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Tiffen 52mm UV Protection Filter
Size: 52mm|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$6.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 8, 2016
Although I have no issues with the speed of delivery and condition of this product as delivered, I had lingering questions about a telephoto lens that I used this filter with. I was afraid that the curious lack of quality in my pictures was due to a bad lens. However, when I took some pictures under controlled conditions, i found that most of my quality issue were not the lens but rather this filter. Time after time, pictures without the filter were much clearer and with little distortion versus those taken with this filter. I can only conclude that the filter was of particularly poor quality or it wasn't of the parentage that was suggested. I suppose that I should have been more suspicious of the attractive price relative to other similar filters of other brands.
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on September 26, 2017
A decent, low cost lens filter. As mentioned in another review, lens filters can be costly and I'm sure there must be some benefits to those. But, for my photography I just don't realize the differences I guess.

This filter protects my lens, offers decent clarity without any noticeable distortion, and it appears to be well made. The glass is thin, coated, and the mounting ring holds it securely, with no looseness. It threads easily into my lens and is snug.
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on December 6, 2015
My tripod is a POS, w/5 thousand levers. My first time setting my camera on the tripod, it fell on my hardwood floor - no damage. Weeks later, 2nd fall from tripod, the lense hit the floor first. My new upgraded Nikkor lense didn't shatter, because I had this Tiffen protection. I week never buy a cheap UV cover again (or tripod). I ordered a few more for my other lenses. I never thought I'd be that idiot that drops their camera, but I was one of them TWICE! WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY- IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY IN THE LONG RUN!
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on June 7, 2013
I purchased this filter as it was practically the cheapest cost, while still having a decent reputation. I have a Tiffen 52mm Circular Polarizing filter, and I love it, so I figured this would be good buy. I don't know if I received an item that someone previously returned, but the item was not sealed. It also shook around in the container; nothing was holding it in place. The previous filter that I had purchased from Amazon (the Tiffen 52mm) was held in place by a foam insert and a mini product catalogue. While the foam insert was on one side of this 72mm filter, there was nothing on the other side holding it in place, and it was able to shift around quite easily in the box.

The filter was dirty, and had some smudges (they did not look like fingerprints). So, I took out my lens cloth and attempted to clean both sides of the filter. I managed to get out the smudges, but there was a lot of fibers left on the glass. I tried to use a air rocket to remove them, but they did not budge. I then took out another lens cleaning cloth (different type) and attempted to wipe the filter again. It removed some of the fibers, but left a lot more. I once again tried the air rocket to no avail. I tried again with both of the lens cleaning cloths that I own and I could not get the fibers off. They seem have melded with the glass somehow, mimicking scratches in the glass. I cannot use the filter in that condition.
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on September 22, 2015
The glass, ..if that is what this is made with, scratches quickly, and seems impossible to prevent. from getting covered with fine scratches...I'm always very careful when cleaning lenses, and my lenses look fine, after many more uses, or cleanings, than this UV Filter had... Tiffen has been in this business a long time, but why do they allow their name to be associated with something such as this disposable, unacceptable, 'toy version'. It's possible that I ordered from the wrong supplier, and just got a 'counterfiet'...I would have to look at my order records to try and guess. If I care about getting clear photo images, it's not worth worrying about UV, when the filter surface has been clouded up with scratches. After just two, or three uses, when I looked at the 'glass' area closely, I just accepted the fact that I bought a 'one time use', like a disposable camera, product..
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on January 2, 2015
It's hard to rate these higher than a put them on your lens to keep the lens clean and largely forget about them. Besides, digital cameras don't really need UV protection. I do shoot film, though, and swap lenses between film and digital Canon cameras, so I guess in that case, it makes sense to think about UV protection.

Experience says that you DO want ones that are well built, with threads that don't make a mess for the 3 times a year you take them off because you dropped your lens, to clean the lens inside or to stack another filter. You break them, you scratch them, you get another one and your lens stays nice.
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on December 21, 2013
My experience with these Tiffen filters has been great.

They feel solid, they are affordable and do their job. I have purchased UV, CPl and linear polarizers (to make a variable neutral density filter). However, here I'm writing about the UV.

I have not had one with defects (purchased approximately 10 of different diameters). The glass is clean and reliable. I broke one due to an impact and I was glad I had it. It was like realizing you have collision on your car insurance after a crash.

The threads are reliable and pretty smooth. It is unlikely for a smaller (relatively speaking) diameter filter to 'get stuck' on the lens and these are no exception. I will purchase again unless quality or price change negatively.
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on July 15, 2017
Appears to be previously used or at least opened. Plastic case not sealed. Glass loose in filter mount with minute scratches and noticeable finger print on glass. Return not available per Amazon. I guess it did not cost enough. I have purchased other brands of filters that were great but at a higher price. First and last time for a Tiffen filter. I will spend more and get a better grade filter.
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on January 12, 2017
The product is well built but the glass reflects a lot of light which means the pictures are not as good as they can be.

There are much better products for some $25 which are worth the extra expense.

I ended up buying another better one in a brick-and-mortar store where I could actually *see* the difference. I recommend you do the same.
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on January 16, 2016
Great product. There is no change to the photos, and I buy these with all of my girlfriend's lenses for the simple layer of protection. DEFINITELY worth it on that alone! We nearly lost a lens when she fell in Arches National Park, but the UV protector took the hit first and cracked... saving the $800 lens behind it. They also protect from small scratches if there is ever dust in the lens cap at all. Like I said, I buy one with each and every new lens and it goes on first thing and stays there!
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