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on October 29, 2015
For the price - which is comparable to other similar (and seemingly better) Timex Weekender watches - I think this one should be a little more 'advanced', ie, a very basic Indiglo night-light would have been amazing.

The band is very soft and it's comfortable, but it's so thin that I wonder how long it will last before it begins to tear. Hopefully it's strong despite the thinness. The flimsy nature of the band also makes it difficult to insert into the buckle since it's like trying to do so with thin cloth or paper. A slightly thicker band would make it easier.

The watch face is small for what's labelled a man's watch. I like the size for me, but if a man were to order this he'd likely feel as though he's wearing his wife's watch.

Mine also came with a small white fleck (of some material) UNDER the plastic covering of the face, so what can I do to remove it?! (Returning is impractical for me personally.) The plastic covering also scuffs too easily with little effort. And I'm very careful with my watches.
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on July 3, 2013
Nice basic watch - here are the details:

Very easy to read face - the white letters and hands really stand out from the black face.
Extremely lightweight - I can hardly tell it's on the wrist.
Medium size - I have average size wrists, any watch larger than about 38mm seems to be too big as they tend to catch on nearby objects. This one is perfectly sized, not too wide, and certainly not too thick.

Only two and they are really minor, but that's why we read and write these reviews, right?

The bezel/frame of this watch is brown. Not grey, not black, but brown. It isn't objectionable, nor ugly in anyway but it is brown. The pictures don't always accurately reflect the color of the watch.
The buckle on the strap is the thinnest I've ever encountered on a watch strap. It works just fine, and for that matter adds to the slim profile of the watch overall. On the other side, like many people I equate heft/bulk with quality, so I was surprised at how lightweight the buckle is.
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on December 26, 2013
To be totally honest with this review how do you rate a watch in only a couple of days? First of all this is an electric watch. I put in a search for "wind up military watches". The reason was I wanted a backup watch for my battery watches. So I read the reviews which were good and ordered the watch with some other items. I looked at it again a couple of days later and oops it was another battery watch. My fault. I'll just keep it for a bang-up watch to wear. The new electric watches take special tools to change the battery. No, I am not going to open this until the battery quits. I'm hoping the battery will just drop out when you open the back up.
The plus on this analog watch is it does not have a day and date. My friends tell me the Chinese watches with this feature break the first time you try to use that feature.
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on November 3, 2012
Pros: Solid build and good performance for a cheap plastic watch; pretty light; easy to read.

Cons: Still a cheap plastic watch; kind of loud.

Timex generally makes a solid, but unspectacular product, and this is no exception.
The watch is made of plastic and is very light, but is well molded and seems sturdy enough. The strap is made of a fairly thin, lower-weight nylon that seems pretty strong and is comfortable, and has a loose nylon loop on it to hold the loose end of the strap when wearing the watch. The strap hardware is a light metal with a polished finish that seems strong enough--it won't snap on you, but you can bend it pretty easily if you try. The face is very readable as long as your eyes aren't terrible--it's a pretty small watch, probably less than an inch and a half across. The hands and the triangles outside every number have a glow-in-the-dark coating that requires it to been out in the light for a little while to work--it is NOT "Indiglo" where you press on the crown and the dial lights up.
The only major drawback for me is that it is pretty loud. If it's VERY quiet and you're listening for it, you can hear this watch ticking from about 7 feet away. Usually not a problem, but I wouldn't wear it to bed or store it in the same room where you sleep, and it was a bit of a problem when I took it to time an exam that I was taking.
I paid only about $15 for this watch when I bought it a couple of years ago, but I see that this type of thing is popular at places like J. Crew now, so that might explain the price increase. It's not fancy at all, but it's worked absolutely fine for two years of occasional use. Definitely worth it for $15, probably worth it for $25, as I don't know what else you're going to get for that price.
Also, after two years without adjustment, the movement has lost MAYBE 30 seconds, if that--pretty good for a cheap plastic watch, if you ask me.
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on April 21, 2014
This watch won't win style points, but it gets the job done in a basic, no-frills way. The Army issued a watch just like it 40 years ago. It matched my jungle fatigues and met my low technology expectations of that distant time. Today, however, I find myself wanting this bare-bones watch to have at least one or two of the extra capabilities that are standard in modern watches, such as a date display and the ability to set an alarm. Some other reviews here on Amazon.com mentioned the watch's loud ticking. True, in a quiet room you'll hear the ticking, but it cannot be heard if there is ambient background noise, such as the soft hiss of air from the ventilation system, the hum of a refrigerator or other equipment, normal office chatter, or the sounds of nature or the neighborhood. One potential problem: the watch band may be too short for people with thick wrists.
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on April 16, 2015
It's a nice watch! I got it today and have it on right now. Man, that 2 hand is loud! It catches me off gaurd. I probably won't sleep with it on my wrist. I'll just count along the seconds I am lying there. I'd never go to sleep. Now for the taking it on and off, at night, might worry me a little. The band is kind of cheese. Pretty thin material. The buckle kind of is too, now that I think about it. All and all it very light weight. Just a clean look. Not sure if the babes will dig it because it's not a Rolex. So don't plan on taking it out on a night on the town, clubbing. Just leave it at home.
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on June 2, 2017
Received my watch yesterday. The watch is a bit small even on a small wrist like mine. The most comparable size I can compare this to is a lady's watch. This watch looks really nice for the price that I paid. I've received a few compliments on it the day that I wore it. Now for a few cons: it has a fairly loud watch movement, the strap feels and looks cheap, and there is no Indiglo. If you can get this at a discounted price, I would definitely recommend it.
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on January 15, 2016
I first bought this same watch 25 - 30 years ago, and it was running quite well when I recently dropped it perfectly face-flat on a tile floor, the aged ring that holds the crystal snapped,(and the hands were still moving). Great watch for casual activities.
I was pleased that Timex still has this watch available; As I recall, it is about $8 more than what I paid for the first one; reasonable, don't you
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on July 27, 2017
I wanted simple watch just to tell the time which it does very well. I did not want some thing with the date heart rate temperature in china what the weather would be next year or how many feet I walked in 10 minutes. A watch to tell the time thats it. We have many items for all the other stuff
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on December 29, 2011
This isn't the first of these that I've owned and so I was already aware that it's a small faced watch and that it does tick quite loudly, so neither of those common complaints were bothersome for me. I tend to also wear a bracelet or two on the same wrist as my watch and so the smaller size is a plus for me and as for the ticking, well yes, it ticks. It's a $20 watch. You can hear it pretty well when it's quiet but that's not something that bothers me really. I got it because I love the way it looks, not because I thought it was a Rolex.

As to why this isn't my first one keep in mind that it's water resistant, not proof and so you shouldn't really be showering or doing the dishes with it on and forget swimming or diving. It's a field watch. Keep it in the field and not in the water. Also the crystal is rather soft and scratches easily if you bang it into things. If you're careful these watches last a while, if you're not though they're not very forgiving but at this price point they're not going to be a family heirloom anyway. It's the perfect watch to wear when you don't want to risk wearing your more expensive watches or just for casual everyday dress.
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