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on February 11, 2013
Regarding the watch dimensions (this came up in a previous review): The diameter of the watch (strictly speaking) is about 36.5 mm across the face (9 to 3). That measurement is 38.5 mm if you include the adjustment button next to the 3. Up and down (12 to 6), from the tip of the gold-colored band holder to the other tip, it is about 46 mm. Now, this isn't the casing "diameter" (if you take the word literally), but it *is* the length of the casing at its longest measurement tip to tip. This may be where the "case diameter" measurement in the product description (42 mm) comes from. I had assumed as much when I saw the case diameter measurement. I also double-checked it on Timex's website. There, the literal diameter is listed under "case width" as 36 mm, which is close to my own measurement (36.5 mm). The listed case thickness is 12 mm; I measure it at about 11 mm.

I like the size of the watch, especially at a time when most men's watches are exceedingly and obtrusively large. This watch is small enough to have a subtlety and elegance to it that allows it to blend into/complement a man's wardrobe, whether it is worn with a suit, with jeans and a polo shirt, or with most anything in between. At the same time, it is large enough to be readable, to be recognizable as a man's watch, and to hold its own as a noticeable accessory.

The most important feature of a watch is that it keeps time reliably. This watch does that. My watch has neither gained nor lost a second since I first set it a week ago. (This is a big improvement over my previous Casio, which gained half a second a day.)

The alligator-patterned leather is gorgeous. Looks sturdy, subtle, and sophisticated. There's kind of a reddish tint to the brown, almost like a dark cherrywood color. The fixed and moveable leather loops on the band do a great job holding the excess strap unobtrusively, even if you tighten the watch to its highest notch, and the fixed loop alone holds the tip of the band down even if you use the lowest notch.

I read the reviews that complained about the stiffness of the band. When I got my watch (and made sure it kept proper time for a day first!), I just spent a few minutes rolling and bending the straps. I haven't had any issues with stiffness. It feels fine, and after a bit I don't even notice it on my wrist.

The casing and clasp are a pleasing gold color. There isn't enough surface area to show scuffs or fingerprints (which is good), but if that sort of thing bothers you, fingerprints wipe right off with a sweep of the finger.

The hour and minute hands are slender and black, and the numbers on the face are simple and elegant. Altogether they indicate the time very clearly. I've done my best to view the watch in poor conditions (e.g., at a steep angle with a direct light casting glare on the watch face), and in every situation I can still read the time quite easily.

To say more about that topic, I'm very pleased with how quickly I can tell the time with just a glance --- the black numbers on a white face make a big difference. Until my experience with this watch, I didn't realize how much longer it took for me to determine the time on my old analog watch, which had silver hands and silver tick-marks (rather than numbers) on a blue background. Before, telling time would take me a few seconds. Now, it's almost instantaneous. (It felt like I had developed a super-power the first few times it happened.)

To adjust the date, you pull out the adjustment knob half way. To adjust the time, pull out the knob all the way. I am pleased that when the knob is pulled out all the way, the second hand stops. (I have had analog watches that didn't do this.) This means I can stop the second hand where I choose and set my watch to be accurate to the second.

To adjust the day (and I posted the following remark as a comment for a reviewer who was having trouble with this), keep adjusting the time forward or backward (a 24 hour rotation for every day). It takes awhile, but that's how to do it. The day switches over around 12:00ish. If you don't see a switch around 12:00, that means the watch is at the noon 12 rather than the midnight 12.

I like that the day is connected to the time in this way, and especially that it switches over around the 12:00 mark. I've had watches before which have days set independent of the time, and so they would switch over to the next day randomly (as opposed to switching over at midnight).

Press the adjustment button in to activate the Indiglo light. It stays on for as long as you hold in the button. The entire watch face lights up blue. It is amazing for reading in low light/no light. If I wake up in the middle of the night (wondering if it is almost time to get up, or if I lucked out and I have a few more hours of sleep ahead of me), I can check the time with no great effort (which would wake me up) or light (which would wake up my wife).

Truth be told, my choice in watches was limited to Timexes when I was shopping this time around because I wanted a watch with an Indiglo light. (Ever since I saw the Indiglo light on a friend's watch in a movie theater, I knew I wanted one.) I am very pleased that everything else about the watch (the time keeping, the comfort, the size, the aesthetics) turned out so great.

Finally, about the sound: I didn't even think about this until I saw a reviewer mention this. I didn't think about it because I never noticed the ticking. So, I tested for this. In a dead-quiet room, listening for the watch (which I placed on my desk), I can start to hear it when my ear is about 8 inches from the watch. Also, I put the watch on, and tested that way. If the watch is facing away (i.e., the top of my wrist is facing away), even if I put the inside of my wrist up to my ear, I can't hear it. I can hear the ticking only when I hold the watch facing my ear. Otherwise, I can't feel it, and it is silent.

Can't say enough good things about this watch. I just wish they had a black and silver version of this particular watch, too. (Granted, there are black and silver casual dress Timex watches out there, but none have quite captured my eye yet like this one did.)
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on October 10, 2013
I noticed my 88 year-old father was wearing a watch with a metal, expansion band. However, the band was broken, it was attached by one link and hanging off his wrist. He is not very "aware" these days. Having not worn a watch in many years, my recollection of finding a replacement band was that it would be easy. So I took it, telling him I would buy a new band. Not so easy these days. The size needed was not standard. It had to be ordered. At what cost? How long would it take? I decided it would be more efficient to purchase a new one, which I did, from Macy's. This exact model, at $54.00.

Then I got an email from Amazon, where I had shopped for the replacement band. I could not understand why I had not also looked for the new watch there, but I had not. I checked and found this model at nearly half the price! The price differential was too much to ignore. I ordered it and decided I would return the other when received, which I did. The only difference, and I know it cannot be the sole factor, is the packaging. Macy's packaging is much more elegant, than that from Amazon which is less pretty, but certainly adequate. A $24.00 savings is much more elegant to me.

By the way, my father loved it! Very readable numbers, casual, yet dressy enough to wear with a suit and tie, to a wedding the first time he used it. And having lived through the Depression, he appreciated my story. I think on some level he realized some of what he tried to instill in me, had sunk in.
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on February 25, 2015
The watch appears well made, including the leather band. I would buy it again. The second hand is almost completely silent; you have to put the watch to your ear before you can hear a faint tick.

Here's how to set the time, day of week and date of month: The crown (the thing you turn) in the "out" position adjusts everything: time, day of week and date of month. The crown in the "middle" position adjust date of month only.

Turn the crown in the "out" position clockwise to move the hour hand through enough 24 hour periods to get to the right day of the week - don't worry about the date of month at this point. As the day of the week advances, pay attention to when the watch is in AM. When you get to AM (not the PM) of the correct day, put the crown in the "middle" position and turn it clockwise to get the correct date of month. Pull the crown back to the "out" position and rotate clockwise to get the correct time of day.
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on April 2, 2013
This is a nice looking watch with very large numbers, perfect for someone with vision problems. I compared it to a very similar looking watch by Seiko, and decided to return the Timex and keep the Seiko. The following is my review for the Seiko which compares both watches:

This review is from: Seiko Men's SNE056 Solar Strap White Dial Watch
I am very fussy about choosing a watch. I tried and returned two previous purchases to Amazon, but the third time was the charm. I like a watch with Arabic numerals and a dial that is easy to read; plus a day and date display that is large enough to glance at and understand; and I like one which is well illuminated in a dark theater. I also prefer a small to moderate size rather than the oversized watch faces that are so popular today. This Seiko SNE056 fulfills all of these plus two more important requirements: it's solar so it will not require the expense or inconvenience of replacing batteries; and finally it is exceptionally handsome. While in a restaurant today I noticed the man at the next table kept looking at my watch whenever I reached for something on the table.

If you are on a tight budget there is a similar looking watch on Amazon at a much lower price: the Timex Men's T2N065. The Timex has a larger face and larger Arabic numerals which would be good for someone with very restricted vision or a larger wrist. This Timex looks really nice but to me the Seiko is more refined looking. Setting the day and date on the Timex feels like a cruder, less smooth process than on the Seiko. The Seiko rolls over to the next day in an unobtrusive manner, while the Timex slowly moves the day and date ahead in tiny increments over many hours before and after midnight, so during those hours it is difficult to see what the day and date actually are. Also, when a month has less than 31 days it is much more of an intensive and frustrating chore to reset the date on the Timex, whereas the Seiko adjusts very simply. The more refined date mechanism in the Seiko may account for much of the price difference because I can't understand why this function on the Timex is so primitive.

But the Timex does win out in one area ~~ the Indiglo light feature which lights up the entire face whenever you push on the crown (the stem you turn for changing the time). On the Seiko only the hands and markers beside each hour on the face have a luminescence when you are in a dark area. But remember that the Timex is not a solar powered watch like the Seiko; the Timex is battery operated. I would be happy with either of these watches but the Seiko feels and looks a little more luxurious.
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on October 14, 2015
The watch is thin but full sized. The indiglo backlight works well. Time is kept exactly. The band is modest but neat.
BEWARE: despite their numerous models, Timex only has two mechanisms. One has a two position pull-out knob and the other (more expensive) has a three position knob. Timex does not distinguish and uses the same information sheet for both watch types. This watch is a two position one but, not knowing that, I followed the directions to set the date by searching for the middle position. The entire knob and spindle came out.
I recommend buying a three position watch because with ones like this you have to manually advance the date at the end of every month!
Amazon: tell us which is which
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on October 25, 2016
Just an awful watch and purchase. I have a few other Timex watches that work great. But this watch is just the WORST. It will not keep time at all. It stops every twenty or so minutes. And if you don't wear it one day or two you need to wind it to get it to the correct day of the week.

On top of that, the pull out is difficult to use to change the date as there really is no distinct setting to change the date. Its quite annoying and frustrating.

I am going to return this watch and really am disapppinted in the quality of this product from what is usually a really reliable company.
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on August 22, 2013
I purchased this watch to replace an older Timex watch that I wear on weekends. I like the expandable band which this watch has. Unfortunately the band is so tight it makes the watch unwearable. I was willing to spend a few bucks to replace the band but the band on this watch is integrated into the watch and can't be replaced. Given that, I had to return the watch.
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on December 28, 2014
Not only does the band not stretch easily, it is difficult to shorten (at least my jeweler had difficulty with it). I'm also disappointed with the face, which is difficult to read in low light. Otherwise, it's OK. I'll keep it anyway. Update: Two days after the local jeweler shorten the band, it separated. I took it back, but he said it was too difficult to fix, and all he could do for me is sell me a new band. My advice. If you want this watch, be prepared to also purchase a replacement band. I'm in the process of finding one.
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on March 18, 2017
You might think different looking models of the same watch would have the same functionality. You could be wrong. I can say definitively the black version of this has a full backlight but be advised the white-faced version might not. I was forced to return even the black version however, bc the expanding band is made for a child evidently. Pics make this look like a good sized watch. It is small. The band, the face- both very small. I don't mind a light weight watch but this was simply too tight to comfortably wear. Timex fail.
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on January 16, 2017
Keeps time very well, it's only off by a few seconds over a period of several months. I only bother to reset the time when changing from standard time to daylight saving time. This still keeps the watch within one minute of the correct time. The band was also easy to change the length. It had about 3 links more than needed to fit my wrist which had to be removed.
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