The Dark World" as well.
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on January 25, 2012
Thor surprised me because I was expecting Captain America to be the more entertaining superhero movie of the two releases in 2011 by Marvel. Not only did it keep my attention for the entire length of the film with good special effects, great acting (Natalie, Anthony, Chris, and Tom), and decent superhero story, but there were several funny moments that make it unique. A couple examples without giving anything away but to look out for are the multiple car incidents and the coffee cup scene. I'm a big fan of Marvel comics so I can be critical of the translation to movies, but this movie was done with justice. As a result, I have added Thor to my elite DVD collection. I look forward to Thor 2 and the Avengers.
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on September 5, 2017
I love the characters. The action with bits of humor thrown in really makes this a fun movie. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are great together!

I wish I felt Hemsworth had chemistry with Natalie Portman though. I just did not feel it.
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on August 1, 2012
I agree with the other reviewers who think the romance subplot needed more time. But compared with other action films, "Thor" is one of the most romantic of the genre. It's a very subtle romance, because that's how Branagh works. When Thor is exiled to Earth as a mortal, he finds himself dependent upon this feisty little human woman who not only helps him, but stands up to him and tells him to straighten up his act and think about other people for once. Hemsworth does a great job using facial expressions, body stance, and tone of voice to convey Thor's journey from bewilderment at her presumption to being intrigued and beginning to admire her, then wanting to please and help her, and finally, being willing to give up his life to save her. It doesn't hurt that he and Portman have great onscreen chemistry either.

Visually this movie is a stunner. The shots of Asgard, both exteriors and interiors, are gorgeous. (As a Terry Pratchett fan, I also loved that they made Asgard a discworld!) Loki is (as others have said) one of the best villains ever, because you can understand his pain and why he does what he does after he finds out the truth of his parentage. Hiddleston makes you believe that he means well and has some ambivalence about the things he does. He and Thor share the same hubris and pay a similar price, but there's no Jane waiting to help Loki get his priorities straight.
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on September 18, 2013
OK, there have been better movies made of characters in the Marvel Universe. On the other hand there have been MUCH worse, and THIS one was really and truly necessary--we HAD to meet our big blonde buddy and understand his noble nature and lack of cultural sophistication and his bloody HUGE ego, prior to being able to experience the enormous fun of The Avengers. So while it's true that the plot in this one is pretty obvious and PARTICULARLY true that the characters lack a bit in polish, that's kinda the whole POINT here dontchaknow. So it's well worth watching, especially given that all of them are really colorful--there's not a ONE of them in the entire MOVIE that I wouldn't enjoy going drinking with, including even the BAD GUYS. And it's nice to see that Nat is improving in her choice of men--last time it was a Sith Lord but THIS time it's a GOD--one with feet of clay to be sure but at least she didn't decide to shack up with LOKI! So if only for HER sake, buy this one and enjoy it--or Nick will be FURIOUS and and the God of Thunder will be MIGHTY THOR........
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on May 29, 2017
A lot to see in this one. Asgard was brought over from the comic books quite well, very colorful. Not my favorite of the Marvel movies, but it is good and holds its own in telling part of the whole story.
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on May 31, 2014
Modern times have shown an increase in the awareness of the old mythologies. These myths gave people a sense of the world around them. They explained the meaning of important phenomena in life that perplexed many. Thunder was said to have been caused by Thor's hammer, which incidentally forms an important theme in the recent movie.

The question of the hammer that has so much power with respect to the position of a King that requires so much responsibility is an interesting one. The idea that power must be used with responsibility and that the power of a ruler requires the greatest responsibility is a key element of the story. These lessons are an important part of Thor's ascension in the story.

Chris Hemsworth leads the cast in a laudable performance of a person who grows into being a leader. I don't think there was a weak link in the movie except for Odin who in the old myths was ageless because he had found a cure for old age.

In the end the presentation is carried out.
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on December 29, 2011
With "The Avengers" due for release in 2012, there might have been a temptation on the part of Marvel Films to not be thorough with the two releases of 2011, "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger". The first of the two releases...did much to eliminate that line of thinking.
"Thor" plays well on two levels--as a story of intrigue and betrayal among Norse Gods, it seems as if it is "Hamlet" on steroids; but carries some moments of surprising humor and pathos. The humor strikes many who have known the Marvel character as surprising--after all, Thor and the fellow Asgardians have been primarily known for their Elizabethan English (The usage of "thee" and "thou") and Thor's own rather severe nature. Which is why credit must be given first and foremost to Kenneth Branagh. Branagh has certainly had a history with The Bard's works, having directed "Henry V" in 1989 and "Hamlet" in 1996. Certainly the Asgard part of the story--Thor's ascension to King of Asgard subverted by his half-brother Loki, and Loki's ascension to Odin's throne--plays as a Shakespearean tale...
But the earthbound part of the story--Thor's banishment to Earth, developing his relationship with the astrophysicist Jane Foster, and learning that a true leader will make sacrifices for the greater good--comes in a part of the tale which is at points humorous (If not laugh-out-loud funny), touching...almost endearing in many ways; while mixing in the action that superhero movies have to have.
Branagh mixes both elements of his Shakespearean training and more traditional leanings quite well here, and creates a very good introductory story.
Of course, it helps that the cast doesn't sleepwalk this out. Chris Hemsworth pulls a magnificent double in this movie (For that matter, Hemsworth and his wife--Elsa Pataky, who played the Brazilian police liasion to Dewayne Johnson in "Fast Five"--probably rolled in a bunch of money this past summer). Hemsworth captures a headstrong, willful, quick-to-anger warrior at the start; when cast out of Asgard without his powers he comes off as arrogant and spoiled--and maybe a little bit touched--but grows in the story. But Hemsworth also provides charm and a pretty good gift for physical comedy that enhances the characterization.
Tom Hiddleston's Loki steals the show. It is a brilliantly nuanced character that plays all sides against each other for his benefit, but Hiddleston gives the character a unique soul--angered at his origins and feeling deprived of his birthright, and willing to take out his anger on both his Asgardian family and the Frost Giants.
Anthony Hopkins and Rene Russo bring regality and power to Odin and Frigga--it is particularly nice to see Russo back at work after about a ten-year absence...Stellan Skarsgard plays Erik Selvig with a bemused look, but honest concern for Jane Foster; and Kat Dennings is a riot as Darcy Lewis. Among Thor's fellow warrior gods, Jaimie Alexander's Sif is a delight--she seems to lead the Warriors Three (Including Ray Stevenson's Volstagg--Stevenson seems on course to become a member of "The Mighty Marvel Movie Players", people who have done different roles in Marvel movies, since he played Frank Castle in "Punisher: War Zone...).
Natalie Portman's Jane Foster is notable..touching, and brilliant. Given that it follows her dark turn in "Black Swan", Portman has to call on a lightness and humor that hasn't been seen much with her. Her Jane is a brilliant woman with a bad dating history, and when she has Hemsworth's Thor drop out of the sky onto her RV, she's a little overwhelmed by the mystery and the slightly imperious (Though charming) behavior. The key sequence of the movie--when Thor proves himself a hero worthy of Mjolnir, the mighty hammer--is Portman at her best; sad at Thor's initial sacrifice to The Destroyer, but her shock at what happens when the hammer returns to Thor--her "Oh...my...god??!?" is priceless, as is her comments about Thor's usual clothing after defeating The Destroyer. To paraphrase that line, Jane is a good look on Natalie.
Notable among the special features is the "one-shot" where Clark Gregg's Phil Coulson, the SHIELD operative from the Iron Man movies does a little manipulating in a side-story (Which also explains a scene from "The Incredible Hulk"...).
Again, Marvel Films could have been very sloppy with this story, figuring that nothing really counts until the summer of 2012. But Kenneth Branagh didn't allow that, Chris Hemsworth couldn't allow that, and Natalie Portman wouldn't allow that.
Highly recommended.
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on April 9, 2014
This is one of those movies I can watch over and over. While I do like Thor, the Dark World even more, this one sets everything up, revealing the complex love-hate relationship between Thor and his brother, Loki. It is here we learn about the events that set Loki on the path from being simply mischievous to the darkly psychopathic figure he becomes in The Avengers. The character of Thor changes as well, from a self-absorbed, spoiled, war hungry brat to a thoughtful, caring man who finally realizes the impact for good or bad his choices have not just for himself, but for those around him. Both character developments are the most interesting part of the movie for me. I like how Marvel Studios have made these movies appealing to both genders; typically, these kinds of movies are what my daughter refers to as "dick flicks". But Marvel has smart people running it and working for them, and they know how to create stories that appeal to everyone. Nicely done!
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