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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 6, 2014
Is there an option for zero stars? STOPPED WORKING AFTER FEWER THAN 20 WORKOUTS!!! All I ever used it for was tracking my distance/pace with the GPS on runs averaging 10 miles each. When the GPS stopped working, the company refused to allow me to return it. They offered to repair it for free through their website's warranty system. I mailed my watch in and a few weeks later the company mailed me a brand new watch back with a bill for the cost of the new watch included in the box. No correspondence indicating what happened to the broken watch, no compensation for the value of the old watch, and they seem to think they are going to force me to buy a new watch without even contacting me first -- haha! Will not purchase Timex again.

This watch was a pain to set up. To get the time and all features working properly you need to connect it to a computer and go to the company's website and register an account.

The buttons are counter intuitive and a couple times I hit the wrong button and stopped my clock or turned off the GPS by accident, ruining my workout.

The GPS took on average over five minutes to connect and begin working, when it worked at all.

Edit update: After posting this review, I was contacted by Timex customer service who offered to send me a new model watch in the mail. Six weeks later, the new watch never arrived and Timex is ignoring my emails asking for a status update. Will not do business with this company again!
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on August 15, 2016
I have been using this watch for almost 2 years now. I previously used the Garmin 310. Overall, I consider this watch an upgrade over the old Garmin 310. Given the timing of my review, there are GPS watches available now that have more features, are smaller, and coordinate using GPS and counting steps when indoors. But, the price of this older model makes it competitive with the newer models in terms of value.

-The satellite acquisition is about the same as my old Garmin. I have not noticed any differences in accuracy ... current pace would bounce around with my Garmin too, even when I know my pace wasn't fluctuating much at all.

-It is smaller than the old Garmin 310s, fitting more like a watch. But, it is still more bulky than the regular Ironman sport watches. The display is easy to read and turning the backlight on, it is easily visible during night runs. Data lines are easy to read, especially the center line.

-Many modification options via "device agent" software that comes with the watch. My main complaint about the watch is that changing settings via the buttons is prohibitively complicated. I suppose I could set up the different 'displays' in chrono mode so that I could just switch between displays for various kinds of workouts. Even so, making changes should be easier to do via the buttons.
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on January 23, 2016
Bought this watch from Amazon orginally and, like many other people, received it with a bad battery and it didn't even turn on. So I returned the watch from Amazon and bought it from another retailer in-person. The watch has been pretty good with a minimum 5 hour battery, as expected. I've ran with it in the rain and haven't had any problems, but I noticed that even in the rain, sometimes water gets underneath the bezel. I haven't tried swimming with it, so I can't attest to how well it does when submerged in water. I also haven't tried the heart monitor function. It seems incredibly difficult to get GPS signal, especially if it's even a little cloudy and if you're in a new place. Sometimes my friends with Garmin watches will get a GPS signal within 30 seconds and this TIMEX watch will take like 5 minutes to get a signal. The accuracy of the distance run seems to be pretty good. My biggest complaint about this watch is the charger; it's a weird clip on charger to 4 little nodes on the back of the watch. Initially, it took a few tries to get the charger to make a good connection before I see that it's actually charging. And sometimes, after you attach the charger and put down the watch, the charger disconnects from that little movement; so i've had to run quite a few runs without the watch because the charger disconnects and I don't have enough charge when I grab it off the charger clip. I've had the watch for a couple of years now and the issue with the charger is getting worse and i'll be lucky to get a good connection with the charger after 10 minutes of annoyingly trying to clip in the charger a hundred times. And if you lose all battery charge, the watch shuts down without saving any of your data or even settings, so once you manage to recharge the watch, you have to spend the time to redo all the many settings. Overall, a cheaper watch that delivers on the promised battery life, if you receive a watch with a functioning battery and can actually get it to charge. My verdict: Thumbs-down, Do Not Buy. Put in the extra money and get a Garmin, most of my friends have a Garmin and haven't complained about them yet.
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on March 8, 2016
I had one of these previously (which I wore out) and replaced with a newer model which works reasonable well. Thought I'd get a back-up - I like some of the features this one has that the newer model doesn't like displaying the calories burned in real time during exercise. Also the price was much lower. I ordered one which was dead on arrival (no response when connected and after overnight charging). I returned and got a replacement which has the same problem. (It's going back or a refund - I've learned my lesson).

I can only assume that these units being sold at discount prices are old stock with defects, dead batteries, or whatever,

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on December 15, 2013
The functioning of the watch itself is acceptable. The GPS uplink seems slow, but I haven't yet compared to other watches, so I won't make a judgement there.

The problem is the clip used to charge the watch and download data. After just a few months, the plastic around the hinge broke, preventing it from getting the four contact terminals to touch.

After tearing apart the internet to find a customer service number (that worked), I was redirected to a third-party manufacturer that makes the clips for Timex. They charged me for a new clip, charging me over the phone and refusing to even send me an email receipt because they "don't do that" (nor was there an invoice when the new clip arrived). Classy.

After a few more months, the new clip has broken in the same place, in the same way. Considering some other comments here, these are not isolated incidents. I've found a way to use rubber bands to hold the clip in place until I buy a better watch, but it won't be a Timex, because I'm not paying some third party manufacturer twice a year for the privilege of using my watch. They won't keep ripping me off the way they've ripped off Timex.
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on March 15, 2013
This watch does everything that I wanted it to do and more.
I just started running last year and I am training for my first marathon. I wanted to track my time for each mile.
I had been using's Android app on my phone which worked fine for shorter runs. But when I running more than 6 miles or so, the app drained the battery completely so I would lose all of the data for that run.

This watch is great. I run 4 times a week for around 30 miles total right now and I have to charge the watch once every 5 or 6 days.

I set the split distance that I want to be timed on (1 mile) and it tracks the time, pace, elevation, average speed and a lot more that I never look at for every mile that I run.

The GPS usually locks on within 30 seconds of activating it.

You set up an account on to download the workout info to. The downloading works well. I find the site to be less than intuitive to use, but it has plenty of instructional video online to guide you.

I love the watch.

The only real downside I have noticed is that the alarm sound is not loud enough to be heard while you are running unless there is no traffic near by and no wind. So I have to check the time to take schedule drinks or food during a run.
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on June 19, 2012
I bought this when my Garmin 205 took a dump. I loved my Garmin, so I was a bit apprehensive when I made the jump. I chose the Run Trainer because I liked the overall look of it and I liked that functioned more like a standard wrist watch compared to the 205 (although both are about the same size). Setting it up was a little more involved than with the Garmin, but nothing a quick online search couldn't clear up. The Run Trainer uses Training Peaks for all the online training goodies, and I had trouble upgrading my standard Training Peaks account to the Run Trainer version which has more features. A couple of emails to support and it was cleared up fairly easily.

Now that I've had the watch for a while (about 5 months) I'd have to say that I prefer it over my old Garmin. I really like how the watch functions much like an old school stop watch, with the GPS functioning as an additional tool. The custom screens are pretty easy to set up, and for me, the laps and split functions are much more intuitive than with my old Garmin. The custom eat and drink alarms are really handy for long runs. Battery life is good--I ran a 20 miler starting at half batt and had some juice to spare. I've seen some concerns with GPS accuracy, but I've found mileage to be pretty similar (if not the same) to mileage on known routes or compared with my old Garmin.

Training Peaks is OK to play with the data, but I think I still like Garmin's site a little better. The Garmin site just seems simpler and a little more streamlined to me. This is really my only knock against the Run Trainer.

I was apprehensive about leaving my trusty Garmin behind, but in the end I'm happy that I did. This is a great watch for high-mileage training, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to accurately track their training and performance.
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on November 2, 2013
I can't believe they use the memory which can't store data when no power, just use something like the flash disk!

Today I went out for a 55mi ride. I can't remember how many battery left after my 4hr ride (some stop in between but GPS was always on), but based on previous experience, it should at most only 1 bar left. Then I turned off the record, and as I was tired, I forgot to turn off the GPS.

Several hours later, when I finished lunch and shower and wanted to upload my data, think what? The watch powered off because battery used out, which was normal. The un-accepted thing was, when I plugged it to my computer and charged it, the time went to Jan 1 12:00, and ALL MY DATA HAS LOST!!

I used it to record my running and cycling. The running is not big problem as when you run you always look the watch for your pace from time to time, but I feel uncomfortable that my today's 4hr cycling is lost, as today I felt good and I think I should have created my fastest trip. But all gone before I see it, I feel lost...

That being said, I am seriously doubt this watch's ability as an 'ironman' watch. First, it only stands maybe 5hr+ at best, much shorter that advertised ( I remember it should be 8hr); and second and most important, OK I allow you power off during the workout session, but you should at least hold all the data before you die. Otherwise, it is useless even for a 70.3.

I used to love this watch, but not any longer as I found this flaw. I seriously suggest you to consider some other types, which can stand longer, and which can hold data even without battery.

Update: I sent an email to TIMEX customer service to ask if this watch can retain the data on no power. And during waiting for reply, I called their customer service, a lady told me with confidence that "absolutely, just like your cellphone". When I said my watch can't retain data, she said I can send the watch back to TIMEX and they will send me a new one, but will cost 4-6 weeks. I then turned to Amazon customer service, they send me a new one with one-day shipping immediately! Several hours later, I got email reply from TIMEX which said "Run Trainer 1.0 does not have the capability to retain information in the memory if the battery is allowed to go completely drained". As I got the new one, I read the user manual which said when the screen goes blank, it can hold data for 1-2 days (not explicitly said this but this is my understanding).

As a summary, TIMEX's customer service is not bad, Amazon customer service is the best of the world! And most importantly, don't be lazy and wait until your memory is full before you connect it to you computer. Do it periodically like once a week then even you get something wrong you won't lose too much of your record.
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on October 10, 2014
OK, I bought this watch in December of 2013, wrote an initial review, then deleted it.


First though... I won't get into the issues I had previously because those are mostly resolved. Let me just give you some advice - turn off your sensors after a workout because if you don't, your battery will drain very quickly. Yes, it will sit in your desk drawer trying to find satellites, apparently. Download your workouts to your computer immediately with the Device Agent software because those will be lost if your battery runs out. Also, if you want to configure your watch and save the settings (because all your preferences will also be lost if your battery drains) you can do it in DeviceAgent then synch with your watch and all your preferences will be updated on your watch. It took me a long time to learn all this (the hard way).

Last bit of advice, there's an athlete who reviews sports equipment in INSANE detail on his blog and also allows readers to enter comments - he is very responsive if you post a question and he appears to know the features of the equipment very very well. His blog is called "DC Rainmaker."

So, this watch has a learning curve but it also has an amazing amount of features, and overall I'm pretty happy with it as I learn more about it.

BUT ... today I went for a hike that I have done twice before wearing this watch. It's a hilly urban hike in San Francisco. Every time I have a terrain change from uphill to level, or level to downhill, or uphill to downhill, or vice versa ... I press the lap button. This results in 12 laps overall. The first two times I did this hike wearing this watch back in January of 2014, the distances were 3.68 and 3.70 miles respectively. Today I did THE EXACT SAME HIKE and the distance came out at 3.32 miles

Here are the values I got today on the EXACT same course as a year ago. The numbers are lap#/2014dist/2015dist:


I uploaded my session to Training Peaks and looked at it on a map on-line, it seems fairly accurate, with the exception of appearing to cut corners (literally) when I make a 90 degree turn from one street to another.

And if I enter this as a walking route on Google Maps with all of the waypoints I use, it says the walking distance is 3.8 miles.

So what the heck happened? Anybody have any idea? Timex Customer Support????
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on August 31, 2014
The more I use this watch the more I appreciate its design. It's a watch that takes some time to get used to, but once you do its well worth it. I have owned Garmin GPS watches in the past and only bought the Timex Run Trainer because it was $100 cheaper at the time. I'll warn you that it's not an easy watch to program and figure out how to use. It pays to spend some time in the manual and mucking around with it at home before you hit the road to run. Forget trying to program it from the watch. Download the Timex Device Agent app and you can program everything from there.

The wach itself if rather large. I am of medium build and it looks really large on my wrist. However, it's not nearly as heavy as it looks. I'm 45 years old and my close up vision isn't what it used to be. I like that I can read the middle number on the display w/o having to don my reading glasses. (Who wants to carry a pair of reading glasses on a run!?) So, the size is benefit to me, especially given the fact that it's light.

Once you've figured out the ins and outs of setting up the watch and using it, getting out there on the road and running with it is a joy. It's light enough that I don't really notice it at the end of my arm. Using it is very simple and I don't find myself having to stop to play with it and get it to do what I want. It has a nice feature where it automatically stops tracking your progress if your speed drops below a given pace (you can set what pace). I'm always forgetting to hit "Stop" when I break to stretch or drink. This is a handy feature.

It doesn't lock on to the satellites as quickly as some of the newer watches do, but I find that it rarely takes more than 2 minutes even on an overcast day or when in the woods. Once it locks on, you're good to go. Just remember to turn off the GPS when your done with it as it will chew through the battery in less than a day.
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