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on July 31, 2014
I will agree with some of the posters that the face is dark, but it's still readable & when it's no longer readable, I just hit the back light.

I like most everything about it. It has all the features I was looking for: time & date on the face, compass, stopwatch, timer, & alarms. The compass seems to be pretty accurate once it's calibrated & it has a digital "needle" that is always pointing north while the display shows your heading.

The one dislike is that it is very large. It's about 1.5x larger than my current Ironman. I also don't know how long the band will last. It is thick but still a little flimsy. I tent to break watchbands, so we'll have to see how this one holds up.

UPDATE...Just under 3 years old & the band has broken. I'm surprised it didn't fall off my arm. I found it just before it broke all the way through. Looked all over & can't find a replacement band. The watch itself works just fine. The band is a huge disappointment. Removing 2 stars.
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on December 28, 2012
Let me start off by saying "I love this watch!". I bought this watch after returning a Suunto Vector. The Suunto is great watch but it had more features than I needed and I actually didn't like the feel of the plastic housing.

I was looking for a watch that I could wear biking, hiking, camping, in the water and for day to day use as well. The Timex Expedition was everything I needed. It has a very nice rubberized texture and feels very solid. I have worn mine whitewater rafting in Tennessee and West Virginia and it performed perfectly even through that abuse. It has a lot of great features including the compass which I have found myself using more than a few times and the hydration timer is also a nice feature that I forsee myself using during longer mountain bike trips. The light button is a nice, large knurled button that is very easy to access in the dark and the backlight is very bright.

It is a pretty large watch so people with smaller wrists may find it uncomfortable. Personally, I find it to be very comfortable to wear all day. The only potential negative I've found with the watch is that the strap is very stiff and I can see how some may find it uncomfortable. I have a Timex Ironman Shock (another awesome watch btw) that I wear daily and the strap is much more supple on that watch, but I certainly understand why they chose to use an extra thick strap on the Expedition. I highly doubt there will be any issues with a broken band on this watch. Another feature I love on the Timex watches is the tab they put on the band to help keep it in place. It keeps the watch band from coming undone or sliding around.

I can't say enough good things about this watch. I have been very happy with my purchase.
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on November 1, 2014
I was pretty disappointed upon receiving the watch, the battery was dead out of the box. I thought it may have been an issue where I had to reset the battery, or remove a protective plastic piece on the battery in order for the battery to work. When it didn't work, I got out my multimeter to measure the voltage, and to my surprised it showed 0.3 V, where it should have read 3 V. Anyhow I went to the local electronic store to get myself an CR1620 battery replacement, cost me about 5 bucks and time, I went home right away to play with my new watch. Upon replacing the battery, the watch worked perfectly. The instructions were easy to follow, and setting up the different times (able to setup 3 different time zones) was a piece of cake. You are able to set 3 different alarm settings which helps if you have a busy schedule, and the basic stop watch functions work well. I was quite surprised with the compass function, really easy to calibrate, and upon using it, it read pretty accurately to what my iphone compass was displaying. The watch is very sturdy, made with a tough plastic strap, some people say it is a big watch, but I think it is a good size and it looks great. It feels really light weight on my wrist, and the indiglo button is easy to find and lights up the watch in dark places. Overall I am really happy with my purchase besides the dead battery I got on arrival. I would have gave this 5 stars if it wasn't for the battery issues. This is a great watch for the price!
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on July 12, 2017
UPDATE: After sending it in for repair and fully expecting to pay for it, Timex sent me a whole new watch at their discretion. I can't argue with that. Still annoyed I couldn't find a watchband to repair it myself, but this was an unexpected treat. Bumps the rating back up to 5/5.

I bought this watch a couple years ago, and it's been a great device easily a 5/5. That said, I am saddened that the watchband clip snapped off today.. and I didn't really do anything other than wear it.

I would wear this watch for the rest of my life and I truly believe it would last that long, too. But I can't replace the watchband.. Timex doesn't have replacements. Why?! Why does this amazing watch have to be a doorstop now?
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on March 14, 2013
My first expedition watch, like this one, was stolen. So when I was looking for a new watch I tried finding something better but could find nothing that was for less than $200.00. The Casio G-shock watches look and seem good, but have too much of not needed things and numbers on screen were too small. Looked for other compass watches and did not like the styling of them. Other watches were just way to big and then most wanted to include temp gauge, or barometric pressure gauge or altimeter gauge. Just way too much for a watch, then the watch was only good to 30M water resistance. So if you would get it wet, you were done, by what most people had to say in their reviews. So for the price and function this is the best watch to have, it may be big, but you can see the screen, looks good, and functions great. If you worried about scratching the face, just get some phone screen protector and cut to fit it to the face. I love that the function buttons are made into the body of the watch, other watches these would catch on things. As I said this is a great all around watch for outdoors use. It is with me on deployment and has worked out great.
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on May 27, 2015
Just go ahead and let me say that I honestly really like the watch. its pretty useful, comes with alot of sweet features, and is probably the best available for the price (roughly $50 at time of purchase). i see that at the time of writing this review its now ~$71. So, the reason i'm giving it 3 stars is really because of the first product i recieved of this kind (im at 2 now). I get it in the mail slightly earlier than expected, everythings working great, im super happy with my purchase. So i take it on an excursion into the wilderness about a month after i get it. And the silly compass gives out on me. it wouldnt leave the northwest corner of the dial(?) and so was useless. thankfully of course i know how to tell my direction from the sun and surrounding area and so im able to go back home. So the first one lasted about a month before it gave out. i get a new one no problem from amazon, im willing to give it another try because hey, its worked fine for alot of other people. Ive had this one for about a month now, taken it on multiple excursions, swam with it in the ocean, went kayaking with it, hit it against rocks (not directly beating it of course but as a matter of course while climbing) and its still totally functional. So for those thinking of getting one, i suggest GO AHEAD AND TAKE THE PLUNGE while the price is still low, because even if it gives you trouble Amazon's awesome customer service (really the only reason i still shop here) is going to do WHATEVER they can for you. I will warn you, when first using it the thick plastic band will most likely hurt for a couple of days but your wrist will eventually get used to it and then you'll feel weird without it. Thats about it, happy hunting yall! :3
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on April 9, 2015
So I am not a watch guy. I have had a few over the years and do to the pulling of the hair on my arms or the general odd feel of them, I would wear them for a week and put them aside. This watch though might have changed my mind. The band is rubber-ish and will gently squeeze your wrist but not enough to notice. This keeps the watch from sliding or rolling on your wrist like the typical metal band does.

I am a hunter and the main reason i bought this watch is for the compass feature. I have checked it outside against a real compass and it seems to be withing 3-5 degrees the majority of the time, which is perfectly fine for me. I normally just want to know which direction i am walking. The compass does have to be held relatively level for an accurate reading. Electronics will skew the reading, I tried it at my desk and it pointed right at my monitor, but I do not see this being a problem as I will use it outside 95% of the time.

I have only played with the other features, but everything seems to be easy to setup and use. The indigo feature is nice and works well in low light conditions.

The only knock I have against the watch is that it is a little bit thick. It will snag on a back pack strap or hang on your pants if you are reaching in a deep pocket. Since owning the watched i have researched some of the more expensive g-shocks and sunnto watches. Some of their features would be excellent to have but the price is much higher than the Timex. For the money, I do not think this watch can be beat. We will see how it holds up to abuse on an up coming hunting trip.

Follow Up Review:
This watch went hunting/camping with me for 10 days and has survived rain and dirt pretty easily. I knocked it around a few times and have noticed no ill affects. I have washed two vehicles since then, repeatedly dunking it in a soapy bucket and have had no issues. The negative display was easy to read in bright sunlight and the indiglo light was easy to read in the early morning hours without being overly bright. The only thing I can see that I do not care for on the watch is some of the features of the compass. I used the compass a great deal while hunting in conjunction with a gps, making sure my bearing was still on track. The compass must be held near or at level or it will skew the reading from a few degrees to completely pointing the wrong direction. I did check it several times against my hunting buddies regular compass and when it was held at level it read perfectly accurate. Just something to keep in mind if you are lost and attempting to use it to return to a vehicle or road. Other than that, this is a great watch for the money.
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on April 20, 2015
This is the second t49612 that I've owned. I took the other one around the world, belize, nicauraga, NYC, LA, SD, etc... Multiple hikes, into the water, shooting, subzero temps, etc...

The only reason I got a second one is because I lost the first one. Otherwise I suspect it would have gone forever.

The other one was on the original battery after 2.5yrs. WOW!!!

Plastic is good and stands up to most mosquito repellent. Generally anything >40% deet will eat most plastics.
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on February 10, 2016
I liked this watches but in 1 year watch strap just broke. I didn't find any strap replacement or so and now very disappointed. 1 year is too short period for such kind of watches.
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on February 13, 2015
I was looking for an inexpensive EDC watch that I would not have to worry about if it gets hit, wet or dragged through mud. I really like negative display watches so this one works great for me. A lot of people complained that the display is hard to see but I like it that way. The Indiglo does a good job to see the time in complete darkness and it is subtle enough to not dazzle you.
The watch is a bit big, it is bigger than the average Casio G-Shock but fits well on wrists 6 inches and bigger. The compass is accurate once you calibrate it right. It is recommended to calibrate it in the area or for the area you want to use it. If you calibrate it near your pc or electrical power cables where there will be electromagnetic interference then this would obviously affect the accuracy. The compass has the feature to input the declination for the area you are in so that you can use easily with a map to navigate.

All in all at the price, this is a really great watch for everyday use. you can wear it and forget it. Much more functional for me than the expensive $200+ ABC watches as I don't need the additional features, so no sense in paying for what I don't need

Update: February 23rd 2015.
I have been using this watch for a couple of weeks now and it works well as an EDC watch for me. It does run a little slow, I have see a drift of about 3 seconds in about 2 weeks. this is not a big deal for me as I can sync it manually to a GPS clock whenever the drift gets to about 5 seconds.
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