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on July 15, 2011
First and foremost, I want to start this review by setting expectations.

If you're buying these sheets because they say "1200 thread count" then please keep something in mind - they are MICROFIBER. When I first considered getting these sheets, half of the reviews complained about how thin they are. A lot of customers claimed they were being ripped off, because the thread count "couldn't possibly be 1200." Disregard any review that says that, because these are definitely 1200 thread count sheets! They are 1200 microfiber thread count, though.

Microfiber: Microfiber is not nearly as thick as full cotton sheets. By design, it is much, much thinner. Does that lower the quality of these sheets? Not one bit! They're very comfortable, and have been excellent for the summer. I have not tried them in the winter yet, but I suspect they'll hold up alright. If you live someplace really cold, then you should really use something like flannel sheets in the winter anyway, right?

OK - now that we have that out of the way, here is my overall consensus on these sheets.

- VERY soft and comfortable. Before using these I used three sets of sheets. One set was 200 thread count cotton, one of them 500 cotton, and the other was 800 satin. By comparison, these sheets are softer and warmer than any of the others by a good margin.

- Lightweight and easy fitting. They go on my queen mattress like a charm and I never have to fight with them. You would think this would be the case for most sheets, but surprisingly the thicker the cotton the harder it is to get a proper fit. Especially for the fitted sheet, and especially for pillow top mattresses.

- At night, there are no cold spots in the sheets. Generally, I actually enjoy having cold spots in my sheets. You know how it is... If it gets too hot and you wake up at night, you can move to a new spot in the sheets and cool down again. These sheets are the same temperature all around though, and at first it bothered me, but after a few weeks I'm over it and enjoy the constant temp.

- These sheets do not get really hot or really cold. They breathe well so in the heat of the summer I'm not dying. (Just you try getting that result with 1200 thread count pure cotton sheets...) Anyway, they don't get cold either, as the microfiber seems to keep the sheets the same temp as your body, or a little warmer with a comforter. For those who sweat at night due to their sheets, but still want comfort, I'd definitely recommend giving these a go.

- It takes two - three weeks to break these sheets in. It also takes 3 - 5 washes, at least. This isn't a bad thing I guess, but I pretty much hated these sheets out of the package. They felt like velvet! So yeah, be patient and break them in.

- Even after four washes, the sheets still bled. I thought by then they wouldn't bleed, and made the mistake of combining a set of white cotton sheets with them in the wash. Now I have pink cotton sheets... Yay! Just know that bleeding may occur for extended periods of time, and so you may want to wash individually. (As a 25 year old male, I find this to be a hassle.)

The bleeding and the break in time are the only reasons these sheets don't get a perfect score, but those are mostly nitpick complaints.

Highly recommended! Comfortable, affordable, and so long as you have your expectations set correctly on the microfiber, you will not be disappointed. DO NOT BUY IF YOU WANT 1200 THREAD COUNT PURE COTTON SHEETS - because then you'll end up giving these sheets a bad review for no other reason than your inability to pay attention. :)
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on January 1, 2012
My mother ordered these off my wishlist for Christmas. The listing is for 1200 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets. What came had a label reading "1500 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton". After washing them, I noticed on the top sheet a label that read "100% Microfibers". Microfibers ARE NOT Egyptian Cotton. The seller, Mundo de Ofertas offered an apology in an email reply to my own, stating that "My competitor BESPOLITAN changed the listing description to give himself an unfair competitive edge. We would be happy to buy you the same sheets from BESPOLITAN himself to show what he is selling - JS Sanders Microfiber sheets. We are not Pro Merchants like BESPOLITAN so we didn't change the ad description nor can we, but the listing did not say the sheets are 100% cotton. There are sellers who blatantly say the sheets are 100% cotton like The12c_us and Choice Linen who know they are deceiving customers. We have reported them to Amazon to no avail. We have reported BESPOLITAN to Amazon for changing the listing description."
It is Mundo de Ofertas that is selling the JS Sanders Microfiber sheets. Not just BESPOLITAN. If there is a way for suppliers to change the listing descriptions, then there is no such thing as an Amazon guarantee. It's an awful way to do business.
Don't be duped. Don't buy from Bespolitan or from Mundo de Ofertas.
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on April 11, 2013
These sheets are 100% polyester. We should have known you would not get 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton for the price offered. The only positive thing I can say is I am glad I used my Discover card points to get these and did not pay out of pocket. We slept one night on them, and that is the last time they will be used in our home!
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on March 11, 2011
These sheets do not appear to be what is described. They are advertised on Amazon as "1200 Thread Count," but when we received them, the packaging actually said they were "like 1200 thread count." To me, that means they are not actually 1200 thread count sheets, but rather some imitation. Not impressed already. Also, the 2 "bonus" pillow cases are not the same color as the sheets and other 2 pillow cases. They are much more green and the sheets are blue. Not a big deal for us since we didn't plan on using them, but still kind of weird.

We decided to give them a try anyway, and they were a huge disappointment. The sheets seem to have two "sides" to them- one side is very soft, almost more like jersey material, and the other side is this weird scratchy satin-type material. Since the scratchy satin side is totally uncomfortable to sleep against, we figured the soft side was the "correct" side.

The sheets sleep very warm, and don't have that nice cool feeling that good egyptian cotton sheets have. They also seem very thin and cheaply made, and after we had already taken them out of the packaging and washed them, we noticed a rip in the fitted sheet, and several brown stains. I guess we can't prove they arrived that way, since we didn't see this until after we washed them, but our washer/dryer has never stained anything else before, and certainly hasn't ripped anything!! So, they either arrived ripped and stained, or are made so poorly that one wash ruined them.

Either way, I would never recommend these sheets- I guess you get what you pay for.
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on October 17, 2012
bitterly dispappointed.. thread count with what?? nothing like cotton.. so feel mislead.. certainly not like Egyptian 'Cotton' though doesnt directly say that.. cleverly worded.. very thin.. almost transparent.. loose stitching around edges.. poor quality..
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on September 10, 2011
Once you wash these sheets the first time they turn into a horribly gross lint/hair magnet! I can ONLY use them inside out. The underside is soft and doesn't trap lint, but of course you can see the seams. They are also thinner than I expected, good for summer... but only if you never wash them. Wish I could return them.

The dark purple is a very pretty color. The price was nice. But don't be fooled, they are not luxurious sheets.
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on October 19, 2011
These sheets are no way 1500 count. They are so thin they may be around 200. Do not waste your time and money.
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on August 21, 2013
supposed to be 100 % cotton.
actually 100 % polyester.
not the item represented!! very disappointed!!!
not happy....
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on March 19, 2016
Really love this color. It vibrant and the fabric is so soft. Bought this is in the queen size and it fits my duvet perfectly.

ETA: I had to buy another brown set because I switched my down comforter to a king. I didnt mention before because it was irrelevent but the set comes in 2 packages. One has the duvet cover and 2 shams the other has the flat, fitted, and 2 pillow cases. Well. The shade of brown between the two do not match. One is a deep brown the other a rustic looking brown. This is the second time its happened. Once when I bought a navy blue set for my kids bed. The duvet and 2 shams were a darker blue than the sheets and pillow cases.

You would think they would have noticed that but then again with all the automation thats done in amazon Im not surprised.

All in all great sheets. They feel soft and comfortable.
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on September 25, 2015
These are not aqua. They are an ugly washed out grey. They are really ugly and I would return them but I bought them to put on with a quilt I was making that took a long time to get quilted. When I opened the container the color was so disappointing that I figured I would not put the pillows on top of the quilt. Anyway to late to return so I am looking for some fabric to make all new pillow cases or throwing these out and getting a new set. I am posting a photo of the color against the aqua in the quilt. The vibrant color shown in the ad is misleading
review image
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