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on February 10, 2013
I chose this watch because I needed a watch with a vibrating alarm function to avoid waking my partner on my early start days - and it works perfectly. If you're exhausted and in deep sleep it won't wake you up but for regular sleep patterns it wakes me up every time. I find it's actually a far more pleasant way to wake up, with a sensation as though someone is tapping on your wrist.

As a watch it's functional and does what it claims to do - perfect for an every-day watch. I've used it for 2 months now with out any issues - I'd recommend it.
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on January 25, 2016
My old Timex Expedition "unisex" watch that I had for years was getting so banged up, the outer bezel had cracked and pieces had fallen off, and what remained had to be superglued to the underlying face to stay in place. It was still working, and the face was still good, but it was time for something that looked a little better than being run over by a tank. So I researched around and found this Timex Expedition "vibration alarm" watch, which I kinda wish I had had before. I like the idea of the option of a vibrating alarm rather than an annoying beeping one when at places that it might be disturbing to others. The old "unisex" watch also had a velcro strap, which I really liked, because it was an easy on-and-off process (but it, too, began to show its age by not sticking as well). Reading reviews of the style with a resin strap I quickly realized that they were breaking or snapping within a year or two (and people were reporting issues about finding replacement bands). So, I went with this model -- a nylon strap with a buckle. I've gotten used to that -- it just takes a bit more fiddling to put it on in the morning or take it off at night. The face on this model is also about 3 mm larger than my older "unisex" model, but I've gotten used to that, too. The hydration and occasion alarms, to me, are just fluff (but might be useful to others). My old watch had 2 time settings. This one has 3 -- I like that (standard time, DST, and time for a friend who lives in Germany). There was an answer on this site given to someone about NOT being able to turn the "beep" off when a button is pressed -- that's not true. Using the Time Set mode you can cycle through all the options (turning hydration or occasion alarms on or off, for example), and included is the ability to turn the button press beep on or off as well. Overall I'm very happy with this watch...
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on April 19, 2016
After having purchased a Casio watch and returned it because it lacked many features of the Timex. The Casio did not have a daily alarm, meaning if you want the alarm to go off everyday at 7:00 AM, then you had to remember to activate the alarm everyday, Also, the alarm on the Casio was barely audible and would never wake me up. In fact, I could barely hear it even when awake and the alarm would only last for a total of 10 seconds. I called Casio and they said this is true of all their watches....Goodbye Casio.

Now, on to the Timex T49854...the audible alarm is louder then the Casio and it does get your attention. Due to hearing deficiencies I would like a louder alarm but the Timex watch's alarm is pretty good. The best part is the vibrating alarm which actually works very well. The watch's alarm works like this: vibrate on your wrist for 10 seconds (which will wake me up) then an audible alarm for another 10 seconds, then a rapid alarm audible alarm for another 10 seconds, for a total of 30 seconds for all phases of the alarm. And, if you do not shut it off it will go this process again 5 minutes later. I have to say this watch does everything I need it to do and at a very reasonable price and it looks good too. I recommend the Timex T49854 watch.
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on March 12, 2013
Damn good watch for the $! Durability wise, it might not be for a man on the end of a jackhammer, but as a machinist, I have been wearing it every day & night since buying it. I fell in love with the indiglo (expedition) timex watches years ago and won't settle for anything else. Excellent lite up face, beats any luminous dot faces. My last expedition timex has lasted 15 yrs. Hey, they keep on tick'n. I like a 1"inch face, this one is just a little bigger.. but not the trendy "huge" ,"see my watch" status... This watch was easy to set, a nice feature is ability to turn off chrono, alarms, chime, etc. One unexpected nice feature is a Occasion reminder, for b-days, anniv., holiday, appmts. Best of all is the vibration alarms (3 different times), which you can set by week, day, and weekends. I work shifts, and have set this to wake me up and by gosh, it really does work.. the buzz on your wrist, you can feel it, even if your arm is under the pillow, or in the noisiest environment where I work. If you ignore it, it goes off again in a few minutes.
I think I will get another one in case they drop this watch out of the lineup.. they have a winner over the classier watches which may chime or beep, or be glitzy.. but for a good watch.. this is it. The fabric wrist band could have been better, cloth- or a rubber one? nah, I prefer bracelet bands, which stay on your wrist, even if they pop open..Kids today rely on thier phones, you can tell old school people who still wear a watch.. I like this watch very much.
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on February 20, 2016
Not sure who wrote the instructions for the vibration on setting the alarm but he/she must not live in an English speaking country. I had to get the instructions from some kind buyer who between he and a customer service person figured it out. Another big Thanks to him. Vibration on the alarm for all intents and purposes might as well not be there. In the day time I have this watch pulled as tight as I can get it and if I'm sitting reading I can feel it usually. If I'm doing something requiring some activity forget it. It vibrates and I go on about my business having not felt the vibration at all. Really 100% disappointed in this watch. The only reason I give it two stars is it does keep time. The other buyer who helped me set this thing had the same complaint on the low vibration. I would think that after all the years Timex has been making and selling who knows how many watches that they could and would put out a product that the customer is looking for. Granted, it does vibrate so I will give them that. How hard it vibrates---Two Stars. Would I buy another Timex? Take a guess.
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on September 10, 2014
I initially got this watch because I was looking for a good vibration alarm that would not wake my girlfriend when I had to get up in the morning. I was initially looking at the "Lark," but it was very pricey and only worked on the iPhone. I would pit this watch against the "Lark" any day.

It has been bashed, smashed, exposed to salt water, and dropped in the sand, and it still keeps on ticking (figuratively speaking).

When all my friends start bragging about their expensive but fragile smart watches and the like, I am proud to point to my watch and boast how tough it is.

I am thrilled about this product 3 years after I bought it. The only thing starting to go is the wrist band, which I will probably replace soon.
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on May 26, 2015
This watch has lasted me over two years now, and I've yet to have a problem with it! The vibration alarm is strong enough to wake me up, and I'm no morning person! It's convenient because I often am not the only one in the room, so this wakes only me. The straps are durable, but are starting to come apart right where it connects to the watch. I wear this 24/7, so the fact that it has lasted this long really speaks to its durability. Everything on the watch is easy to read, and the light button lights up only the digits instead of the entire face, making it clear and visible without blinding you in the dark. You can set three different alarms, and set them to go off daily, only on week days, or only on week days. The timer can be set anywhere from one second to 23:59:59 and can be set to repeat or stop at the end. I haven't used the stopwatch too much, but if you use the lap function, it shows the total running time up top and the current lap time on the bottom, and you can switch them if you like. You have to hold the reset button for the stopwatch to actually reset, so it prevents many accidental resets.

All in all, this is a great watch well worth the money because of its durability and many useful functions.
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on March 4, 2015
I'm very happy with this watch! I bought it primarily because I wanted to use the vibrating alarm feature as my main alarm for waking in the morning and it's been PERFECT for that. I was worried that the vibration wouldn't be strong enough to wake me but that has not been a problem at all, it wakes me every single time. An added bonus is the multiple alarms you can set and how you can set them for weekdays or weekends, that's come in really handy. Another handy feature is the day, month and date display, I find myself referring to that all the time. Also lastly I've used the timer and the chrono features several times and found them very handy. Lastly I find the watch settings to be very easy to use, changing time or alarms features is very easy once you do it a time or two - and the indiglo light background is super handy at night.

Overall I'm very pleased with this affordable feature packed watch and would recommend it to anyone I know!
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on March 16, 2015
I really love this watch. It is the second one I own. I do not profess to have mastered all the features, but here is a list of what I liked about it. 1) I liked the band. It is cloth and tough and cleanable and does not irritate the skin on my wrist. 2) The countdown timer, alarms and other notification alerts have a vibration or vibration plus beep feature. The vibration does not disturb others and is better at waking me up than the beeps, which are often hard to hear. I use it exercising constantly. It has three alarms settings and three time settings for other time zones. I also use the Chronograph all the time. There is also an Occasion feature (for birthdays or anniversaries I think) and a Hydra feature which looks like another type of count-down timer that constantly resets and repeats automatically. Just seems like a well-thought out, good-sized, attractive sport watch.
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on September 16, 2015
I chose this watch because it has a vibration alarm. I am usually a heavy sleeper and I wanted something different then the usual beep. The vibrations do the trick for me. The only draw back I could find with the watch overall is that the bezel has the cardinal directions on it, but does not rotate or have a compass, but for the money, this is by no means a deal breaker (and who would truly trust a compass on a watch anyways?). For $50, this is a 5 star watch
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