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on March 15, 2017
The perfect EDC urban bag. Here's the breakdown:

-Sexy contemporary attache design
-Water repellent fabric material (while it isn't as fancy as leather, it is certainly more functional)
-Removable sling for shoulder carry
-Large handles for briefcase style carry
-Max device capacity, fits 13" MacBook, an iPad, and iPhone plus all the charging accessories all at the same time.
-Really compact profile, it's ridiculously small for what it fits.
-Extremely convenient auxiliary pockets with easy access for additional storage like pens, hard drives, snacks, etc.
-Looks good on you regardless in what you're dressed in, making it perfect for business or casual.

-Limited space; after filling it up with multiple devices and related accessories, there's really no space for anything else in the bag. It's not a backpack, so don't expect it to fit daypack loads.

This is THE bag for most days when you go out and expect to come home. It fits everything I need in a day, and I find myself using it like how a woman uses a handbag. All my stuff goes into the convenient pouches so I don't even carry anything in my pants pockets which is a huge load off my mind because I don't have to worry about stuff falling out during urban commutes. It fits all my devices with several accessories and some would be pocket items like my wallet, phone, keys, and has enough space for a thin book or 2-3 plain folders in between the laptop and iPad compartment. If you opt to not carry every device you have at once, that frees up a considerable amount of space so you can definitely fill it up with other things like one change of clothes. That being said, this bag's capacity is limited to the bear essentials, so if you're going camping or for a stay over or a long hike, you're definitely going to need a larger bag that can hold more stuff. Although I find that when I need larger capacities, I still carry this bag with me, and I carry a separate larger bag for all the extra things that I need, simply because this bag is so convenient to have on you all the time as it can replace all your pockets and look cool at the same time (think indiana jone's satchel, but modern and urban).
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on October 6, 2016
I recently purchased this bag for a business trip to China. I didn't feel like lugging around a bulky backpack with me to the factory every day. I took a chance on this bag even though I hadn't actually seen it in person and I'm glad I did. Before I received the bag, I was worried that it wouldn't be able to hold everything that I needed for a day's work, but I was wrong. Here is a list of everything that I was able to fit in the bag (and I could have fit more): 13" Macbook Pro, Macbook Pro power supply with the long cable attached, full-size Logitech G500 wired mouse, large Moleskine, a few pens, lightning cable, EOS egg shaped chapstick, RHA T20i earbuds with case, travel size Altoids (the ones you get in the Target travel section), travel sized Godiva chocolate pearls, flash drive, skull candy earbuds, various loose papers, and a protein bar!!

Needless to say, I was very impressed with how much this bag could hold. It is also very stylish and I got a lot compliments. The construction of the bag is top notch. The seems all looked very good and the zippers feel strong. The pull tabs on the zippers are not typical, but look cool and are comfortable to use. The shoulder strap is well padded and is very comfortable. Great bag!
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on January 26, 2017
Perfect fit for Surface and Surface clone tablet laptops.

It fits my Surface pro and HP Spectre x2.
Has tons of small storage spaces(4 front zippers, 3 separate inner compartments, and 1 zipper in the back).
Bag has microfiber soft material and foam to protect laptops and tablets.

Bag is slim so it won't fit extra on top of your laptop and accessories.
review imagereview image
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on December 31, 2017
I wanted a bag that could hold TWO 11.6-inch MacBook Air computers. So I ordered this 13-inch size bag in hopes it would be thick enough and it is. It's not overly large for this purpose and the smaller MB Airs fit in it nicely even when I only need to bring one along. I do not know if it could hold two 13-inch size MB Airs. My guess is it could. But three would be right out, as the Brits say. It might however hold three tablets if that was required, as there are three spaces created by the two dividers in the main compartment, and probably sufficient room to get the zipper closed.

I had tried another brand bag which had front pockets similar to this one and they were too "thin" or flush to hold bulkier items such as chargers, cords and USB devices, Square reader, etc. This Thule bag does have pretty good "depth" or thickness to the front pockets for storage of the many items we must tote around for presentations. I don't keep my phone in the front pockets but there is one designed for that. I didn't initially realize the rear zippered pocket, designed for an iPad or similar tablet, is also accessible from INSIDE the top zippered compartment, in case that's useful information to you. I use it for more cords and adapters and the occasional book or magazine.

Well-made and in a week of use looks like it will suit my needs well. I could have got by without the big logo on the front but that's my only criticism so far, I may try a black pen on it eventually! OK, one other small criticism, the carry strap looks like it could be installed on a suitcase holding 100 pounds, with a large thick pad for the shoulder, and I replaced it with a smaller one I had on hand. However I should not complain about something being built to that level of durability.
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on January 25, 2017
My HP 13.3" Chromebook (0.5"x12.6"x8.6"), Chromebook power supply, wireless mouse, 0.5"x9"x11" notebook, and iPhone charger fit snugly into this bag. When I have all those items packed in at once the bag is pretty much at it's maximum capacity and the zippers can still easily open and close the pockets. It is small, streamlined, and is the perfect size for me. The overall appearance and construction of the bag is excellent and well beyond my expectations. I had spent a few weeks looking for a bag that wasn't too bulky to carry my Chromebook and I'm definitely thankful I took my time.
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on November 19, 2017
A nice looking, soft, snugly fitted case for the MacBook Air. I just got back from a trip with this case and it's excellent. It's compact enough that you can stash it in your luggage or sling it over your shoulder. Some other reviewers criticized the placement of the strap attachments, saying they were too low and the case would flop when hung from the shoulder. This has been fixed - the strap rings on mine are right below the zipper and the case hangs straight down.

I have two small issues with this case. First, like many other reviewers, I wish there was a bit more space for items other than the computer, iPad, and phone. Not to make this into an alternate briefcase, just a little more useful space. Second, the compartment for the charger is plenty big for the charger alone, but won't accommodate the optional wall cord. You have to put the wall cord into the compartment for papers, etc., which eliminates the little bit of extra space the case has. I frequently need the cord when traveling, so that's a bit of a drawback. Still, it's an excellent case, especially at the current (November 2017) sale price of under $30.
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on April 21, 2018
With the trend now set by United, where you have inflight entertainment but you have to use your own laptop or cellphone to stream movies, this laptop bag is particularly well suited for this. The problem with using your own equipment is now you have to lug your bulky cellphone and/or laptop charger on the plane. Add to that noise cancellation headphones and maybe a slim 2 TB HDD to access your own movies or audio files, and a lot of the 11-13" laptop bags don't have sufficient room.
I have a Dell XPS 13 (which is actually sized like an 11-12" laptop), Bose QC 35 II headphones, a slim 2TB USB HDD, and an IPhone6+. This bag will accommodate all of them, including the laptop and cell phone chargers, all cables, and spare batteries. Most of the top noise cancellation headphones are not as large as audiophile headphones, and especially if one headphone folds sideways (like on the Bose or Sony hi-end models), the headphones will fit in the front, left pocket of the bag easily. You can probably cram in the laptop charger in the smaller rightside front pocket. I put my slim HDD and IPhone in the back IPad pocket. There are a lot of pockets in this bag, including an additional one behind the front pockets and a smaller pocket in front the left front pocket (which isn't usable if you stuff headphones in the left pocket).
My only gripes about the bag is there is no straps to secure it to the handles of check-in luggage, the buckles for the strap are plastic and not metal, and if you close the main pouch and leave both zippers in the center of the topside area, it interferes with the two handles. So I usually move the closed zippers to either side of the handles.
On the plus side, the plastic buckles on the straps do reduce the weight of this laptop bag, so it's one of the lighter ones on the market. This laptop bag is also quite compact so it doesn't take up much space when I store it in my main luggage for the duration of my trip.
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on September 19, 2016
Good quality bag, nice and small, perfect fit for Lenovo 3rd gen ThinkPad 11e (the 13" THULE bag size).

I took off one star because the balance is off for the shoulder strap. The loops are in the wrong position based on where the laptop (the heaviest content) has to be, so the bag leans toward the face with the THULE logo when held by the shoulder strap. Adding any contents to the pouch on the front would make this even worse, unless you can find a 1+ kg tablet to put in the back tablet slot to balance out the bag. Fortunately I didn't plan on using the shoulder strap.
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on December 1, 2017
THIS BAG IS EVERYTHING!! I have a MacBook Pro 13inch. And this bag is perfect for this!! It has a lot of compartments inside AND out. You can put a folder inside along with the laptop. There’s a zipper in the back where you can fit an iPad. There are 3 zippers in the front. My iPhone 7 Plus can fit in one of the compartments and then the charger and cord can fit in another. I just got it today but my first impression about this bag is that it does not disappoint!! I’m already predicting that I’ll be happy with this bag and that it’s very durable. Great purchase!!!!
review imagereview imagereview image
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on November 27, 2017
Just received this case, so while a more considered review will have to wait, wanted to simply note that a Samsung Chromebook Plus fits in Very Well.
Overall, the Thule seems well made, with a nice choice of pockets / slots, and what appears to be a very nice shoulder strap.
OH: and if you keep the contents at a minimum, the Thule (with the Chromebook inserted) fits nicely behind the "notebook" divider of a Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag - although I suspect that a Fully Stuffed Stravan 13 might not fit as well into that spot.
As an added Bonus, all 4 of the front pockets are large enough to easily hold a Samsung Note 4 phone (with its own ICarer leather case in place).
So: Very Happy Camper at the moment. Will be loading this up - along with the Timbuk2 - later this week, and then see how the entire kit works. (The Timbuk2 is also VERY Nice - but the Classic has limited dividers, and thus is better suited for Carry-Smaller-Cases-Within-It duty: and has served that function with distinction for the past 2 years or so.)
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