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on February 25, 2015
I am a vet student, and wanted a simple, professional looking watch to allow me to easily obtain heart rates, etc. without having to pull out my cell phone. This watch fits the bill perfectly. Small and delicate, yet easy to read. Very lightweight and comfortable to wear... I hardly even notice I'm wearing it. The second hand actually "ticks" with each second, which I like... it doesn't move continuously like some watches I have seen. This makes it a lot easier to count seconds. The date display is handy, but you do have to remember to reset it every month. Indiglo lights up the entire face of the watch for easy reading in the dark.

The only thing I wish were different about this watch is that there are so many notches between the numbers on the display that they are pretty much useless... I would prefer that there were 5 notches for each section to make it easier to read the minute hand. Personal preference, though.

I disagree with the reviews complaining that this watch has a child-sized wristband. I found it to be pretty average. I am in my mid 20s and have a somewhat slender wrist, but by no means is it pencil thin, and I fit comfortably in the third or fourth setting from the smallest. At the largest setting, I can easily slide the watch over my whole hand. If you are a woman with an average build, this band should fit just fine.
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on August 27, 2015
I'm a busy college student and this is the perfect watch. It's smaller than I perceived in the picture, however, I'm not disappointed. It matches everything that I wear which makes it the perfect watch for someone not interested in having an extensive selection to decide from in the morning. Also, I can finally tell someone what the date is when they ask with this handy, little watch's date keeper!
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I needed to replace a very good casual watch I had for many years that was similar in style and size to the Timex I purchased. The watch I owned had a large round face trimmed in gold, and was easily readable. Also, the leather band was of high quality. However, at this time, I could not afford a similar watch of the make and style I wanted. And, I did not want anything gaudy or too decorated.

I searched in stores, and didn't find what I wanted. Then I decided to search on Amazon.

The Timex Women's 'Easy Reader Watch' was quite satisfactory because the face of the watch is easy to read. I didn't expect the watch band to be of a very good quality leather, however the watch band that comes with it is certainly far better than a faux leather band. Also, the band is long enough to fit around my wrist, considering the weight I've gained.

This is my first Timex watch. I like the it for its simplicity and functionality. Although it's not a higher-priced Seiko like the one I owned, I'm very pleased.

If you need an inexpensive casual watch, the Timex Women's Core Easy Reader is probably a good choice.

Maizie Lucille James
July 12, 2012
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My husband has worn the Timex Indiglo watches for years, and he swears by them for their dependability,
Until I saw one on a website searching out "best of" items, I didn't realize the 'same type of Timex watch is also available for women.

This watch is small and feminine-looking, even though It is quite plain: black leather band with a black face and silver casing.
It has a thin band, and the numerals are printed in an old-fashioned style.
The face, though small, is easy to read, and I really like the feature of pressing the stem to get a beautiful blue glow for viewing the face in the dark.

My wrist is small, but the watch adjusts to fit comfortably. It can be adjusted to fit almost any woman's wrist.

I highly recommend this watch for the well-known reputation of the Timex brand, and also for the styling of the watch itself ,which is both feminine and utilitarian..
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on April 23, 2017
Just got this last Wednesday (04/19/2017), but so far seems to be a nice little watch for the money. Press the stem for backlight. Pull the stem full out to set time. There's an intermediate stem click to set date (not easy to access, and you'll need to do this every < 31-day month). Date display is microscopic (need reading glasses AND a magnifying glass for these old eyes). Since there's no AM/PM indicator, when initially setting the date, you don't know if it'll change at noon or midnight. I had to manually advance the time to make sure the date switched at midnight.
The printed sheet that comes with the watch only contains warranty disclaimers - no instructions for setting the date or anything else. Have to go to the website for instructions - which don't specifically address any particular model or set of features - it's a PDF smorgasboard for a whole range of "somewhat" similar Timex watch models. Really? Too costly to even create an instruction PDF covering models with the same functions? Not very helpful.
Anyway, Mom likes it.
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on January 24, 2017
I'm extremely disappointed with the product I received this passed June from Timex. Contrary to what the product description says it was definitely NOT waterproof! I've had to open and dry my watch face several times after having splashed it with water to clean it. Never mind not being able to go in a pool with it, wash my hair with it on, or shower with it on.

I've had this watch model before and it was perfectly fine until I cracked the crystal after a few years of abuse. Definitely will not be buying again.
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on November 16, 2017
I hated this one right out of the box! The strap was horrendous. It was really shiny and looked like plastic. I couldn't see that in the picture on the product page. It was already going back for that reason alone. It makes the whole watch look cheesy cheap. I tried it on anyway and of course the strap was too small for my wrist.... I couldn't fit it into any hole. The gold looks cheap as well. Overall, it kinda looked like some kid's watch you can pick up at the dollar store.

I'm a fan of certain Timex styles but I don't care at all for their styles that look dirty cheap. Gotta return this one.
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on August 12, 2012
Saw another reviewer complain about having to turn the time 24h to change the date, but you don't have to do this! If you pull the knob on the side of the watch out halfway, you can flip through dates without changing the time (pull out all the way to change the time, push in all the way to turn the watch back on).

Anyhow, this is a nice small watch. Because I have small wrists, I find it very hard to find one the right size for me, and while this is definitely not the smallest watch I've owned, it's small enough that I don't have to worry about it impeding wrist motion. I particularly love that the indiglo causes the entire face of the watch to glow: especially striking on a classy looking watch with a black face! I found the strap a bit stiff at first, but as it's leather it's already softening up and fitting to my wrist so I expect it'll soon be as comfy as my previous watch. (And of course, if it's not your cup of tea, straps are easy to replace.)

I haven't had this particular one very long, but it replaces an almost identical timex that I lost. The reason I'm giving 4 stars is because of two problems with the previous one: (a) the watch face can get quite scratched up if you're not careful (I'll be more careful this time!) and (b) the water-resistant back is ridiculously difficult to remove so replacing the battery is a pain. However, for the price, I'm willing to just deal with those problems if they come up!
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on August 2, 2017
UPDATE: While initially this seemed like a good purchase, this watch doesn't keep time at all. I've had it for about a month, and I've had to reset the time twice, the first time it was TWO DAYS off, and now it's 3 days off. It's currently Oct 20th, 3pm, and my watch says it's Oct 17th, 12:15am. This watch looks cute, but it's a complete waste of money if you intend to use it to keep track of time...very disappointing for something that was $30....

This is a very good watch for someone that wants something simple, without a bunch of bells and whistles. The date feature though takes FOREVER to set, as you have to turn it through all 24 hours for every day until you get to the right one. I wish it were easier to initially set up. Other than that, I've only been using it for about 2 days, but it seems great! A little dainty so I wouldn't get it if you had larger wrists. Thanks Timex (:
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on July 14, 2013
I love the watch. Easy to read during the day and night. The band that comes with it
is a LONG length band. WAY too long. It is stiff and doesn't want to bend. The need to fasten it every day has created 3 areas where is it going to break soon.

Cutting off the extra piece with the holes does not solve the problem, as the piece with the buckle is too long also. As a result the watch continually moves off center of my wrist.

You will definitely need to buy a replacement band for comfort, quality and proper fit.

Very upsetting that Timex has chosen a band of this poor quality, AND not labeled it as a LONG sized band!

Since I wrote the above review, I've owned more than one of these watches. The current version only seems to have the too long tail piece, so cutting the extra off does work. Band is still thick and stiff and will die soon.

The problem is these watches also die too soon. Changing the battery seems to be an issue with them. The case is very very hard to reclose and twice now, people in jewelry departments have damaged the watch in replacing the battery. The first time, the date would not set for me, and I walked right back to the store. He messed with it a long time and got it working. However it soon stopped being a reliable time keeper.

This last time, the date feature simply died during the battery replacement. The watch began to be slow....I'd reset and it would be fine, and then be found to be slow. After the 3rd time I replaced it.

The problem is once you get used to having the light feature, you don't want a watch without, so I now own my 4th of these same watches.

Also note that not all bands will fit this watch, as it seems to have a very small space between the spring bar and the edge of the case. If you hunt for a Timex brand band, be sure to choose the thin calf one, other will be too thick to attach.

While a very convenient product, it is not a quality product!
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