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on November 8, 2015
This game could've been better. Every attack performed by the character shakes or rattles the screen. Every attack performed by the opponent does the same. The camera view constantly moves, shakes, and gets repositioned during battle sequences. You dodge and the camera zooms in. It is very difficult to follow along with these camera movements. I find myself feeling fatigued after a few minutes in a battle and sick and tired of the screen shaking. Also, the colors change when you use the rifles so it is like the screen blinks and shakes. Hey, I can hear the gunshots in the game, I don't need to see them that way. That's just a way to make someone feel car sick.

Some of the skits in the story are funny. Some are boring and irrational. The battles take a long time until you get better gear. And a long battle means I feel sick from the camera work in this game. If you want to basically attack a few times, block, repeat for 5 minutes, then this is a game for you. There is little to no variety in the attack sequences and the opponents utilize the SAME sequence every time. So you just time around that, save up your energy bar, unleash a magic attack, and voila.

Fighting up close is a visual nightmare. The screen also shakes and blinks and the movements are unnatural with the camera's obsessed zoom level changes and viewpoint changes.

I cannot fix the camera perspective nor stop the camera from rapidly zooming in or out during battles. That camera nonsense makes this game unplayable for me. While the story is a laugh at times, I prefer having no headaches.

I've played games with rapid action sequences and not had this kind of physical distress. Rapidly changing the camera and blinking the screen with different colors ought to be classified as an assault on one's senses.
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on June 27, 2016
This game can be fun when you learn how it the battle system works, although the battle system could use some polish (more fluidity). Music ranges from silly to addicting (Towa's battle theme is an example of one of the good tracks in this game). The game never becomes serious at all; so the plot and characters are silly altogether. It is lighthearted, silly and stupid fun. Of course there are a lot of things that could have been improved. Every characters are hand-drawn, which looks gorgeous, however, the frames in animation during gameplay are rather limited; it could have been more fluid. Gameplay can get repetitive and drawn out. I give praise to some tracks in the OST, but there are some unbearable ones as well and the audio engineering in some places does not help either. Voice acting is fine in English, but you could always change it to Japanese if English dubs are not your preference. All in all though, the game overall was actually fun.
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on April 24, 2017
It's stupid and cute all at the same time. I don't hate it, but it's only good for a one-time playthrough for me. The animation is nice, though, although some shots can be VERY repetitive.
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on March 27, 2016
This wasn't really hitting it for me. I love the graphic and sound tracks, the story line and character is okay, a little annoying but still interesting. However, I tend to enjoy a bit more freedom on the battlefield so the one on one limited movements didn't really cut it for me. Also the way they move around on the map is limited as well, maybe this would be better fitted as a ps vita or ds game because in my opinion, if I'm playing it on the big screen then I should be able to enjoy the whole surrounding area as well. Or maybe I'm just do used to the other tales of.... set up.
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on May 12, 2014
Really it should be easy to tell from reading the product description that Time and Eternity is not the next groundbreaking title. I think it should go without saying this game is intended for a specific audience that enjoys anime and manga books and movies. The humor can be campy but it is part and parcel for the medium.

Gameplay is simple and easy to master. Role playing game (RPG) veterans will have absolutely no issue picking up this title and running through it. Gamers not fond of RPG titles, or dialogue heavy games, should avoid this title.

Graphics are good and the art layer style is unique but definitely not an earth-shattering experience.

I like this game, but I would not include it on a list of my favorites.
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on September 3, 2016
Game play is slow and I really cannot get past the truly terrible dialogue.
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on February 8, 2017
strange but loads of fun.
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on July 2, 2014
I love NIS games. I love the art, I love the color, I love the Japaneseness of it all.... I just love seeing uber Japanese anime RPGs come stateside...

I heard very very bad things about Time and Eternity, but being an NIS fan, i decided to just go for it. I love the Ar Tonelico games, and the Atelier series is one of my favorite series ever And I even love Mugen Souls and Hyperdimension Neptunia, which aren't really loved by critics at all.

I played Time and Eternity for about 4 hours before I decided that I have better RPGs with which to spend my free time.

The art itself is very cute, but the problem is that the animation is jerky and weird. I'm no expert, but the battle animations look like they are missing frames and the repetitive story animations are jerky and feel completely unpolished. The dungeons are barren and boring, and so... so very long.

The random encounters are absolutely dreadful, to the point where I was rolling my eyes every time I entered a random encounter. The battles are too long and repetitive (even on easy) and simply require you to mash the x button repeatedly. Some of the enemies even inexplicably will become immune to damage after one hit before they return to a damageable state, further prolonging every battle. It takes forever to level up and it takes forever to get to a story point in a dungeon... everything just felt like a time suck in the worst way possible.

The gameplay basically breaks down into conquer so and so dungeon, reach the story point, fight an annoying boss, and then return home for a tea party with your vapid girlfriends.

This leads to my next problem in the game. The dialogue is... terrible. It's not even so terrible it's funny, and it's not clever, or witty, or funny or... anything at all. The voice acting is ok at best and at least brings something to the dialogue, but the blatant lack of effort to sync dialogue with lip movement is apparent and very distracting. Most of the dialogue consists of "OMG, that enemy, I've never met is like SO cute, he's SO hot, can you hook me up with him next time you battle him??", "OMG, I'm rich don't even speak to me because I'm rich and stuff" "Will Towa whip me now that's her second personality is mean?" "Will the girls include me in their bath time?" ETC ETC

All of it is very bland, stupid dialogue and surprisingly banal considering that the main character is about to be murdered during her upcoming wedding day... but OMG, let's talk about cute boys and other nonsense. Zach, the main boy character, constantly talks about childish perverted things he wants to do with the main character. Um, you're getting married and you haven't even kissed her or taken a bath together?? Ok.

I'm all for silly dialogue about cute boys and sexual innuendos, but it just feels so out of place, childish and pointless. it's hard to describe without really taking a look at some of the conversations in the game for yourself.

Basically, the boring battles, the bland story that moves at a snails pace, atrocious characters, painful dungeons and low budget jerky animation don't really add up to much. My least favorite NIS game unfortunately. If you like NIS, do yourself a favor and pick up something... anything else from them.
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on June 5, 2015
This was actually a fun game. With a bit of grinding and doing all the quest it's not crazy hard.
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on June 5, 2014
Quite a fun game, different than most RPG games in general, but entertaining, I'm satisfied. I think any one that gives it a chance will be too.
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