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Time to Tangle with Color
Format: Paperback|Change
Price:$11.29+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 10, 2011
I am new to the art of tangling. Having taken one workshop, I was bitten by the tangle bug. I immediately ordered 2 books and although they described the technique of tangle, I felt that they were creatively lacking. Then I ordered this book. WOW. What a difference. This book is packed with ideas and techniques that inspire. The book started out with color theory, which I thought would be over my head, but was explained very well. I don't consider myself an artist, but almost everything on every page of this book felt do-able.

For the beginner like myself, this book includes 48 tangle patterns and borders. What I like about this book is that each step of a pattern is clearly illustrated. As you draw a pattern each new step is illustrated in red, so that you only concentrate on the next line. You don't have to decipher the instructions, as it is very clear what the next step is. This was a really big deal to me. One of the books I had purchased earlier was entirely black and white, and I felt the patterns were harder to figure out. So even if you might think this color thing is too advanced for a beginner, the author does a really good job of explaining patterns to a beginner.

The one critique I would make is that the patterns and borders don't start until halfway through the book on page 26. A beginner like myself might get overwhelmed with the all the colored snazzy stuff you see before ever getting to how to make a pattern. I was not overwhelmed. I was inspired. However, my friend ohhed and ahhed and then curled up in a ball and whimpered. So if you are brand spanking new to tangles I recommend you do this:

Browse the whole thing. Make sure you have something to wipe the drool off your lower lip. You will drool.
Read the Zentangle basics on page 4-5, then jump to page 26 and play with some patterns and borders, using just a pencil. Don't try to recreate black and white pencil versions of anything the author is doing. Just play with the patterns only. This is basically what the beginner books do. When you feel comfortable with the patterns, go back to the beginning of the book and start over.

Some of the more "advanced" things this book talked about are Colored Pens, Color Basics, Splash, Mask and Spray, Stamped Images, Colored Pencils, Colored Pens, Sparkle Gel Pens, and White Gel Pens. I don't think they are really advanced, they are just in color, so they LOOK really advanced. Don't let the wow factor scare you. I tried to mimic some of the illustrations in the book. This helped me really understand what the author was saying.

Overall I rate this book EXCELLENT, get it and you will too!
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on February 25, 2014
First, this book is pretty skimpy. If you've seen a book on zentangles before this one (which I think is the intended audience), then to me it would make sense for this book to focus on how best to bring color to zentangles and what kinds of colors look good together, blending and shading techniques, etc. Instead, this book is a weird hodge-podge. It includes info on how to make some really basic zentangles, which you'd think the average reader would already be familiar with. It's really short on the color theory. Then it gets into all these applications of zentangles with materials and other crafting supplies that the average zentangler has probably never heard of. For example, a big part of the book just shows you examples done with white pens, colored pencils, sepia colored pens, etc. Great, but so what? There was limited teaching here. It basically seems like an advertisement for all these other products, but totally didn't say much about what I thought it would talk about - how best to bring color to zentangles and what kinds of colors look good together, blending and shading techniques, etc.

If you want to learn how to use Tombow pens, just watch free YouTube videos. If you want to see color examples, then go to Pinterest. Skip this book because I don't think you'll get that much out of it.
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on November 8, 2014
I've never before purchased an art instruction book that is a marketing ploy: Ms. Browning is pushing Tombow brand. Personally, I don't care for the colors, and the introductory information can be found in a thousand art books: nothing new here. All in all, a big disappointment. She does show examples of taking standard Zentangles, converting them to borders, but that has nothing to do with coloring technique, which includes tips like "use colored paper." Really? My overall impression is this was created in a a month, rushed into print.

There are many people jumping on the Zentangle bandwagon, publishing how-to books. My takeaway is to check out their blog, and videos before buying the book.
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This is a great book if you want to Zentangle and use mixed media and color. It discusses different types of backgrounds such as watercolor backgrounds, splash backgrounds. There are stamping techniques, masking, scrapbook pages, etc. Towards the middle and back of the book, there are tangles that are taught and utilized so you can see how they can be integrated. Great ideas!
review imagereview imagereview image
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on February 17, 2015
if you Love color and are new to zentangle, pass over this book in favor of one more basic and come back to this one if you find you enjoy zentangle enough to want to learn how to apply special effects... this book is a nice cookbook of ideas for special effects with color using different tools and techniques ... it is not a good first book unless you are purchasing several... I ignored the reviewers that said that but they were right.... whether it's a good value for you if you are a beginner depends on what your budget is like and how much bookshelf space you have
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on August 11, 2015
This is a great book. I bought it because I want to improve my drawing / doodling skills which were zero to start with. It's very helpful to read the first half which talks about color relations, materials, and techniques. The steps for each tangle are pretty easy to follow. I started by drawing each tangle at least once on a practice sheet, then I was ready to draw them a little bit curved or warped, depending on the picture I make, instead of in a rigid square. I feel like this book is great for beginners but would also give skilled drawers some new techniques. It's a lot of fun to add tangles to a mixed media piece too!
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on April 4, 2015
None of us have ever taken a zentangle class, but all of us like to doodle. I originally bought this book to put away for the day my kids were whining, it was rainy and cold and thought that it would provide an inspiration and an activity that would make them forget the miserable day. When that day arrived, I got it out and the three of us sat at the dining room table and started creating. The book as a beginner's intro to color and the use of color that my daughter read and then began explaining to us.

It was just what we needed for a fun and enjoyable afternoon and it began a creative train of thought that both my kids have continued to expand. They constantly vie for who can create yet another beautiful Tangle with Colors.
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I have been collecting Zentangle books at a level just short of obsession. And this book was definitely interesting to me, and inspiring. This book addresses several different mediums...colored pencils, pens, incorporating stamped images, and more. It also includes 48 different patterns throughout the book along with design ideas and tips.
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on July 14, 2015
My wife really liked this Zentangle book a lot, but she wished she had purchased the Big paperback book, instead of buying it as an e-book for her Kindle Fire HD. It's better to have a real book to look at when you buy an Art Book and are going to use it to teach you how to draw something. Since this purchase, she also bought another Zentangle big paperback book with more Color Tangles by many different artists! She has many of the Tombow Watercolor Markers featured in this book and they are great for Card Making and Zentangle or Watercoloring.
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on February 3, 2014
This small book is packed with so much! It gives you the basics of what Zentangle is, and then just takes off from there! Marie Browning is a big fan of Tombow markers (I also believe she is a rep for them) but it really doesn't matter as she just suggests that you buy the best markers or pens that you can comfortably afford. Anyway, She gives some very clear and helpful instruction for coloring your tangles, basics on color theory, schemes, how to do special color backgrounds, mask & spray technique just to name a few of the really interesting techniques she shows you. She also talks about colored pencils, sparkle gel pens, shading and colored pens.
Also presented are projects and ideas and tons of Marie's beautiful work. There are only 50 pages but every page is absolutely packed with info, inspiring pictures and some very clear instruction on how you can do the tangles she presents. There are many good books out there on Zentangle and they are all good in their own way, but this one for me is an absolute must. I love it and highly recommend it for beginners to experienced tanglers who would like some new inspiration.
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