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on April 20, 2012
If you enjoy tight, cutthroat maps, where claiming routes early can be a major advantage, this expansion is a must!

The India map is wonderfully creative, with so many different strategies capable of winning. You can go ticket-fishing, you can rack up tons of points with a Mandala bonus, or you can concentrate on claiming the limited long routes and ending the game quickly. No single strategy is a sure bet! In my opinion, this map has the best blend of offense and defense, and also the most striking artwork and colors in the TTR series.

I've been playing Switzerland for a few years now. Prior to India, it was my favorite. The tight map and fewer trains usually make it a fast-paced ticket-drawing contest. If I have a criticism, it's that there are fewer winning formulas. Taking a central path west to east and getting into all four countries is almost always your best bet, no matter what tickets you draw initially. For Switzerland to be really fun, you need to play defensively.

In short, if you like Ticket to Ride but wish it had more player interaction and tension, India and Switzerland will be welcome additions to your game nights.
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on March 28, 2014
Note: A copy of a base TTR game is needed to play this expansion (it comes with destination tickets and maps, but not the train cards or trains).

My fiancé and I like to play games that rely at least a little on luck and aren't too complex (for her), but that also involve some strategy and complexity (for me). We usually play two-player, and we play TTR USA with the 1912 expansion at least a few times a month. So, we decided to give a couple of the expansions a try, and Switzerland and India seemed like it had some nice additions to the game, plus a good amount of bang for the buck. We were not disappointed.

This is a wonderful addition to Ticket to Ride. You get TWO maps / sets of destination tickets, and each map introduces a new way to play vs. the base Ticket to Ride USA game (i.e., Switzerland adds tunnels and India adds ferries). We found this to be a great way to introduce these new mechanics to the game (as opposed to adding both at once as TTR Europe and TTR Nordic Countries do).

Another thing we loved is that TTR Switzerland added two new types of destination ticket:

(1) For City-to-country tickets you have to connect the city in question to one of the four countries on the map. Each country is worth a different number of points, and you get the points for the highest scoring country connection completed (and if you don't connect to any country you lose the lowest points on the ticket).

(2) For Country-to-country tickets you have to connect form the primary country to any of the other three countries. Again, each country is worth a different number of points, and you get the points for the highest scoring country you connect (and if don't connect to any country you lose the lowest points on the ticket).

Finally, for TTR India they added a fun end game bonus for connecting two cities on a destination card using two different routes (the routs can intersect but not overlap or share any trains). These are not always easy to get, and the scoring is reasonable and not game breaking when you do get them.

We have played TTR USA with the 1912 expansion, TTR Europe, TTR Nordic Countries, TTR Nederlands, and this one... I would pick up whatever TTR base set you like best (because the base set is still needed to play), and if you could only pick up one more expansion I would definitely recommend this one.
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on August 30, 2014
Welcome players to all new worlds with totally new customs and ways to succeed! Ticket To Ride is a game that transforms you into the proud entrepreneur of your very own fledgling railroad, and in order to snuff out your competition, you have to start laying down tracks in all the right places in order to win and keep your customers happy. To do this, you will be commissioned to complete various tickets, which tell you where to build and what cities you will need to connect. Be careful to complete as many tickets as you can so that you get the bonus points on each, otherwise those points will count against you instead of for you.

That being said, the original Ticket To Ride is a big hit with my family and friends, so it was only a matter of time until I purchased these expansion maps. Immediately after opening the box I knew that I hadn't made a mistake. These maps come with their own unique set of elegantly designed ticket or destination cards, so no worries about buying more stuff unless you don’t have the original game. NOTE: You MUST have the original Ticket To Ride or Ticket To Ride Europe to use these maps. This is not a standalone game. Also, this is one board with two sides. In order to use one map, the other is face down on the surface you are playing on, so be careful not to put your board down anywhere wet, grimy, or too rough else you might take home a ruined map by accident.

Now let's talk about the Swiss map. This map is small and quaintly beautiful, but it doesn't leave a lot of room for well-planned railroads like yours. Due to this, only about 2-3 players can get on the map at a time. Additionally, instead of just going from city to city, this map also throws in the element of the four surrounding countries that land-lock the Swiss. What this means is that some tickets will connect cities as in the original game, but others will include country destinations that ask you to connect different surrounding countries to certain cities on the map. The more countries you connect, the higher your points will be for that ticket! Furthermore, some routes are harder to claim than others because you have to literally move mountains to get where you are going. If you have Ticket To Ride Europe, you already know what I'm talking about. If not, then you need to be prepared to break out the shovels in this game because there are tunnels to be built! And when you build tunnels, all kinds of nasty accidents can happen, so be ready to help your miners out with some extra cards from your hand because those nasty things can stop you from getting the route you need. So get out your pickaxe equipped Swiss army knives and set to work to build the perfect international railroad in ticket to ride Switzerland!

Now let’s head south to India! This country doesn't work like Europe or America, so get ready for the culture shock of changing around the way your railroad earns end-game bonuses. Now, India is a land of beauty, and it has a lot of cities to connect. Therefore, it’s not how many routes you can get put together that counts, but the amount of routes you can manage to string together into one large loop instead. This bonus gives you extra points for creating a circular route that includes multiple completed tickets within that same route. The more tickets you complete while making a big loop on the map, the more points you will earn! This map also has water routes like the Europe map does. These are basically ferries routes; and these routes require that at least one wild or engine card be used to build them. Be sure to strategize appropriately as you build your railroad empire and keep the new twists in mind as you aim to Tour India in Ticket To Ride India!

This expansion is beautiful and just as hearty in design as the original game. The art work is detailed and unique for each country, which is highly refreshing. The box is sturdy and designed with the same feel as the originals, but it is thinner overall. The ticket cards are “full-sized” and of similar card stock as the originals, so they are not flimsy at all. Card sleeves should not HAVE to be used unless you see a ton of game play.

This is an excellent expansion for an excellent game. The twists will keep you engaged and entertained as you learn your way around foreign countries and their cities. Frustrations will be inflamed and temporary rivalries are as easily come by as truces, but nothing can stop the unrelenting advance of progress! Throw your top hat into the ring, play your cards right, and you too might be the master of the rails as you play Ticket To Ride!
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on July 7, 2013
I find the Switzerland map to be very well designed. I've literally played it over one hundred times and its still fun. There are some interesting strategies you can use and the map seems well-balanced. Great for if you are only playing 1 or 2 other people, although I think I slightly prefer to play it with only 1 other person.
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on May 8, 2016
This is the first expansion that we got for the base game (USA version) and I really love it. My wife and I are big ticket to ride fans and adding this map collection gives us a little more variety to keep us on our toes.

India is a pretty tight map, especially when you consider the Mandela bonus you get for completed routes. Basically if you complete one of your routes with two distinct paths of trains then that route gets a mandela bonus. Get this on 5 of your routes and you'll score big! I usually try and incorporate a few of my routes into some sort of circle from the game start, then pick up more routes as I go and hope to get something that doesn't require much modification to that circle.

Switzerland is very cool too, our first map to try with tunnels. Frustrating a times but funny to make fun of an opponent when they fail a tunnel 3 times in a row. On this map there are country routes, and if you can get a lot of these in your hand you are going to score well, it's not hard to score points this way. We usually run out of route cards near the end as discarded ones are eliminated from the game.

I think I prefer India, a bit more strategy to score big. My wife prefer's Switzerland because maybe I get a little too good at getting the mandela bonuses :)
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 15, 2016
NOTE: You need to have the original ticket to ride to play this because it doesn't include the train cards or plastic trains.

I love Ticket to Ride and wanted to buy an expansion. This set is great. I thought it was just India, but if you flip it, Switzerland is on the back. It includes the board as well as two card sets. (One for India, one for Switzerland.) You play with just this board and location cards, but you need to use the trains and train cards from your full set with it. I love the colors, pictures, routes, etc. on this set. So much fun!
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on March 14, 2017
Fun addition to the Ticket world.

This is an expansion version, so you will need a base version of the game (US or Europe, or maybe Nordic) in order to play this one, as you'll need the train pieces, points markers, and colored train cards that this game DOES NOT contain.

This is also a 2-in-1 game, as one side of the game board is the titular India board, while the other side is the map of Switzerland. Both game versions come with instruction sheets and their own set of route cards.
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on June 21, 2015
This volume adds TWO very enjoyable alternatives to the original European map for this game concept. Of course these are maps and cities that are just part of a game that adults play after sharing dinner together or on family vacation on a rainy day, but if you've actually visited some of these cities in greater Europe in Volume 1, the game took on added significance. Now we come to Volume 2, and we're traveling in India and Switzerland. If you have had the pleasure of visiting these countries, enjoying their sites, sounds, foods, and traditions - especially since the railroad has played such a significant role in these countries - you will enjoy the nostalgia this Volume 2 will bring as you buy your Ticket To Ride.
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on June 7, 2017
I love the USA Ticket to Ride, which I gave my grandsons for Christmas. Wanted the India version so we could enjoy it at my house when they visit. Had no idea I would pay full price for an "extension" without trains in it, so the game is useless. Hoped the company would sell trains separately, but can only find train sets on e-bay at about $8 per color, which is more than the game was. I feel these "extensions" are really rip-offs, as few folks need two of one game and some of us would like to play the games from other countries.
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on December 1, 2016
The item shipped quickly & arrived on time. I have the ticket to ride US edition; this was my first expansion pack purchase and I love it.
India: This map is particularly challenging because a lot of the single train length connections can have a big impact on routes between major cities. All of the players scramble to claim key connections and everyone gets excited/nervous when the others are taking their turn hoping that a route that they need does not get claimed. It really gets intense for more than two players. There are videos on youtube that talk about the gameplay in detail if you're interested. P.S. A lot of the city names/spellings are incorrect.

Switzerland: I do not have the original Europe map (I believe that they have "stations" that come in handy while crossing a tunnel that's already occupied by another video on youtube), but, I was still able to play that map and had a lot of fun in the process.
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