Customer Reviews: Thrilled to Death (The Detective Jackson Mystery/Thriller Series Book 3)
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on July 3, 2010
L.J. Sellers turns out another solid performance with the third book in her Detective Jackson series. I started at the beginning, but I think that the books could be read in any order. I do think it's still a good idea to start on the first book of the series. It makes the reading of the subsequent books a richer experience.

A hint of how much I liked it: I put my other currently reading books on hold to finish Thrilled to Death. Now I'll have to get back on those other books, which are all worthy since I'm still reading.

The basics:

A wild-living rich girl is found dead. The entire police department, including a reluctant Jackson, is put on the case. Jackson is more interested in finding the missing daughter-in-law of his lady, Kera. There's a backstory here, but it's easy to figure out and doesn't weight down the main plotline.

After that much, anything else I say would be a spoiler. I want you to go find out for yourself. Dang! I want to say more, but I'll zip a lip.

Note that I rarely (if ever) give five stars because I know that few books reach my picky level of reading goodness. Just know my four stars on this book is high praise.
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on March 17, 2011
I don't normally write book reviews, but I enjoyed these books so much, I wanted to drop a note.

I got my kindle about a year ago and have been trying to read a lot of free or close to free books to get exposure to new or underexposed writers. Some of the books I've gotten for free have been awful- no character development, see-through plots and ludicrous endings. I rarely stop reading books- but the bad writing in some of these novels makes me wonder how they ever got published.

When I started reading L.J Sellers books, I was not expecting much- I was certainly expecting another disappointment. After I read the first novel, I was pleasantly surprised. I quickly read the first and continued onto the second and third!

Over the first three novels in the "Detective Jackson" series, I have felt connected to the characters. The author doesn't make them seem perfect or super-human. Rather, they are flawed and human. (Detective Jackson's medical problems, family issues, etc.)

I especially like the progression of relationships throughout the books. In many novels I read, the characters go from meeting to falling in deep love in 10 pages. I feel like Jackson's and Kera's relationship is truer to real life- taking it easy and getting to know each other. Their relationship spans through the series of novels. The author doesn't go to either extreme- falling in love to quickly, or painful break-ups to cause excitement.

The novels are also engaging and suspenseful- and I have been surprised more than once! I enjoy reading stories that are resolved at the end- and her stories leave you feeling fulfilled.

I would recommend these novels to anyone looking for an exciting storyline and likable, logical characters.

Great job- Ms. Sellers!
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on September 3, 2010
A few hour after impoverished Danielle Blake left her psychiatrist's office she disappeared. Her baby son Micha's paternal grandmother Kera Kollmorgan becomes very concerned. She calls her lover Eugene, Oregon Police Detective Wade Jackson who starts the wheels in motion for her to file a missing person's report the next day.

At about the same time, wealthy Elle Durham, who owns plenty of property in the city, files a missing person's report on her daughter Courtney. She never came home after going to a club with friends.

His superiors order Jackson to give his full and undivided attention to the Durham case; while, the brass all but ignores the Blake disappearance. When Courtney's body is found on a bike path near Puget Stadium, his superiors still ignore the Blake case ordering Jackson to focus on finding the killer. Fuming, Jackson investigates the homicide while quietly working the case that interests him.

The newest Detective Jackson police procedural (see Secrets to Die For) is a terrific investigative thriller in which L.J. Sellars argues money matters as the cops chose the dead rich girl over the maybe still alive poor mom. Multilayered yet character driven, the audience will feel Jackson's frustration with his superiors who twice select wealth (the second time in death) over poverty. The investigation is strong and realistic leading readers to fully relish Jackson's latest case(s).

Harriet Klausner
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on July 14, 2013
I have really enjoyed the Det Jackson series.They are always entertaining, suspenceful, and keep you guessing until the end. The series reminds me somewhat of Robert B Parkers series with Spencer. I loved those books.
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on February 13, 2015
I have found all of LJ Sellers's Detective Jackson Mystery Series books to be excellent reads. They are well written, the plot has many twists and is not as predictable as some other authors, yet at the end of the day is logical. I would certainly recommend that anybody new to this series starts with the 1st book for the character development continues throughout and although the author provides hooks to the previous books to explain the current situation is far better if one has read all of the books in order.

As one reads through the series, one that comes to know and understand the hero, Detective Jackson and I found myself actually caring about his situation and wondering what would happen in the next book. For those who want a book which touches on what may be called the "modern condition" as it would be evinced in Eugene Oregon this book series also will provide some satisfaction. While not deep literature nor Shakespearean prose this is very worthy work and most importantly, to me, extremely entertaining and qualifies as a "great read".

For that alone I give it a solid 5 stars.
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on November 27, 2013
Thrilled to Death is my first introduction to Detective Wade Jackson, a middle-aged investigator for the Eugene, OR, police department. Although it's the third book in the Jackson series by L.J. Sellers, it was the first one I read. However, readers like me who aren't familiar with the earlier books won't have a problem picking up the central characters' past history.

The plot is similar to a Law and Order investigation, in that a highly sensational crime is investigated and solved by solid, by-the-book police work. Sellers' choice of locale is shrewd. Most similar books take place either in small town/rural settings or big cities. A medium size city like Eugene features a PD with a manageable number of detectives and locales.

The plot involves the disappearance of two young women, one the common law daughter-in-law of Jackson's girlfriend, the other a party girl from one of the town's wealthiest families. At first, only Jackson connects the two cases, as the party girl (who soon turns up dead) commands most of the police department's intention. Her case involves a good bit of kinkiness that is gradually revealed.

Sellers does a very good job of advancing the plot while at the same time advancing Jackson's personal life (he has some health issues that he has to deal with, even if it means dropping out of the investigation). And despite the bizarre nature of the case, the resolution seems credible, although it depends on the killer conveniently confessing and providing a detailed explanation to tie up loose ends.

Fans of police procedurals will enjoy this one.
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on March 26, 2014
This is the third Jackson book I have read as I am trying to read them in order. They are fantastic. I just lucked up on the first one.

After reading three I feel almost like I am a member of Jackson's family and crew. L. J. Sellers is such a good writer, she make you feel like you are right there in the middle of what is happening. I did not want to stop reading after I started.

Many have written what the book is about so I won't go they. The ending is a surprise, or was to me. I had half of it figured out but not the other half. There are several twist and turns as you read but it will hold your interest.

Jackson and his daughter, ex-wife and girl friend are just regular people, no super humans. They have their own problems in every day life. His crew is excellent, they work around the clock to close a case with no complaint.

I really can't brag on the content enough. If you like a fast moving, attention holding mystery with good police work you will enjoy this book.
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on June 30, 2016
Very interesting read with some exciting twists. I like DET Wade Jackson and his relationships with his team. He keeps all the balls in the air with his team working hard. He knows each team member's investigative talents and he uses them to the fullest.
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on November 4, 2013
So far, not that great. I feel like I could have created a more well-written story. It's slow-moving and feels as if it was written by someone fresh out of high school. I bought this based on others' ratings and clearly I have completely different taste in authors.
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on July 17, 2016
I like the-down-to-earth main characters in the book. And the story had me racing from one sequences to another to keep up! I didn't see this ending coming about either! I recommend this book to anyone who does't mind being kept up all night with an exciting book!
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