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on March 22, 2015
There are 5 people in our house doing laundry. So, we go through a lot of detergent. I thought I'd give the pods a try. I really like the simplicity of using them. I also found they keep my laundry room cleaner. No gooey plastic cups around and no spills on the washing machine. I have two adult daughters living home and they are not the neatest people. I have had issue with them not putting the cap back on the detergent. A few times they also put it too close to the edge on top of the machine. During a high spin cycle, it ended up all over the floor. It was such a mess. So, the pods solve the messy laundry room and messy kid problems.

Given the ease of use, I wanted to reorder. I figured they were probably much more expensive than the other forms of Tide though and perhaps a luxury that I could not afford. So, I decided to do a price comparison. The results follow in order of affordability:

95 oz. powder for $11.97 (.17 per load)
72 pods for $15 (.20 per load)
50 oz liquid for $9.94 (.31 per load)

Furthermore, the pods only take up 10% of the prime pantry box whereas the powder takes up 14.4% and the liquid uses 17.6%. The liquid is clearly the worst choice. I decided the ease of use and extra 4.4% of the pantry box was worth the extra 3 cents a load for me. I hope this review helps you decide what form of Tide is right for you!
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on March 25, 2017
We go through these little guys like nobody's business. Yes, Pods are more expensive than the liquid, but my local grocery store puts out $2-3 off coupons pretty regularly so I scoop them up when they're on sale. I buy the ones in the bag, we have an old Pods container I just keep refilling with my discount bag Pods. They're very convenient, no worry about pouring too much liquid detergent in. We've been using them for about 2 years now, and don't plan on going back to liquid any time soon. They smell fantastic, they are super easy and convenient. I feel like they get my clothes just as clean as they would using the liquid or powder detergent, but the pods are more compact so it seems like I don't have to use quite as much product with a pod than I would with liquid or powder detergent. The only complaint I have is that sometimes the pods get stuck to my laundry- I found a partial tide pod and a blue detergent stain stuck on a towel after washing and drying it.
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First, I'm a loyal Tide customer. I find that Tide does a great job of cleaning my clothes, and I've used it for over 45 years. I've tried other brands on occasion, but always come back to Tide. Having said that, it was natural for me to try these pods. I LOVE them. No more big boxes of dry granules or jugs of soapy liquid. No more spilled soap or granules on the floor, though I DID have a pods "bag" tip and spill the pods on the floor. Easy clean up.

Laundry is now easier. No more measuring. No more grabbing soap, then stain cleaners, color booster, etc. One pod does it all, though I now add the pod color booster, too.

I like the container, though I wish they had stayed with the clear plastic so I can see when I'm running low, without having to open the container. (For now I transfer pods to the old clear container, and will until that container breaks.)

The pod has a nice smell, too.

So, easy to use, no spills, no huge boxes and/or jugs? No brainer. I was/am sold! Just keep them where kids can't get them!
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on June 2, 2015
Tide has always worked great and these pods are no exception. They may seem more expensive than regular liquid, but since no one in my house that does their laundry can correctly measure out regular detergent, I never get the number of loads as advertized with other liquids. These pods are a no-brainer as far as how much to use. My kids are too old to mistake these pods as candy, but they have discovered that if you play with a pod long enough it will burst all over... I do love the smell as well.
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on October 12, 2017
I like this brand the best , I was using a different brand for a few years and I can tell the difference in our clothes and how long they lasted as compared to how long they last with a different name brand we used Gain, love that stuff too , but I think Tide has it with these pods easy open tops nice smell to them and great to recycle if you are a diabetic , don't recommend it but in case you have no sharps containers this is great to hold your insulin needles in after the pods are gone too . Gets your clothes cleaner than Gain does , smells fresher longer and just a tough cleaning brand .
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I've learned one random problem that occurs with this product, as well as dishwasher soap that is in a similar package, if you store your laundry supplies in a garage that gets warm; they will tend to melt together.

I'm in the south, love this product, but I have noticed that starting in the spring/summer, the pods will melt together a little bit. This will occasionally lead to the fatality of one of the pods, or a load where I just do two that are stuck together. I would say this occurs at least once per package. It does get hot enough that even outside for two-three hours in the summer months will cause this issue even if stored in a cooler place.
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Enthusiast: Baseballon May 11, 2015
Clearly this was part of my wife's big "Pantry" order on here.

These Tide PODS are all we use on our clothes. The scent is nice and despite having three highly-allergic people in our household, no one has any allergy problems with these PODS. We have tried going cheaper with similar products from Sams, but we ended up giving those away. We also have tried the Gain as well, I prefer Gain's clean smell, but both of our kids had problems with allergies with Gain. These things are so simple to use all you have to do is toss one in per load and you end up with nice, clean, soft clothes. One of our favorite products, but they can add up in price when you have 5 people to do laundry for.
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on August 15, 2014
I love using pods to do my laundry. The scent of these Tide pods is nice, but the pods aspect is the greatest. No more measuring detergent, no more getting drips down the side of the laundry bottle and making a mess all over me or the floor or the washing machine. Not to mention for apartment dwellers without a washing machine in their unit (or condo dwellers as well) taking a pod with you to the laundry room is FAR less cumbersome than carrying a bottle of detergent.
Yes, they're a little pricier than regular detergent, but I appreciate the convenience of the pod format that its worth the price.
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on April 11, 2017
I'm loyal to Tide. When a product is consistently superior to its competition, I stay with it. Tide has always worked well for me in regards to clean and fresh smelling laundry. I have a front loading washing machine, so I love the 'no mess' aspect of the pods. I just throw the pod in with the wash and don't have a messy dispenser cup to periodically clean.
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on March 12, 2017
Most importantly . . . it works. Results in clean, fresh smelling laundry. And the convenience is super. No caps, pouring, or gooey drips. The pods come in a nice plastic flip-top container (no zip lock bags to wrestle with). Take out one or two, drop in the washer, add clothes, and go. The price is in the ballpark. Nothing not to like here.
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