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on March 13, 2012
When I first received my Expansion Set I was a little disappointed. Some descriptions online aren't very clear when they say that the set includes cards from the Mystery Expansion set (long out of print and no longer available). Well I'll clear it up for the newer game players like myself. The original mystery set was a giveaway at a show and came in a magazine back in 2004. It included 4 new tickets and 5 character cards. The cards were mixed into the ticket deck after the initial tickets were given out at the beginning of the game. The character cards were something special though! There were 4 different characters which granted the person that found them a prize/power of sorts. The Tycoon, gave the owner 10 extra points at the end of the game if they had a coast to coast connection. The Inspector, let the owner double the value of any card worth 10 or less points. The Station Agent, gave 10 points to the owner if they visited the most cities at the end. And the Engineer, in which there were two cards, let the owner dig through the ticket deck and pick out a ticket of his choice. Sounds fun right!? Well the 1910 pack includes the 4 tickets but NOT the character cards. But I have a solution for this at the bottom! First, the review!

I love this expansion for a couple reasons.

1. I really enjoy the new rule set, especially 1910 Mega, which throws a whole bunch of extra tickets in the mix. You get 5 tickets at the start (keep 3+) and it also throws in a the globetrotter card which gives the person with the most tickets at the end 10 more points.
I like the other two variants as well, Classic, which swaps the longest track with the most tickets card, and then the big cites variant that tosses both those cards out and only includes tickets connecting to Big cites. Like I said I enjoy all of them, but the Mega game usually gets crazy with people taking tickets left and right.

2. I love the new card sizes! The cards in the original game were annoyingly small but in the expansion the cards are the size of normal playing cards. And not just the new cards, the expansion includes new versions of all of the cards from the original game as well! So this expansion takes the place of the cards from the original. Much easier to shuffle and hold on to. I recommend this set for that reason alone.

So back to the Mystery Characters. I told you I had a solution and here it is!

I made my own custom Mystery Character cards! And you can too! The original character cards were the size of the original, small game cards and purple, so a player knew when one was up. Well I prefer a little more mystery in my mystery cards. ;) So I created a set which is the same size as the 1910 set and has the same back as well. I printed them on card stock and rounded the edges so it is really difficult to see if you're about to get a mystery character.

I've also set this up so that you can do it too! Unfortunately, Amazon won't let me link directly to my files but there are two ways you can find them. First, I made a post on the BoardGameGeek Ticket to Ride forum on 3/12/2012 which links to them (my screenname is FujiToast). Otherwise right now a google search of "Custom Mystery Characters" will also take you directly to the forum post.

Have Fun!
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on August 23, 2011
Ticket to Ride was one of the first games we got when we discovered there was more than Monopoly out there. As much fun as it was, it did seem to get old a bit faster than I wanted it to. Then I discovered the 1910 expansion which others said infused new life into the game. And they were right! Not only does it add lots of extra tickets, it gives you the full size cards to replace all the tiny ones that come with the base set. What we do is use all the tickets and both bonuses but there are several ways to mix it up if you prefer. There are just three of us playing usually which means you cannot use the second route of a double route so this expansion keeps everyone too busy to spitefully block you and makes it much more difficult for someone to be sure of exactly where you're going. Still, we get in each others way all the time, eliciting lots of groans and sighs! We play this game in a fast and furious fashion and it's so much fun that it's our usual after-dinner game choice.

If you are new to gaming, this is a wonderful introduction. If you love it, check out boardgamegeek (.com) for all the info on games you would never have known about otherwise. Our favorites for three or more players (all except Ticket to Ride also play great with only two!): Ticket to Ride USA w/1910 Exp, Alhambra, Ra, Macao, Stone Age, Survive Escape from Atlantis, Carcassonne Hunters & Gatherers, San Juan, Bohnanza. Strictly two player: Jaipur, Odin's Ravens, Balloon Cup, Lost Cities, Jambo, Battle Line. Gaming is a great family or couples activity, takes everyone away from the tv and is great fun. Happy gaming, everyone!
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A must have expansion! We use this expansion EVERY time we play Ticket to Ride.

First, it gives you extra cards and a few variants for play. This allows you to mix it up a bit, play a bigger game when you have more people, or refine it a bit when you have fewer. More routes also means it is a bit tougher to figure out your opponent's exact strategy.

Second, you get a globetrotter card, so you can set up extra points for the most cities visited.

Finally, the cards are full size, and you get replacements for ALL of the original cards. So it is much, much easier to shuffle, read the maps on the cards, etc. Especially nice if you are playing with the grandparents.

There is no question, this is a must have for any fan, and adds a lot to the gameplay.
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on March 4, 2011
This is a fantastic expansion and well worth the purchase price.

The biggest problems with the original Ticket to Ride game are the relatively small number of routes (easily memorized), the heavy reliance on a few cities (Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Seattle/Portland/Vancouver, Nashville/Atlanta), and the lack of viable north-south strategies (all the "big" tickets are east-west). This meant that drawing a few of the right tickets could get you a huge win, whereas the wrong tickets would give you nothing but intense, burning rage.

The 1910 expansion corrects these problems by adding a much more diverse group of tickets, going to more cities, and rewarding the player with the most routes with a bonus of 15 points. It makes a number of alternate strategies possible, so you don't just have to pray that you draw Los Angeles to New York and San Francisco to Atlanta all the time.

Additionally, the quality of the materials is very high. The large cards alone make gameplay more enjoyable.

I highly recommend this expansion -- it will help reduce frustration, increase enjoyment, and prevent burnout on this game.
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We love playing Ticket to Ride and were so excited to discover that there is an Expansion Pack! If you have never played this game you must! I'm not a big game person, but when we tried Ticket to Ride I was totally hooked. Now that we have the bigger cards and new strategies to work on the fun is even more intense. No problem getting everyone to turn off the TV and computer when we meet to play! Don't hesitate -- just buy it! Great gift for friends and family. (Note: you must have the first game to add the expansion pack, and it's definitely worth it.)
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on October 11, 2016
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on October 5, 2011
The expansion pack definitely makes the game better. 1) The larger number of destination cards makes the game less predictable and gives more incentive to pick destinations. 2) The larger cards are a HUGE improvement because you can actually shuffle them like a deck of cards instead of trying to fumble with the little cards that came in the original game. The only drawback that I see to the expansion pack is the price. It seems like what you're paying for are just fixes to things that were wrong with the original game and given the price of the original game it kind of feels like you're getting ripped off to have to pay extra for this. That being said though, it does make the game better.
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on August 1, 2015
Nice expansion, but really only for the card size. Ticket to Ride is a great game. However, the cards are so tiny, they're a pain to hold and sort. This is where the 1910 Expansion pack is helpful. It replaces all of your tiny cards with regular playing card-sized ones. It had a few new destinations and game types, but honestly, we've never played them. We just used all of the destination tickets in one giant stack instead of filtering out certain ones for different game types.

Note that Ticket to Ride Europe already has the larger cards, so if you're trying to decide which version to buy based solely on card size, Europe (and possible all other variations besides the original) already comes with bigger cards. Still a nice expansion to have in case you get bored of the stock destination tickets.
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on January 1, 2016
The small cards that come with the complete game can be slightly hard to shuffle and use, so this is definitely a must have for anyone who plays regularly. The cards are of high quality and seem like they will last for quite some time. The additional destination cards and twists to games rules are also enjoyable and make it seem like you are playing a whole new game without learning and entirely new game. Would also recommend getting the India map collection if looking to play with two-three players as these maps are made specially for this many players and add some fun twists to the game.
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on July 14, 2008
Greatly improves the gameplay because in the original version of TTR whoever builds one of those long, northern routes with 5 and 6 car links always wins the game. The expansion set creates many smaller routes which can be doubled-up with existing routes and it makes it more worthwhile to pickup more destination tickets. Also, the bonus for most routes completed finally breaks the dominance of the long routes (near the Canadian border).

On the minus side, I just paid 20 bucks for a pack of cards. Hello???? Otherwise it would have gotten 5 stars. Also, there is no way to "dock" the expansion set with the original box so now I have two boxes to carry around. Thanks alot WOW.

There are three full variants included which require different strategeies.
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