Customer Reviews: Timex Women's T5J131 1440 Sports Digital Blue Resin Strap Watch
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on December 14, 2007
This Timex watch has a mid-size bezel, which means it is extremely comfortable to wear and once on the wrist you will forget you have it on. For ladies with a larger wrist the strap is plenty long, very comfortable, and it does not pinch.

The time read out is extremely clear and easy to read, especially for a night shift RN, and the alarm is wonderfully simple to program, not only for me, but also for my 14-year-old daughter, both of us are ADD. I LOVE the soft blue indiglo back light, which is not harsh on the eyes at night.

The BEST feature is the water resistance up to 165 feet. I come home from work, get into the shower, and never worry about whether or not I am wearing the watch. I also love the new colors. This one is a cool muted, ocean blue. There are many other colors available.

Ironically, I might not have tried this watch had I not been surfing late one night and accidentally ordered this watch in my sleep. I had my one-click set up and must have dozed off and hit the button with my mouse. I even ordered it over night shipping and I hardly do that for anything I REALLY want for myself! (laughing)
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on April 8, 2007
This watch is exactly what I was looking for. It is a small, pretty, functional watch that is quite durable. It has plenty of features, but is not extremely complicated. The color is slightly lighter and more purpley then it is in the pictures.
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on August 25, 2009
I bought this watch cause i really liked the look of it and the color and the reviews for it were mostly good. I also needed a watch that was waterproof so that I didn't need to take it off every time i went near water. One small thing that i found annoying was that when setting the time or alarm or anything, you couldn't go down so if you go one minute too high you have to go ALL the way back around. One more thing is that on the timer, you have to reset it every time that you use it. For example, if I set 5 minutes on it, and then pressed start, once it gets down to 0, and I want to use it again I have to reset the whole thing. There was one giant problem with the watch for me. On here it said that it was waterproof. The very first time that it got wet for me it fogged up inside, and I couldn't read the numbers as easily. About a week later, water droplets started getting in my watch. Then all of the numbers disappeared and now its blank. If you ask me, you can find a watch a LOT better than this. It may not look as cool, but this one didn't work at all for me. I had it for less than a month.
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on December 15, 2014
This is my 3rd time purchasing this exact blue Timex 1440 digital watch (and my 4th time buying this style, but previously a different color)

Do I like this watch? YES. I mean I keep buying it.

Why do I keep buying new ones? Maybe the Timex 1440's are really not built to last more than 2-3 years for everyday wear. [See photo included in review - this is the exact spot where the strap breaks every time]. Eventually the strap will fail, but while it lasts it's the perfect watch for me:

* perfect size watch face (I'm a lady with very slim wrists, so large sports watches look ridiculous on me)
* very comfortable
* water resistant (I rarely remove it to shower or wash dishes)
* has the exact info I need on the face (time, numeric day of the month, text day of the week)
* strong indiglo for low light situations

The negatives: Well, it'd be better if the bands didn't break after a couple of years, but I probably wear my watch more than others might. My other problem is that the initial set-up is difficult. I'm a gadget fiend, love technology, but this watch is so non-intuitive to set the time/date/etc. Once I get it figured out, by the time daylight savings time starts or ends I've forgotten how to set it again and have to relearn.
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on October 18, 2012
It's a decent watch. But it is clearly advertised as water resistant to 165 feet. This means that the watch can be submersed in shallow water (pool water). But this one can't. Once used in a pool at no more than 4 feet depth, instant death. Had the watch for 2 weeks. It should be labeled as 100 feet, which means it can deal with rain and splashes of water.
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on August 17, 2011
I am a long time user of Timex Ironman watches, but really only needed a stopwatch currently so chose this less expensive option. Boo. The programming is nothing like the Ironman's, is completely counter-intuitive and the little buttons are not exactly conducive to capturing an accurate time. Spend the additional $15 and get an Ironman as this is a waste.
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on February 25, 2016
I LOVED my Timex watch I had for 3 years until the strap broke. The watch still worked great and I wanted to just replace the band, but with this watch you are unable to do that. Still I loved the watch so much I decided to purchase another one. Unfortunately, although this product is advertised as a Timex watch, it is NOT a Timex watch, a very close copy yes, but not quite as good as the real thing.

If I had bought this watch first I probably would have been satisfied with it and loved it, but since I had the real deal first, I just notice the things that aren't as good and wish it was as good as my first watch. Most of the things aren't a big deal, it's just preference, like where the seconds are and the date. Usually I know what day of the week it is and I don't need a huge TH to tell me it's Thursday, if I really forgot I can spend the extra second to look closer to see the small circle with the letter on it. It's not much of a difference where the seconds are, but when I am glancing at it quickly for some reason it's harder to see on the side instead of up above. Also it's harder to set, the buttons don't push as easily and the order of the stopwatch, alarm and 2nd Time are different. I mostly use it for the stopwatch which used to be the first option but now it's the second option. That is annoying to have to push it twice now instead of once to get there. It also does not have the count down timer that the real Timex has. I am a little worried about getting it near water after reading some of the reviews. The real Timex was pretty good with water, but the people who have had problems with their watch and water probably had this "fake" Timex so I don't dare get mine wet.

Not huge things, but enough little things to be annoying and make me wish I had the real deal. Like I said before, it is a nice watch and if I had it first I probably would be satisfied with it. I just don't think it should be advertised as a Timex watch. I bought my real Timex at Walmart for this same price but they no longer carry them so I came on here to try to find it and thought I had by the description and price. I am guessing that Timex discontinued this style so another company took advantage and started selling their knock off brand under the Timex description.
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on February 7, 2009
I am a female runner for many years and have owned numerous sport watches. I purchased this one just to use for my runs and other sport activities. I like this one a lot for timing my runs. It is easy to use and the display is easy to read. I do not wear it as an everyday watch as I find it too bulky.
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on August 18, 2011
I have had two of these watches and both died when getting wet. In the first case I was swimming in a lake and in the second I was in a wading pool with my son. I'm really disappointed because I like the look and feel of the watch very much and have especially appreciated the indiglo light during middle-of-the-night feedings or nap time checks. I just can't justify buying a 3rd one when light swimming or splashing around in a kiddie pool break the thing!
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on January 9, 2008
But the buttons are difficult to push & I'll be darned if I can figure out the stopwatch feature. I have had many Timex Iron man watches and never had to read the manual. This one is more tricky. It does look nice and the price was right.
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