Customer Reviews: Timex Men's T2N700 Intelligent Quartz SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph Brown Leather Strap Watch
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on December 21, 2014
Face, color, hands design, it all really beautiful watch.
But the glass is too weak. The scratches were made to one corner in a week.
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on October 2, 2013
I like this watch. I bought it for its style (and, okay, also a little for its tachymeter function). Having said that, (and it's purely subjective), I don't think it looks as good in real life as the pictures on the web site. And I don't know why. The pictures are accurate, they depict the watch fairly, etc.

Operationally, some things are worth noting:
There are two sub dials:
1) The lower right dial marked from 1-10 and measures elapsed minutes in the chrono mode up to 10 minutes
2) The upper left dial which has two shared functions:
-2a) In normal timekeeping mode it shows time in a second time zone via the outer ring which is calibrated from 1-24 to show hours in that time zone.
-2b) In chrono mode it shows elapsed time up to 4 hours; its inner ring is calibrated from 1-4 with tick marks at 10 minute intervals between the 1-4 hour marks.
3) there are two second hands:
-3a) one that always moves continuously in one second increments and is linked to the main hour/minute hands display (has a T within a circle), and
-3b) another which is the chronograph "second" hand. It is always pointed at 12 o'clock until activated by the chronograph function at which time it moves in 1/5 second increments.
4) The chronograph uses three separate dials to show elapsed time (up to 4 hours at which point it automatically stops):
-4a) the chrono second hand described in 3b above which shows elapsed time in 1/5 seconds up to one minute
-4b) the lower right dial which shows elapsed time up to 10 minutes
-4c) the upper left dial (which normally shows time in a second time zone) but in the chrono mode shows elapsed time up to 4 hours.

In practice it works like this: When the upper right button is pushed to activate the chrono function, the chrono second hand starts moving in 1/5 second increments. At the end of the first minute, the lower right hand moves from zero to 1; at the end of the second minute, the lower right hand moves from 1 to 2. This continues until the lower right dial reaches 10 at which time the upper left dial (which reset to zero from its second time zone setting when the chrono function was activated) moves to its first tick mark - 10 minutes. This process continues until the elapsed time = 4 hours at which time the chrono function stops. To reset the chrono to zero (and restore the second time zone functionality), press the lower right button. This is all a bit convoluted, but, as I see it, this is a "style" watch so function can be "liberalized" to favor style.

To use the fly-back function, start the chrono function as usual with the upper right button. When you want to time a second sequence, you would normally press the upper right button to stop the chrono function, then press the lower right button to reset the chrono, and then press the upper right button to again start the chrono function. But with the fly-back functionality, after pressing the upper right button to start the chrono, simply press the lower right button and upon releasing it, the chrono is stopped, reset to zero, and restarted - all with one press of the lower right (fly-back) button!

As to overall operation. The watch seems to work fine. For the few days I've had it, it's within a few seconds of the atomic clock in Boulder. The second time zone (using the upper left dial) works great, the fly-back function works great, the chronograph works great, etc. And the chronograph accumulates time up to 4 hours using the three different dials.

I haven't had the band problems with the black edging falling off as mentioned by another reviewer, but the band does scuff easily.

Two nits I have:
1) One is mentioned by another reviewer: the regular second hand (the one with the T in a circle) doesn't always land on the "second" tick marks - sometime it is a little short, sometime a little long, etc. The second hand does make 60 stops per revolution, so overall it's accurate, but it's just an annoyance that a company in the watch business (for many years) can't get the second hand to stop at exactly 1/60 of a revolution and match that up with the printed tick marks.
2) The Indiglo feature, which I've seen to be fantastic on other Timex watches, is very pale in this one and is really hard to tell time with when dark.

In summary, I like this watch and am keeping it, even though I made a pact with myself a year or so ago to only buy watches with solar charging and radio controlled time...
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on January 18, 2015
Way to go Timex! Good job on this one. I have several watches, ranging from high end to affordable. I believe a good watch doesn't HAVE to be expensive, although most are. I buy watches I like, for having good quality, function, and of course design. Sometimes you can get that at a low price, which is the case here. Of course, this isn't a fine watch by any means, but it's not supposed to be. It's a good watch nonetheless. This is the first Timex i own and i'm very impressed. For the price you get a very good time piece. The design is very good looking, functions are good. I know the hands don't line up exactly with the markers, and a few other details aren't right on, but like I said, it's not a fine watch, I wasn't expecting perfection. I'm annoyed by those reviewers nitpicking at this watch and getting stuck on the imperfections. If you're looking for perfection what are you dong getting this watch? or anything in this price range? I digress, the face is dark green, I like it. It's not a an ugly green and the markers offer a nice contrast. One thing I didn't like right away was the band. I'm guessing Timex wanted to keep the watch affordable so they really skimped out on the band. Not a deal breaker though, good thing I have several nice bands handy. I installed a very nice Hadley Roma tan leather band that looks very nice, as you can see on the pics. For what it is and the price it's a 5 star deal. Salud!
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on October 8, 2014
Diameter and weight are good for me. Would like to see it a bit thinner, but not a deal breaker
Unique layout/styling
Unique color face/hands
For the price point, the watch is good quality and well made.
Easy to use, intuitive button controls once familiar with "flyback" chronos.

Watch quality exceeds that of the band. The band received is not as well finished and is significantly lighter in color than that pictured - detracts from the quality of the watch... Will likely replace it.
Instruction book VERY small and thick, almost unusable... Online manual was much more useful
Indiglo illumination weak
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on August 27, 2012
You know, this December I received three watches, a now-unavailable Tag Heuer, a Tsovet (SVT-FW44) and this Timex T Series. Why is that detail important? No, I'm not trying to brag about my stupid watch collection, it's important because this watch took me by the greatest surprise. It's beautiful. It's elegant and mature.

It has a butter-soft leather strap that will, admittedly--yes, to that other guy's review--likely break within a couple years, but that's okay, there are a million replacement straps on amazon for under forty bucks, so that's not a big deal. But then, neither the strap nor buckle are what makes this watch so awesome: it has this incredibly cool looking dial. It's sophisticated and I don't know how to use half the features, seeing as I don't go yachting. True story, I was at a Tag Heuer dealer about a year ago and they had a watch with the same complications, the fly-back chrono feature, the lady showed me how it worked and I was blown away at how the hands uniformly sweep and navigate the dial in unison, it's pretty sweet showing that off. That watch cost over four grand and this watch operates and looks pretty much the same. Plus, I mean, I figure if I ever really need to know how to use the fly-back feature a youtube how-to clip will be sufficient.

This watch absorbs compliments, I'm wearing it today at work in fact. It's masculine and sleek. I love the flat-black dial. Usually, when you buy a black dial watch, it's polished and glossy, like patent leather. The macho'ness of this watch increases with that slick, flat opaque sensibility. I wish the black and tan version were still available, I'd buy several as gifts, for sure. I argue the black on tan version is so much more attractive than the run of the mill black on black.

There's a complaint about the watch being too big. I don't know what that guys issue is, this watch is hardly too big. He clearly has never owned a timepiece beyond a Swatch. Not that I'm into the Nixon stadium watches, but I tend to like a 42mm size as my wrist is probably as small as the complainers; I should say I have a build kind of like Justin Long, so lean and skinny. Small watches always look wimpy on guys, feminine even. I'd say just about every man could wear this watch and not worry about it looking too ostentatious. It's gizmo'd out, but definitely understates the fact. I should say that, in fact, I was thinking it would be even greater if it were a millimeter or two bigger, just because it would be nice to spread out the numerals a bit.

My favorite features:
Sweeping second hand. On most of my luxury watches (God, I hate the word "luxury" - watches that cost over a thousand bucks) the hands do not sweep. So this is a pretty slick detail. Another great feature is the date window (my new Tsovet doesn't have that complication) the luminous hour and minute hands for night reading and that KILLER indiglo back light that I didn't realize the watch had until I accidentally triggered the feature. I was with my girlfriend at the time, driving at night, when she was all, "Holy crap, check out your watch!" I remember when I was a kid and I saw another kid who wore and bragged about his with that had the indiglo feature, I was so envious. That was in the era when indiglo back-lit technology was newly born. This is kind of dumb to admit, but it was great to finally one on such a beautifully designed, yet understated analog timepiece. The way the indiglo is activated is by simply pushing-in the crown toward the dial. The other two pushers activate and operate the fly back feature. Pulling out the crown one click allows one to change the date, two clicks changes the time, couldn't be more intuitive--BUT! and this is so cool, when you pull out the crown the watch beeps audibly to let you know you've activated the date/time change and the second hand automatically zooms back to the zero position, so you can start your watch on a solid zero seconds. So slick. None of my other 16 watches do this.

Again, I think this watch, for such a little dollar value ($165) you get way more than you pay for. If this
watch were, say, sold by Tag, Hammilton or Tissot it would easily, at a minimum, cost over $2,000 (of course you'd also be getting Swiss Movement) and this watch EASILY stands up aesthetically to my higher-end watches. In fact, I've gotten way more comments on this watch than my two other new, more pricier watches, underscoring the noble truth that money doesn't guarantee taste. FIVE SOLID STARS. Go Timex, you just made an advocate for life.

One small improvement: needs screw-down pushers and screw-down crown. I hate hate hate when the buttons don't screw down, I'm fearful of bringing this watch anywhere near water, even though it reads "water resistant 100 meters."
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on January 27, 2015
The good: This watch looks clean and simple. The green color of the watch with the natural color of the leather band forms a color contrast that looks very passionate and young in a low profile way. I love it! (BEWARE: The color of the band is actually much lighter than the one shown in the picture on Amazon, but I took a pic of my watch, and did some color correction to it, so the pic you look in my comment is the actual color of the band.) The band will gets darker when touches water but relax, it'll be back when it drys off.

The bad: The date function is not perfect, you have to adjust it if that month have fewer days, and you can't adjust the day between 11PM to 1AM according to the little manual comes with it, it will BREAK something in the watch. But I personally didn't encounter with this yet, because I bought this watch at black friday and now it's only been 3 months? And these 3 months are all 30 days or 31 days. Another thing I'm not happy about is that the glass on the watch is not scratch resistible, it scratches kind of easy, so now when i wear this watch i have to behave my hand not to go all over the place.

I don't really use any other functions like chronograph, cuz i have iphone.
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on March 5, 2015
It's beautiful. I like it
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on May 8, 2015
This piece of adornment is intended for the wrists of humans. It looks good while doing it, however it also keeps track of time. It also keeps track of time in different ways, it's truely a marvel.

It has some sort of device insite called a quartz, and apparently this molecular demon has the knowhow to move little arms around under the glass in a way that it relates to society's clock standards.

price is great
unique look
band is decent quality

would look better with different color band, like the black one I put on mine
review image
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on June 16, 2014
Arrived on time, looks exactly as pictured--great style and the gift recipient loved it and since its reliable Timex quality, I'm thrilled.
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on January 12, 2015
I have been eyeing this watch for about a year and finally purchased it with no regrets. I receive more compliments with this watch than any other. It's eye catching and can be worn in street gear as well as business casual attire. Although some people might, I would not wear this with a suit and tie. The only reason I would not call this an "everyday" watch is because I think the unique design deserves to be worn infrequently to maintain the perception of being unique (probably too deep for a Timex, but that's just the way I think). But it surely can be used as an everyday watch due to it's versatile design. The only negative is that the band feels a little cheap. It looks perfect for the watch (the color scheme), but I'm sure it will have to be replaced soon. But besides the band, the watch does not feel cheap. So if you like the way the watch looks, just buy it and you will not regret it.
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