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on June 10, 2015
Seems to hold a good seal but mine arrived with serious cosmetic damage to the lid.
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on January 30, 2014
We roast our own coffee and use Tightvac Coffeevacs for storing whole beans.

Most of the critical comments about the Coffeevac -- no matter which size or color -- on Amazon seem to represent a misunderstanding about how coffee stales. The Coffeevac does not create much of a vacuum, just enough to seal the lid to the canister. But a vacuum doesn't do much in the way of keeping coffee fresh.

The Coffeevac's one way valve, only operates when the lid is closing. Afterwards, the canister is sealed and will not release gas. However, the gas released by coffee is carbon-dioxide which does not cause coffee to stale.

It's true the Coffeevac is made out of plastic, not stainless, or magic unobtanium. However the Coffeevac is reasonably priced and works as well or better than anything else at any price.

Unfortunately, it does not come in red. Red would be nice.

The Coffeevac will slow bean staling by about 3X - 4X compared to hopper or ordinary coffee jar storage. How you brew makes a difference in terms of how you'll perceive both resting and freshness. For espresso use we find that gives us an ideal rested/freshness window of 8 - 21 days ish post-roast. Beans roasted for non-espresso stabilize and stale quicker; and their window is 3 - 14 days ish.

If you want to hold your beans at "peak freshness" for longer periods, you'll need to do some careful freezing.
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on January 28, 2013
As other reviewers mentioned, this is not a vacuum seal container, rather it displaces air when you push the lid down on the container and then forms a tight seal leaving some air behind. I use a french press daily and grind my own beans to hold in the container. I have had my latest batch in there for 2+ weeks now and the brew tastes the same as it did two weeks ago. Not sure how long the flavor will hold but in my case it is long enough.
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on November 27, 2013
After my earlier purchase of a BeanSafe, I realized that I was in need of additional coffee bean storage capacity so I decide to give the Tightvac a try. I like it, but not as much as the BeanSafe. The Tightvac is rather large compared to the BeanSafe, The Tightvac is 7 3/4 inches tall, where the BeanSafe is 6 1/2 inches tall. That might not seem like a significant difference, but depending on the clearance of your cupboards it could be.

The BeanSafe uses four clasps around the top of the container to secure your beans and has a valve in the top to force air out. The Tightvac uses a button on the side of the top piece that you depress when you want to secure your beans. As you press the top piece down (with the button pushed in) air is forced out. As other reviewers have mentioned, this does not form a perfect vacuum, but it comes pretty close and gives the CO2 from your beans a way to escape. The TIghtvac works best when the lower chamber is full of beans.

The BeanSafe feels sturdier; the Tightvac's walls are fairly thin and I suspect they would not hold up as well if dropped. All in all, I am reasonably happy with the Tightvac but would recommend the BeanSafe instead if you choose only one solution.
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on September 14, 2016
I use mine to store my fresh, ground coffee. Does a stellar job for that application however I would imagine it's further applications are virtually endless. Essentially stopping wherever your mind stops. If you're looking for a reliable, airtight & relatively portable container, look no more, this is your last stop!

*Clairfying disclaimer* - I originally intended on using this photo to leave a positive review for "Death Wish Coffee Co." as I'm insanely addicted to their coffee, so please disregard the stickers applied to my tube, they don't come with it.
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on October 19, 2014
2 stars because of the incredibly misleading product name and description - there is NO vacuum involved in this product! It is NOT oxygen free! It does not vent CO2! I'm surprised US consumer law (or Amazon) allows them to use the terms 'vacuum' and 'oxygen free'.

In fact there is not even an (absolutely) airtight seal (though it's close enough). Others have stated this (I'm not sure why I didn't take notice). The lid has a snug interference fit with the canister (meaning they just slide together). There is a button in the lid you need to press to allow the lid to slide on or off, but all the air in the can is still in there and, of course, gets refreshed every time you open it. It doesn't get vacuumed out when you close it (which is the impression you get). The button merely allows the volume of air in the lid out as you close it. So you might just as well use a screw or snap on lid. In fact you could get a better air seal. There is no magic involving air here. It's just a jar with a fancy lid.

I was looking for the ultimate coffee bean storage, but this isn't it - you're probably better off just using the valved bags the beans come in as you can squeeze excess air out of them. If you put 1/2 pound of coffee in this jar there is still half a container of air in there helping your coffee age. Even if you fill it there is still air (and therefore oxygen) in there around the beans BECAUSE THERE IS NO VACUUM.

Repeat - there is no vacuum - there isn't even a way for excess coffee gas to escape (like the Friis apparently does). There is no way for excess CO2 to escape - the 'vent' only vents when you push the button.

Having said that it is still a handy, durable container. I would return them except it would cost too much. I can't believe Amazon lets Tightvac get away with this false description.
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on November 7, 2014
{See edit below!) Just be warned: I bought this because it is sold as a "1 pound" container - but check the dimensions before you buy - it's big enough to hold probably 2 or more pounds of coffee beans. Having said that, it closes quite snugly but it is not completely air-tight. It's made so well that I'm going to order the 1/2 pound one which I think -- based on the dimensions -- should hold a 12-ounce bag of the coffee beans I use.

EDIT: I gave this to my son, and he says it exactly holds one pound of coffee beans PLUS a small coffee measure. I forgot that most coffee is sold in 12-ounce bags now. Both of us love this container - the lid fits very snugly and keeps the coffee fresh. I use the 1/2 lb size now and just put all the beans in that will fit when I open a new bag, and use up the beans in the bag for the 3 or 4 ounces that won't fit. The lid fits so snugly that you can lift the container up by the lid and it won't come off until you press the button on the side of the lid.
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on November 29, 2016
This is a great product. My wifi got one and I was amazed at the simplicity of how the vacuum seal worked by using just the tolerance of the plastic and not using rubber seals. The container looked so much better than the ugly Folgers can sitting on the counter. I honestly have nothing but good things to say about the design and functionality. HOWEVER, i'm giving this one star until the Coffeevac marketing team gets the message to NOT PUT one of those impossible to get off stickers directly on the top of the unit!!! You know, the paper kind that leave behind the paper residue and are impossible to get off. I started to physically scrap the residue off but was worried it would scratch the top. I then resorted to nail polish remover, but, guess what? The nail polish remover chemically etched the top surface as it reacted with the plastic. I wiped the nail polish remover over the entire top so it would at least be a matte finish rather than a shinny blochy mess. Other than that, this product is 5 starts.

TL:DR - Great product design, simple, and aesthetically pleasing. It get's 1 star because the marketing team put an impossible to remove sticker on the top and the nail polish remover I had to use chemically etched the surface.
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on October 7, 2013
I gave this to my husband as one of his Christmas gifts, since he had recently gone from coffee drinker, to coffee connoisseur and needed the gear to go with it.

This works very well to keep a few days worth of fresh ground coffee (it holds at least a 1lb bag worth, we just don't grind that much at a time) tasting good and we were VERY pleased with it aesthetically and functionally. Only issue came a few months after purchase when the lid spontaneously cracked making it unable to seal. We ordered a replacement lid from the manufacturer, but were nonetheless disappointed at the quality of the lid. My husband, being the resourceful man he is, found other reviews online about this product also saying that the lid cracked for other customers.

It is a nice product when it's working properly, but if I were to buy another one for someone, I would buy a different brand due to the cracking/cheaply made lid.
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on August 22, 2012
I found these neat coffee vacuum containers while I was looking for the best way to store my precious coffee beans. I like the idea of how they work, although I'm not sure that the seal does everything they say it does. My coffee seems fresh, and every time you open/close the container you get a nice waft of the fresh coffee. My only complaint with this container is that the release button is at the top of the canister. I find myself, and other people, picking the container up with one hand by grasping the lid. Sometimes your finger ends up on the button, and more than a few times I've almost had the lid slide off. Other than this, theres not much more I would change about this product.
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