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on April 27, 2013
This book is a real eye opener and is packed with jaw dropping research about some of the most evil men to ever walk this earth. Sadly many of those evil men claim to be Christians. If you ever wondered what is wrong with American Churches, and how they exist in such an Anti-Christ state (sorry couldn’t resist saying that – pun intended); then you must read this book. I grew up in a fundamental protestant church and later switched to independent Baptist. I still consider myself a Christian but cannot think of any church I would feel safe attending – they seem to be the new Brown Shirts IMHO. As I remember the Protestants relied on organizations like SIL and Wycliffe Translators which turn out to be CIA fronts. The Baptist did not use SIL as far as I can tell, but they all have one thing in common: a sense that America is God’s hammer. They are all pro-war, pro-imperialism. I do not care if it is Pentecostalism, Charismatic of any brand, Baptist even the liberal SBC as well as the conservative and sometimes extreme right IFB the American Christian is a warmonger and a globalist and Thy Will Be Done proves it. I say all of them because I cannot think of any of American’s spiritual leaders that are not essentially a warmongers.
I never understood why the American church was such a contradiction to the teachings of Christ and so willing to submit, cooperate and directly assist the evil of the US Federal Government in all its wars on the one hand and on the other believe that the end time prophesies callout a one world government which America seems to be building. Thy Will Be Done provides great detail as to how this came to be even though they are not writing from a Christian perspective nor does the book considering anything the Bible has to say.
I found the book to be so useful that each time I hear of a Christian organization I look to see if they or any organizations they are affiliated with are mentioned in Thy Will Be Done and generally they are. It would be great if the book was updated to address things like the US Command centers that are extensions of the Pentagon and seem to be areas were interesting religious organization spring from and direct to the area of the world that the particular command center focuses on.
Examples would be:
U.S. Northern Command: In Colorado Springs, also HQ to may US based “Christian” organizations. Colorado Springs is somewhat of a Vatican City for US religions.
United States Southern Command: In Miami: De facto capital of Latin America and HQ for many religious organizations focused on Latin America.
Central Command: In Tampa an area where Mohamed Atta and the so called 911 hijackers based in the US. I am not sure if there is a large religious outreach headquartered there with a Middle East focus. (If you know of any please leave in the comments.)
U.S. Pacific Command: in Honolulu. Lots if US religions the Asian missionary or other outreach focused on Asia.
AFRICOM and HQ USEUCOM: In Stuttgart Germany. This one is new (2008), but I bet that Stuttgart Germany is, or soon will be, loaded with religions that have missionary or other outreach to Africa.

Finally besides recommending this book, I hope there are those who would like to spread this understanding. If you have information regarding American religions with military affiliations or if you know of any religions that have headquarters or a prominent presents in any of the US Command Centers, please leave me a comment with details.

Also recommend reading the article in the January 1986 Mother Jones Magazine by Carolyn Weaver entitled "Unholy Alliance" in which she covered some of the ties between the Moon organization and the evangelical movement in America. Both CIA fronts as well.
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on July 24, 2017
This book presents a completely unique perspective on US relations with Latin America and on the doings of the Rockefeller family. I'm not sure why this author adopts his singular slant on these issues. He treats Latin America as if Protestantism is the major force there, which just can't be true because everyone knows Latin America is and always has been Catholic. It seems like the author weaves in a heavy thread of religion to avoid this book from looking like merely an expose or hatchet job on the Rockefellers. It is actually pretty much pro Rockefeller, although the author presents Nelson Rockefeller complete with his many, many failings and few successes (that are known and available to the public).
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on March 27, 2012
This book is a great read and for anyone who is interested in US-Latin American relations. It's the best book to really break down what the cold war was all about: and that's the N-word, not the racial one but NATIONALIZATION and making the world safe for big business. Anything that got in the way of the bottom line had to go, be it sovereignty, democracy or large numbers of people. Rockefeller used his influence to protect and promote his business interests. Worse, Rockefeller did it in a hand pumping, man of the people kind of way that gives one a newfound respect for the "let them eat cake" approach. But in a general sense, we knew this; what makes this book really interesting though- something I had no idea of- was how missionaries were used to achieve this end. You thought Catholic Priests were sleazy with the kid sex stuff!!! The protestant fundamentalist's hail caeser approach might as well have been hail satan. Cam Townsend's, who used linguistics and bible translations to win indigenous tribes for the lord, philosophy was as long as he got access to the godless ones everything else was negotiable. You want me to drop off those political prisoners in jungle torture camps? Sure. The death squads need a place to crash? Why golly they can use our basecamp, no problems. You need someone to keep tabs on the indians? You need someone to vouch for you in Washington? The fact they were there meant God wanted it that way and nothing else matter. Please, you got to read this and as someone else said "Don't check it out of the library, buy it!" Thank you for your time.
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on January 27, 2016
One of those books that the public completely misses, yet is important and possibly even vital to understanding the development of the U.S. energy policies and relations with other countries. Not an easy read, and with good reason. Highly footnoted and referenced like any decent historical tome should be.
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on February 18, 2008
I accidentally came upon this book in my local library in 2005 while perusing various titles concerning the backers of conservative politics in America. I'd never paid much attention to Nelson Rockefeller since he occupied a vaunted position among America's wealthy while I was a lowly school teacher. From the first page I was in a state of shock after learning of the collusion that drove our country's "intervention" in Central and South American politics. America's involvement was based solely on the accumulation of natural resources from the dozens of small republics and countries, all in the name of "spreading Democracy." I soon found this was simply a cover for shameless takeover of legitimately established governments through various means. The mix of establishment agencies and bureaus read like a Who's Who of Americana: The CIA, The US Army, The Christian Church, The Presidency, and, worst of all, nearly ALL of the foremost business and industry leaders that Are the United States business establishment. The believability of the material never comes into question as Colby and Dennett never seem to have a grudge...just stating the facts, knowing that the impact would be profound without resorting to "hype." I've just bought this book, mainly because I can't get it off my mind and want other caring Americans to be aware of it.
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on May 22, 2011
It's the true exposé of the apocalyptic triage of Christianity, Corporations, and Politics.

This is a remarkable work in contemporary history, read it! It will train your eye to perceive things thoroughly.

Your perspective on how Latin America, and the rest of the Third World were "developed" in the 20th Century will be refreshed and transformed.

To some of us, many of the facts discussed and thoroughly documented in this book are familiar, but few have ever provided the depth of analysis and insight generously shared by Colby.
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on January 20, 2016
This may be the best single book ever written on U.S. foreign policy and South America. Thorough and extensively documented. The authors are extremely critical of the Rockefellers, but their treatment of them is evenhanded.
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on September 11, 2015
Well worth reading if you're in doubt about conspiracies or question if Chrisitan organizations participate in them.
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on December 1, 2013
Whew. I have finished reading this very long book in its entirety and it brings to light some disturbing events to be sure. The subject matter in the book has to do with varied atrocities the indigenous people of South America have suffered via left and right wing uprisings, forced relocation, etc. The title is somewhat misleading, in that the book also delves into the Viet Nam debacle, Cuban missle crisis and the beginnings of how and why the Columbian drug cartels came into being.

According to the authors, the Rockefellers, in particular Nelson Rockefeller, who they refer to as liberal, and their intertwined relationship with the Wycliffe Bible Association and its founder Cameron Townsend, who the authors refer to as ultra-conservative, formed an unholy alliance to first fight fascism, then communism in South America. The international objective of this alliance was really based more on one hand washing the other, but with different motivations.

The Rockefellers wanted to influence and spread international capitalistic business interests encouraging “free markets”, believing it would raise the standard of living of these impoverished countries, in addition to making themselves money. A One World Economy, if you will.

The Wycliffe Bible Association, had no such aspirations. Their main motivation was to spread the Word of God to all peoples of the world, through Bible translators and proselytizing, so that the unenlightened could “be saved” before the end of the world. It was and is their desire for the end of the world to come upon us, but won’t materialize until they have reached all corners of the world with the Good News. They calculated that the Rockefellers’ influence, money and support would indeed be helpful to achieve this. Once they had accomplished this goal, it was their belief the end times would at last come to fruition and Jesus would come back and save us from ourselves, provided one had accepted Him as one’s Lord and Savior. The Rockefellers’ had calculated that these God-fearing workers of salvation would have a pacifying effect on the indigenous tribes, assist with assimilating them into a different culture, not to mention helpful in the gathering of information.

The story unfolds over several decades and comes to involve many multi-national corporations, the CIA and other fundamentalist Christian groups such as Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham and Pat Robertson. The authors, Colby and Dennett, blame Rockefeller and the religious influences they gave financial support as the reason fascist and communist elements stirred up violent populist rebellions in addition to an unprecedented destruction of the environment. They end their book with some gratification that IBEC and Rockefeller were brought down, ironicially with a whole lot of help by the fundamentalists through the politics in this country, not just South American politics, but conclude, sadly, that the religious elements are stronger than ever , setting the world up for mass genocide. They really don’t talk too much about how the Indians, pragmatically practiced their own genocide, before all this transpired. That they controlled the strength of their own tribes gene pool by burying unhealthy babies and their mothers alive because they would be too much a drain on the groups energy. Their own wars and enslavement of each other seems to get a pass, nor do they use a whole lot of ink pointing out it was the established middlemen in South America who felt most threatened by Rockefeller going around their cartels and set up these coups that always ultimately ended up in some kind of Banana Republic.

The book does a pretty good job of pointing out that Rockefeller in no way ,shape or form was a Communist, like many of the right wing accuse him. He was anything but. His aim was to expand commerce internationally with a definite bias towards U.S. interests. During the time frame this book covers, it must be pointed out, so too was the Soviet Union pushing their international agenda, minus the capitalistic and religious influence. How many tens of millions were killed and starved to death to accomplish that better good?

Although the book brings to light the terrible atrocities this region as a whole has had to endure, I cannot say, it tells of these events in an unbiased manner. While I may agree to a point, these grandiose plans of Rockefeller were wrong headed and taken on with a high degree of arrogance, in many ways, as were the Bible translators, to insinuate he or these ministries were consciously practicing genocide, is over the top.

What the authors do not divulge about the themselves anywhere on the cover or within the book is:

(1)Gerald Colby and Charlotte Dennett are married.

(2) Charlotte Dennett's father, Daniel Clement Dennett, Jr. was a was a covert counter-intelligence agent with the Office of Strategic Services posing as a cultural attaché to the American Embassy in Beirut during WW II. He was Harvard educated and an expert on Islamic studies. His job was to keep his eye on other spies, weaken French influence in Lebanon who were bad mouthing us (among other Allies who might end up stabbing us in the back), track Soviet penetration, and find out the route of an oil pipeline that the Saudis were building to the Mediterranean . His biggest competitor, doing like work, was Kim Philby, a British double agent who in reality was not only a Communist sympathizer, he had recruited other spies to do likewise and ultimately sought asylum and moved to the Soviet Union. In regard to Daniel Dennett’s last mission, reportedly other spies and family told Charlotte, he had told them he didn’t know, if he would come back alive. On that mission his plane crashed over Ethiopia and some of those other spooks supposedly close to him believed it might be sabotage.
Charlotte had never met her father because she was only 6 weeks old at the time of his death. Her mother, Ruth Marjorie (nee Leck) and her older brother , Daniel Clement Dennett III, age 5 at the time, moved back to Massachusetts shortly after the fatal incident in 1947. (I don't know if the body was ever recovered). Daniel III attended Harvard and received his doctorate at Oxford and is currently the Co-director of the Center for Cognitive Studies, the Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy, and a University Professor at Tufts University. Dennett. He is an atheist and secularist, a member of the Secular Coalition for America advisory board. He describes himself as an autodidact (self-taught).

Charlotte is also a self-taught lawyer.

Also, since writing this book,Charlotte ran for Vermont Attorney General in 2008, pledging to close Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant as one of her issues, and to prosecute George W. Bush for crimes committed in office as another. She has recently published a book about the need for accountability from high level elected officials and corporations entitled The People v Bush (Chelsea Green, 2010), among others.
The book, Thy Will Be Done, is based on unclassified documents she did receive from the CIA. She didn’t ask for documents in regard to her father’s tenure with the CIA, until after 911 and received them in 2005 (during the Bush administration). Those documents included reports written by her father to the CIA. She wanted to know since he was dead why anything was blocked out. Those documents are hyperlinked at the aforementioned link at Village Voice. Mainly what was blocked out were names of countries her father reported were working against our best interests. Why she and her informers believe his plane was sabotaged over Ethiopia, is left to the imagination of the reader. It was well known that Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Selassic had already agreed to oil exploration with the U.S.company, Sinclair Oil, back in 1945. Selassic was a Christian. Surely her father knew this, since the AP reported it. Whether or not Sinclair would develop it hinged on their ability to get access to the Red Sea through Eritrea, which had previously been invaded and occupied by the Italians.

Italy, our enemy at the time, lost control of Eritrea and was expelled in 1941 at which time its administration was given to the British. This was in effect, until 1951 via a UN Resolution. By 1962 the two countries had been annexed, but subversive groups began operating within Eriteca, until it regained its independence in 1993. It is now a one party state, with repressive policies, especially in regard to religion.

I am not getting the Dennetts paranoia. Was their father a double agent and was found out by one side or the other like Philby was, and he really just “disappeared”? How would he know he wasn’t coming back?
All that being said, the book is a good read, but do read it with a critical eye and knowledge of the authors own agenda, which is to overly romanticize the Darwinian equality of Mother Nature and primitive cultures simplistic communal living.

I agree with the authors’ critique of Fundamentalist Christians seemingly putting more emphasis on the saving of souls, instead of nurturing spirits, but despite all that, I have met and at times employed legal immigrants from that region who worked on some of those plantations and learned English. They are happy to be here and have hope for the first time in their lives, which is not to say, they don’t miss the old country, mainly their family.

We’ll see if this review is allowed to stand, but I have to ask myself, have these two been coerced in some way, by the very ones their father would have spied on (or at least was suppose to be spying on). What I do know is that the OSS was found out to have been a very unreliable source of information by the British. Phoney information was routinely planted within the Dogwood Chain of the OSS.
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on December 24, 2013
A highly researched, well written investigation of the machinations of Nelson Rockefeller and his family in politics and business in the twentieth century. Having lived through much of the time covered in this book, I had no idea what was actually happening behind the propaganda curtain. This book show the connections between the military, educational, medical, business, government and religious arms that join in a common cause of advancing the themes deemed important to the ruling class. Those classic Malthusian concepts include the dominant European upper crust of 'Uberman', a dominance of all that is entailed in their lifestyle and a 'taming' of any culture that isn't included in the 'WASP' dynasty. The methods aren't new and neither are the genocidal results. Great historical read.
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