Customer Reviews: Timex Men's T5K6929J Ironman Traditional 30-Lap Black and Green Watch With Resin Strap
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on April 11, 2007
Over the years I've owned several generations of Timex Ironman watches, along with other competitor's sports watches. This is the best so far and it is a pleasure to see that Timex is constantly refining and improving the Ironman brand in small and very useful ways. Small but extremely useful improvements over the last Ironman watch I owned include:

- The Flix feature. This is very useful at night when you only have one hand available. Just activate the night mode, flick your wrist and the watch face illuminates for a few seconds.

- When you press the Indiglo button, the face stays lit for a few seconds instead of only as long as you hold the button. Subtle change but big help.

- When you press the Set button in any mode, helpful flashing icons appear which let you know which of the five buttons does what function (e.g. "+" to advance a number.) This pretty much eliminates ever needing to refer to the instruction manual.

- The wristband curves where it interfaces with the watch for a better fit around your wrist.

- The plastic loop which secures the un-notched portion of the band to the other half of the band has a notch which fits into a special hole in the free end of the band. This keeps the loose portion of the band secure around your wrist so that it never snags.

The continual evolution in features, rock solid reliability, and excellent value for price will keep me a loyal Ironman user in the future.
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on November 15, 2009
I bought this to replace the current orange triathlon "sleek". That watch had nice functionality but its buttons were too stiff (really) and it drove me absolutely nuts.

This watch may not be quite as pretty as the sleeks but otherwise I'm very pleased with it. For those familiar with the sleek this one differs in the following ways:

1) Buttons actually work (wow!)
2) 30 instead of 50 laps (can still store them)
3) No interval timer. I never used this anyway. Since the count-down timer can be set to repeat every time it fires (or not; this is an option) I never understood the point of the interval timer. It seems Timex didn't anyway, so it's gone. I continue to use the timer function on a daily basis for anything from workouts to reminding me to turn something off in, say, 20 minutes.
4) The three alarms have a slightly different tone. There is still the 5 minutes "snooze" if you don't turn the alarm off. After 5 min it will fire again one more time.
5) Occasion function is on this watch but was not on the others. You can choose from about a dozen occasions (bill, gift, etc.) and assign one to a single day. It will then fire that day at 8:00.
6) When you stop and reset the timer the reset is instantaneous. There is still a "hold to reset" on the chrono, but it never made sense on the timer and was a slight annoyance. In this case they have removed it, awesome. Can reset it instantly.
7) Indiglo is a blue instead of green tone. This works perfectly in dark. There is only a very thin spectrum of early evening in which perhaps you cannot see the watch well enough without indiglo but with it turned on it's not bright enough. I know others have complained about this, but it's never been a problem for me and as you can tell by this, my third review of timex ironman watches, I am pedantic about them.

Other notes, this watch still has the "time 2" for another time zone (I've never used it). You can still change the chrono format so that laps are on the top vs bottom, for example, and there are still two lines (so that you can see total time plus current laptime at the same time). The battery can be replaced (I presume; I did it on an earlier triathlon watch successfully) but the watch strap is not replaceable; if it breaks it will deem the watch worthless. They are pretty strong straps, though, and this one is stronger (plus stays put better) than the black triathlon sleek from around four years ago (Which can still be bought in some places).

This watch is not quite as pretty as the sleek but otherwise has a perfect complement of functionality. I've not taken it underwater yet except for in the shower. My watch never comes off my wrist.
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on June 30, 2009
Watch works very well. Have had it for a few years. Band keeps breaking after 1 to 3 months which was getting expensive - not to mention annoying. However when I complained to Timex they suggested a metal link band as a replacement to the resin band, which solved the problem. It looks great too.
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on August 6, 2013
This is a cool new color scheme for a watch that I've used for years, all the same great features of any ironman watch, with the modern design and colors.

The photo is pretty much true to how it appears in real life, and in case you know the difference between the old indiglo and the new indiglo, this one has the new indiglo where the numbers are glowing rather than the whole background.

This full-size is great because it's not as small as the women's or midsize, and it's smaller than the oversized giant ones you can get.
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on August 5, 2009
To all who are looking for the FLIX feature:
(Auto light by wrist movement)

this watch does not have the FLIX feature reguardless of what the desciption says. I am now returning and ordering a different model. I am more unhappy with Amazon than the watch because they have not returned an email or phone call about this matter, and currently the watch description remains false. After furthure research I have found out how to tell the difference.

#1 - All timex FLIX watches have "FLIX" on the wristban, notice amazon's picture does not.

#2 - search for the Product Code: T5H591 on the Timex Website and you will find this model is not a FLIX.
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on March 9, 2006
I just received the T5E901 Ironman Triathlon watch. It seems like a nice watch for the price. Being an aging baby boomer, I appreciate the large, easy to read numerals. I am a little disappointed with the Indiglo night display. I was expecting it to be easier to see in the dark. That was my main reason for purchasing a new watch as the night light on my 20-year old Casio no longer works. UPDATE: I am very disappointed with the quality of the band. I've had to replace it twice in 5 years. Unfortunately, the generic bands don't fit properly and I am forced to buy the overpriced Timex band.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon May 23, 2008
I have purchased many Timex watches over the years and I am entirely satisfied with this watch. I always buy the sports watch, as I swim and do triathlons.

Things I like about the watch:

*Setting the watch is easy and the instructions are clear (although the printed instructions are very small!)

* The watch is not too big. So many watches have too many features and they are large, bulky, and heavy. This watch is sleek, has a low profile, and has a size that is ideal for average needs.

* The numbers are big enough to see easily at a glance.

* There are enough useful options, and this watch is not overloaded with too many options. Too many options are confusing to me. I like the simplicity of this watch and the ease of use of the options it has.

* I like the plastic watch band. I have tried the velcro strap bands and they wear out after a year or so of use. The plastic band will eventually break, but is fairly easy to replace.

* I like the price. At less than 35 dollars I have everything I need in a watch.

* I like and use frequently the Indiglo feature. I have even used Indiglo to find my way to the bathroom at night from bed! The light on the dial is bright enough to make your way through the dark for a short trip!

Things I don't like:

There is not much I don't like about this Timex watch. I suppose my biggest complaint about this watch and any Timex watch is the difficulty in changing the battery. The battery will eventually need replacement, and of course one has to take off the back of the watch to replace the battery. This is tricky and takes a steady hand. I wish Timex would make the battery more accessible so changing the battery would be as easy as sliding one in or out of a hinged door (like on a hearing aid).

Obviously, there is much more to like about this watch than not like. I do recommend it for a good sport watch. It will withstand chlorine pools, lake water, rainfall, high and low temperatures, but be careful not to scratch the dial window! I scratched the main window crystal and ruined my last watch. Avoid spraying any kind of bug repellant on the window as well, as this can mar (dull) the surface.

For me, this watch meets all my needs and I give it a 5-star rating. My needs are faily simple. There are certainly other watches that offer more features, but to me, the added features add complexity and are not worth the added bother.

The price is good. The watch is good quality. This is a good buy.

Jim "Konedog" Koenig
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on February 17, 2010
This is the best watch for the money. This is my 3rd Ironman 30 Lap. They are virtually indestructible. I only upgrade when the battery gets low after about 4 years. I've tried other watches for a few months between 30 laps, but can't find anything I like as much and keep going back. Thinner than most. Forward and backward setting of times and alarms- you don't have to go 'around the horn' to set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier. Great features, accurate, and tough.
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on January 6, 2014
This is an absolutely excellent watch. I have always loved Timex Ironman watches and had my last one for 12 years. This watch is the perfect sports watch that I wear all the time. It has a moderately sized face and the date and time are easily seen. It is easy to set up and choose between various modes. The band is super comfortable and durable. Very lightweight. At this price get two!!!!
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on October 27, 2015
I use this watch primarily for laps in the pool, and it works great, but I do have a few issues.

One confusing aspect is that the counter shows what lap you are on, not how many laps you've completed. In other words, when you hit the start/lap button, you have completed zero laps, but you are on Lap 1. The display shows Lap 01, not Lap 00. So if you've completed 24 laps, your watch will display Lap 25.

Also, when you hit the lap button, the lap number doesn't go up immediately. So your watch shows Lap 01, you hit the lap button, and it still shows Lap 01, telling you you've completed one lap, and won't automatically roll over to Lap 02 for about 10 seconds or so. This makes listening to the beep imperative to ensure you've hit the button so you don't have to keep checking your watch to see if the lap number increased. (Make sure you are completely underwater before you hit the button on your pool turn. If you submerge while you are hitting the button, you won't be able to hear the beep.) If you don't know how the watch works, your watch will say Lap 18 (or whatever), you hit the button, and wonder why it still says Lap 18, and think the counter isn't working. Just remember that when you hit the button, whatever lap number it displays at that time is how many laps you have completed.

Another irritant is that it will keep switching between the lap number and the hundredths of a second every few seconds. What is the point of this? I know the stopwatch is running because the seconds go up, but then I'm forced to stare at it until it switches over if I want to know what lap it is. So as a general rule, I don't check how many laps I've completed until the turn, not in the middle of the lap.

The start/lap button is on the front of the watch, which helps to prevent hitting another button accidentally (when you squeeze the watch to engage a button on the side, you are putting pressure on the other side of the watch, which can engage another button and mess up your data). You can't extend your arms on a pool turn while you are hitting the button, but it's not that big of a deal. Much better than forgetting what lap you are on.

It's a very comfortable watch. I have small wrists for my size, but it's not too big. And I like the way it looks.

Overall, my complaints can be mostly overcome once I know how the watch works. I am very pleased with the watch, especially for the $30 price, and wouldn't hesitate to buy it again, and would recommend it to friends. Therefore, the 5 star review.
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