Customer Reviews: Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Pellet Refill, 3.5-Pound Refill, Pack of 6
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on September 29, 2008
I have two cats (male, 12 pounds & female, 7 pounds) and just switched from the Scoop Free (because I had to scoop constantly due to my cat's litter habits) to the Breeze.

I love the Breeze because it is very easy, low maintenance, and has excellent odor control. The only negative is the maintenance cost, but I figured out the usage for my household and it's virtually the same cost as the Scoop Free system. It is not an economical system compared to scoopable litter, clay litter, or all natural litter alternatives. You are paying for convenience and the neatness. It's really mess-free and I never have to touch the pad, just dump the tray into the trash.

I'm confused by some of the poor reviews because it really is a simple system. Honestly, you'd have to be really drunk or half brain dead to screw it up. It has to be used as a complete system. It doesn't work if you try to not use the pads or take some other random cost-cutting measure. I cannot figure out how the urine pan could leak at all if you are using the pad (right side up with the green plastic side down and the absorbant white side up) and you are changing it when it becomes full. It functions like a diaper, once the absorbancy has been exhausted, that's it. You get longer life/better absorbancy if you rotate the tray since cats tend to pee in the same area of the box every time. If you have multiple cats and one box, or a large cat that pees a lot, you may need to change your pad more often, but that's specific to your cat. If you are using the box properly with any amount of common sense applied, it will not leak.

The bag of pellets is sparse, but that's because it is just supposed to let the urine pass through and give your cat a comfortable environment to allow burying. The pellets are not meant to absorb the urine, or stick to the poop. They do recommend that you completely change the pellets every month, so you don't really want to put in more than you need for your cat's comfort. Both my cats are quite content with one pack. There is no tracking with these pellets, I rarely find more than two or three pellets on the floor near the box. I do not find that the pellets remove any odor from the solid waste. I do notice an odor right after my cat has a bowel movement, or if the box is left longer than day without scooping out the solid waste. I scoop daily into a litter locker and have no odor in the general areas of the box (unless there is something very fresh). My pads last a full week, I do have to rotate them once. I have never smelt urine from this box.

I do want to point out that because we have two cats and three levels of the house we did add additional boxes per the mfg recommendation (which I thought was crazy initially), however, it really did improve my cats' litter habits. One cat was using alternative (and undesirable) areas to relieve herself (like my suitcase, laundry basket, etc.) Once I put in multiple boxes, that behavior completely stopped.

We have three boxes for the two cats, one at each level: basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor. The pads generally last at least a week for all boxes, occasionally one box will be used less and a pad will last two weeks. The pellets are still odor free after 6 weeks. I agree that the refill costs are high, but as I said, comparable with the ScoopFree system, but this was actually cleaner and easier given the unique habits of my cats. For me, the cost is worth the ease, convenience and general cleanliness of the system.
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on March 13, 2015
I just wish I would've found this system sooner I bought the I robot cat litter box for $300 and it was good however this is much better for my situation now one of the best things is on Eco friendlyand I wash the pellets every month I have two sets I use a linen drawstring bag put the dirty pellets and it ,cleaned it for about 10-15 minutes ,then hanging on the line to dry and I have new pellets for the next month,my cat took to it the very moment I took her cat litter box away she has no problem with it and it's super easy to clean pads last me a week to 10 days for one
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on October 26, 2008
I got my 6-pack in a larger bag that was packed in a cardboard box about 2 weeks ago - no tears or rips in any of the packs. Thanks to the Amazon Subcription Service, cat litter is now delivered to my door with free shipping and I don't have to lug a 20lb bag from the store anymore.

Reason for the 4 stars: Poop still sticks to the pellets and I lose a few everytime I scoop, and it does not control poop odor. But that's ok, I just use an air freshener spray. I use 1.5 bags each time since 1 pack doesn't seem to be enough.

Anyway, the pellets are washable! I was curious - so I tried and the pellets weren't all that dirty anyway as I had already scooped the dirty (pop-covered) ones out. I poured the used litter into the bottom part of an old hooded litter box that had hot water and detergent in it (I use the hood for the Breeze litterbox!). I let it soak for about 20 mins whilst I washed and dried the Breeze litter box, changed the pee pad, and poured in a new bag of litter. I used an old kitchen/dish brush that has a long handle and sort of "scrubbed" the used pellets in the soapy water for a few minutes and then drained the water into the toilet bowl and then rinsed it out a number of times until the water was clear. Drained it as much as I could, and then left the box in the bathtub with the window open to air-dry it, and closed the tub screen so my cat wouldn't think he had an extra litter box in the bathtub! The pellets were clean and completely dry within 2-3 days. Kinda interesting that it can be washed and we're not generating more garbage to pollute the earth. Plus, for anyone wanting to save some money....
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on March 29, 2011
Was VERY leary of this working as advertised. There are 6 cats in the household now that 2 household have been combined due to the rough economy. I hated the regular clumping cat litter, litter got every where and it smelled with in 2 days of changing out the litter of all of the cat boxes even with being scooped out 1-2 times a day. We have 5 cat boxes in the house, I alone was going through 56 lbs of clumping litter every 2 weeks in my 3 boxed (2 cats/ and 2 boxes are not mine to upkeep) Everytime my sister in law would come over, she would tell me my cat boxes stink and I should try the litter she uses. Well now she comes over and says "wow, I don't smell cat boxes as all...I need to get that for my cats"

I did what was recomended, setting it up next to the old boxes, putting a cup of the pellets in their old boxes and letting their old boxes get dirty. After 3 days...they still had not used the breeze system. I was fretting...and the stench from dirty boxes was melting the paint on the walls...not to mention my nose hairs were permenently gone. So I risked it... removed the old boxes. And now I don't have litter in my bed, don't have litter on the bathroom floors. I can love my cats again....well until they do something that....well you know what cats can do...
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on February 10, 2015
Well, I think everyone has said what I need to say. Like others I tried EVERYTHING and couldn't get the smell out of my house. And my cat is 19 and I've had him since the day he was born. So I've been dealing with the smell for 19 years!!!! It was so embarrassing. I have the breeze inside right by my garage door in my house. So I walk by it several times a day. And even when I haven't been home, I walk in and there's NO smell. It has been life changing like others have said. I'm so mad I didn't discover this earlier. Oh, and I painted my breeze litter box to match my pantry 😊
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on September 16, 2011
Awesome product! A little on the pricey side but well worth it. The litter does not disolve allowing liquid waste to pass through to the pad below. I simply pick up sold waste in a sandwich bag and disregard. The pad below aborbs a HUGE amount of urine. I have 11 Breeze boxes in my cattery which has saved me 2 hours daily of cleaning litter boxes. It also keeps our hairless cats so much cleaner. It's not so much of a sand box for them to play in digging and burying their waste. Tracking is cut to a minimum.
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on June 28, 2013
We have tried most litter systems on the market for our three cats, including many self-scooping machines. Finally, in desperation we went back to just a plain pan and sand, and that soon reminded us of why we bought and tried out so many devices over the years. We are confined to a small space for the litter, need two pans, and our cats are all over ten years old. We were about to give up and live with the messes and smell when we spotted The Breeze Litter System by Tidy Cats on Amazon. We were tired of the search and skeptical of the unique Breeze system with its pads and pellets, wondering if the cats would even use it. We bought and set up two systems, the cats adapted immediately, and it has proved to be the very best we have ever used.
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on February 8, 2016
My cat took a long time to convert for her poo. She was reslient in moving over for urine but I let the old get really dirty and she went right outside the box. finally I cleaned the old box, did not put litter in it and left it next to the box. she took 3 days to have a bowel movement - I believe we were doing battle - then she finally succumbed. I have had this in place 3 weeks and she just gave in. I am happy - it is a great system and I will find the economic way to get replacements. The cost is a bit high for maintenance but this cat is my first and I did not know what litter maintenance was and I did not like it.
This cat was an outside cat for over a year and she and I are new acquaintances but we are learning together and now I know she is converted - I was ready to send it back so don't forget to try the side by side with no litter if you have difficulty.
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on October 13, 2014
Like most cat owners, I hate dealing with cat litter. Clay litters are heavy and need to be scooped and emptied often. Pellet litters (pine, newspaper) break down quickly. Silica litter is jagged and hurts when you step on it. I have tried other litters (corn, wheat, etc.) and they just seem to be more expensive, "greener" versions of clay. And my biggest pet peeve... they ALL track. Depending on the litter, the distance to which cats track the litter varies. My last litter went everywhere: floors, the couch, my bed, the dining table and on and on. So gross even for a veteran cat owner.

Breeze is great. Urine passes through the mordenite pellets and the screen to a pad below, which leaves just the poop to scoop. Very little of the pellets stick to the poop. Yes, the pads are wasteful (a diaper essentially), but considering that 3.5 pounds of this litter lasts 3-4 weeks in my apartment with two cats, it is way less waste than its predecessor. I was going through 20+ pounds of that litter in the same time period. And the best part is that it doesn't track! The cats kick a handful of pellets out of the box, but they're easy to see and pick up.

This may not be the litter for everyone and every cat, but it has been great for me and my two cats. Many improvements over its competitors. It is aptly named: Breeze.
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on February 25, 2016
My cat definitely prefers his old clumping pine litter (I liked it except for the tracking of crumbles on my floors). While he still manages to kick out some of these pellets they are easy to pick up. On the other hand, he uses it reluctantly and prefers my bathroom rugs if I leave them down. Even after moving the box out of the bathroom he ends up pooping and peeing there. I like the way the rugs look and I can only wash them so many times. So I've persisted with it because of the easy clean up of the box but wish he loved it too. One thing that seems to help is to replace the pad more frequently (after 3-4 uses/every 2-3 days) which costs more and I sprinkle arm and hammer pet deodorizer on the pad.
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