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on April 19, 2015
This watch has a lot of positive reviews. All from people who just started using their watch.
The rest of the reviews are negative - from people who are writing after having the watch for some time.
The watch band is of terrible quality and crumbles (see images) in less than a year of use.
The watch band is covered on the outside by a woven fabric which can develop snags even in normal household use.
Compass is useless - the compass cover turned brown - so you can't see the needle.
Main complaint is that the watch is not water resistant as advertised, water gets in and is visible on the inside of the crystal - even when only doing normal household use (washing dishes, etc) - which will shorten the life of the watch, looks terrible and obscures parts of the display with vapor.. Conveniently for Timex the warranty is useless in this case because the warranty SPECIFICALLY does not cover water damage (I quote:) "Timex will not provide any warranty service if your watch shows .... moisture damage sufficient to affect the proper function of the watch". So the watch is advertised as water resistant - but when this turns out to be untrue, it is the customer's fault. Also note that they charge $8 for shipping of warranty repaired items - almost 30% of what the watch costs to fix a problem Timex should be paying for. which is probably the reason why the Indiglo light stopped working.
Wish I could give this No stars... don't waste your money - unless you're looking for a disposable watch.
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on July 6, 2016
This is my third Expedition in 10 years, I really like these watches. Old one works fine, on third battery but is looking a bit tired. Screen on new watch is difficult to read, too dark. The old screen is much easier to read and I liked it a lot better. But good value for the money.
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on December 20, 2016
I got this watch 5 years ago, the case is still going strong, I had to replace the battery last year, the original strap lasted a couple of years only, then I got a Timex Genuine Leather 18mm Brown Replacement Watchband, that again lasted only a couple of years. Finally I just got a couple of Ritche 18mm Nato Straps, I hope they last longer than the original Timex ones. The indiglo button doesn't work anymore, everything else works fine.

- Sturdy watch case.

- Screen can be easily scratched.
- Original Timex watchbands don't last enough.
- Indiglo button fails after 2 years.

All in all, it is a good watch.
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on November 21, 2016
This was the perfect watch. Large display, great functions, durable, inexpensive. All of the features on every T48042 I've owned worked great. They last me several years, until the watch band breaks, the face is more scratched than I like, or the control buttons become difficult to get to work. But I have always gotten a great life from them. I like them so much, I have bought nine of them over the past ten years. I have four in reserve right now, so I can continue to have this model after Timex decides to discontinue them.
So why the one star, don't buy again? Timex has changed the design - replacing the battery (available through Amazon for $0.61 each) is no longer simple. It used to be just a small jeweler's Phillips head and good eye sight. But the three I just bought does not have screws holding the batteries in place. I surfed the web for instructions, but found nothing. I emailed Timex and they said they do not provide instructions - take it to a jeweler or ship it to them to have the battery replaced (for $12 - $15). Hmm, $12 to $15, plus postage and two to four weeks to get the watch back (per Timex's email) or the gas and time to take it to a jeweler, vs. $0.61 for a battery delivered to my home? These watches are now one battery watches, disposables. This change is why I advise do not buy this watch, unless you want to throw it out when the battery runs out.
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on March 6, 2017
I made the mistake of buying an Armitron watch when my Timex Ironman that I had for over 20 years broke.
After a year of suffering with the huge armitron watch and not having a timer...I'm back where I belong with Timex.
This watch just does everything I've always loved and needed in a watch.
I wish I had never strayed...
I would give this watch 10 stars if I could.

UPDATE: Watch Indiglo function died after 6 months of ownership. Watch replaced by timex with another model due to not being able to repair the original watch. Now I remember why I left. It may have all the options I like...but they don't have the durability they once had. Much like the rest of the cheap garbage made overseas...they are now too. I wish I had held onto my little indiglo watch from 1996 instead of tossing it in the trash when I lost a screw. That thing is probably still running in a landfill somewhere...

The replacement watch they sent to me, I gave to my son. It's nice...but not the model I desired.
Guess I'll be spending good money on a better reputation watch and taking my business elsewhere.
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on July 18, 2017
Its getting hard to find a Timex Expedition that has a Velcro band. This is the type of watch band I prefer, so this is one of the reasons I ordered this model. This is not the same model as one I previously owned that I was very happy with. One difference is the four 'set' buttons around the sides are larger, rectangular and plastic rather than small, round and metal. They look a little cheesier, but are easier to press and hold than on my previous model. The indiglo button that lights up the face works well. I had to clear a culvert of debris twice now in the past week. It drains a pond that either a beaver or muskrat has been blocking and raising the water level on. I've been up to my chest in water, and the immersed watch has been fine. One complaint I read in the reviews when researching the previous model I had was that you can no longer access the battery compartment (i.e. the screws that hold the back plate on are no longer there). This means you either have to send it back to Timex to have the battery replaced (for a charge) or assume its a 'use once and throw away' watch once the battery dies. However, on this model, the T49949, I could see from one of the photos that there were still screws on the back plate. That's one of the main reasons I ordered this one. Although I have not had to do it yet, I'm assuming the battery can be replaced if you have a very small Philips-head screwdriver, like with earlier Expedition models. We'll see how it holds up over time, but so far, I'm very pleased with it.
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on August 6, 2015
Very nice watch for a senior like me. I can read the time without glasses and the alarm is nice and loud. Fairly easy to set up, I haven't had to read the instructions so far. Two nits I have with it : the month/day is backward to what I'm used to. August 7 (8/7) is displayed as 7/ I'll need to get used to that.And the watch band has two loops to retain the loose end.One is adjustable, the other closest to the buckle is sewn into the band.So after you buckle the band you have to bend the band sharply to push it into the loop.I'm thinking I might remove it.
So a good looking watch for a good price with big numbers, loud alarm and count down timer
10/21 Update - Thanks Thomas for tip on changing DD/MM to MM/DD - (guess I should have read the instructions! )
11/26 Update - Sad to say the light went out after 3 months,all other functions still work so I'm thinking the battery is ok.Another reviewer reported the same problem.
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on January 28, 2016
Great watch. I've been so disappointed by other digital watches for men, but this one is really nice.
The watch is a bit on the ugly side for my taste. It is not the most attractive in terms of color. But the functionality is just what I wanted, and the watch is sturdy and water resistant.

Setting the watch time, alarms etc is easy and there are on-screen prompts that indicate which button does what when setting.
The buttons do not make annoying beeps every time you press them (although you can turn on beeps if you want).
The hourly chime is off by default.
There are 3 different alarms and each one can be set individually to go off: (A) Daily, (B) on Weekdays only or (C) on Weekends only -- a really great feature!
There are two time zones. Many watches implement this in a very annoying way, but I like how this watch has done it--the second time zone is there and you can see it at a glance by pressing and holding a button, but it doesn't keep showing the second time zone, and it doesn't show the second time zone as a separate "mode". I find it very confusing when other watches do that. Basically what I'm saying is that the second time zone is available, but it is subtle and clear--not confusing and "in-your-face" like on many other watches.
The indiglo nightlight is very nice.
The display is legible and well-laid out--not busy or obnoxious like many other watches.
The watch is water resistant and sturdy. I've already had it thrown in the tub by my kids and it still works perfectly.
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on November 25, 2016
Ok watch. From a functional perspective it works fine and does everything my previous Expedition watches have done. That said, I'm underwhelmed. The face is smaller than I expected. If you are familiar with Apple Watches, they come in 38 mm and 42 mm sizes. Think woman's size (38 mm) and man's size (42 mm). My previous Expedition, which looks similar to this one, was akin to the 42 mm. This watch is more like a 38 mm. I bought it based on the picture since it looked very similar to my old watch. I just checked and there is one picture which shows it on a millimeter scale but it's somewhat misleading. At first glance, it looks like it's 40+ mm but if you look carefully, you can see that the measurement is from the tips of the part where the band connects, not the round face. By my reckoning, it appears the actual size of the face is about 35-38 mm which jives with my experience. Because of the smaller face, all of the info on the face is similarly smaller than my previous Expedition. Not unreadable, but less readable.

Second issue is the green glass they use for the face. It is very glossy and somewhat dark with dark digits underneath. As a result, it is hard to read from an angle (i.e., I have to consciously turn the watch so that I am face-on) and hard to read against the darker background and/or in the dark. The Indiglo light works fine, but there have been several instances where I should have been able to read the watch in available light but instead had to use the light.

Overall, it looks good and functions fine as a watch, keeps accurate time, does 2 time zones, laps, etc. Just like every other Expedition. That said, I don't like it nearly as well as my previous, larger Expedition and find it more of a strain to use. I probably should have sent it back and would not buy this specific Expedition again.
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on January 11, 2017
I mainly use this watch for work where we rely on having accurate time. I have been wearing this watch now for 2 weeks. What I like about the watch:
1: Watch face is large enough to be able to clearly read the time,date and day of the week.
2. Watch face is not so big that it is uncomfortable (roughly 1 5/8 inch wide by 1 3/4 long)
3. The combination nylon/leather strap is thin and flexible (but durable). The thickness is about 3/4 of an inch making it very comfortable to wear.
4. Indiglo feature is bright in the dark and very easy to find the button as it is on the face of the watch as opposed the side of the watch.
5. Setting are easy to navigate and easy to set time and date
6. Includes chronograph, timer and you can assign 3 different alarms.
7. Has the hour chime ( which you can disable).
8. You can set it to a 24 hour clock.

What I did not like:
1. The watch did not come with instructions on how to set the watch up and to navigate it. But as i stated earlier it is super easy to figure out. (to set your time just press and hold the set button while you are in time mode,hit the mode button, hit start/split button to adjust time, hit set to set the time)
2. Sometimes i have a difficult time getting the watch on and off, but i think that will get easier as the watch band breaks in.

In conclusion I would not hesitate to buy this watch. Again, it is super comfortable, light weight, easy to read and has been very durable so for. And at this price point how could you go wrong?
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