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on April 11, 2015
To start with- these are going to be my go-to winter boots for the next few years. I won't be using them in a real work environment, though if I need booth these will be what I use.

The price at first was a bit hard to swallow. I'm generally one to purchase cheap, and use them 'till they die. I figured since I'll be seasonally in a colder and snowier climate, I needed *real* winter boots, ones that were comfortable, insulated and long-lasting (unlike what I had for boots before).

Out of the box these were comfortable in almost every way for me. While I'm not used to the steel toe, they're nicely insulated, sealed around the base of the boot and the leather looked nice. They have some heft to them (weight), but that's not a big deal and was expected.

One problem to boot (heh, bad puns) was the leather surface. While I really do like the look of the dark boot, buying the dark brown color versus the tan color was a BAD idea. Nicks and marks on the leather surface show far easier than they would on the tan colored boot. Also, when the boot gets dirty or worn one way, the color changes a bit until the leather is cleaned or "groomed" the proper way. Kind of strange, to be honest. Since the leather is also unsealed, you can't really condition it or treat it as if it was sealed leather.

These may sound like silly complaints, but for someone who wants a pair of boots that last a LONG time, the wear that has shown on the leather surface of the boots is a little concern worthy.

Other than appearance though, so far they have stood the test of winter (all 5 weeks I put them through, so not an actual full winter season). I've rinsed them off three times, used them in almost foot-high snow, and scratched them (accidentally) climbing over rocks to take photos for some school-related projects.

I'll update my review in the future if anything changes as far as functionality or wear goes. As of right now, I do like these boots, but don't really have much to compare them to. I know everyone says either LL Bean or Timberlands are the boots to buy...but while they are nice, the leather seems a bit sensitive to damage to last a long time.

We'll see. As of now, I'd recommend these, but if you expect your boots to get damaged (scratched, or roughed up whether from work or accidentally) don't expect them to wear nicely. Also, not sure if this is a cause for concern, but the sealing that was at the bottom of the boot when I bought them appears to have separated a bit. Not sure why.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions.
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on November 6, 2017
They are mighty small I ordered a 12 since I normally wear an 11.5, had to return them and get a 13 for them to fit. But that was just the ordering, if you want work boots, it's not these. They are nice, until you wear them in. You quickly find out it's not a solid sole. It's rubber over some foam junk that wears down fast. Wont stop a nail if you step on one. Once you wear any small bit off of the sole your feet will be constantly soaked. The outer layer is very very thin, about 1/8 inch or less or as someone in the trades will point out, about 3 days on a roof thick. The thin sole also splits, very fast, I had them about 3 months when the seam split in half, glued it back together and two months later the soles had gotten to the point where there was so little tread left it was like walking in socks when there was a puddle. You've got about 6 months of life in these if you do any work in them. Oh and yeah...not waterproof, even remotely. I soaked the leather in mink oil after the first time they got wet.
review image
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on February 10, 2018
Love, love, LOVE these shoes. My job entails a lot of walking, standing and sometimes running so it behooves me to wear shoes that are comfortable and kind to my feet. These Timerland PROs have not disappointed me. I've been wearing these boots to work everyday since I received them. They've been worn in rain, sleet and heavy snow and they performed wonderfully. My feet remained dry and warm. The boots have a little weight to them but they're not nearly as heavy as some of the other steel-toe boots I've owned. In addition to being comfortable, they're easy to clean, can be worn casually or for something a little dessier and they seem durable. But only time will tell how durable they really are. As an added bonus they make me look taller. :)
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on January 25, 2013
I'll start right off with what I didn't like and kept these from 5 stars so I can go into detail with why I still recommend them above any other boot I've worn. They are on the chunkier side in terms of sheer mass compared to some other steel-toes I've worn. The good thing about a less bulky boot is that you have greater ease moving in them and they feel more natural. There's also an aesthetic argument about the cartoonishness of big boots, however hopefully you're not thinking of steel-toes for the aesthetics. Also, having holes instead of hooks for the top 2 loops is a minor pain. You just have to lace-up every time you put them on.

These boots are exceptionally comfy. They run a bit narrow, but they have excellent support and are tight without cutting off circulation or giving you bruises. I'd chalk this up to the extensive padding. I wore these boots all day the first time I had them and felt better than most good days in my old boots.

The soles for these boots are thick. They'll give you 2 inches. If you're on the shorter side like me, it's a bit of a blessing. They're also secured against electrical surges so you don't get fried if a live wire drops on a treadplate you happen to be standing on. The grip is nothing short of excellent. I haven't had the chance to try it on snow or ice yet, but it holds on dead leaves and slick pavement. It makes the clunkyness bearable.

They are also waterproof up to your ankle due to tight stitching/seams, and a sewn-in tongue. Doesn't seem helpful until that puddle was a little deeper than you thought. Whoops. These boots will ensure your socks are still warm and dry. When it's 37 out, that's kind of a big effin' deal as our VP once put it.

The steel on the toe is thick and the weight gives you some comfort when you hold the boot in your hand. It will save your little piggies should you suffer the misfortune of having something heavy land on your foot. That's kind of the idea.

On another note, on at least one instance in my life I was glad of having a pair of steel-toes as I sat at a bar with a friend in a rough area. The bouncers had metal detectors. We went back to the car and I dropped off my SOG Trident that I typically carry and my buddy dropped off his Smith and Wesson. Point is, in a pinch, a steel-toes are like brass-knuckles for your feet that can't get taken off you due to a metal-detector. Stay safe out there.

Great pair of boots, can't go wrong with them. I got them for $100 and was pleased as pie with the arrangement.
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on October 26, 2016
Strange, I buy these boots almost every year, depending on wear - sometimes from Amazon, sometimes direct from Timberland when they have them in stock. I always buy the same size in 2E (wide). The pair I just received fit a bit tighter than usual and at least half a size smaller then previously - my big toes are pushed right up against the front of the boot. I'm returning for a refund and buying direct from Timberland instead since they have them in stock at present, even though a bit more expensive than Amazon.
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on August 16, 2016
These were purchased for my husband. Even though they are labeled as wide, the shoes are still a bit narrow. The length was fine but they are definitely designed for a more narrow foot. He still wears them and says they're comfortable after he breaks them in but the width is not as wide as they "should" be for a wide size in my opinion.
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on June 14, 2016
These were a great fit! I had never ordered work boots online before, but read the reviews on this boot and decided to go for it. The arch support is not super noticeable in these boots, but my son's job required him to have the nail-proof inserts to prevent punctures and nails going thru his boots.LaCrosse Men's Flex Shield Insoles,Black,13 M. If you are looking for a good boot, this is the one I would buy again when he finally wears them out. Timberland PRO Men's 26038 Direct Attach 6" Steel Toe Boot,Black,13 W
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on December 28, 2017
This is my second pair of these I bought . The first pair lasted a year and a half . It would have been longer I sliced them by mistake with a razor . I’m very hard on my boots I remodel houses . The reviews claiming the front wares a little well there work boots they all do that . I’ve been trough dozens of boots and take my word for it these are the best I’ve had .
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on January 1, 2018
Great work boots, good price. No issues returning 1st pair to small. Timberlands are cut wide, I have really wide ft. 2nd pair fit well with larger size.
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on January 7, 2017
The boots felt a bit stiff at first but now I am walking all day with them with no issues. Have been through many puddles and heavy rains with no signs of water getting through. The real test is over time but so far so good. My last Timberlands lasted many years so expecting the same with my new pair.

UPDATE: Sadly, after just a little over a year, one of the boots is no longer is water resistant. Rain just soaks through. There are no tears or rips so I do not understand why this has happened. I did not have this problem with my last Timberlands so am not satisfied. I have had to lower my rating because one boot is useless in wet conditions.
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