Customer Reviews: Timex T740 Redi-Set Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Time Projector, Flashlight, Soothing Sounds, and Battery Back-Up (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on March 8, 2011
This is a very well designed alarm clock with some useful features. The radio reception was excellent, as far as where I placed it. It has a wire antenna which you can move it around to find a good reception. The rechargeable flashlight can become handy during power outage. The projection illumination feature can be turned on or off, and when turned on in the dark, you can see the time on the ceiling or on the wall. The alarm buzzer is very very low, compared to my older Timex alarm clock. However, the alarm can be set to use the radio, or the "Soothing Sound" feature (3 sound settings with "Ocean Waves," "Brooks," and "Wind Cime.") which you can control the loudness with the volume knob. If the volume is set on high, it's very loud and annoying. That's the way I like it! Otherwise, it wouldn't be any use as an alarm clock because the buzzer is no use. I'd say the sound level of the buzzer is comparable to a wrist watch. The buzzer sounds so calming, that it puts me back to sleep. ZZZzzzzzzz..... This is where those "Soothing Sound" mode comes in handy. I set the volume on MAX, and I use the "Wind Chime" mode. It's very loud and annoying. LoL. The "Ocean Wave" when set on high, it sounds lika a bad 2-way radio static. The sound of "Brooks" (running water) might cause you to wet your bed..... That horrific thought, made me not to use that setting.

The automatic time adjustment is a plus. It has a built-in replaceable lithium battery for back-up, and as soon as you plug it in, it automatically adjusts for the correct time and date. When you first open the box, the time zone is set to the Eastern Time. So, all you need to do is set it to the correct time zone. It also, has a daylight saving time feature with the current up to date setting, and you can turn this feature on or off. The time and date can be manually adjusted, too. If you're like me, who likes to set the alarm clock about 5-10 minutes ahead, this gives you a peace of mind. Also, what's great about the "back-up" feture is that, in the event of a power outage, the clock display will be turned off, but the alarm will still come on at the set time. When the power is back on, the clock will re-adjust it self back to the correct time. The rechargeable flashlight with its switch to the "automatic" mode, it will also turn on when the power goes out, as well as it turns on when the flashlight is lifted out of the cradle. When the lithium battery is low on power, it will show in the display. It uses a standard calculator battery which can be purchased at a local supermarket or at a pharmacy.

Furthermore, this clock has the basic big "SNOOZE" button which comes on every 5 minutes? (I think?).
It even has a sleep timer which I never use.
Once the alarm comes on, it can be shut off by pressing the "Alarm 1" or "Alarm 2" button which is a small button.
It'll come back on the next day at the same time. There's also, a separate "Alarm 1" and "Alarm 2" switch to permanantly shut it off. This is the switch to choose between "OFF," "Radio/Soothing Sound," and the useless "Buzzer" mode.

The dual alarm setting with "Alarm 1" and "Alarm 2" is just like having two alarm clocks in one.
It can individually be set to turn on only during the weekdays (M,T,W,TH,F) or just during the weekends (SAT&SUN).
Not quite adjustable compared to my cell phone, but, that's another story.

The only drawback is that, since it has so many features to it, you would have to go through the manual to "fine tune" this clock in order for it to work the way you want it to work.

If you're looking for just a single alarm clock with a battery back-up with a good loud buzzer, there's probably a few out there being sold for half as much. But if you're looking for a dual alarm clock with a battery back-up, this would be a good compromise considering the price and its features since the low buzzer problem can be overcome by the use of the radio or the "Soothing Sound" mode blasting the volume level. LoL!
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VINE VOICEon August 17, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The projector clock is a brilliant idea. It's really convenient having the time right above you in large, red font. No more straining your neck or straining your eyes to read the time on your tiny bedside display. The projector is the real worthwhile part of this clock. A real smart gadget.

I love the projector, and I recommend a clock with that feature to everyone. Now I'll get to reviewing this specific clock.

You can adjust the projector up and down (but not side-to-side), flip the image, adjust the blur/focus to have it sharp or soft on the eyes, and turn the projector off. Pretty simple.

The other features include two alarms, a sleep option, a flashlight, the radio, soothing sounds, and snooze.

I like that there are two alarms. You can set either alarm to go off on just weekends, just weekdays, or on all days of the week. For example, I set Alarm 1 to just weekdays and Alarm 2 to just weekends. It's easy to set the alarm: you hold down the alarm you want to set, then press Set + or -, and if you hold down the Set button it will go fast. It's a little hard to hold down both the Alarm and Set button without picking up the clock, though.

The Soothing Sounds are a nice feature. I know I'm not alone when I say I get tired of waking up to 'beep beep-beep'. To have the alarm go off as a soothing sound, you set the Alarm to Radio, then set the Radio to Soothing Sounds (I had to look at the manual to figure that out). I first tried the Ocean sound, and let me warn you, it scared my right out of my bed. Make sure you turn the volume down, otherwise it sounds like angry white noise. The Meditation sound is my favorite, it's relatively unintrusive.

The Snooze feature, always useful, is easy to use. Press the button, go back to sleep for 9 minutes. I don't know why 9 minutes, but that is what the manual says.

The flashlight is kind of cool. It charges right from the clock so no need to worry about batteries, and it's a convenient place to just have a flashlight should you need one. I haven't used it yet, though, so I can't say the added space is any bonus.
The 'sleep' feature is similar. If you are interested in setting your clock to play soothing sounds or the radio for an hour at bedtime it has that feature, but I personally don't find it useful.

Now for what I don't care for.
The display on the clock itself is bright. You can make it 'dimmer', but it's not a big difference. In the middle of the night it's just too bright, I don't want to look at it closely. Because there is already a projector clock, it would be nice to have the option to turn the clock display off.
The clock itself is also rather large. Since there is no real need for a large display (in my opinion) I am not sure why. I wouldn't be able to take the clock with me on a trip, for example.

The buttons themselves are not all convenient. To turn off the alarm when you are getting up and want it to stop ringing you need to press the little Alarm button (either 1 or 2 - and in the morning I really can't tell which is which). The Alarm buttons are located behind the Snooze button and are right next to the Set buttons -- and the Set buttons are the same shape and size as the Alarm buttons. The Snooze button is huge, which is nice because you really aren't awake when you will be hitting it. But I often hit the Sleep button instead because that is right next to the Snooze button, and the same shape. While not as large as the Snooze button, the Sleep button is fairly large, I'm not sure why.

So I know, I'm being picky, but with the huge selection of wake-up devices out there I feel I can be. I am completely attached to the projector clock and cannot now live without one :), and I am liking waking up to the Meditation sounds rather than beeping.

I have had the clock for a few weeks now, and have had no problems. Well, ok, I admit, after a few unsuccessful guesses I had to scour the manual to find out how to get the alarm to turn off in the morning, but other than that it's been great. If you are interested in the multitude of features offered, I definitely recommend trying this clock. However, if you are just looking for a projector clock, there are a few different options out there that may be better, so I recommend looking at all the features and the prices before making your decision.

Update 9-22-11:
So it's been more than a month, and I've had no problems with the alarm clock (other than fumbling with the buttons in the morning).
I found out you can play an mp3 device using the clock. As long as you have your own cord, it works, and as far as I can tell the quality of sound is good. However, if I have my alarm set to play Soothing Sounds (Meditation) but have the iPod plugged in, the alarm will instead play beep-beep to wake me up (ugh).
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on October 11, 2011
I've only had this for a week, and it's a good clock with many positive features outlined in other reviews.

The biggest downside to this is the brightness of the display. The dimmer (and I use the term loosely) is simply a 2-option switch, which barely changes the brightness of the display. I jokingly call the two options "Bright" and "Brighter."

I'm not overly sensitive to light when I sleep, but this clock does put off a lot of light. I have to turn it away from me at night (which partly defeats the purpose of the clock). However, I do use the projection feature to broadcast the time on the ceiling. And it really does broadcast...the image on the wall/ceiling looks like the bat signal, it's huge.

So...if you're light-sensitive, this might not be the clock for you. And if you know of a clock that has a real dimmer switch (you, the wheel type where you can adjust the light all the way down), please post on comments.
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on July 17, 2011
I read the reviews of this clock before I bought it & I thought that a few people received a "lemon", & that it would not happen to me. I bought it anyway. Two days before the 30 day return limit was up, the clock had some uninteligable error message on the screen. Nothing on the clock works now. I tried unplugging it & plugging it back in, but nothing will make it work! I have been cheated out of $39.49 & can't get a refund! Don't buy it!
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on March 23, 2011
Had it for years now, can be a little quirky after power outages but still works perfect, the projector reads fine on my 9 foot ceilings, flashlight is nice feature
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on December 21, 2011
The Timex T-740 has great features: projection time, dual alarms - weekdays and weekends, and not easy to knock over on the nightstand. We bought the first one in April and in less than 90 days it froze up - stays at 5:09 am and nothing works! We liked it up to this point, and thought we just got a lemon. We made the mistake to buy another one - same model. Unfortunately, same problem. Just short of 90 days it also froze up at 5:09 am. None of the buttons work. My hubby was almost late to work. Now what? The Timex warranty is 90 days, but you must pay for shipping both ways, and it will probably just work another 90 days after repaired. Save yourself the hassle and don't buy this item.
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VINE VOICEon July 30, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
You normally don't have to read instructions to set up an alarm clock. This one is a little different. It isn't exactly intuitive, but the instruction book is clear and easy to follow--a rarity these days. Still, I was a little taken aback by a couple of issues.

First, it isn't an atomic clock which was my original assumption based on the clock's need to know what time zone you lived in. Theoretically, this is the only bit of input you need to provide.

Secondly, it is a bit of a control freak and assumes that, by default, you will get up at 6 am on weekdays and sleep one extra hour on weekends and it comes set to this schedule. You can adjust both your weekday and weekend time choice, but not the fact that the 5/2 rule governs your week. Alarm 1 will ring from Monday to Friday and Alarm 2 will ring on Saturday and Sunday. There is a visual clue on the clock face indicating the governing alarm of the moment. I am sure that this rule applies to many people, but it doesn't to me since I'm self-employed and neither my bedtime, nor working hours, nor waking time follows a strict pattern.

But this wasn't really a problem to me since I wasn't planning to use this clock as an alarm anyway. I have an old and smaller alarm on my nightstand that I set when needed. The problem is that I can't see the time on it without my glasses and I don't want to put on my glasses the five times I wake up during each night.

Which was the reason for selecting this clock. It has a sharp, well-lit, and large display plus a time projection system that reflects the time on the ceiling. I figured that, if I put it on the dresser I would be able to see the time each time I wanted without glasses.

Sure, there were other benefits that I found interesting and tempting. The clock is capable of producing soothing sounds that interested me from the point of view of muffling other noises when my grandson naps in our room. It has a radio built in which is a plus since I no longer had a radio--not that I use it, but everyone should have a radio, I suppose. Then there is the fact that it automatically adjusts back and forth from Daylight savings to regular time. (This is what initially made me think that it was atomic). And, especially, the bonus that it has a backup battery that operates the clock in case of power failure and prevents it from losing the time and resetting to 12:00 with every power surge. During the summer, especially, that is an issue where I live. It also has a charged flashlight attached to the top which, since the clock will be easily visible during a power failure, this particular flashlight will be the first one I will reach for.

I have no idea where all this advanced programming is held, but I did read that it is important to replace the battery while plugged in to a/c power when the low-bat indicator starts blinking so as not to lose settings so, since my unit arrived with a blinking light, I did replace the battery as instructed, just in case.

About the only thing it doesn't do is tell you the room temperature, which would have rounded out the unit nicely.

But, by far, the dominant reason I wanted this clock was a display that I could see clearly without glasses and, in that respect, the clock has far, FAR, surpassed my best hopes. The display on the clock face is easy to make out, and the on-ceiling display is far bigger than I had hoped. Each number is about a foot tall, in sharp focus, and reflects bright red on the white ceiling at night. I can tell what time it is even with only one eye open so, even if it did nothing else, I would (and did) rate this five stars.
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on February 13, 2012
I bought this alarm clock for my husband for Christmas. We absolutely LOVED everything about it UNTIL it just died. The display just went completely BONKERS and is now stuck on what looks like 1:80. And, the ONLY thing I did for that to happen is hit the snooze button. Really?!!? Now, NOTHING works to fix it either. We tried everything from unplugging it, to taking the battery in and out, it does NO GOOD!!

I should of listened to the bad reviews and/or bought it locally in store. Now, I am faced with the pain in the butt decision to I ship it back at MY expense and HOPE they fix it and/or replace it with a new one which is asinine! Maybe I'll just take the hit and learn my lesson the hard way and NEVER buy another Timex again.

Regardless, it's a darn shame as we loved Timex (at least their old alarm clocks) in the past. My daughter has my old one from 2006 and my husband has one that is STILL working since he purchased it back in the early 90's. What a bunch of crooks, taking people's hard earned money, by using cheap parts that are made overseas that won't last and/or are defective from the get go!!! And, don't get me started on the LAME 90 day warranty that is pure BS!! Come on, really?!!? IF I knew it came with ONLY a 90 day warranty I would of NEVER purchased this product. It also seems like Timex isn't the only manufacturer that has MAJOR issues with their projection/automatic date/time set alarm clocks either. BUYER BEWARE!! DO NOT BUY!
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on May 2, 2011
This clock radio died after a month. Customer service unhelpful. It was cheap and I still got less than I paid for. Don't waste your money.
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on November 17, 2011
I ordered this clock for my wife because here in North Dakota, winter also
brings power outages. She needed an alarm clock with a battery backup
for those times. I love the fact that the time is displayed on the ceiling
(or wall) in very unobtrusive red numbers. She loves the "beach theme"
wake up sounds as well. Easy to program and with the auto correct time
features it takes care of itself for time adjustments once you enter your
time zone into it. Great alarm clock!!!!
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