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on March 13, 2012
When I first received my Expansion Set I was a little disappointed. Some descriptions online aren't very clear when they say that the set includes cards from the Mystery Expansion set (long out of print and no longer available). Well I'll clear it up for the newer game players like myself. The original mystery set was a giveaway at a show and came in a magazine back in 2004. It included 4 new tickets and 5 character cards. The cards were mixed into the ticket deck after the initial tickets were given out at the beginning of the game. The character cards were something special though! There were 4 different characters which granted the person that found them a prize/power of sorts. The Tycoon, gave the owner 10 extra points at the end of the game if they had a coast to coast connection. The Inspector, let the owner double the value of any card worth 10 or less points. The Station Agent, gave 10 points to the owner if they visited the most cities at the end. And the Engineer, in which there were two cards, let the owner dig through the ticket deck and pick out a ticket of his choice. Sounds fun right!? Well the 1910 pack includes the 4 tickets but NOT the character cards. But I have a solution for this at the bottom! First, the review!

I love this expansion for a couple reasons.

1. I really enjoy the new rule set, especially 1910 Mega, which throws a whole bunch of extra tickets in the mix. You get 5 tickets at the start (keep 3+) and it also throws in a the globetrotter card which gives the person with the most tickets at the end 10 more points.
I like the other two variants as well, Classic, which swaps the longest track with the most tickets card, and then the big cites variant that tosses both those cards out and only includes tickets connecting to Big cites. Like I said I enjoy all of them, but the Mega game usually gets crazy with people taking tickets left and right.

2. I love the new card sizes! The cards in the original game were annoyingly small but in the expansion the cards are the size of normal playing cards. And not just the new cards, the expansion includes new versions of all of the cards from the original game as well! So this expansion takes the place of the cards from the original. Much easier to shuffle and hold on to. I recommend this set for that reason alone.

So back to the Mystery Characters. I told you I had a solution and here it is!

I made my own custom Mystery Character cards! And you can too! The original character cards were the size of the original, small game cards and purple, so a player knew when one was up. Well I prefer a little more mystery in my mystery cards. ;) So I created a set which is the same size as the 1910 set and has the same back as well. I printed them on card stock and rounded the edges so it is really difficult to see if you're about to get a mystery character.

I've also set this up so that you can do it too! Unfortunately, Amazon won't let me link directly to my files but there are two ways you can find them. First, I made a post on the BoardGameGeek Ticket to Ride forum on 3/12/2012 which links to them (my screenname is FujiToast). Otherwise right now a google search of "Custom Mystery Characters" will also take you directly to the forum post.

Have Fun!
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on March 9, 2015
My initial thoughts were something along the lines of, “$20 for some new/bigger cards!? I could just buy a new game for that price!” In all honesty, that’s what has kept me from buying the expansion up to this point…it just so happened that I had a little extra left over from Christmas shopping. We play the base game so much that we can sometimes guess what a player has in terms of tickets after one or two routes…this can take the mystery and fun out of playing. The new ticket cards will help to prevent that from happening again any time soon, especially if you utilize all of them via “The Mega Game” variant. There are a lot of shorter ticket routes (one is even worth two points) so now I don’t feel as hesitant to draw tickets during the game for fear that I’d never be able to complete them in time. The Globetrotter bonus is also a nice touch.

What’s nice about “Ticket to Ride” is that it is flexible enough to where you can make up your own variants. You could, for example, use all the ticket cards but only draw three in the beginning (as normal) instead of four. You can opt to use only the tickets with a value of “X” or lower/higher, giving you a game of all short or long routes, respectively. You could also opt to include all, some, or none of the bonus cards…you get the idea. This expansion simply gives you more ways to customize your game, which is a plus for any hardcore “Ticket to Ride” fan.

The larger cards are indeed nice to have and do fit in the original insert with a little organization and thought, though the expansion box will not (not without mutilating and removing the insert’s separators). They are also easier to handle and shuffle. Is it worth $20 though? It depends. If you and your family/gaming group play “Ticket to Ride” religiously, then I’d say yes. If you bring out “Ticket to Ride” once in an Alan R. Moon (ba-dum-ch!!), then I’d say no. The base game is perfectly playable by itself and can easily provide entertainment for years to come…most casual gamers can and will be happy with just that. With that said, sometimes you just want more. I personally would have liked another train set so that six players could play or something along those lines, but I suppose “USA 1910″ does the job as-is even if it is a tad on the expensive side.
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on March 19, 2014
I'll be direct: The Ticket to Ride series is my favorite board game series.

We LOVE connecting our cities on the Heart of Africa map, or trying to link the 4 countries in the Switzerland map.

Ticket to Ride Europe is our favorite full box game, but we felt like the base game, Ticket to Ride (North America) is, well, dull.

Don't get me wrong, It's still Ticket to Ride! But the choice of destination was limited, and the small playing cards? AWFUL! Just AWFUL.

You get these large tickets for all of the maps, and the large train cards with Ticket to Ride Europe, but the small cards meant our Ticket to Ride base game was gathering dust.

Until we bought 1910: Suddenly, you have all these destinations which mix things up, and you know what? You get the big cards now!!!

Not just for the tickets, but also for the trains... Our small cards never left their recessed holding spots in our box and instead, we now place 2 bags of trains per slot (and the spare trains) and use the remaining 2 for the tickets and the train cards. It fits! Even with sleeves!

But now, you get 3 modes of play:

The Base game, with just the original ticket (with a few welcomed corrections in point values for some error tickets),
Big Cities, for which ALL tickets are just to 8 cities (including the frustrating Miami)
The BIG Game, which includes ALL of the tickets, and believe me, if you shuffle them well, ,you'll never get 2 games alike...

Now, I won't lie to you, Ticket to Ride (North America) is STILL our least favorite map, but now, at least, we'll play it once in a while and it got back at the best for introducing new players to the series since it's the ONLY game without ANY special rules (no ferries, no tunnels, no lost trains, no special cards, no train stations or passengers).

But without 1910, you are stuck using the tiny useless cards...

Well, they are 100% useless: with 1910 and 3 full games (North America, Europe and Marklin) and the pumkins train, you get 4 set of Train cards (3 big and 1 tiny ) and 16 train sets.

This allows you to use your map collections for FOUR simultaneous Ticket to Ride games of 16 players (We were planning 3 for Switzerland, 5 for Europe, 4 for Asia and 4 for Africa), with a Marklin or India finale for the 4 winners... but the game didn't work out (long story, coordinating 16 players is HARD).

You could even play with 17 players if you use a 6 player team Asia game...

In short, 1910 is awesome...
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A must have expansion! We use this expansion EVERY time we play Ticket to Ride.

First, it gives you extra cards and a few variants for play. This allows you to mix it up a bit, play a bigger game when you have more people, or refine it a bit when you have fewer. More routes also means it is a bit tougher to figure out your opponent's exact strategy.

Second, you get a globetrotter card, so you can set up extra points for the most cities visited.

Finally, the cards are full size, and you get replacements for ALL of the original cards. So it is much, much easier to shuffle, read the maps on the cards, etc. Especially nice if you are playing with the grandparents.

There is no question, this is a must have for any fan, and adds a lot to the gameplay.
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We love playing Ticket to Ride and were so excited to discover that there is an Expansion Pack! If you have never played this game you must! I'm not a big game person, but when we tried Ticket to Ride I was totally hooked. Now that we have the bigger cards and new strategies to work on the fun is even more intense. No problem getting everyone to turn off the TV and computer when we meet to play! Don't hesitate -- just buy it! Great gift for friends and family. (Note: you must have the first game to add the expansion pack, and it's definitely worth it.)
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on December 28, 2016
This is one of those rare must-have expansions to the original game. If you enjoy Ticket to Ride this enhancement should only improve that experience through two improvements:
1. Larger, easier to handle cards
2. Playing the Mega game variant adds more competitive and variable play to each game of Ticket to Ride

If you already enjoy the Ticket to Ride USA map, don't hesitate to purchase this card set.
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on December 7, 2016
We have had the ticket to ride USA game for quite a few years, and although it remains to be a family favorite, it has gotten pretty boring, since we were already familiar with all the destination tickets. We decided to spice it up by buying the Ticket to Ride Expansion, and WOW! What a change! The expansion pack includes a great variety of destination tickets, from short 4 point routes to long 21 point routes! The abundance of destination cards ensures that we never get bored! It's a must buy for any Ticket to Ride enthusiast.
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on March 4, 2011
This is a fantastic expansion and well worth the purchase price.

The biggest problems with the original Ticket to Ride game are the relatively small number of routes (easily memorized), the heavy reliance on a few cities (Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Seattle/Portland/Vancouver, Nashville/Atlanta), and the lack of viable north-south strategies (all the "big" tickets are east-west). This meant that drawing a few of the right tickets could get you a huge win, whereas the wrong tickets would give you nothing but intense, burning rage.

The 1910 expansion corrects these problems by adding a much more diverse group of tickets, going to more cities, and rewarding the player with the most routes with a bonus of 15 points. It makes a number of alternate strategies possible, so you don't just have to pray that you draw Los Angeles to New York and San Francisco to Atlanta all the time.

Additionally, the quality of the materials is very high. The large cards alone make gameplay more enjoyable.

I highly recommend this expansion -- it will help reduce frustration, increase enjoyment, and prevent burnout on this game.
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on August 1, 2015
Nice expansion, but really only for the card size. Ticket to Ride is a great game. However, the cards are so tiny, they're a pain to hold and sort. This is where the 1910 Expansion pack is helpful. It replaces all of your tiny cards with regular playing card-sized ones. It had a few new destinations and game types, but honestly, we've never played them. We just used all of the destination tickets in one giant stack instead of filtering out certain ones for different game types.

Note that Ticket to Ride Europe already has the larger cards, so if you're trying to decide which version to buy based solely on card size, Europe (and possible all other variations besides the original) already comes with bigger cards. Still a nice expansion to have in case you get bored of the stock destination tickets.
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on July 14, 2014
This is just about an essential add-on to the original Ticket to Ride board game. It replaces all of the original cards with larger (standard playing card sized) versions, and provides even more route tickets to yield a number of variations on the original board game. Obviously, the board and pieces from the original "USA board" Ticket to Ride are required to make use of this expansion set.

Using this expansion, you are able to play a the standard game (with some route rewards rebalanced), a "big cities" variation (where all tickets connect with a select list of cities: Chicago, New York, L.A., Dallas, Houston, Miami, Seattle), an finally "1910 mega game" where additional tickets have been added, and a "globetrotter bonus" (most tickets completed) comes into play.

I would argue that this is a must buy for anyone who has the basic Ticket to Ride board game, since it gives large cards, and allows for a number of variations on how to play the game, making an already re-playable board game even more so.
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