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on May 19, 2015
Works great and loving it. At first nothing worked at all but some buttons and I thought "Damn, going to have to send it back". Then I remembered reading about the selector switch on the front of the steering wheel. Sure enough it was set to PS3. Switched it to PC and I was in business. To my surprise it works really well. I just look odd I am sure. 6' 2" guy that works out hunkered over this tiny wheel. I wanted a tiny wheel though. Love the shifter paddles and all of the buttons.

Why did I buy it? Not really a racing sim kind of guy but Project Cars looked really cool. Tried to drive it with a mouse and was all over the place. Too cheap to spend $300 on a steering wheel and I don't have the space anyway because I live in an RV. Don't judge, took an IT job out of state. On a side note, living in an RV is actually pretty cool.

How well does it work? No force feedback and if I had ever had it I'd probably miss it but since I don't know any better I'm good. For controlling the car it's a blast! Project Cars went from being a wasted $50 to my favorite game now. $34 worth of steering wheel made that much of a difference. Paddle shifters, I like them. Gas and brake have been working really good. Absolutely satisfied.

Cons: Lol, it's small. I mean really small. When I saw the box I could not believe a steering wheel was in there.
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on March 4, 2015
I read some of the reviews and thought what the heck $31, worth a try,boy was I wrong!
Just received mine a couple hours ago, and already having a problem. Every 20 minutes or so it just stops working! Thought it might be a cable problem at first so I disconnected it from my pc and reconnected it, worked fine for a bit then, few minutes later, stopped working again. So I thought maybe a driver problem, nope few minutes later same problem. I won't be buying this brand again!
Some of the reviews also stated that this wheel is small, small doesn't begin to cover it, this thing is minuscule!
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on March 16, 2017
We used this for a texting and driving simulator for a safety conference. Product worked good but was tricky to figure out how to set it up so it was comfortable to use. Happy with the product!
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on January 4, 2015
it works but if you have big hands I honestly recommend just waiting till you can afford a better wheel. Because especially if your getting this to play something like iRacing not having 360 motion, and limited movement when it comes to turning because of having big arms isn't helpful
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on March 20, 2014
This wheel arrived in pristine new condition and was packaged very well. In the package you get the steering wheel the clamp and the pedals as well as a owners manual. it was hard for me to get it to work for the first couple of days. But I got it to work pretty good now. The trick you need to know is: ALWAYS UNPLUG THE PEDALS FROM THE STEERING WHEEL WHEN YOUR FINISHED WITH IT!!!! If you don't it may not work every time you plug it up to your ps3 or pc.

Another thing I noticed about it is that it has a little lag when you turn but other than that it is a pretty good wheel.
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on January 9, 2015
If you're low on funds, this will work. Easy to hookup to my PS3, but it took me a minute or two to understand that to configured the wheel, I had to use the hand-held controller settings, Not the steering wheel setting. Once I got that, then I had to get use to how small the wheel is but 2 or 3 days later, I didn't even notice. Lastly, if you're the type of driver that needs force feedback through the steering wheel, then this one is not for you but if not, the paddle shifters work great.
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on April 5, 2015
A bit small The wheel doesn't turn 360 degrees, but I didn't find that to be an issue. The pedals are a little close together, but I got used to that pretty quickly.

There are better gaming wheels out there..if you want to spend 5 times as much. For what you pay for, it works well.
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on April 5, 2014
This wheel has an enormous dead zone (I had to turn the wheel 45 degrees to each side before getting any effect). Since it only turns about 100 degrees to each side, this greatly reduces controllability. It's also tiny. I'm not sure how big I thought it would be, but it's about 7.5 inches wide. The retention device that holds it to your table or desk is worthless. After about 2 minutes of use, it already loosens, or even just lets go entirely. Even when fully tightened, the entire controller wiggles like crazy. The pedals are also very close together, although they're otherwise okay. My understanding was that Thrustmaster was a respectable controller company. This product makes me think that they're not. How did they get Ferrari to put their name and symbol on this thing?
Importantly, I had far more success using a regular PS3 controller than this wheel. That should tell you everything you need to know about this piece of garbage.
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on February 3, 2017
its smaller than we thought it would be, and the bottons on it is a little hard for my husband to use base on size
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on September 2, 2015
Its Worth the price. It is a bit small but it feels comfortable in the hands and the pedals are very responsive to touch. If you have problems with the pedals just calibrate them in the settings.

I love the feel and spring back from the wheel

Con: I wish the buttons had designs on them or stickers or something to distinguish them properly aside from their positions.
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