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on November 11, 2013
I received this watch in the mail a few days ago, complete with instructions manual for Timex watch model W-292 036-095000 NA. On the surface it looks OK- similar to other real Timex watches I have owned, but a few red flags made me take a hard look at this watch and determine that it is actually not a real Timex. Among these: Nowhere on the watch- not on the front, back, sides or band does the the watch have a TIMEX brand mark on it. Instead, it is marked 1440 Sport in 3 different places. Curious, I went to the timex website and entered in every possible combination of the product serial numbers I could find. Including the ones on the watch, in the written materials and on the Amazon website. These included the model number listed, the 1440 Sport, the W-292 number the the 036-095000 etc. Nothing came up on any of them. I then looked to see if i could find a picture of it on the official site- again nothing even close. So dear reader, this is a fake, which would explain both the cheap price and some of the negative reviews around the waterproof issues etc. I haven't dunked mine in water yet so i can't comment on it, though I'm pretty sure it won't hold up. However, I do like the look of this watch and the functions seem to work and it was super cheap (hence the 2 stars). Plus, even my "real" timex watches don't last that long, so I will see how this fake one does in comparison. But buyer beware, this is a fake- and not even a good one.
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on June 25, 2013
I bought this watch for my 7-year old son so I didn't want to spend too much money, but I also didn't want a cheap watch that wouldn't hold up to the rigors of childhood. I looked at children's watches and most looked to be of cheap quality or would be embarrassing to wear as he got older or had no features other than telling time. Honestly, though, my main criteria was that it had to fit without looking too large and had to be water resistant so there wouldn't be too much concern if he got it wet. This watch seemed to fit the bill.

To me, the watch looks nicer in person than online. The red on the sides of the face is more of a metallic maroon than red. The band is a grayish brown that's translucent. You can kind of see it in the picture on the bottom strap near the back. Of course, when worn it does look black.

As far as being unisex, I guess it can be considered so, but just barely. It looks nice on my son's wrist. On me, and I have small wrists, it looks like a woman's watch in size. The colors and design pass as unisex so that's good.

In case you wanted to know, on the very last hole it is still loose on my son's wrist. He could probably use one more hole in the band to make it fit right, but it works fine as is. There are ten holes on the band and it fits me at the 8th one. So there's plenty of room for larger wrists.

The watch has some nice features such as dual time, stopwatch, timer, and alarm. That's plenty for any kid. The time display is a nice size that takes up most of the face of the watch. At the top is a small, white letter in a black circle for the day of the week. Under that is the day of the month. Next to that is the word date followed by the seconds. Personally, I think they should have put the full date on that line and either taken off the seconds or make the seconds tiny and put it next to the hours and minutes. Perhaps that's because I'm used to Ironman and G-Shock watches. My son probably doesn't care.

Here are the cons I found with this watch:

- When the buttons are pressed, they cause a quite audible beep. There isn't a way to turn that off.
- The order of the modes doesn't make sense to me. Pushing the mode button cycles time, stopwatch, alarm, timer, time2. Again, perhaps I'm just used to Ironman and G-Shock watches, but I would think it makes more sense to go time, time2, alarm, stopwatch, timer.
- The glass(?) face is curved and at it's highest point is above the case so it's easy to scratch. The first time my son was wearing it, we were in line at a restaurant and he bumped the wall next to him causing a minor scratch. He was bummed that his new watch was already scratched. If that's a big concern, you might consider a Casio Baby G watch or something similar, but expect to pay at least twice as much.

Overall, this is a good watch for a decent price. It worked for my purposes and my son really likes it.
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on November 5, 2014
I live in a rainy climate and take my dog to the beach almost every day in all kinds of weather, so I wanted a watch that I don't have to be careful about, yet keeps accurate time. This watch is fine for me. I like the red rim, and the band is very comfortable for my wrist (which is 6" round). I use the 5th hole in the band and still have 4 holes left. The actual info portion of the watch is 3/4" wide by 1/2" high, so there's a lot of info in a small space, but the digits are clear. As for setting the watch, I scanned the directions and thought I knew how to set it intuitively. After about 15 minutes of trying and losing patience, I reread the directions and followed them step by step and had no trouble, altho as one reviewer noted, it's too risky for me to mess with the alarm and stop watch and those functions are not on my "need" list, anyway. Even at that, it's easier to set than 2 other Timex sport watches I've had. I consider it an excellent buy and wouldn't hesitate to order it again.
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on October 11, 2013
I am really pleased with the watch. Primary purchase was to keep track of time while in the pool. Before my purchase I read other reviews with complaints about its water resistance. Before I took the Timex to the pool, I tested the watch by running water over it for period of time. It functioned fine. It's now several months later with daily pool use and I am pleased to report no problems thus far.

When I wake up at night and check the time, I like that the soft glow of the face slowly fades away, rather than abruptly snaping off. Some of the watches features are: time with twelve or twenty-four hour format. Day and Date. Two time zones, with an optional hourly chime. Twenty-four hour stopwatch. Twenty-four hour countdown timer. Daily Alarm.

It's a cool watch, with an unbeatable price point. I can highly recommend it.
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on September 28, 2013
If you are a female potential buyer, I'd caution you to be certain you want such a small screen face; if you're a male potential buyer, I'd caution you to be aware that--in my opinion at least--this watch is not so much unisex as feminine overall.

The specifics: I returned this watch after a single wear having failed before I ordered it to carefully consider the implications of screen size when the entire watch body is only 3 centimeters wide--a fact I saw before I ordered, but didn't think through, and somehow it wasn't conveyed (to me anyway) by the product images, which don't really include the product shown approximately actual size.

The watch is impractical for easy reading especially if your arm is less than very steady, such as when held up for the watch to be read but while jogging or even just walking briskly. That's a big failure for a sports watch.

Then there's the overall styling issue, which includes the color palette that I liked a lot when I saw it on screen. The watch seemed decidedly more feminine when encountered out of the box: less mechanical or high-tech/sleek/robotic as it seemed when viewed on my computer monitor and more simply traditionally feminine, including the qualities of the colors in natural and fluorescent light as well as the soft curvatures and basic shape.
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I ordered one of these to replace an older Timex my youngest inherited in less than working order from his older sibling. It is a good size for a child's wrist, looking more like a woman's size, yet not feminine in appearance, something that would work easily for unisex as the name says. My youngest loves the watch, enjoying that I set the original time to as close to the Naval atomic clock as possible (the mail man must have OCD!). Of course, you need instructions if you are an "adult" to set the thing up, but the Timex has instructions online for those times. My child can operate the thing blindfolded and it is sturdy enough to survive being dunked, dropped, and otherwise abused, yet it still keeps ticking (couldn't resist). Recommended.
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on April 22, 2013
Got this watch because I'm on a budget. However, it comes with 2 unacceptable deal-breakers for me:
1) Setting the time or countdown only allows you to increase in one direction. This is EXTREMELY annoying for anything that might require setting different length timers.
2) Each button press makes the watch beep very loudly and annoyingly. If you're around sleeping people do not push the buttons (except the indiglo) or you *will* wake them up. There is no way to turn off this setting, and it is not mentioned in the manual.

Note that neither of these design flaws are outlined in the description. I will be returning this watch. The only reason it gets 2 stars is that it seems sturdy and well-made for the price, but I have not field tested it.
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Top Contributor: Pianoon December 28, 2014
This is a replacement purchased after a son had his first for over four years. We never had to replace the battery, but the band on the old one finally broke after being worn day and night, in the pool, and in the lake for years! it is very sturdy, but he tightened the band really tight, and I think that is why it broke. He is going a little looser (which I think seems more like normal) with the new band in hopes of making it last longer! He loves the display and uses the timer function almost every day. The face did scratch up a little, but not more than I expected for the amount and type of wear! Well worth it!!
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on June 18, 2014
I bought this for my husband and I to use when rafting, kayaking, and as a timer for my swim workouts. I was looking for something cheap and unisex (so we could both use it), and was pleased to find this at this price point. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and attractiveness.

Instructions for setting were simple and reasonably intuitive (I mean, it only has four buttons, so there's a certain amount of remembering what does what and when, but it's not bad at all). An improvement over the digital watches of my 80s childhood (when they were also MUCH more expensive for this many features), and attractive enough to wear as an adult.

Great buy--very happy.
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VINE VOICEon January 20, 2015
This is a great watch for my 8 year old son. The smaller face fits his wrist well and the cost is low enough for a young child who wants a grown-up watch. It is a well-made product that does NOT look cheap at all. The quality is far superior to the kids watches. This watch has many functionality - time (including seconds), date, day, stop watch, time at another location, indiglo, and alarm. It is also waterproof to 50 meters. I tried it on and it is good for a woman as well. I may get one myself.
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