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on February 2, 2015
I bought this to use in Elite Dangerous and it's freaking amazing. Very comfortable, the base is solid and doesn't wiggle/move no matter how violent I am with the sticks. My ONLY complaint would be that it could use a few more buttons on the Joystick, like where your thumb comes down on the support, and maybe a pinky button. But for 45 dollars you just cant beat it. Using Voice Attack to fill the gaps works great.
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on January 27, 2016
I am longtime flight simmer and own dedicated pedals for DOS PC gamecard 15 pin, and Windows USB version too.
The rudder on this stick is the first that I think is ever bit as good. However you cannot easily program toebrakes onto them (I think that would require FSUIPC (a payware utility for flight simulator).

Both the pedals on the throttle (a large 4 inch wide or so rocker with strong spring), or the throttle (a conventional twist throttle which also has a strong spring- so you don't accidentally engage the pedals when you don't want to). Other inexpensive controllers have twist pedals just as good but I especially like the rocker pedals on the throttle handle. It's on the handle backside where you don't see it from the front view.

The throttle is full size not just a tiny wheel or lever which is much better idea.

The cord between the 2 allow separating them 20" from inside to inside or 26" center to center (see my uploaded images with a ruler). Two setscrews (allen hex wrench) allows coupling the two controllers (stick and throttle) together if you wish).
8 way hat.
Plus 12 more buttons (6 on stick) (6 on throttle).
5 Axis
the elevator and alierons on the joystick.
the rudder (twist axis on stick and rocker slider on throttle-both are springloaded to return to center of course).
The throttle.

If you for instance use the rocker slider for rudder , then the twist axis on the twist can be assigned to another function inside the Flightsimulator key assignments. Or the key assignments page in any other sim.

The size and quality on this controller pair is excellent in my opinion.
Keep in mid it is available in either PC/PS3 or PC/PS4 version.
If you have a PS3 then you buy the first version, PS4 the second version.
Both versions work on a Windows PC computer.

For traveling the whole system packs into a cardboard box 10-1/2 x 10-1/2 x 9-1/2 inches (in other words a tad smaller than a one foot cube).
There is a foam box inside the cardboard box that surrounds the entire thing on all sides, great for traveling!
The stick and throttle are separated and packed in a clever way to fit. I suggest taking a picture of how it fits and folding up the picture and leave it in the box so you remember how. It is very simple if you have the stick and throttle placed in the right way, takes time to figure out if you forgot. :)

The hex key that joins stick and throttle is size 1/8 inch.

Thrustmaster does NOT put a manual in the box with the controller (why I don't know).
Here it is:

Sometimes things work better than the documentation and product description would suggest.
That is true of this/these controller(s) (in my opinion)!
review imagereview image
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on September 19, 2017
I bought this primarily for Elite Dangerous, and later, Star Citizen.

I've done flight sims and whatnot since I was a kid. I love them. I remember, way back in the day before buying online was a thing, circling things like the Thrustmaster controls in catalogs for Christmas. It was way out of our budget back then, but now that I'm a grown man with his own money, I finally bought a good HOTAS controller to start with.

I have arthritis; I've played Elite using a gamepad, but found my hands hurt after only 15-30 minutes of gameplay. With this? I'm golden. Much more comfortable. I set this on my lap (with it combined, rather than separated) and can play for hours on end comfortably. The hat switch is the only part that gives me any trouble, but that's to be expected with my control mapping in E:D.
Easy to map. Setting it up in E:D wasn't a problem, and there are lots of people who post configs to reference or even copy over.
Resistance: The throttle control is my favorite part here. The center notch works great. The stick itself stock had just the right amount of resistance, but I like that I can adjust that, too.
Button positioning: Everything I need is within reach, but not so close that I might accidentally hit the wrong buttons.
Cost: An easy one, but worth it, too.

It could use more buttons, or, ideally, some switches with lights. I'd love to be able to flip a switch to arm weapons or deploy landing gear.
Throttle twist: This would be nice as well for things like lateral thrusters, but isn't a deal breaker.
Putting it together is kind of a pain; having a simpler way to attach/detach would be nice. Thankfully, once I got it combined, I really have no desire to separate it again.
Also, having a secondary hat switch would be nice on the throttle. Still, not a deal breaker.

Overall, I definitely recommend this if you're a gamer who's looking to finally grab a HOTAS, an older gamer with arthritis who needs something to game with that's more comfortable, or if you just want to pretend you're in the... DANGER ZOOOOONE!
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on January 17, 2018
I bought this specifically for Elite: Dangerous. Before this, I was using a keyboard + mouse setup, and the difference between the two is enormous.

HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) controls can cost $200 or more. I've seen some that run $600 or better. This is less than $60 and it's versatile enough, attractive enough, and sturdy enough to be worth much more. You can use the buttons on the thumb side of the throttle as modifiers to give any other button multiple uses depending on which is held down. As an example, the joystick trigger for me fires my primary weapon; if I hold Button 5, it performs a boost; if I hold Button 6, it targets my wingman's target; if I hold Button 7, it locks me onto my wingman's navigation target. There's plenty of buttons, and with modifiers, you'll only rarely need to use the keyboard, and then only for the less common functions.

Be sure, if you've never used one of these before, to map your analog axes to the AXIS controls, not the INCREASE/DECREASE controls. For example, if you map the throttle lever to the INCREASE/DECREASE controls for throttle, no matter how slightly you nudge it forward, it'll continuously accelerate. Moving the throttle to zero won't stop the ship; it just ceases accelerating, but maintains whatever speed it currently has. Mapping it to the throttle AXIS will cause it to behave like a real throttle—nudging it halfway forward causes the ship to increase speed to 50% engines, and pulling it back to zero stops the ship. The same holds true for the pitch/roll/yaw controls of the joystick, and the throttle rocker switch.

There's loads of guides out there for Elite: Dangerous that specify good control schemes for this specific HOTAS stick and how to set them up. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking to have more precise control over their ship and a whole new level of immersion. Is it the best of the best? No. But it's the best of it's price, and it's more solid and sensitive than it has any right to be for it's price. Worth every penny.
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on December 29, 2017
The stick its self is great. I have used an old st290 pro for years, got it way back for Star Wars Galaxies Jump To Light speed. I mention for reference. Used it in many games from Arma to X-plane, Microsoft Flight Sim, Elite and Star citizen. But with the growing number of buttons and functions with games like Elite and SC, the HOTAS becomes more important. Especially if you use a lot of vector changing, I.E. strafing in combat. This is where HOTAS prevails as an option. Being able to bind buttons as shift functions increasing the amount of controls to the HOTAS, also allows the set up of different profiles. Which makes changing say flight controls to SRV controls easy. The twist can be locked closed, the throttle detached, the buttons completely reprogramed with non volatile memory, stick has adjustable tension. My only complaint so far is the throttle feels sloppy, it will fall under its own weight putting the ship in full thrust. It will not hold at 75-90 percent position, without your hand staying on the throttle. It is also an older hotas meant for ps3 and pc. At first it seems like no big deal, then you see the newer ones are much better in terms of functionality. In games like SC the rudder paddles can not be assigned for strafing left/right, in 4axis it will roll though. Throttle only recognizes forward with indent being 50%(fault of star citizen I presume or I may have missed something, but that game is a mess). Get it if its on sale. Or save for a newer version.
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on December 4, 2017
Great unit for the money. I bought this for X-Plane 11 on Mac. Setup was quick and it works great. I like that there are a handful of buttons on both controls that can be hooked up to various functions. There are enough buttons to cover all the major functions of an aircraft in a simulator that you don't want to be using a mouse or keyboard for. I'm sure for the super-serious simulator user you'd want more, but this is perfect for an amateur who doesn't need a million buttons but for them to just work right.

I like that the sensitivity is very fine. When flying smaller, more touchy aircraft like a Cessna 172 holding the stick often induces movements that are larger than you want. I found it comfortable and intuitive to rest the side of my palm on the base and just use fingertips to control the plane mid-flight. I only take a full grip when I'm taking off and landing so I can use larger inputs. Point is the stick won't limit your sensitivity, and there's a comfortable way to hold it for fingertip control, which better parallels what you look to get out of a yoke. You don't have to grip it unless you want to fly your plane like a fighter (or you're flying a fighter).
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on January 6, 2016
This is a budget stick. This is the key thought to keep in mind if you choose to buy it.

-detachable base can put the stick and throttle on separate sides of many keyboards. Keyword is many as my Corsair K95 keyboard is too wide but only by a couple inches.
-The throttle has built in rudder control if you'd like it there but it can be configured for other uses as needed.
-The flight stick has rudder control if you'd prefer it there.
-You can adjust flight stick stiffness to your liking. Pretty standard in sticks but still fairly necessary.

-1 hat switch.
-Button #3 is in a less than ideal location on the flight stick. It's in a location for the index finger and is usable but doesn't feel right.

The cons here are very minor and not big enough to dock a star considering this is an entry level stick. Build is on par with price and doesn't feel cheap. You may need a higher stick if you feel 1 hat switch isn't enough.
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on July 28, 2016
This isn't a long term review, so I can't comment on how well it holds up, but for the price, this stick is a great way to get your feet wet. I bought this to use with Elite Dangerous, and it's made the game way more fun and immersive to play. The stick has adjustable tension, so for my hamfisted self, I can keep it very tight. The throttle has a very firm notch at 50%, which is helpful for "full range" throttle settings in ED. The calibration has been spot on, so when you take your hand off the stick, you aren't yawing, pitching, rolling, etc. The only complaint I have is that it isn't designed for larger hands. When my hand is resting on the stick and my fingers are resting on their respective buttons, my ring and pinky fingers are basically smashed together to make room. If I give my lower fingers some breathing room, my middle finger is mashed upwards enough to activate Button 2 (which is really oddly placed). ED gives me enough time where I can take my hand off the stick to rest it, but if I had to always keep my hand there, I might have returned it for something more spacious. Your mileage may vary.
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on February 3, 2017
Bought for Elite Dangerous at $50, this also works much better than my very old Microsoft Sidewinder joystick on X3. Very good modern joystick for the price-point, to get a Hall Effect joystick you would need to triple the price. Just keep it covered up in a tote or put plastic shopping bags over it when not using it if you live in a dusty environment like I do, dust made my older joystick feel gritty once it got in. Also the ability to separate the base is handy, for easier storage and to keep it compact I keep the base together. There are two screws that hold it together you need to tighten.

Nice thing is using the 3 side buttons on the throttle as modifiers. Hold it down and you have a new set of commands, let off you got original controls on the stick. On Elite you need like arrow keys to press up, down, left and right to assign power to engines, weapons, or systems. I hold down one of the side buttons on throttle and just use the POV hat. Quick and intuitive, I wouldn't think of doing that until I read another review on this stick before buying it.

Overall happy with purchase, very good joystick at moderate price. It's more than the $30-$35 joysticks, sure, but it's barely a step up in price compared to anything above it which quickly shoots up beyond $100. It's accurate and smooth, it feels really good and I have a few space games I play so I plan on using it plenty. I am also certain this will work for plane games very well.
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on January 10, 2016
I will probably expand this a bit later but, hopefully this will prove useful to you retro-dos flight sim players.

Got this as a gift and right out of the box it works with the one game I needed it to. Tie Fighter! Both GoG versions, the 94 and 98 variants work with it. I haven't remapped anything and the throttle works in 4 spots, 0, 1/3rd, 1/2, 3/4ths and full speed, one button on it also matches speed. So it lessens the load on your keyboard and keeps you more immersed. It also works perfectly with both GoG versions of X-Wing. You can customize more controls to fit onto the stick and apparently the stick supports remapping (something I haven't tested). But out of the box it works great, better than other joysticks I've used ...from the 90's.

The stick feels good, I felt like it had perfect sensitivity and a nice feel to it. The buttons feel a bit plastic-y but I've felt worse and I'm sure these will last.

The one complaint, the one issue with this stick is the fact it's just, too, light. I want to open it up and put a lead brick in it to make sure it won't lift or move. It's wide to minimize the tipping or lifting and it works well (I've only used this when separated into 2 parts) but not perfect. There's no suction cups or anything to mount it to your desk or whatever. Again, it's okay but I also understand it's unrealistic to have this thing weigh the 50 pounds I want it to be to make sure it doesn't move.

Ahem. It apparently works with PS3, while I have a PS3 I have no games that use a flightstick and a glance at a list of flight games didn't sell me. After Burner supports it...except they don't sell it anymore. :|

So yes in the realm of GoG and the Star Wars series I can say this thing is lovely!
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