Customer Reviews: Three Feet from Gold: Turn Your Obstacles in Opportunities (Think and Grow Rich)
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on October 29, 2009
Before writing this review, I did something I very rarely do; I went in and read a few of the other reviews. I purposely don't do that because I don't want the other reviews to influence my own words, but I had already made up my mind on what I wanted to say and something caught my eye in the reviews. So anyway, THREE FEET FROM GOLD, by Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid has some mixed reviews, to say the least.

I'm going to give some credibility to the nay-sayers first. It is quite a stretch to believe that a total stranger, after a one-time meeting of only a few minutes, would put up thousands of dollars of their own money to send someone on such a pilgrimage as what is described here. I love parables, but even as parables go, that is a bit of a stretch. So we can certainly settle on this; the story is a little hoaky and more than a little unbelievable.

Now, putting that aside, let's look at the content and relevance of this book. The book begins by taking it's namesake from the story Napoleon Hill tells of in "Think and Grow Rich" about R.U. Darby, the man who sold his gold mine to a junk dealer, only to learn later that he was only 3 feet from a major vein. The moral being, never give up, you may only be 3 feet from gold.

From this lesson, the subject of the story, Greg, goes on a once in a million lifetimes journey to meet some of the most incredible mentors and successes of our time. The cast of characters in this portion of the "parable" are 100% real, their stories are real, and their message is real.

If you destroy books the way I do, you'll end up with highlights, underlines, arrows and margin notes of virtually every page. The cast of mentors is broad and obviously a lot of work went into gathering this information. The story may not be all that, but the information contained within the story is worth it's weight in gold.

If you judge your reading material solely on the basis of believability, you will be disappointed here. But if you judge your reading material on the value of the content, then you want this on your "must read" list. From that aspect of it, this is one of the best books I've read this year. If you're looking for a great story, read "To Kill a Mockingbird". If you're looking for a great message, read this book.
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on October 6, 2009
The book reminded me in some ways of the One Minute Manager books. Rather than simply laying out the content in a text book format or a series of short anecdotes, it's written as a novel. What I love about this style of teaching is that it is both educational and entertaining. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. Stories are generally easier for people to remember than mere facts.

In this story, a man named Greg is going through personal adversity in his business and his personal life. Greg meets a super-successful businessman, Jonathon Buckland. During his personal journey, he meets with a series of real life successful men and women who share their secrets of success--particularly the value of persistence through adversity.

While the story is fictional, most of the people he meets along the way are real people with real lessons that they have learned from their own experiences. This helps bring the ideas and lessons they share out of the "ivory tower" of theory and into the real world of everyday men and women.

I liked the way the main character has very real and contemporary problems, but learns how to overcome them with positive persistence and a commitment to self-improvement. As a big fan of Napoleon Hill, I loved the way Hill's teachings are woven into the story. While Greg receives a helping hand from his friends, it's clear that the reason they are helping him is because the gradual improvement in his own attitude and a sincere desire to help improve the lives of other people.

I believe that a great book is worth more than it's weight in gold. That is because wisdom and relationships are more valuable than money. Wise thought is the "stuff" that is used to create wealth and success. One of the points made in the book is that "you're the same today as you will be in five years except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read."

I think that with the adversity that many people are experiencing today, the message from "Three Feet From Gold" is especially timely. Keep moving forward. Keep growing and learning. Serve others with sincerity. Consistently and persistently apply the proven, timeless principles of success and you can achieve your goals.

Since you're reading this review, you are clearly thinking about getting this book. Go ahead, buy it, read it, study it. You won't be disappointed.
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on October 9, 2009
This book gives the personal success secrets of how a number of people have achieved success. It's not written like a text book. It's not lecturing you. It's telling you in story form how to succeed. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking the ability to persevere. Having lived 89 years, I've seen in a lifetime how perseverance and determination pays off. I think so highly of this book that I bought 2 copies; 1 for each of my grandchildren.

F Crerie (Phoenix)
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on November 2, 2012
I purchased the CD so I can play it in my car while driving to work. Incredible value for only $10. While the CD's were absolutely amazing; the story certainly came alive. I am now purchasing the book. There is so many priceless nuggets on this book that I want to write them down in my OWN journal. Personally I think this book needs to be in schools for young kids so they can excel in life!

The only way to succeed in life is to train the brain! I would suggest getting this book and buying your own journal and take notes. When you are upset, depressed, thing are just not going your way, pick up your journal and start to read. It will most certainly bring up your spirits so you may face the challenges you have in your life!

Wishing everyone a blessed life!
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on April 5, 2016
This book is great. Not only does it lead you on one man's journey it also inspires you to put these small quotes into practice in your life. What can you do if you start believing in yourself? This book comes highly recommended for anyone looking to change their outlook, or looking to maintain positivity in a world that is so negative. This is not a religious book which makes it great for anyone looking for their next big break. I have suggested it to anyone in sales or marketing as it really can change one's life. This is a good read and we'll worth the investment in yourself.
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on September 25, 2015
One of my favorite all time books. Why? First, it is written as a story that is easy to follow and easy to identify with. Second, the lessons offer hope and inspiration, where we never quite know when success might just be right around the corner. We truly must fail faster to succeed sooner and always keep going! Thank you for the motivation and inspiration. I now carry a 3 ft tape measure in my purse to always remind me never to give up on my dreams! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Fellow SK and LBT.
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on October 10, 2009
I heard about the release of Three Feet From Gold last weekend. I picked it up on Tuesday and read it cover-to-cover on my flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles on Wednesday. This insightful book captures the key points of Think and Grow Rich and is a terrific refresher. And while the principles of Think and Grow Rich are timeless, the style of writing and examples are understandably a bit dated for today's readers. Three Feet From Gold is written for 2009 -- it is the right book at the right time. You will learn and be inspired as you find encouragement and ideas to persist in the pursuit of your professional dreams. The challenging economic times have created doubt and difficulty for many entrepreneurs. Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid share principles and wisdom from some of the most impressive entrepreneurs and business leaders today, reinforcing and expanding on the Think and Grow Rich concepts. The ideas I received for further improving my own business and myself were invaluable. Thank you for this wonderful book. I am motivated and energized to take my business to a whole new level. I loved Three Feet From Gold and recommend it highly.
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on April 23, 2014
I've read several self help books. Some of them fun; some of them frivolous; some of them were a long long slog to get through. While all of them (that I finished) were useful to me, and they all had their unique value; I think the real test of any training material is: the ratio of "how much do you retain a simple year later" divided into "how much time did you take training". Very simple. I read this book 3 years ago, and it took about 2 hours tops (and I'm a slow reader). There of the stories I remember today. Two of the lessons I was applying just last month, and I remembered where they came from. That to me is saying a lot. Definitely worth your time.
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on October 18, 2015
If you are looking for a manual for success then purchase this book immediately. Had the pleasure of meeting Greg Reid in person and he walks the walk and backs up everything that him and Sharon have shared in these pages. Modern day version of the classic think and grow rich. Stop reading this review and just buy a copy and get moving forward successfully.
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on April 13, 2012
I really like that this book was in story format. Made it easy to follow and you got to feel like you were discovering truths right along with the authors.

I didn't think it gave me enough to feel I really understood what it was all about, but I think that is what makes it such a great book. It gave me a hunger to learn more, and now I am eating up, "Think and Grow Rich," which I probably would never have read if I hadn't first read this book.
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