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on October 19, 2010
Note: I purchased the software directly from Time Passages rather than getting it through Amazon when I saw the reviews here. I had considered Halloran's AstrolDeluxe and WinsStar and another software before I purchased this one.

Last year, when my PC crashed and I switched back to a Mac computer, I was surprised at how few astrology software programs are available for Mac. I decided at that time not to get Time Passages and to just use my astro.com membership to store charts until I could find the right software. At the time, I thought the pop up windows would distract me.

After trying the demo this weekend, I decided to purchase Time Passages after all. I wanted an advanced software which would allow bi-wheel and tri-wheel charts (this allows you to compare a birth chart to another person's chart or to look at a birth chart, progressed chart, and transits side by side). I also wanted a program which would generate reports. Time Passages offers a Natal Report and a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month report. You can pay extra to get the compatibility and relationship reports or the astro map report. And, next year, they will have another add-on solar return report.

This makes it easy to have a report to give friends and family or to your clients. I purchased the Advanced version for $199, plus the commercial license for $179 plus the compatibility and relationship reports (which are about $119 each or $199 for both, though if you buy the software and commercial license, they do give you a discounted rate).

The Transit reports are very long and detailed. For example, the 12 month report was over 90 pages. The 6 month report was around 50 pages.

I found that I actually do like the ability to click on the aspects in a chart and see the description as I'm an intermediate astrology student and there are a few aspects I'm not as comfortable with. It also gives descriptions of the overall chart pattern (funnel, splatter, open angle, etc.).

For the beginner, they have cheaper versions of the software which don't have the ability to pass on the reports (which is what is offered here on Amazon). This software is a really good learning tool because it's very interactive and the descriptions of aspects and transits are written in understandable English rather than something only an astrologer would understand. So if you don't have a class near you or you prefer to study on your own, this software is a great tool to practice astrology.

Pros: well-priced when compared to other advanced astrology software, offers reports that you can sell or give out, has optional pop up windows that explain each aspect (for the beginner), offers a variety of charts: solar return, lunar return, progressed, bi-wheel and tri-wheel, astro-cartography map, you can add major asteroids, Cenaurs, and custom points. I think there is a way to edit the reports to include your own custom descriptions, but I haven't figured out how to do this yet. You can also customize the appearance of the chart (for example, the default has the aspect lines in a bi-wheel chart going crossing over the inner chart to the outer chart, which was very distracting for me until I realized I could disable this feature). There is an Animate feature which allows you to advance the chart by minute, hour, day, month, or year to see how the transiting planets will affect the chart in the future.

Cons: If purchased through Amazon, you will probably need to upgrade the software to use a lot of the features and you will need the commercial license if you want to distribute the reports, solar return chart interpretations will not be available for several months and it's not clear on the website that this feature is not included in advanced version of the software. In order to use the astro-cartography feature, you need to have experience with it or you need to have a book because there are no pop-up windows to explain the planetary lines (though you can pay for the astro map add on).
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on August 2, 2010
I'd like to say that I purchased the full version for Mac about a year ago and enjoyed it very much, but about a month ago it just stopped working. I don't know if it was an internal issue or related to recent upgrades of Mac software, but it will not open no matter what I do, (several re-installs and a lot of troubleshooting). The worst part of it is that I have sent at least 10 emails and called the customer service number a dozen times and have had absolutely no response. None whatsoever. I have never had such stonewalling for a product I paid money for only a year ago. If the company is out of business there's no sign of it on their site, (they're still selling it), and nothing on the net about it. With regard to the software itself I support many of the other comments that it's a great program, but if you ever have any trouble with it I guess you're out of luck. No help at all and no other options with something I paid good money for makes this a company I cannot recommend to anyone, and I strongly suggest you stay away.

Update 6/10/2011: *** PLEASE SEE MY ADDED COMMENT BELOW!!!*** Updated to a 5 Star Rating. They contacted me and made everything right, and as I said above, great program. Thanks!
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on November 17, 2005
I looked at several astrology software programs and decided to try TimePassages because of it's generous amounts of information and ease of use (I'm brand new to astrology) for a ridiculously low cost. I'm so enjoying the point and click functionality and the top notch well written interpretations which pop-up instantly. I'm loving being able to check-in with *my specific* astrological day (rather than the more general sun sign info you get in an astology newspaper column or from a free email service) with just a few keystrokes! I'm thrilled to gradually be learning more about astrology and how it works. Bravo, Astrograph, for creating an accessible and affordable introduction to astrology for everyone!
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on November 11, 2006
This is my first astrology software so I don't have anything to compare it with. With that said, this software is reasonably priced and offers what I think is a comprehensive intro to astrology. I am thoroughly enjoying it and after only a few months of play, I am learning quite a bit! The software does not offer readouts of interpretations and instead allows for a point and click feature which delineates the meanings for you of planetary aspects as well as planets in houses. I think if it offered an interpretative readout I might get lazy and forgo the process of leaning how to interpret on my own. I find it exhilarating when I can interpret an aspect in someone's chart that is spot on accurate to their personality and it brings me back to my big wonderment, "What is it about the nature of the universe that this stuff works?"

I feel myself coming to the point of wanting an upgrade so that I can begin to learn about transits, their meanings and how their energies may manifest; timely as Saturn begins its transit of my natal Pluto (wish me luck!).
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on March 16, 2009
i love it, nothing more to say.
great product, great seller great delivery
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on December 21, 2006
I bought this for my Mom who is in to astrology, she said it was pretty useless to her and that she would have to buy the accompanying software

they were promoting which was 2-3 x the cost of this program in order for it to be any use. Unfortunately I bought it at an electronics warehouse and they wouldnt return it because the seal was broken. Dont make the same mistake!
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on November 11, 2005
My husband purchased Time Passages Astrology (Basic Edition)as a gift for my birthday. Imagine our surprise when we found out that to do much of anything with this software, you must upgrade for an additional fee that's almost double the cost of the original software. This basic package was a complete waste and we feel, a total scam. We've purchased astrology software in the past for less than half the cost of this and we received pages of text that were entertaining and informative.

I'm sure the upgraded software is good, based on reviews of people who are really into astrology, but I feel too taken to want to spend one more dollar with this company. So buyer beware, and purchase only the most expensive version of Time Passages, or better yet, buy astrology software from a different company.

My husband was embarrassed, and I was out a birthday gift to enjoy. Shame on the Time Passages people for selling this scam software that's basically a come-on to get you to spend more money!
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on November 8, 2005
I upgraded and I also bought the Compatibility Report add-on for myself....every permutation of progressions, transits, comparison charts, etc. I'm learning more all the time through the software, just playing around. well-written interpretive text, and easy to navigate through the charts. best of all is the compatability reports, which are a guaranteed hit at parties.
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on December 21, 2005
I have been looking for an astrology software program for years that will give me this much information. Most of them the cost was out of reach. I recieved it today and have been working with it for hours! I will be upgrading.
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