Customer Reviews: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Three-Disc Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo + BD Live w/ Blu-ray packaging)
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VINE VOICEon December 17, 2001
Walt Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937) remains an enduring landmark in cinema history. Happily, the DVD edition does justice to one of the all-time great films, featuring a pristine transfer and a wealth of archival material. With the exception of "Fantasia" (1940), Disney never surpassed this remarkable achievement in animation.
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on August 20, 2001
Having read (much to my amusement, and amazement) the previous reviews of this upcoming release, I will not outline, as have some, the entire movie, which everybody knows anyway. That said,I will note that virtually no one mentioned my own favorite segment, the "party" sequence at the dwarf's cottage. Not only is it a brilliant piece of filmmaking, it is just plain fun, something I play over and over again.
The movie as a whole is, quite simply, a masterpiece, regardless of the opinions of a few feminists out there. It is a 60 year old movie after all.
My main reason for writing is to comment on a few of the additional features. I really see no need of Barbra Streisand on this release. Secondly, why do we need Angela Lansbury taking us on a "VIP tour" of the bonus features. I am quite capable of picking the features I want to see. And one of those does not appear to be included, namely, "The Old Mill", the beautiful short made to test the efficacy of the newly developed (at the time) Multiplane Camera. There is a "camera and filter test" segment listed in the extras and perhaps it is to be found in that, but it is not specifically listed, as is "The Goddess of Spring".
I will reserve further comment until I actually see the DVD release (I am intrigued by the comments on the quality of a DVD that is weeks if not months from being released), but I do feel obliged to remark on the review by "Why Bother" in Houston, TX. who seemed mightily put out by what he/she considered to be the "full screen, chopped up version" of this film and wondered: "Why not give us the whole movie, in widescreen format, so it can be enjoyed as it was meant to be?" For one quite excellent reason: It is not and never was a widescreen movie. The 1.33:1 ratio that you see on your TV screen is, in fact, the original format of the movie and we ARE seeing it "as it was meant to be". There have been some misguided attempts to "stretch" these older Disney classics to fit the wider screens in todays theaters but they fail miserably resulting in either thepicture being squashed or the top and bottom being cut off. So, fret not about the picture being full screen: that IS how it was made.
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on October 4, 2001
Think you've seen this film before? Well, so did I ... once in a movie theatre in the 1960's, then again on VHS and LaserDisc in the 1990's. But after viewing this Platinum Edition on DVD, I now realize that in truth, I have only seen pale imitations of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in the past! That's how incredible this newly restored animated classic looks on DVD. Never before has the picture looked so crisp, clean, and gorgeous in vivid three-strip Technicolor; never before has the soundtrack offered such an amazing range of clarity. All the critical superlatives that have become cliches through overuse genuinely apply here: the video and sound transfers are dazzling! amazing! breathtaking! exquisite! If you, like I, have in the past respected the film mainly for its historical importance as Walt Disney's first full-length animated feature, prepare to reappreciate it as a phenomenal visual experience.
As if the feature were not more than enough, the Disney Company has gone all-out in packaging the DVD with a plethora of bonus features that will appeal to a broad range of viewers. There are a "sing-along" for the tykes; a video game for the kids; deleted concepts and original storyboard drawing for the film buffs; and much, much, much more. Literally, I have spent over two hours exploring all the extra features, and still haven't experienced them all! The two discs are delightfully overwhelming, and represent an incredible value for your money. This is one DVD package that is instantly a classic in - and of - itself, and a must-have for your home video collection!
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on November 28, 2001
I've had this only for a few days, and am still exploring it. It is truly an amazing piece that Disney has put out. The clarity, color and sound of the restored movie is outstanding. The extras on these discs though, is the main reason I bought the DVD. This is what DVD's are all about. Disney Pioneered the animation field with this movie, and are trying to do the same with this DVD. There are literally over 25 hours of entertainment on this set, and many, many interesting behind the scenes segments, and "How'd they do that?" features on the making of the movie, and the history of the Snow White story. This is a limited edition, so I would say grab it up while you can. I am eagerly looking forward to the Disney DVD release of the Mickey Mouse cartoons. I will be buying that, and along with this Snow White DVD, these are my first purchases made with my future children in mind. (I have none now, and none on the way, but these timeless family items will keep for many years, and Disney also offers a replacement plan for DVD's that get damaged.)
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The Disney Company has over used the term Masterpiece when referring to its own movies. But this one truly deserves that title. While its animation betray its age, the story and characters are still fun, and its place in history also makes it a must.
The story is simple and familiar. Snow White's wicket stepmother wants her killed because Snow White is "the fairest of them all." She is saved from this fate, and hides out with seven dwarfs. But will the queen find her and try to kill her?
Walt's genius here was in creating the characters. The dwarfs have very distinctive personalities, and some of the best scenes in the movie revolve around them. (The scene where they first come home is a classic.) The animals add some humor as well, especially when cleaning the cottage.
The plot moves along well, and when I first saw it in college, I was drawn into the story even though I knew the ending. I actually felt tears when the dwarfs were mourning Snow White.

By today's standards, the animation is flawed, especially for the prince. However, there are some truly beautiful scenes as well, particularly the sun set when the dwarfs are coming home. Fans of Disney in the 30's will recognize the feel of some of the silly symphony cartoons. The important thing to remember when watching this movie is its place in history. This is the first animated movie ever, produced when everyone thought no one would ever see it. The fact that we're still watching it is a testimony to Walt as a filmmaker and pioneer.
This DVD set is the perfect way to enjoy this movie. The picture and soundtrack have been lovingly restored, and look and sound incredible. The sound is presented in Dolby 5.1 and its original mono. I didn't notice that much difference between the two modes, but it's nice to have the option. The first disc also contains a wonderful audio commentary. Recorded interviews with Walt Disney are interspersed with comments from John Canemaker. I learned quite a bit about the film from this commentary. The second disc contains all you would ever want to know about the history of the film. They've got character design changes, completely abandoned concepts, deleted scenes, and information on the releases over the years to name a few things. I spent hours soaking up the information and enjoying every moment of it.
This is truly a classic movie that belongs in any film fan's library. Hurry and get this wonderful set before it disappears.
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on July 20, 2008
I got totally baboozled.. its all in Korean.. oh yes, you can hear it in English if you can read the Korean characters to know which to choose for English.

The picture I saw did not show the Korean on the front.

I am very angry I got taken... I have never had a bad experience before with Amazon.
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on October 16, 2001
Snow White was the first American full-length animated feature. Many consider it Walt Disney's masterpiece. As it was being made from at least 1934 through 1937 many industry movers and shakers thought Wal t Disney had lost his mind, spending so much time, energy and effort on producing something as utterly ridiculous as a feature length cartoon feature. Disney was crazy as a fox. He established the foundation of the Disney formula and established his studio as the one to reckon with when it came to animated features.
Keeping things simple and glossing over the most gruesome aspects of the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale, Walt Disney and company created a squeaky clean protagonist, a hiss-able antagonist and several love-able and humorous characters with names that are still the subject of formal and informal trivia contests around the world. The film offers several memorable and now classic sequences such as when Snow White flees into the forest or the Queen transformation scenes. There are also those memorable songs: "Heigh Ho", "Whistle While You Work" and the operetta styled "Some Day My Prince Will Come".
Technically Snow White represented a huge achievement for Walt Disney in several ways. The detailed character animation complete with very good lip synching, and beautifully drawn background settings including shadows and water reflections were the finest American audiences had ever seen on the screen.
Regardless of whether this is your all-time favorite Disney feature or not--the DVD is nothing short of a stunning package that should be considered by anyone and everyone who has any interest in this film whatsoever.
The quality of the image and sound is superb. There's some artifacting present in the very beginning of the film (during it's story-book opening) but then finding any flaws in the presentation becomes quite a challenge. A few sequences are a bit too dark perhaps. The best quality prints were obtained, assembled and then given a full spare no expense clean up before being almost flawlessly digitally transferred to disc. The sound was reproduced and then digitally enhanced and re-mixed. It is remarkable what has been done with what was one a mono audio track and now takes full advantage of the capabilities of a multi-speaker home theater system. Much of the original audio track was recorded in 1935 ! And sure you can hear some crackles and hisses and pops, but the clarity and fullness that has been achieved will knock your socks off.
The supplemental material presented on this 2 DVD set is everything you could have ever hoped for. From a lengthy newly created making of documentary hosted by Angela Landsbury to some truly stunning archival footage that includes deleted scenes, incomplete and abandoned sequences and more. Publicity material, footage from the premiere, and even a silly DVD game is included in the package.
You also get, now get this, what amounts to audio commentary from Walt Disney himself integrated into the feature length commentary of the film.
Is it really worth buying this DVD? If you have any interest in the film at all, this is a DVD that you must have in your collection. Disney is hyping this one pretty heavily and declaring it the finest DVD ever produced. They are probably absolutely correct. This DVD package has so much packed it into, you might say that even the bells and whistles have bells and whistles. Not all the supplemental material is priceless or essential to be sure, but a lot of it is and the additional stuff isn't here at the expense of including something else. They have opened up the archives, dug deep into the vaults and created a package to satisfy the most insatiable Snow White buff amongst us. You better believe there's a little to much of the sugar-coated Disney Studios as the KING OF THE ANIMATION WORLD type stuff--but you've been living in a cave for the last 20 years if you didn't expect it.

Bottom line: Technically this DVD is a beauty and there are hours of supplemental material to please film, animation, and Disney buffs. Some of the supplemental material will also drive animation afficianados crazy--but you already knew it would.
Christopher Jarmick,is the author of The Glass Cocoon with Serena F. Holder a critically acclaimed, steamy suspense thriller.
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on March 3, 2009
The language said English in the product description but it's all Asian writing on the menu. I'm going to figure out how to report this seller (if it's possible). I never had to deal with any scams when purchasing from the internet before...this is a first and I'm furious. Luckily, I found out how to get it in English without the subtitles. Choose the third cloud on the bottom of the first menu screen. Then choose the 2nd option under the first heading and finally choose the 4th option under the second heading. It will take you down to a cloud at the bottom (the left-hand side); choose this one. Good luck.
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on August 2, 2001
(My original review of the DVD has been edited to refer to the Limited Edition Collector's Set Blu-Ray).

I pre-ordered the Limited Edition Diamond Collector's Set because I'm a big Disney and Snow White fan. I was blown away by how nice the set really is. The box is lined in velvet with gold embossments. The lithographs are of pencil animation, so you get to see all of the animator's original pencil lines. The pin set is adorable. And the book is the real centerpiece of this box set. It gives details about the production, as well as provides information about the legacy the film has had. It is full of rare pictures. The book also features the story of Snow White, told through concept art and stills from the film. The book is absolutely gorgeous.

As for the Blu-Ray itself, the film hasn't looked this good since its original release in 1937. Disney's restoration team deserves a pat on the back for a job well done. The transfer on Blu-Ray is immaculate. It's so clean that you can see some of the animation flaws if you look closely. In terms of bonus features, Disney has done a thorough job. If you do everything in the immersive Hyperion Studios feature, it takes more than 4 hours to get through. Add that to the recycled bonus features from the Platinum Edition DVD and you have almost more than you could ask for. The bonus DVD copy of the film is a nice touch, since we have 1 Blu-Ray player, but 4 DVD players, so now we can enjoy Walt Disney's classic on any of our TVs.

If you are a more casual fan, this collector's set probably isn't for you. But if you are a huge fan of the film or Disney in general, this set is a must-have. It's worth the price.
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on October 15, 2001
It's quite amazing after 60 plus years,"Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs" still seems as fresh,charming,entertaining,and ageless as when it first came on to the big screen.I've watched it countless times on VHS when I was a kid and yet I have never gotten tired of it.On DVD,however,it is a true splender to behold,looking like it could have been released today.The 2-disc set is packed with great features,such as an excellent 40-minute making-of featurette,a newly recorded version of "Someday My Prince Will Come" sung by Barbra Streisand,a thorough "Disney Through The Decades" history recap including clips of "Dumbo","Sleeping Beauty","Mary Poppins","The Lion King","Toy Story" etc.,and A LOT more stuff.As a gift for the upcoming holidays,it's a no-brainer.But get it fast before it is put on mortatorium in January 2002!
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