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on January 1, 2015
Received the watch yesterday, going back today. The picture depicts a ice bright screen the one I received is a nice DARK SCREEN. The layout of the display is also different with the date where WE is and the days in a series of very small days of the week. It looks like I got the wrong watch or the add is just cockeyed.
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on July 12, 2016
This is my "swimming watch" for the pool. I use it for split times and to can keep track of how long I've been doing different routines. I've also taken it snorkeling, hiking, etc. It's waterproof to 50 meters, so the pool and snorkeling are just fine. Scuba diving would be problematic.

This watch has worked very well; I have had no problems. I bought it in November 2010. The original battery died today, so it is just a few months short of six years old. I don't know if the batteries are replaceable. However, if I remember paperwork correctly, replacing the battery voids the waterproof sealing and the four screws are tiny (I would need a new screwdriver). I also watched a video on YouTube and it looks like a lot of trouble.

So ... I am just going to buy another one for $19.95. The last one was $14.88 ... oh well.
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on January 6, 2016
I had this watch for 3 and a half years and it worked great the whole time, but the strap just broke. Not even the strap really - just the loop on the strap that holds the excess strap down after it's latched. Maybe it was from excessive use, but I would think a sport watch would be designed for excessive use, so I took away a star for that. The actual watch still works perfectly though, so I just keep it in the shower to know what time it is in the morning. I've swam with it in pools and the ocean and it holds up fine. It's very comfortably just wearing it or doing any kind of physical activity so far as I've encountered. It's pretty easy to program - though every daylight savings I would have to re-figure out how to change the time. It only took a minute or so though - no big deal. Overall it was a great watch and definitely a bargain for only 15 bucks. I'm considering buying another one.
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on December 21, 2016
Decent watch. It holds up as most Timex watches do. Watch band is exceptionally comfortable. For whatever reason I cannot for the life of me find a way to turn off the "beep" whenever a button is pushed after consulting the instructions that came with it, the answers listed on Amazon, and the internet. This is actually really annoying to me personally because I would like to be in control of when my watch makes noise. My only other complaint is that the backlight isn't great and so the watch does take on a pretty rough glare which I've included in the photo.

Overall, not a watch I would recommend or buy again but not the worst thing in the world.
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on April 18, 2015
I'm a runner. I don't own expensive GPS running watches, pedometers, FitBits, etc. I like to just go out and run. I track my own splits the old fashioned way. This watch requires too many pushes of a button to give me the info I need. The "INDIGO" light dims the actual LED display into an unreadable blue glow so it's useless at night, and about half my running is at night. The alarm works great, The countdown timer is easy to set up and use. The display is large and easy to read in the daytime. If it were easier to use the stopwatch feature, and the INDIGO feature worked properly then I would give it a 4 or a 5. It has, however, pushed me toward the purchase of a GPS training watch. Maybe that is what Timex wanted...
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on February 29, 2012
I bought this watch recently after years of not wearing a watch. I have a bunch of dressier watches but kind of like a cheap timex for daily wear so i don't have worry about it at all. over the past 20 years i've had two other timex ironman type watches. I've got smaller wrists so the face size is important in terms of looks. My first ironman was a bit of a smaller face - gave it away after a few years. I next purchased a bigger one but that was a bit too big and the time display was kind of small - too much real estate of everything else. This one is not an iron man but for everything i do, it's fine. the face size is in the middle and the real estate for the time is wonderful taking up a bit over half of the face. the strap is great and seems to be good at discouraging odor though it's not breathable. I'd buy it again for sure. it's water proof in the pool and giving kids baths - perfect for my needs.
the only caveat that reared it's head this morning was that it doesn't take into account leap year. ha. so once every four years, i imagine i'll have adjust the date.
it's cheap, its perfect for smaller wrists and it has all of timex's functions from the past 20 years at least.
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on May 1, 2015
I've had several Timex sport watches over the years. They are durable and I don't worry about losing this watch or banging it up at this price. Still, I hate bad design. Here's what I don't like. The screen sticks up slightly above the bezel, making it prone to scratching. Why not recess it a bit to protect it. A sports watch should be thin to make it easy to get on over clothing and gloves and to avoid banging it on things. This thing is NOT thin, you could probably kill someone with it. Eventually the plastic strap breaks and if you are lucky you don't lose it. Something more robust like nylon webbing would be more appropriate. Come on Timex, this design hasn't changed in ages. Time for an improvement!
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on May 7, 2014
This watch lasted about four months. My husband works in an ER and liked the watch due to the price (cheap), and that it promised to be water-resistant, the band was easy to keep clean, and it was easy to time seconds. All of these things are VERY important in an ER. Unfortunately, about two months after it was purchased, it started fogging up really bad. We tried several things to protect it, but to no avail. Last night he finally took it apart to see if he could fix it, but there was no success there. We've ordered a new watch and we'll let you know how that goes.
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on May 19, 2012
I used to own a Timex Ironman watch. Like every other digital watch I have ever owned, the crappy band eventually broke. I replaced it with a Casio Wave Ceptor. I had to relearn the buttons, but was pleased with that watch for many years, until, of course, the crappy band broke. I decided to go back to Timex. Since I didn't need the lap recording feature any more I decided to save a few bucks and just get the simpler sport watch. Since it cost about the same as a replacement band for the Casio, it made sense to just get a new watch. I could not be more pleased. The numbers showing the time are plenty big to see at a glance. Setting everything is a breeze. The only downside compared to the Casio is that it does not update the time automatically. But its built in accuracy makes that unnecessary. I understand that the next time Feb 29 rolls around I am going to have to adjust the date. If the band lasts that long I will be happy to do that.
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This watch is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a large face with big digital numbers that can light up in the dark and a timer and stopwatch. This watch has all that.

I would label this watch more unisex than a men's watch, because I don't consider it too big for a woman, particularly a woman like me who wants a large face so the numbers are easily readable. Standard women's watches are just too small for me in that regard, yet I don't want a gigantic, heavy men's watch either. This one is in a comfortable mid-range for size that is just right.

Using this watch's various functions is fairly easy except for one issue. Be aware that this watch lets you set two time zones. The second time-zone setting does not have all the capabilities for time setting of the first one. You can only change minutes in increments of 30. I somehow landed on the second time setting by mistake when first fiddling with this watch and thought at first it was defective because I could not set minutes.

The plastic watch band is of good quality, but it does get uncomfortably sweaty wearing it during a strong workout. I don't think, though, there is much that can be done about that. Almost any substance used would probably create the same result.

The gray color is nice and neutral and should suit almost anyone.
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