Customer Reviews: Thorne Research - Vitamin K2 Liquid (1 mg/drop) - Concentrated Vitamin K2 Supplement - 30 ml
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on November 9, 2011
I had to have orthodontic treatment as a child not once but twice, starting when I was in second grade and ending (except for my retainer) when I was thirteen. I still have a very narrow maxillary arch (upper jaw/palate), and am missing two incisors and my wisdom teeth because I just had no room for them. A common misconception even among medical professionals is that wisdom teeth are "vestigal," meaning we're evolving away from a need for them, but that simply isn't true. A person who has been properly nourished since the prenatal period will have room for all of his or her teeth, including the third molars. Unfortunately, I was not one of those lucky people, and neither are most folks in America today. The work of Weston A. Price, DDS has led to the discovery that vitamin K2, along with the other fat-soluble vitamins A (retinol) and D3 (cholecalciferol), is important to the development of the facial bones. If you do not regularly eat fish and bird eggs, animal organs, and grass-fed animal and dairy fat, you need this vitamin--especially if you want to have kids, and MOST especially if you have my type of facial deformities. Deformities which are no longer considered such because so many of us have them.

Also, if you are type 2 diabetic or suffer from metabolic syndrome, you should know that menatetrenone/menaquinone-4 (other names for this vitamin) is known to stimulate the production of the substance adiponectin by the fat cells. Adiponectin then goes on to increase insulin sensitivity all over the body. Metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes are effects of insulin resistance, which is *not enough* insulin sensitivity. You also need to eat a healthier diet, of course, but if you've been eating low-fat and low-animal-foods for years, and now your metabolism is messed up, this vitamin will probably help you.

All I know is, I've been taking this for several months now and I *feel* different. I also find that even though I don't always stay on the low-carb wagon, my weight goes down much more than it goes up. I would imagine my results would be even better if I kept my diet clean at all times. If you've been frustrated with your blood sugar control or your weight loss progress, this may be one more weapon to add to your arsenal. I will definitely be keeping this on hand for myself from now on.

For those who are kind of leery of taking liquid vitamins, never fear. The MCT oil in this formulation is nearly tasteless. I've been taking the drops straight by mouth and it doesn't bother me at all. (Don't actually put the dropper in your mouth or you'll contaminate the whole bottle.) You could certainly add it to a beverage or a food and you wouldn't taste it. Also, I have never taken the full 15-drop recommended dose, as that's over ten thousand times the recommended daily intake. I've been taking 5 drops a day, which is still high but with the health mess I was in, I probably needed it. I may cut back further to one drop a day when I get my new bottle since I also eat some cheese daily. We'll see how it goes. I also take 8000 IU of real vitamin A (from fish oil) and 5000 IU of vitamin D3 because they balance one another out. Just some data points in case anyone is interested.
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on August 2, 2012
I've stopped going to the dentist for teeth cleaning altogether. Adding this vitamin K2 cleaned the calcified krud off the back of my lower front teeth in 2 days! Truly amazing! Now my teeth are smooth and clean all the time. I just brush my teeth once a day -- and often I forget to do even that. I'm saving good money without the dentist 2x year.

I learned about it from Richard Nikolay at Free the Animal website. He wrote: "Well, the K2 is the only one I definitely "feel." . . . Within a few days, all plaque deposits on my teeth dissolved and have not returned. This has been a big issue, as I had gum disease and two surgeries about seven years ago. Since getting off grains (probably the gluten) my gum disease has reversed completely according to the dentist. And now, my teeth are virtually always smooth. I rarely feel the need to brush them."

So, I had to try it. And it worked.

The vitamin K2 is a hard to get vitamin, even if you eat the best pastured eggs, butter and organ meats. It's the 'X-Factor' that Dr. Weston A. Price discovered. It puts the minerals where they are supposed to go, instead of calcifying your arteries and joints and tartar on your teeth.

Be sure to get the MK-4 version of vitamin K2. The MK-7 is the plant derived form. In answer to one critic, the likely reason MK-4 doesn't hang around in the blood very long is because the body uses it up immediately. MK-4 is the form our body uses most readily. If you have concerns about this, google these two articles: Chris Masterjohn's "On the Trail of the Elusive X-Factor", and then look for Stephen Guyenet's blog post "Vitamin K2."

And even though this bottle costs alot up front, you only need several drops a day -- so the bottle will last you all year.

NOTE: Read all of Richard Nikolay's blogs on this. Apparently, for this to work, you need good quality Fermented Cod Liver Oil, only made by Green Pastures. I have been on that kind of cod liver oil for years. Maybe that's why I had such a dramatic effect.

Bottomline: if we get all the nutrients we really need, our body should be clean and smell good -- like all primitive people were.

I also stopped wheat completely (read Wheat Belly by William Davis) and bye-bye went bad breath and body odor. I only take a shower every 2 or 3 days. It is a great freedom.
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on September 21, 2012
I started Vitamin K-2,4 after reading the science behind its ability to direct supplemental calcium to the bones, teeth and nails - not to the arteries! It was difficult to decide between K-2,4 and K-2,7. I chose K-2,4 because the preponderance of the research was performed using K-2,4. That said, K-2,7 is more readily available and far less expensive than K-2,4. Thorne is a reliable producer of K-2,4 and this product arrived without any cause for complaint.
The change in my skin was unexpected and absolutely amazing! My hands and forearms have little subcutaneous padding and I had resigned myself to constant bruising from even the slightest knock. Within three days of taking 25 drops/day I had NO MORE EASY BRUISING! My hands and forearms are free of bruises now and look far more youthful!
I don't know how my bones and teeth are doing, but my nails are growing in strong, shiny, and without ridges for the first time in decades.
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on October 28, 2013
This is part of a trio of products I'm trying to improve my mouth by attempting to change the bacterial, mineral, vitamin content of my saliva. Currently using Nature's Plus Adult's Dental Care Probiotic Lozenges Peppermint -- 60 Lozenges as well as Great Lakes Gelatin, Collagen Hydrolysate (Kosher) 16-Ounce I learned that Vitamin K2 is concentrated in salivary glands.

I have had periodontal disease for years since my 30s (I am now 48, female). Over the years, surgery, root planing and scaling, lost one molar already, bone loss shows on x-ray, gingival recession, deep pockets, abcess, bleeding when I floss, unless very consistent. I have spent a fair amount of time and money at the dentist but have had few cavities in my life. I am evidently prone to periodontal disease microbes instead of the cavity-causers. I experience heavy plaque and calculus buildup and tartar below the gum line. My periodontist asked if I was a smoker because my teeth were yellow, slightly darker toward the root (I don't smoke but I do drink coffee). From what I can understand, periodontal disease is an autoimmune condition where the pathogenic bacteria below the gumline stimulate the bone supporting the tooth to be resorbed by the body. Bone loss, then tooth loss.

I have been on a probiotic kick recently since starting to make my own kefir (thanks!) and learned that beneficial microbes live not only in the digestive tract but on every surface of the body. So I experimented with using a couple of cups of kefir in my bath to colonize my skin with beneficial lactic acid bacteria etc. This resulted in noticeably smoother, less flaky skin. After all, lactic acid is a common skin cream ingredient and Cleopatra supposedly bathed in milk. Too much acid on the teeth, not so good.

How about the oral cavity then? I learned of an oral probiotic, BLIS-M18, which is a specific strain of tongue-dwelling microbe (Streptococcus Salivarius M-18) isolated from healthy humans without dental disease. It shows some impressive clinical trials and seems relatively new. BLIS means "bacteriocin-like inhibiting substances" which means this strain was selected specifically for its ability to inhibit known dental and periodontal pathogenic bacteria. The microbe was discovered and tested in New Zealand and is now available in various supplements. The lozenge I am using contains calcium and D3 and I began using it just over two weeks ago. From the first dose the dental probiotic cleaned the plaque off the back of my lower teeth and it was much easier to keep my teeth clean, hardly anything there when I would floss. I would wake up in the morning not feeling like my teeth needed to be brushed at all. There is a BLIS K12 also, a different probiotic from the same people, which is tested to inhibit tooth decay and ear/nose/throat infection, but I don't get the gleamy clean feel from it like the M-18 version. Evidently the M-18 produces enzymes that dissolve plaque and regulate the pH of the mouth.

Even though the probiotic lozenge made my teeth feel clean, I had read a little about K2 and I eat pastured eggs almost daily. I thought I might bump it up by adding the Thorne Research drops since there was supplemental calcium in the probiotic lozenge. I had read that too much calcium supplementation can be problematic, so I went ahead and added K2 just over a week ago, as well as a bovine collagen powder that was supposed to improve soft tissue synthesis as well as bone. [...] mouse study re bone

Something dramatic is happening in my mouth. I feel something in my upper and lower jaw. Also my teeth are rapidly turning white and far less sensitive.

After brushing and flossing before bed, I make a cup of Sleepytime tea (mint/chamomile). I add a tablespoon of the collagen powder. I add 5 drops or so of the K2 drops and maybe a smidge of coconut oil for taste/fat solubility. I swish the warm solution in my mouth before swallowing, then follow this with the probiotic lozenge containing calcium and D3. The whole shebang is quickly absorbed and goes right to work while I go to bed.

I can FEEL SOMETHING in my upper and lower jaw. A mild pulsing, or warmth, slightly achy? Not unpleasant, hard to describe. At first I thought the tooth whitening was my imagination. I held ice cubes in my mouth against my teeth and sure enough, less sensitivity.

I'm hopeful that the content of my saliva is changed sufficiently by this system to remineralize my teeth, especially sensitive exposed roots, and halt the periodontal disease. Is it possible to regenerate bone or gum tissue? Do I have to continue these products long term? It's too early to tell. I'll try to report back once I've gone back for evaluation.

I give a drop morning and night to the other members of my family. I use about 5 drops morning and night for myself using the herb tea/collagen/probiotic lozenges combo at night usually. The recommended dosage on the bottle seems enormous but I would do it if I had osteoporosis. I will probably keep up this dosage for a few months then back off to a drop morning and evening.

Just read this important book Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life

Bumping up my dosage to 45 drops/day in divided doses. I can see/feel a difference at lower dose, but I have issues to resolve and this dosage is well tolerated in clinical trials.

UPDATE 11/8/2013:

After 2 days of high dose vitamin K2 my knees felt achy. So I went back down to approx. 5 drops morning and night. There are clinical studies that support the use of low-dose vitamin K2 in osteoporosis, including the form I am taking MK-4 was used at the equivalent of 1 and a half drops a day in Japanese women. So there is an effect at low doses.
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on February 26, 2012
I'm taking one drop, three times per day. I have noticed an improvement with one tooth which hurt me when eating (I bought it to treat this problem and seems to work). It is easy to take. No taste at all. Taken in this way it will last me a long time. So at the end the high price is not so important.
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on November 19, 2010
I can't say enough good things about Thorne's Liquid K2. It is the MK-4 type of K2, which is the MOST DIFFICULT to find, mainly because it's the most expensive to make (which is why you find ALL the manufacturers seriously "PUSHING" MK-7, which is easier and cheaper to produce), but MK-7 converts to K1 and K2, which is very, very BAAAAAD for someone on blood thinners (anti-coagulants)!!!!! MK-4 does not convert to K1, so it is MUCH safer.

If you are looking at this product, then you've either done your research on K2's (specifically from MK-4) beneficial impact on bone and cardiovascular health, or the American Diet's common deficiency in K2, or someone else has told you about it, so I'm not going to go into everything it has helped us with, but I will say it has made a big difference in our lives, and it's great to be able to find it in liquid form which makes it easy to take! I'm so happy to have found a source for it.
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on April 13, 2013
You can read all the other reviews how good this is. We take a drop a day and that's it. I know from my degree in Nutrition and additional reading how beneficial this item is. I use this in addition to my Vi-Pak and healthy eating. I know it's helped my skin and my fibromyalgia. When I skip or forget my regimen I can feel it.
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on April 25, 2014
I've now used two bottles of this product, only using a few drops a day over the past year or so. My nails are far healthier, I have far less plaque build up (without having been to the dentist, in fact I had a few rather large pieces break off while brushing my teeth... which becuase I'm odd, I kept haha) etc. I can only imagine the internal benefits I've had but can't detect as well. Well worth the cost.
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on March 26, 2014
I just used a drop under each eye every night, and in two weeks the blue circles I've had all my life started to fade. They are gone now. I seemed to have absorbed enough through my skin that it made long-time stains on my front teeth recede, and they are almost gone now too. I had no idea there was such an easy solution to these two cosmetic issues. It's a big up-front cost but very little of it is necessary to get these effects.
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on June 13, 2013
I have been on the other, more common form of vitamin K2 (MK-7) for years. I can't say I noticed any difference from taking it, but I assumed it was benefiting me (and I still assume that).

HOWEVER, a few days into taking this product (the MK-4 version of K2), and I noticed many improvements in my appearance and health. I am a few weeks into taking this now, and I am still feeling and seeing steady and substantial improvements.

What I deduce from this is that the two versions of K2 (MK-4 and MK-7) are NOT equivalent and interchangeable but work differently in the body.

Also, I've been taking a fraction of the recommended dosage. The bottle suggests 15 drops; I've been taking 1-3 per day. Either way, the bottle will last a very long time- so don't be deterred by the price.

I am extremely grateful for this product. I would give it 10 stars. It is literally life-changing.
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