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on December 19, 2016
As soon as I put the shirt on I knew the answers to all the questions I have always asked, what is the meaning of life, why are we here, and how does a thermos know to keep hot things hot and cold things cold. 5 stars.
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on November 2, 2016
I bought this shirt as part of my Halloween costume. My best hopes were that it delivered the promise of turning me into a wolf. If not I figured I'd still have a bitchin' shirt to wear to the Halloween party. Instead I was transformed into a disappointed Golden Retriever. On the bright side I got a bunch of belly rubs from attractive women.
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on April 25, 2013
Let me tell you about the best day of my life. I was on my way home after a long day of work at the coat hanger factory, driving my 74 Nova down the dirt road to my place. Windows down, wind blowing through my greasy hair, a cold Busch beer in between my shockingly white thighs. Life couldn't get much better, or could it?
As I pulled up to my double wide, I saw it. The Amazon package I had been waiting for. It seemed like it had been 5 days since I ordered, because it had. I couldn't afford Prime shipping. Making coat hangers doesn't pay much. I was dizzy with excitement, or maybe it was the glue I sniffed before I got out of the car.
I placed the package on the card table in my living room and carefully slit it open with the Buck knife I carry on my hip. As I carefully pulled open the plastic bag, I saw it for the first time, the beautiful Three Wolves howling at the Moon Shirt. I took my breath away, and I will never forget the way I felt at that exact moment. It's like all your troubles disappear, the baby momma, the parole officer, all the past due child support just vanished as I gazed upon the shirt. I was almost afraid to touch it, but once I held it in my hands I knew this wasn't a dream. I actually owned a Three Howling at the Moon Shirt. The material is undescribeable. The tag says 100% cotton, but that can't be. If feels like no other material I have ever touched. Just wondrous and amazing, I have never felt anything so luxurious. I quickly whipped of my sleeveless button up shirt and held the Three Wolves Howling at the Moon Shirt in front of my with outstretched arms. I had to soak in its beauty before I put it on. I slid it over my head and put my arms through. I stood there in awe looking at myself in my smoke stained Miller Lite mirror. It fit perfectly, like it was custom tailored just for me. The look, feel and beauty of this shirt is beyond fabulous, well worth the $17.95 I paid for it. I could tell you about all the women I have bedded or the respect I now get at work or the way people look at me when I strut through the bowling alley since I have gotten this shirt, but I don't want to ruin this experience for others. The shirt is magical! I feel like I have won the lottery. Lets recap: this shirt has not one or two, but THREE wolves. All howling at the moon, all looking completely bad ass. Girls want to be with me and guys want to be me, all because of the Three Wolves Howling at the Moon Shirt.
Should you buy this shirt? Of course you should, unless you're a complete waterhead. It will change your life.
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on November 6, 2015
I am the latest lucky person to be blasted by the sheer awe and almost indescribable joy of being the caretaker of this mind-blowing three wolf (not one wolf - three wolves!!), one moon shirt. I say caretaker and not owner for two obvious reasons: (1) something this spectacular could never be "owned" by a mere mortal - if anything, it "owns" you; and (2) the quality and raw power of the shirt will last for generations, if not forever.
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on May 27, 2014
I hear the doorbell ring and I look out my window to see a delivery truck pulling away from in front of my house. As I walk out to my front porch and retrieve the item left behind, I notice that many of my neighbors have already stepped out from their houses; peering in my direction, I imagine out of curiosity. I walk back inside and open the package, and there it is, to my amazement- the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt… Glowing with virility. Without hesitation, I put the shirt on. A surge of energy is released and rushes through my body. Just then I hear a loud, “BANG”. I look toward the front door and then another, “BANG.… BANG BANG!” I walk over and as I turn the door handle, I feel an enormous push coming from the other side. I use my shoulder to stop the tornado of arms, feet, and fingernails that all try to force their way through my door. I somehow manage to close the door shut and lock it. When I peak through the window, I see that it is WOMEN that are just throwing themselves at my door! Literally, tens of hundreds of WOMEN sprinting down the street and launching themselves at my door!! “Crash” the sound of glass shattering from my front window. Women spawning from the opening; clawing and gnashing.. pulling at each other’s hair to get through. Frightened, I race up the stairs and down the long hallway toward the back room, hearing the stampede just behind me. As I get closer and closer to the room, I realize my fatal error.. I have trapped myself. Without breaking stride and no place left to go, I hurl myself through the back window. Flailing my arms and legs as I come crashing toward the ground. With nothing to break my fall, I tuck my shoulder and somersault back up to my feet and continue running frantically. I look to my left and swarms of women are pouring into the street parallel to me. That’s when I realize, it’s the shirt! It must be the shirt! Still running, I desperately try to remove the shirt but it is a futile attempt. The shirt seems to have fused itself to my body! As I make my way to the street up ahead, I can see cars crashing into each other and women crawling out the windows. I make a hard right, running through people’s yards and jumping over fences through the neighborhood. A slight haze of confusion begins to reside over me. My senses seem to be heightened. I can taste the odor Este Lauder and Chanel following close behind me. I make it to the main road and see Panera Bread looming in the far off distance, in what looks like a scene of total apocalyptic destruction. To avoid the calamity that lies ahead, I turn in the opposite direction and head north. I immediately trip over myself and come crashing on to my face. As I scurry to get up, I see that my arms are covered in thick, dark hair. Unable to make it onto my feet, I begin running on all four. . seemingly faster than I have ever ran on just two limbs. My speed and agility are unmatched. I feel the distance grow between me and the mob behind me as I make my escape across a large empty field and then enter into wilderness. With no real sense of purpose or direction in this strange new place, I am alone.

*UPDATE: Three months have now passed and I have never felt so free. It seems I have made two new friends. Things are going well.
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on March 22, 2013
I have just purchased this shirt and even though it hasn't been delivered, I already notice a difference. Typically, when I'm at work for my 9-5, I get very few glances from the ladies. However, having purchased this shirt, I have already been approach by three who stated that there is something different about me. They asked the typical questions, did you get a raise, new haircut, new outfit, etc. Little did they know, that this former sheep is really a wolf, no, make that three wolves, in sheep's clothing. I purchased a total of 10 shirts to ensure that each day I will have one underneath my usual attire. I will keep this from my co-workers but I had to share with other interested parties.
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on March 3, 2014
I won't lie, I was nervous to purchase and wear this shirt at first because I didn't think I could handle the responsibility that came with the three wolves. I wore this shirt to class one time (I go to ASU Tempe campus) and a black Mercades sedan filled with 9-10 middle easterners (most likely taliban) struck me as i was skating to class. From afar, it looked as though I was certain for death, but thanks to the three wolf moon t-shirt, I am alive to tell the tale. This shirt saved me thousands in funeral costs and potential medical bills. My unborn children will eventually be conceived due to this shirt. Buying this shirt will save you thousands of dollars. If I ever created a private school for K-12, I would make this shirt mandatory per dress code daily. If you don't spend the 20 dollars on this shirt, you are a taliban member and we will find you.
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on February 19, 2013
So I bought the shirt, had read the reviews, and thought "ha ha, what a silly Internet joke. A shirt with magical powers." But, and this is 100% true, I put it on for the first time and went to dinner, where the waitress "mysteriously" forgot to charge me for like half the stuff I ordered. Then I went to the store for some wine, and the bagger chick goes "Oh, my god. I LOVE wolves." I said "Well, I love my Three Wolf Moon shirt." The cashier said "sounds like you met Mr. Right there, Amanda!" I strutted out with my boxed wine and told my girlfriend about the whole exchange. She wasn't even mad... because she loved the shirt so much.
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on February 18, 2017
I got this shirt for my husband as a joke. We both got a kick out of all the reviews. Here's my story. We've been married for almost fifteen years. Due to my inverted uterus, there was no chance of ever having a family of our own. To complicate the situation, my husband had both testicles surgically removed about twenty years ago as a result of a horrible farming accident. To make a long story short, I bought him the shirt. He tried it on as soon as he got home from the swap meet. Immediately, I was drawn to him. To keep this G-rated, we wound up making love on the guest room waterbed. This was four months ago. I am now expecting in 19 weeks, and the doctor says everything looks great! This three wolf shirt has literally completed our family.
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on July 23, 2016
This casual social outfit It's suggestive to women because of howling during sex
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