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on March 14, 2017
Fun addition to the Ticket world.

This is an expansion version, so you will need a base version of the game (US or Europe, or maybe Nordic) in order to play this one, as you'll need the train pieces, points markers, and colored train cards that this game DOES NOT contain.

This is also a 2-in-1 game, as one side of the game board is the titular India board, while the other side is the map of Switzerland. Both game versions come with instruction sheets and their own set of route cards.
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on January 9, 2017
My whole family loves TTR. This expansion actually comes with 2 maps, India and Switzerland. I think they don't advertise Switzerland as much because you can only play with up to 3 people, but my family really loves the Swiss version. It is full of tunnel routes like Europe, but the twist is that you can pick up wild cards off the board like any other card, and wilds can ONLY be used with tunnel routes. Non-tunnel routes MUST be laid with color cards only. That part can be pretty frustrating, but on the other hand, the tunnels become less intimidating.

The India map is pretty fun, but the new bonus rule of making 2 distinct routes (basically making a loop that connects the destination cities) is pretty hard to do. And it's especially hard when everyone is trying to do it at the same time with a bunch of route cards (we tend to ignore the rules and deal tons of cards to make it interesting).
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on December 14, 2014
I own the original game plus Europe, Africa and Asia and I play the games on my mac and sometimes my android phone. I love this game and all its variants. When I pull out one to play with my family though this one is my favorite. Maybe I'm bored with original and Europe which I can play on my computer (and do, a lot) but maybe its because my favorite strategy is collecting tickets. This a a great game for completing a fistful of tickets. The circular routes are a great added strategy twist. The fact that your opponent can easily thwart your planned route (there are others) makes this very exciting - you can run out of trains by having to go around. I find that my strategy and the game play are never the same and that keeps me coming back. I dearly wish they would make this available in either the mac or android app store.
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on September 23, 2017
Loved the original and loved this just as much. While the game is very similar to the original, there are a few differences that make it more fun. For India, the game gets a little more complicated and competitive. Makes for more fun though.

I would highly recommend this, even if you already have the original.

Do note, though that there is only one board and not two.
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on November 27, 2012
I've really enjoyed the base game "Ticket to Ride: Europe", but it's not an ideal game for two players. When I heard that Days of Wonder was re-releasing the "Switzerland" expansion, geared towards 2-3 players, I was ecstatic! Additionally, it was packaged with "TtR: India" a new expansion for 2-4 players. How could I refuse such an offer. This expansion has lived up to my expectations and beyond.

The Switzerland expansion is an unbelievably tight board, but doesn't really look it. Locomotives can only be used for tunnel routes (of which there are many), so you can now draft two Locomotives from the face-up piles on a single turn if you desire. Two new kinds of tickets are included: City to Country tickets require you to connect a city to one of four countries listed on a card - each worth a certain number of points. Country-to-country tickets require you to connect a certain country to one of three others. In each case, you gain the points if you've made the connection. If you connect to multiple destinations, you receive the points for the country connection with the highest points. If you fail to make any connections, you lose the lowest number of points on the card. It's incredibly fun, and goes by quickly.

The India map is a bit more traditional, and features several ferries, but no tunnels. The major change here is a new, additional way of scoring called `Mandala', which can give you up to 40 points. To qualify, you must connect the two cities on a ticket by two completely separate routes (basically, a circular route). This is best accomplished when you're able to choose tickets that fall in a circular pattern (for example, an north-to-south ticket, a southeast to northwest, and a northern west-to-east ticket). This new rule not only creates an additional layer of strategy, it adds drama to the board, making it an excellent game for 2P.

Almost every time we take this expansion out, my wife and I will play a game, then flip the board over and play the other side! To say that we like one board is better than the other would be splitting hairs, as they are both excellent in their own way. We can now have a fun and competitive game of Ticket to Ride with as few as 2 players. I highly recommend this expansion to anyone who loves the game and regularly has less than 5 players.
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on January 19, 2016
Love the Switzerland board - played in teams of two with a group of 6 people and really enjoyed. My friends and I like the Ticket to Ride trains, but none of us felt inclined to play it after looking at the map design and rules - particularly the circle bonuses. Got it for the Switzerland map and it was totally worth it. Will try India eventually.
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on April 2, 2013
This is an expansion to the USA Ticket to Ride or the Europe Ticket to Ride full game sets. It comes with a double-sided board with India on one side and Switzerland on the other.

India's version comes with a new twist of having "mandalas" instead of longest train or the most destinations. Instead you attempt to put your destinations into mandalas or circles. We love the new twist!

The Switzerland version has the same idea used in the Europe and Asia boards where you have tunnels that require 3 additional cards to be flipped and more cards potentially laid down to secure your train's route. The new twist in this board is that wild cards can only be played on tunnels and count as single cards when you are picking them up. There are also different types of destination cards where you have to connect 2 countries (includes routes to Germany, France, Italy & Austria) or a certain Switzerland city to a country. I love the variation!

Our family owns the following Ticket to Ride games: USA Complete set, Europe Complete Set, Asia, India with Switzerland, and USA 1910 expansion. I think this board is our favorite! Asia comes in a close second as it also has a double-sided board with a group play variation.
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on August 25, 2015
This is an expansion game, you will need parts from the original game. I play with my eight year old daughter and we think it is better than the original game. We played and loved Switerland from the iPad app (a good way to try before you buy) getting the India board was a bonus!
The board is reversible one side is Switerland and the other side is India. There were two decks of new tickets.
On a packaging note the outer game box was damaged, the game and pieces were fine. The shipping box was und amazed, leading me to believe the damage occurred prior to packaging and shipping. Even after filling out a packaging feedback form and sending a photo no one contacted me to discuss.
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on September 25, 2017
I wanted a small map for 2 people, and these maps suffice. I love the India map. It is a pre-partition map, so it includes other countries. There are no tunnels.
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on March 12, 2013
We bought our first Ticket to Ride game for Christmas 2011. Since then, we have ordered ALL of the games and additions. My grandson and husband love playing them. The games are made to last..........all of the pieces are sturdy and sealed in zip lock bags for storage. The colors are bright . The cards are thick and coated........not flimsy to split. The games cost a little more than the average games but they are worth every penny. Where else can you learn geography and stratagy and have so much fun? The games last a maximum of 1 hr. Each game has something different to give them a "twist". The box isn't huge - the boards fold twice. A couple of the games have a separate game on each you get 2 games for the price of one and it makes storing them easy. They are planning a Ticket to Ride marathon during spring break. Our grandson was 9 when we started with the first. He has learned so much about world geography. Nana and Papa highly recommend them!!!
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